The Vagabond 3: Rob Blasko, Jade Broadus and Bob Christian

Back in August 2009, Rob, a self-described “sarcastic, fun loving braggart” entered and won a Twitter contest for a three-day trip to Sydney, Australia.

But there was a catch, he’d have to send one tweet per minute while on the trip.

That’s a total of 4,320 tweets.

Rob Blasko, Jade and Bob

Rob Blasko, Jade Broadus and Bob Christian

He brought two friends with him to help accomplish the challenge: Jade “a sassy, spunky cutie” and Bob “a wide-eyed adventure seeker”.

Together as a team, they tweeted up a storm and successfully completed the tweeting mission.

As their reward, they received three round-the-world flights.

With plane tickets in hand, they’ll be jetting off to places like Sydney, Hong Kong, and Tokyo and they’ll be putting it all down in their blog.

For now, they’ll be saving up money, doling out tips for group travel and appropriate traveler behaviour.

“Our mission with Vagabond3 is to create an interactive, online travel experience through the exploration of cities and cultures around the world,” Rob says.

“Showcasing the accessibility of travel, we aim to encourage others to pack their bags and experience global adventures of their own.”

6 Responses to “The Vagabond 3: Rob Blasko, Jade Broadus and Bob Christian”

  1. Al Smart Says:

    I love this website! Now, I can’t wait to take a summer vacation!

  2. Rent French Chateau Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. I am thinking to go there in summer vacation. I need more information for this place.

    • V3Bob Says:

      If you need any information about traveling to Sydney or Australia, feel free to contact us. On our site we have some videos of where we traveled and will be putting up more in the next few weeks if you want to see what we saw.

  3. Meenakshi Says:

    This is meenakshi would like to congratulate vagabond 3 for completing the tweeting mission and winning three round the world flights.Together you guys can make a difference. good luck!!
    Travel Insurance

    • V3Bob Says:

      Thanks for the support. We had a blast on both the Sydney Tweet Fest (4320syd) as well as our around the world trip. We’re planning more trips in the future and are currently uploading videos, tips, and guides for where we went. Check us out.

  4. Kiara Malanga Says:

    @admin: I just have to say your site is the first I’ve come across this morning that doesn’t have typos every other sentence. Thank you for taking the time to write something that doesn’t look like a 5th grader put together. I apologize, just had to vent.

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