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For the past 30 years, International Expeditions has been blending conservation education, hands-on environmental and community responsibility, and adventure in every tour they offer.

“As a small company, we’ve really forged a personal connection between the in-country staff, guests and the people in communities that benefit from our support of conservation initiatives,” Emily Harley says.

Emily & sea lion pup

Emily & sea lion pup

She writes International Expeditions’ blog, and she sees it as an extension the company’s mission to develop understanding of and appreciation for our world.

On the blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page, Emily combines the best of nature travel news along with stories from personal accounts of our trips by staff and guests.

There’s also recipes, green living tips, eco-news and quick interviews with popular expedition leaders.

“I want readers to get excited about the world and feel the same passion I do for the wild and remote wonders of our planet!” Emily says.

5 Responses to “International Expeditions blog”

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  2. Dina VagabondQuest Says:

    I hope someday I can have a sea lion pup coming to me like in the picture up there!

  3. Al Smart Says:

    Great picture, sea lions are so cute!

  4. Benalla Says:

    Wow! looking this pics I feel like I am setting also beside a sea lion.

  5. colorado bail bond Says:

    What a cute little creature

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