Nate Nault’s studying abroad

The Study Abroad Blog is about Nate Nault’s experience as a study abroad student.

He’s currently living in Scotland for a year, and travels to other countries across Europe as often as he can.

Nate started this blog when he began applying for study semesters abroad.

Nate Nault

Nate Nault

“I had tons of questions about the application process, getting acclimated, course work, traveling,” he says, “and there were very few websites out there that were written by students addressing all these questions.”

What he did find, was a lot of corporate websites that had a ton of generic information that he assumes were probably written by someone who had never actually studied abroad.

Nate gives all kinds of personal information based on his own personal experience of studying in a different country.

“I cover everything from choosing a location, going through the student visa process, making travel arrangements, what to bring, what to not bring, what to do when you get to your abroad university, what to do while you’re there, and everything in between.”

On the personal end, Nate’s blog is his own way of keeping everyone back in the States up to date on his life abroad, but it also serves a much bigger purpose as a resource for the rest of the study abroad community.

So far, he’s been to the Scottish Highlands, Barcelona, Rome, London, Munich, Vienna, Prague, and Amsterdam, with plans in the works for trips to Paris and Dublin.

His more practical posts include tips and advice on flying, booking hostels and hotels, packing, where to go, and what to see.

He’s also just started an eight part email series called: “Traveling Cheap: A Guide for the Student Traveler”, where he shows readers how to enjoy a weekend in a European city for under $300.

“Studying abroad provides students with the ultimate opportunity to travel the world,” Nate says.

“We’re probably only going to have this opportunity once, so I encourage students to take advantage of every opportunity they can to travel, and appreciate every moment they’re abroad.”

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