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2014 Oct 30: I was summarizing my trips for this year, and it turns out it'll be six with the inclusion of Spain-Portugal trip in December. 2014 Summary: Jan-Hawaii, Apr-Cambodia-Vietnam, Jun-Cuba, Sep-17 day cruise from Copenhagen to NYC, Nov-San Juan cruise, and Dec-Span-Portugal.

I'm doing a feeler search for an around the world trip for 2015. Don't know if anything will come of it, but looking at dates. destinations, and total cost. Probably as my Last Hurrah before I retire from travel.

2014 Oct 10: The blog on the cruise and NYC last month is now completed. During the mean time, I have booked another journey to Spain (1996) and Portugal (2013) for December 10 through 24 with a retired professor from TN, because cost wise, it was a pretty good deal. I'll be able to revisit some places like Madrid, Toledo, and Seville where I've already visited and some new ones like Cordoba. It's just three days after I return from the Caribbean Cruise, but what the heck.

Just received my travel documents for our Oceania November cruise today.

2014, Oct: I've now completed my blog to Belfast, so the remaining destinations are Cork, Halifax, and New York City. The travelpod register shows I've visited 377 cities in 85 countries, and the mileage is equivalent to traveling around earth 27 times. Having had the opportunity to finally visit Iceland that has been a long time goal was finally accomplished. I should complete the remaining destinations before the end of this week. Thanks for visiting.

2014: It's now mid-August, and I'm getting ready for my cruise next month. Most of my clothes are packed, and my electronics are being organized, charged where needed, and finding a bag for it. Packed my medicine today for the trip, and making sure I have all the necessary documents, clothes, electronics, and reading materials and kindle ready. I'll be gone for 22 days, so needs a bit more preparation for the different climates and leisure time on the ship.

Into my fourth year on travelpod, and I've had over 37,700 hits. Maybe it'll be over 38,000 hits by year's end.

It's now July 9, 2014, and I just completed my blog on Cuba where I visited last month. My next journey is the 17-day cruise from Copenhagen to NYC from September 9 to September 29 with two nights in NYC before returning home. Then on November 28, I'm off to San Juan where we'll b staying for two nights before our seven day cruise. Until then, I'm going to take it easy and relax a bit.

It's now June 3, and according the the Traveler's Century Club, I have visited 117 unique destinations on their list. I'll be visiting my 90th unique country, Iceland, in September when I do the cruise from Copenhagen to New York.

I'm also looking at tours to Morocco and the UK for this year, so I may end up doing seven trips again this year - like 2012 and 2013. Spent two weeks in Oahu with my sister, brother in law, and my wife. It warmed my bones, and helped moisturize my dry skin from the cold climate in Northern California. Back to applying skin lotion - especially on my feet.

Next trip is a cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam on the Mekong River with visits to the Thoms and a few days in Siem Reap and Ho Chi Min city.

2013 Did two river cruises during the past four weeks. The first cruise on the Rhine and Mosel from Antwerp to Basel, and the second cruise on the Danube from Budapest to Prague. 24Nov: I'm now working on these blogs.

I've just completed my tour of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, and now working on the blog. Give me about ten days to complete it. Thx.

I booked a trip to Nova Scotia for September; a trip I've longed to do for many decades.

I'm also looking at brochures and web sites for trips to Iceland, but I'm not sure anything will come of it.

April 2013: Visits to my blogs have slowed considerably as I expected, but my blog on Portugal is doing very well - probably from fellow travelers in our group. At any rate, I'm pleased that so many have visited this month. The next trip planned for this year is to Cuba next month, and a trans-Atlantic cruise from Barcelona to Miami in November. I'm still looking at travel brochures for Ireland and possibly a third river cruise in Russia, but not much else.

Please drop a note just to keep in touch.

Ciao Jun 14, 2012: I just noticed that my blog setting is wrong, because it was titled "Plans for 2011."

