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So, we were looking out at the snow...and we were looking on the web site...and we both looked at each other after seeing a terrific deal for a cruise and said... What the heck? Why not? lol

What does this mean? Well, We are going on another cruise... :) We both miss being on a cruise ship so we are excited to be going on another one.. or should I say two... :)

BTW, it is currently March 17, 2014...

A couple of years ago we went on the Norwegian Sky.. our very first cruise. Well, we figured since we were already in Miami, we might as well go on this BONUS cruise... Yipppeee.. I am looking forward to returning to the Bahamas. I normally don't like returning to most places but we both like the private island that NCL owns - Great Stirrup Cay... :) The NCL will be a three day cruise that includes the private island and Nassau.

The main cruise that we will be going on will be with NCL Sun which is a ten day Southern Caribbean cruise... :) We are looking forward to exploring more countries in the Caribbean. We haven't been to Dominica, Barbados and St. Lucia as of yet - so they can now be taken off our bucket list.

Our plan is to visit to as many of the Caribbean countries as possible.. maybe all of them if possible. We are slowly crossing the countries off of our list... :)

So, you might ask.. How do you plan to get to Miami for these two cruises? Well, the answer to this question is simple my friend. We plan to drive this time. To drive straight to Miami, it would take us a little under 24 hours. Of course, we won't be doing that.. !!! We'll leave a little early and then take our time getting home. We will return to Ontario on a different route than the one we took to get to Miami. Sounds fun to us!!!! :)

To be honest, we have not really seen much of the Southern USA. We've been to Florida and Los Angeles, California and that is about the extent of our travels in Southern USA. To get to Florida and California, we flew so we have not seen the states in between Point A and B. This Road Trip will give us this opportunity to see the Southern States. Our new goal for our travels in the USA - to travel to all 50 States. We are looking forward to our visit to Hawaii someday.

As for our cruises, Joanne has already planned out all our excursions with NCL.. so that is all set... :) I did help pick out the excursions as well. We have so many exciting adventures planned for these cruises - esp. the ten day one. We didn't plan any excursions for the three day cruise though. We just plan to wing our time on this cruise. I know one thing I want to do when we visit Great Stirrup Cay. I want to snorkel with the fish and take pictures of them. I can't wait to try out my waterproof camera at Great Stirrup Cay. :)

Now, we just have to wait.. and enjoy the lovely snow... NOT! lol

Thank you Mom!!! :) xoxoxo

The date is now March 29, 2014.

We are heading out for our road trip to Miami tomorrow night. We figure we'll get a good start tomorrow - probably drive all night - so we can reach the warmer states by the morning. Should be interesting!!!

It's cloudy out and the snow is full of dirt. It almost feels as if Spring wants to make an appearance but winter doesn't want to leave just yet. I definitely won't miss this weather on our trip.

I hope that by the time we return home - The snow will be GONE!!! Did I mention that I don't like WINTER!!!! Well, if not, I will mention it now.. I don't like winter and snow... OK.. I don't mind it for a couple of day - but that is all I would care to see it. Just enough to enjoy a brief visit from Old Man Winter and then it can return to the Bright Days of Summer!!! Sounds good to me... :)

Well, it is currently May 4, 2014. We've been back from our trip for a bit... Relaxing and enjoying our time with the family...

We really enjoyed our cruise this time around. We kept busy on the sea days and had an awesome time at each of the ports.

The drive to Miami also was great. We got to see a lot of the USA - parts that we had not planned to see for many years. That was Great... Only bad part of the drive down to Miami was getting into an accident. We are happy to be alive for sure - but not happy with the bill it will cost to fix the dent to the car. We won't be getting the car fixed for around a month either because the body shop is extremely busy right now... Oh well, you can't put a price on your life.. That's for sure.. :)

We don't have any big trips planned for the near future. Thought about taking a cruise but the kids want us to stay around for a bit... We do have a trip planned this summer with the kids for a vacation in PEI. That should be fun... :)

Of course, we will probably go on some small road trips in the meantime.. some with the kids and some while they are in school. I will blog about these.. since I mentioned before.. An awesome trip does not have to take place far away from home - it can take part in your own neck of the woods.. and I say yes to that... :)

Adios... :)

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