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International Expeditions blog

April 23, 2010

For the past 30 years, International Expeditions has been blending conservation education, hands-on environmental and community responsibility, and adventure in every tour they offer.

“As a small company, we’ve really forged a personal connection between the in-country staff, guests and the people in communities that benefit from our support of conservation initiatives,” Emily Harley says.

Emily & sea lion pup

Emily & sea lion pup

She writes International Expeditions’ blog, and she sees it as an extension the company’s mission to develop understanding of and appreciation for our world.

On the blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page, Emily combines the best of nature travel news along with stories from personal accounts of our trips by staff and guests.

There’s also recipes, green living tips, eco-news and quick interviews with popular expedition leaders.

“I want readers to get excited about the world and feel the same passion I do for the wild and remote wonders of our planet!” Emily says.

The Vagabond 3: Rob Blasko, Jade Broadus and Bob Christian

April 23, 2010

Back in August 2009, Rob, a self-described “sarcastic, fun loving braggart” entered and won a Twitter contest for a three-day trip to Sydney, Australia.

But there was a catch, he’d have to send one tweet per minute while on the trip.

That’s a total of 4,320 tweets.

Rob Blasko, Jade and Bob

Rob Blasko, Jade Broadus and Bob Christian

He brought two friends with him to help accomplish the challenge: Jade “a sassy, spunky cutie” and Bob “a wide-eyed adventure seeker”.

Together as a team, they tweeted up a storm and successfully completed the tweeting mission.

As their reward, they received three round-the-world flights.

With plane tickets in hand, they’ll be jetting off to places like Sydney, Hong Kong, and Tokyo and they’ll be putting it all down in their blog.

For now, they’ll be saving up money, doling out tips for group travel and appropriate traveler behaviour.

“Our mission with Vagabond3 is to create an interactive, online travel experience through the exploration of cities and cultures around the world,” Rob says.

“Showcasing the accessibility of travel, we aim to encourage others to pack their bags and experience global adventures of their own.”

Nate Nault’s studying abroad

April 22, 2010

The Study Abroad Blog is about Nate Nault’s experience as a study abroad student.

He’s currently living in Scotland for a year, and travels to other countries across Europe as often as he can.

Nate started this blog when he began applying for study semesters abroad.

Nate Nault

Nate Nault

“I had tons of questions about the application process, getting acclimated, course work, traveling,” he says, “and there were very few websites out there that were written by students addressing all these questions.”

What he did find, was a lot of corporate websites that had a ton of generic information that he assumes were probably written by someone who had never actually studied abroad.

Nate gives all kinds of personal information based on his own personal experience of studying in a different country.

“I cover everything from choosing a location, going through the student visa process, making travel arrangements, what to bring, what to not bring, what to do when you get to your abroad university, what to do while you’re there, and everything in between.”

On the personal end, Nate’s blog is his own way of keeping everyone back in the States up to date on his life abroad, but it also serves a much bigger purpose as a resource for the rest of the study abroad community.

So far, he’s been to the Scottish Highlands, Barcelona, Rome, London, Munich, Vienna, Prague, and Amsterdam, with plans in the works for trips to Paris and Dublin.

His more practical posts include tips and advice on flying, booking hostels and hotels, packing, where to go, and what to see.

He’s also just started an eight part email series called: “Traveling Cheap: A Guide for the Student Traveler”, where he shows readers how to enjoy a weekend in a European city for under $300.

“Studying abroad provides students with the ultimate opportunity to travel the world,” Nate says.

“We’re probably only going to have this opportunity once, so I encourage students to take advantage of every opportunity they can to travel, and appreciate every moment they’re abroad.”

Matt Gibson’s expat life in Taiwan

April 22, 2010

Founder of the popular Taiwanese magazine XPat, Matt Gibson started his own travel blog that features his published articles and original blog-only stories.

Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson

Topics range from mutant animal farms in Taiwan, to burning ghost boats.

The website will also showcase prominent travel writers and bloggers including: Rolf Potts (Author of Vagabonding and Marco Polo Didn’t Go There), Gary Ardnt of Everything-Everwhere, Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s, and more.

Matt is currently based in Taiwan where he teaches writing and freelances for various publications while writing his first novel.

He has travelled on four continents and speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese (to varying degrees).

Daniel and Jeni Snyder take itsy bitsy trips

April 20, 2010

If you’re a parent and you need help planning outings, trips, and vacations with your young children, look no futher

Itsy Bitsy Trips is the blog for you.

Daniel and Jeni Snyder

Daniel and Jeni Snyder

The site is run by the Snyder family: Jeni’s a writer and pediatric nurse practitioner who’s traveled the world with kids, Dan’s a journalist and documentary filmmaker who’s traveled the world for work, and their young son Will is a “bon vivant wise beyond his years”.

“We hope to distinguish our website and blog by focusing almost exclusively on babies and toddlers and by utilizing Jeni’s vast medical knowledge and real-world experience traveling with children of this age,” says Daniel Snyder when asked about the purpose of their blog.

