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We set out to have an adventure of a lifetime, touring Europe for one year on our old Ural sidecar motorcycle 'Nina'.

We are on a treasure hunt especially prepared for us by Yuki with help from family and friends, inspired by a short story by Shaun Tan. Here are our tasks:


Once at least in every country (a gastronomic experiment):

sample a kebab and note down the variations from country/region to country/region.


1) Sample 3 brands of Scottish whiskey.

2) Eat haggis.

3) Climb a mountain and look out over a lake.

4) Go to a Scottish "bush dance", pronounced "Kaely" (and learn how to spell it too)

5) visit a shortbread factory! (by Marce)

6) Buy and wear kilt (Felix too)


1) Walk down a london street and take care to walk in all of the squares (not on the lines of the footpath).

2) Eat a pub lunch.

3) Send home a double decker bus (any form of dd bus is acceptable).

4) Hear Big Ben and see the lions at Trafalgar Square (from Dire Straits ".. Starlings are tough but the lions are made of stone")


1) Take a photo of eating a pretzel and visiting a castle.

2) Build an igloo & spend the night in it.

3) Cook something for someone you are staying with.

4) Knit a pair of warm wooly socks.

5) Spend one day calling each other by a made-up name, tell us the names you chose and why, and how it felt to be somebody else.


1) Play Schnappsen and drink Schnapps

2) Pick a bouquet of wildflowers and take a photo of it

3) Collect 3 things that are yellow

4) For one day, every time you see a donkey, both shout 'eeh-awh'.


1) Eat pistachio & yogurt ice-cream in Florence (or another city if you don't get to Florence).

2) Draw a picture of a famous picture that you are standing/sitting in front of.

3) Count how many horses are in all the pictures in a gallery that you visit.

4) Visit Iselin and Stefano and play with their beautiful children, Erika and Sira (and please take some photos too)

5)Eat truffle-flavoured pasta


1) Eat Beef Bulgogi

2) Go to an electronics shop (go on Floss, he's been good so far, and not long now...)

3) Buy some fridge magnets of something korean


1) Have an 'en gang grill' bbq in Vigerlands Parken on a balmy summer afternoon / run and jump into massive piles of leaves in autumn (if season permits)

2) Hike up/around some fjords in bare feet (in summer only!)

3) Go for a swim in a lake in the forest above Oslo called "Bonntjern" (Solveig and Finn know where it is)

4) Fill up your tummies on wildberries like "Blåbær","bringebær", "markjordbær" and "multer" (if the season permits) Alternatively you could go mushroom hunting in the Autumn with Solveig.

5) Hike or ski to a cottage in the forest above Oslo called "Skjennungstua", and eat elk-soup/stew with a freshly baked berry muffin for dessert (NOTE! They are usually closed on a Monday)

6) Make a trip to "hytta"


1) Have 'fika' at a cafe

2) Count how many volvos you see in one day

3) Dance around a statue holding a flower between your teeth


1) Visit a cheese factory/shop and buy some holy cheese.

2) Eat cherries on the banks of Zurich Sea, and swim in the Limmat river (Ask Marco & Manu where the best swimming spot is)

3) Leave rubbish somewhere

4) Go to the Gallery and see a Monet painting in the flesh.

5) Visit the Sasha Doll Museum in Zurich

6) Visit the Ernst Morgenthaler Museum in [I think it's in Winterthur but not certain] and spot any paintings with family members e.g. Barbara and baby David at Maloya in the Swiss Alps


1) Eat a meal in Christiania and explore the residential streets

2) Ride a 'Christiania bicycle' (which has a big box to carry extra stuff out the front)

3) Experience som Danish design (lots of fancy stuff in Copenhagen, and apparently beautiful display windows around Christmas)

4) If time permits, visit a beautiful island called "Bornholm" or ride to "Skagen" where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea


1) Sample som interesting beer

2) Enjoy a large and very sweet Belgian waffle

3) Do or see something Tintin-ish


1) Eat chocolate con churros at the best place in Madrid (Maria to find out the name of the place from Andrea, if you can't find it out from locals simply on its reputation)

2) Find an artistic postcard to send home

3) See Flamenco music live


1) Collect a miniature windmill and send home

2) Eat chips with mayonaise

3) Visit a windmill house

4) Pick a bunch of tulips and send us a photo of it, or if tulips are not in season, collect something with tulips on it, preferably an item of clothing.

Czech Republic:

1) Visit the famous sculpture bridge in Prague

2) Go out to dinner and describe everything you ate (in detail) and send it (along with any photos) to the Cameron Clan.

3) Say 'G'day' to someone with blond hair, and tell us about their reaction/conversation (if you have one).


1) Learn at least three phrases in Croatian

2) Collect 5 shells

3) Eat something that you have never eaten before. (and tell us about it when you come home)

Monte Negro:

1) Take some photos of beautiful old buildings, churches (there is one on a mini island in the middle of a bay) and photos of the stunning nature, mountains and sea.

2) Bring home some info on the most interesting thing in Monte Negro.

3) Find a postcard with a fish on it.


1) Find something in nature beginning with 'S' and draw it.

2) Take a photo of Felix doing a hand-stand in front of something starting with 'L'

3) Continue to take photos of Felix (or Floss) doing a hand-stand in front of something beginning with 'O', 'V', 'E', 'N', 'I', 'A'


1) Collect communist paraphernalia

2) Buy a packet of paprika and use it to cook a meal.

3) Send David 3 Hungarian Stamps


1) Find something red and black

2) Visit boba's home town

3) Eat 5 types of pickled gerkin and describe the differences


1) Learn a new recipe to share with the family when you return to Australia.

2) Buy a fresh baguette, some camembert cheese and a bottle of wine to share in a park for lunch.

3) Visit a beautiful village with cobble stone streets

4) Sample crepes and possibly a dish of warm baked camembert cheese for dinner

5) Eat snails with parsley and garlic

6) Buy a beret

  • Our last month in Australia, Christmas & NYE
  • The Home Coming
Trip Start Feb 02, 2010
Trip End Feb 02, 2011

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