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I'm back on the road again after a very short 16 days at home with family and friends. I really wish I had at least another week or so to relax and hang with my new found friends but it is what it is. And I booked this trip months ago and there's no way I'm going to not make it. Since it is paid in full.

But I am pretty stoked about going back to Africa after about 2 years. Previously I went to Kenya and Tanzania and had an amazing time! Africa is pretty much what you would think it is like. Poverty of another level, mud houses(some) that probably house a large family, people carrying supplies for miles on their heads, but some of the nicest people you could ever meet! I try to find the best of everything in everything. It is also a humbling experience just to see what these people have to deal with everyday. It makes those times when the internet goes out and I bitch and cry up a storm. It kind of makes life seem not that bad after all. Where I'm going isn't the worst of Africa. There are a few political hot-spots that we are going close to, but nothing like Sudan or Somalia. Though I did hear today that there were some protests in the Ugandan capital and a few deaths. But No need to worry though! People think Africa has lions, zebras, and elephants running wild all over the place but this is false. The majority of the animals are contained in Game Parks and they are free to come and go as they please. But a lot of the times if they wander into a farmers fields, they will get shot. Some of the countries do a better job at preventing poaching, but you never know who can be bought off when money is involved.

So why am I going to Africa? I'll follow your question with another question. Why not? Because I like adventure. Not necessarily the adventure where you have to dodge bullets, but something a little wilder than Cancun Mexico. And that's why!!

The style of the trip is called "overland." It's basically 15-20 English speaking foreigners hopping onto a bus/truck and camping our way down the continent. There will be a lot of travel time on the bus but it will afford us some amazing scenery! We start in Nairobi Kenya and finish in Cape Town South Africa. In total we are supposed to hit 9 different countries. The 2-month trip is basically made up of 4 2-week separate legs that they combine. We go into the mountains, rivers, game parks, deserts, waterfalls, and even orphanages. The company I am doing it with is kind of higher end and I couldn't find one thing bad said about them online. Some of the other cheaper companies had about 50/50 bad remarks about them. I would hate to spend 2 months hating life but some saving some cash. So I went with a company called Intrepid Travel. There are an Aussie company and partner with another well-known company that has a great rep too. But it really all comes down to your travel mates. If your fellow travelers are lame, then it might make the trip a little boring. But here's to keeping your fingers crossed that I have an awesome group!

I "PLAN" on keeping a travel blog going as I did in Europe. But as I said in my conclusion of my last blog, it is Africa and they don't exactly have high-speed internet at every corner. So I will try my best to do what I can do. Since I often had a problem uploading pictures, I may just have to do without the pictures and go with only text. Which will make for a pretty boring blog as I know, but it's better than nothing. Or I could write the blog as I go along but not upload anything. And when I come back I could write everything to the blog with the pictures.

Check out the link for more specific info on the trip.

Stay tuned as things unfold. Cheers!!

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Trip Start Sep 15, 2009
Trip End Nov 21, 2009

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