They regularly relate their travel experiences and review cutting-edge techniques and products that they use to keep their little one happy and healthy while they’re traveling.

Even if readers aren’t going on vacation anytime soon, most of what the Snyders write can be used on the local trips they make with their young kids everyday.

One Step 4Ward with Johnny Ward

April 20, 2010

He’s an Irish guy who planned, with all his little Irish heart, to be an investment banker in London.

Johnny Ward graduated from university with an economics degree and went to teach English for one year to get traveling “out of his system,” and head back to London.

Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward

“My traveling threw a spanner in the works and it really changed my whole way of thinking,” he says.

“Three and a half years later i’m still on the road and now plan to dedicate my life to working for NGOs representing refugees across the world.”

His blog, One Step 4ward, is an ever-evolving work in progress, but Johnny has kept a diary of his time on the road and the stories he has trapped in his “crazy Irish brain” will be invaluable to the blog readers of the world.

Everywhere he goes, he travels on less than $10 AUD per day and he says that level of frugality seems to draw the best experiences imaginable.

For example, read his cheap travel guide to Bangladesh and Chiang Mai.

Cailin O’Neil travels herself

April 20, 2010

She began her travel blog and TV show last year and called it Travel Yourself.

Cailin O'Neil

Cailin O'Neil

“It is meant to be a site that would not only show my TV show but also show the making of it from beginning to end,” Cailin O’Neil says.

Travel Yourself is all about getting out in the world and traveling solo.

If you can’t find someone to go with you, don’t wait, go and “travel yourself” Cailin says in this trailer for the upcoming TV show.

Her website also promotes her personal blog Cailin Travels and guest posts she does for others.

Cailin also has a growing following on twitter @travelyourself.

I gotta say some of her signature “spinny” style videos are quite hypnotic and you will find yourself zoning out and traveling right along with her as you watch some of her videos.

So follow her travels and be inspired to get out there and “travel yourself”.

Craig Martin and Karen Bryan find top travel content

April 16, 2010

If anybody knows how difficult it is to get travel writing noticed in a sea of information, it’s successful travel bloggers Craig Martin of the Indie Travel Podcast and Karen Bryan of Europe a la Carte.

They created Top Travel Content to help bring attention to the writings of their fellow scribes.

This new blog post compiler showcases the best in travel articles from independent, niche travel sites and blogs.

Craig Martin

Craig Martin

While it centres only on Europe for now, these two have big plans to expand to all continents in the future.

“It can be hard for independent travel sites/blogs to gain exposure and for readers to find quality travel content on the web, therefore Top Travel Content is an asset to both writers and readers,” Karen says.

Site membership is open only to stellar writers whose membership in the website have been approved by the editors.

Karen Bryan

Karen Bryan

They feature one post a day that was written by a member of their exclusive group.

Other posts by members are are also stumbled, tweeted and shared on Facebook.

Top Travel Content readers are also invited to submit posts from any travel sites or blogs which they enjoy for possible inclusion as Readers’ Picks posts.

Sally Thelen: “unbravely” exploring Asia

April 16, 2010

The unofficial definition of unbrave is:

“Doing things others might consider brave (living abroad, traveling alone, eating unpronounceable and possibly indigestible food items, eating those things while traveling alone even though there’s a very strong possibility you might keel over dead later and no one will be the wiser) while possessing only a passport, a sense of humor and an iron stomach.”

Sally Thelen

Sally Thelen

Sally Thelen created her blog, after she moved to Japan three years ago to teach English at a university in Kobe.

She initially had a plan to share her tales and photos of Asian adventure with her friends and family back home.

Her “Asian adventures” frequently revolved around the food she was eating and how she could no longer fit into her pants due to that food.

She’d also provide useful information about life as an expat American woman living in Japan and traveling solo through Asia at the same time as writing long diatribes about her love for her couch.

Just recently, she left her Japanese life (and couch) and she’s now writing about life on the road, including food she’s eating on the road.

“My plans are to live one to three months in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China,” Sally says.

“Because I’m a lazy saver and an even lazier travel planner, I’ll be doing the trip as rent- and guide-book-free as possible by house-sitting, volunteering, working odd jobs or teaching in each country I visit.”

That’s quite the challenge, and readers can follow along as she house-sits, cat-sits, kills ants and, generally, attempts to avoid death in a small village in the jungles of Northern Thailand.

Roni Weiss mixes travel with humour

April 16, 2010

It’s an interesting mix of humour and travel stories.

Roni Weiss’ blog, is really funny, he definitely looks at the world with a cheeky sense of humour.

He compiles funny stuff he finds throughout the web with stories about his travels around the world and his adventures in New York City.

Roni Weiss

Roni Weiss

Roni has been to six continents and more than 60 countries.

He’s currently teaching English in France and traveling around Europe.

I especially enjoyed his video blog featuring him enjoying fatty duck breast in Toulouse and his hilarious review of a “porn-ish” movie in Lyon.