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For those that know me well you'll know what a big deal this is for me! I have - amazingly - now joined the modern world and am doing a blog! This all feels a bit like 'blowing my own trumpet' but there's a good reason for doing it. My one fingered typing skills are now being put to use and here's hoping my less than technical skills (and indeed ability) won't prevent this from being too boring.

Also, add to this my sense of humour(?) ability to end up in bizarre situations and also indeed my skill of waffling on and hopefully it might be a tad entertaining too. I'll let you decide I guess?

Anyway, I'm now back in my beloved India (New Delhi) and typing away and hoping that my internet time's not being wasted. I've lost count how many emails I've typed out over the years only to have a power cut or similar and lose all my work. Copy and paste Chegwyn, copy and paste - how many times have I been told that!!!!

For those that don't know me (and are foolish enough to be reading this) I'll give a brief synopsis of life so far and then crack on with attempting to write about this latest 'adventure'.

Motorbikes motorbikes motorbikes ...........was that short enough? Oh and a bit travelling thrown in obviously.

In my previous 'career' (thankfully past tense) I was described by one of the more likeable (and indeed eccentric characters) as "an entertaining f***witt" . Then, with pure comic timing, he waited for the laughter to subside before announcing that I wasn't "always that entertaining".

His comments and indeed observations have stuck with me ever since.

So, my previous travels have been varied but amongst others include Europe, NZ, Africa, North America, Japan, India etc.

I have been very lucky to spend extended periods in many of these countries and am always hoping to combine it with motorcycle (not pronounced like Charlie Booringman) travel.

I once bought a single seat 1982 Honda GL500 on ebay in America for a 8000 mile road trip - the only problem was I also had a pillion but it all turned out ok in the end! What was it that bloke said about me?

Then in 2009 I rode my Honda 650 Transalp from the UK to India via Turkey Iran and Pakistan. That was a stunning trip and whilst thoroughly enjoyable also helped raise some much needed funding for a charity close to my heart here in New Delhi. There was a webpage set up - by a person (thanks welshy) much more talented than myself under the title . The webpage is no longer up and running but there are a few details about it if you search for it - or my name I guess.

So..........why am I typing this? Well, it's quite simple and hopefully of interest to others. I have been coming to India for many years now and have spent many many months here off and on. This country, and New Delhi in particular, feels like my second home. I have been in India on this trip for just over a month now and in that time have ridden about 4 - 5000 miles on my newly aquired Hero (used to be Hero Honda) 150 Impulse. This is the first trailbike in India and I've been lucky enough to recently ride it to Leh and up the (allegedly) highest motorable road in the world. (18,379 ft). I did this once before in 2007 on a 150 Honda Unicorn and it was so cold at the top there were icicles on my handlebars (are they icicles or indeed stalagmites / statlactites? - my schoolboy humour is screaming about tights!)

I've also previously presented at a couple of Horizons Unlimited events ( in the UK and as a result of my 'talk' a few people spoke to me about Ladakh trips etc. To be fair, they were the only ones left in the room as most had seen sense some time earlier and left.

It was as a result of this I recently got to ride out here with Geoff and Andy for 2-3 weeks and then Dave and Tim as they made there way back down towards Manali. I sincerely thank them for their company and had a hoot. I'm no tour guide and am very used to travelling around on my own but having the company of others is always good if you get on. Geoff was regulary doing a blog detailing his experiences in northern India and his blog is well written and worth a read if you'd like to know more about his impressions of his first time in this crazy crazy beautiful country

Unfortunately, Andy wasn't able to do a blog as he didn't have room in his panniers for a small computer. He was however the smartest looking bloke on the trip......clean clothes every day, three pairs of shoes and even a four plug 1.5meter extension cable just in case he needed to charge his razor/camera/phone/ipod/hairdryer at the same time. I thought his packing style was truly a thing of genius - by keeping all his unnecessary 'extras' at the back of the bike he not only reduced front tyre wear but was a step ahead of me when trying to negotiate potholes and rocks. I never thought you could perform a wheelie on an Enfield!

As we all know, Adventure motorcycling is hard core and I was reminded of that whilst sat drinking beer in the swimming pool of Mrs Bandari's guesthouse in Amritsar. Those guys made me soft and even got me buying souvenirs!!!!!!!!! I'll never forgive them - they've a lot to answer for!

As for Dave and Tim........well I met up with them the other side of the Rohtung pass (just north of Manali). It was a good job Dave jumped out in the road (from the roadside Dhaba where they were having chai) waving like a drowning swimmer as otherwise I wouldn't have seen him in his BRIGHT YELLOW one piece BMW motorad waterproof suit! Sorry Dave, Tim told me to make a comment.

The ride back to Delhi was great and we even had the company of Ariel - a young Israeli lad they had kidnapped/befriended in Sriningar. He was great company and came to say hello in Delhi before catching his train to Chennai before a flight to Sri Lanka. He had a great relaxed attitude to his travels and I wish him well for the rest of his trip.

As for Dave and Tim...............all I'll say is..........isn't drinking brilliant! The last night of their trip, The Striker Bar and ABBA's dancing queen came on..........I didn't think they had it in them - Well, given how they were both dancing that night I think they might have!

Anyway, I'll post these ramblings on the www and if succesful will attempt to upload some pictures later and detail the next bit of my 'plan'.

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Trip Start Jun 25, 2013
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