As most of you who have followed my blog knows, I've already completed four trips this year. Jan: Caribbean cruise. Apr: Dalmatian Coast cruise. May: Globus National Parks & Canyons Tour. The three tours I have already completed are included on my blog. Jun: Off to Mexico and Cuba. Sept: Italy

2013: March: AMA wine cruise in Portugal, and a post-cruise to Spain.

I'm going to slow down on my travels beginning next year.

December 4: I've been lax on my Trip Details having completed my last journey for 2011 in Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany last month. For those of you who have been visiting my latest blog, you know that I've taken six trips during the year, and have visited Grand Cayman, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba (twice), Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. I feel my body slowing down, and think my travels will be fewer in the future; maybe down to four trips in 2012.

However, I am thankful to all of you for visiting my travel blog, because there's been over 24,000 hits since mid-February of 2010 from around the world except China and most of Africa. It's given me great pleasure to share my travel experiences, and the opportunity to provide some things that were unknown about the destinations I have visited.

If you wish a hard copy of any of the photos on my blogs, please feel free to request them - free of charge.

My blog's welcome image of Mt Everest is still one of my favorites.

June 27, 2011: Made reservations for a 17-day tour of Australia from August 3 to August 19; my second visit to this land down under, but to somewhat different destinations. This trip will include Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Uluru, and Cape Tribulations in addition to my first visit to Sydney, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and Port Douglas.

Also heard from my Lodi travel agent about the Southern France cruise next April. Will decide after I learn total cost, and availability of a roommate.

May 31, 2011. The travel company canceled the Syria extension, because over 1,000 people have now been killed there. I extended my stay in Hamburg for three more days in November.

May 9, 2011. I was able to make the reservations for Turkey and Syria for September. The only problem now is the Syrian government crackdown on demonstrators, and they've now had over 250 killed.

Feb 28: I got 2,000 hits this month.

FEB 26: I have fans in Sweden.

Feb 18: The blog on Vietnam is now completed; it's been reorganized by cities. Hope you enjoy it, because I've add more commentary.

Feb 10: I finished the travelogue to Japan, one on the SF Cherry Blossom Parade, and a driving trip my wife and I took to Monterey (Bay Aquarium), Los Angeles-Hollywood, Catalina Island, and San Diego.

This group may be the final past journeys, but I may find more photo albums or loose pictures if I keep digging around in my storage shed or garage.

Until then, my next trip will be to Cuba in May. I'm also organizing an able2know meet in San Francisco for the last week of May, and several people have already shown interest. Walter and Ulla will be coming from Germany, and John may come if his schedule allows (he's semi-retired, but still runs a business), and several other folks.

On October 31, I'll be leaving for Poland to visit Warsaw and Krakow, and a cruise from Prague to Hamburg. In Jan 2012, I already have reservations for the next wine cruise on Oceania's Marina, their new ship that was launched a few days ago.

I'm also looking for a trip to Iceland, and a river cruise in Europe for this year.

Please stay tuned.

February 8: I'm now working on our journey to Japan in 1981, and will have it completed in a couple of days.

[b]February 4: I just finished my 1990 June journey to Scandinavia, Paris, Brugge, and Brussels. I will continue tomorrow with downloading pictures from my 1988 May Caribbean cruise with my wife, and try to finish the travelogue within two days. Thanks for your patience.[/b]

Jan 25: Confirmed the wine cruise for January 3, 2012, to the Western Caribbean. My roommate, Alex, from the recent wine cruise will be my roommate again.

During my recent 10-day Southern Caribbean cruise on Oceania's Regatta, some in our wine group have shown interest in traveling to Cuba. A gentleman who lives in Mexico has volunteered to look into this trip, and will keep us informed as to his progress.

I would also like to make trips to Chicago and New York and/or Boston that is a pre or post cruise to Northeast Canada.

I will update this information as new reservations are made.

The picture I took of Mount Everest when I flew there from Kathmandu on my journey to India and Nepal many years ago.

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