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Corbin Fraser backpacks Canada

January 25, 2010

Corbin Fraser became addicted to backpacking after a trip to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

Upon his return home, he found himself obsessing over his travel blog and wishing he was back on the road.

Corbin Fraser travels Canada

Corbin Fraser travels Canada

It’s a common phenomenon, but Corbin dealt with in in a different way.

“During those travels I began to realize how little information there was for backpackers interested in seeing Canada on a budget,” he says.

He created while working as an “office drone”, later quit his job to pursue his passions of traveling, writing and music.

“I packed the biggest, ugliest van I could find with my possessions, which consisted of one backpack and all of my music gear, and began slowly making my way out East to Nova Scotia. I’m currently living in Halifax, and am writing about my travel experiences through Eastern Canada.”

There are a couple of uniquely Canadian experiences, like making your own poutine, dying at the hands of the elements and the foods that go well with maple syrup.

You can also find great, informative and “to the point” articles sorted by province on the main page. The site should be bookmarked if you’re planning a trip of any kind in Canada.

Great work Corbin.