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I guess there's no need to start talking about my entire history life starting from the moment I was born until this very moment when I decided to start writing a blog about my experience in Vancouver!

I'm Mianda, a little box of energy who decided to spread her wings and fly to the Nordic countries in Europe (Scandinavia) in order to discover her inner energy better and to grow up on her own being surrounded by life stories, great people and courage to make the most of all the experiences that will appear on the way.

I left the country that I will always love the most ( Romania) after finishing high school and I decided to trick myself, in a good way of course, and start understanding that wherever I'll be in the world my home will always be my inner energy and I can carry it worldwide. So one day I took the opportunity of studying abroad in a very beautiful and welcoming country called Denmark.

On this blog, I won't elaborate on my great experiences in DK, but I will elaborate on my study trip in Vancouver. During the third year of university, we had to travel to another country in order to enlarge our sphere and get to know more about our study program from different perspectives.

I had many possibilities and options of nice universities in Europe, Asia, Australia and America thing which made it extremely hard for me to decide what I should do.

So one day, I opened my laptop and started analyzing all the options and what I wanted to do the most. First of all, I thought Australia would be great, but it turned out that a lot of money should have been involved if I decided to go there. Then, Europe...seemed to be a goal too easy to achieve as I can do this whenever I want to and to be honest the study experiences are sort of the same. I was just wondering: "Well, if I decided to take this big step and travel to DK for my studies (which is one of the northeast countries of Europe with a very good educational system and a good reputation worldwide, way better than most of the other European countries) why would I bother lowering the level and getting stuck here when the world is gigantic+ I am a young and restless girl willing to see the world from different perspectives".

After all it's better to explore as much as possible and to make decisions based on what YOU have lived and on what YOU have experienced and seen not on what THE OTHERS keep on telling you. I looked again on the lists...and Glasgow seemed sooo appealing to me and my friend Vaida, but after reconsidering what I have been writing above...I decided that Canada (Vancouver) would be a pretty nice choice.

So far so good...but hey, am I going there completely alone? That wouldn't be a big deal as I did the same when I decided to come to DK.

On the other hand, how cool can it be to travel with a great friend or even with one of my best friends?

Hmmm...my super friend Vaida was the one I decided to attack! She's an extremely nice girl, probably one of the most polite and kind persons I have ever met in my life and we have been living together for quite a while. Shortly after this fantastic thought I started persuading Vaida to apply with me for the 2 free spots the university in Vancouver was offering. Of course it was risky, because for the other 2 ones we had to pay for our studies, but come on! I had a feeling that I will get it and usually when I utterly want something I am doing my best to have it.

It was a long process of persuasion together with family issues coming from Vaida's part but in the last day when we were supposed to hand in our applications, guess what? Vaida wrote as her first priority: Vancouver! Have to say that was one of the moments when I admitted that I chose the right thing to study in DK: International Communication and Multimedia. There's no other better success that using your native and taught skills in persuading your friend to say: Ok, I will! Yahoo!

The process of waiting for an answer from the University of British Columbia was daaamn long! Everyone was receiving their answers except for us which in the end made us think that we will succeed. And so did we!

In order to celebrate the success we thought that it would be nice to have a common blog where we could write about all the experiences in Vancouver and read it over the years for ourselves and for our future children.

This is the reason for having this blog+ many of our friends wanted to keep in touch with us while we will be there and follow us travelling somehow.

I started writing some of the posts earlier in the process of making this blog in order to post them when the blog is going to be ready. Over the years I hope this blog will be a moment of going back into the spirit of a lovely period of my life that I will always cherish and never forget.

At the beginning it all seemed a dream and I was constantly asking my inner spirit if Vaida and me will succeed and start living this. Today, all I can say is that everything is possible if you are a "fighter" and if you're open minded and courageous enough. Always fight for your rights, for your dreams, for you happiness and for being able to make a change.

Everything can be lost someday. Money are nothing without a good story behind them, friends will always come and go, your family will reach a spiritual phase in your life at some point. But everything that will ever remain from what we are now or what our beloved ones are will be a good story!

I wish I'll be proud of my life story one day and I swear I'll make it worth being told by my children. Right now I know that Vaida and me took the right step. Remember when we asked ourselves if we can do this? All I'm saying today is: "Yes, we can!"

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