One Step 4Ward with Johnny Ward

He’s an Irish guy who planned, with all his little Irish heart, to be an investment banker in London.

Johnny Ward graduated from university with an economics degree and went to teach English for one year to get traveling “out of his system,” and head back to London.

Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward

“My traveling threw a spanner in the works and it really changed my whole way of thinking,” he says.

“Three and a half years later i’m still on the road and now plan to dedicate my life to working for NGOs representing refugees across the world.”

His blog, One Step 4ward, is an ever-evolving work in progress, but Johnny has kept a diary of his time on the road and the stories he has trapped in his “crazy Irish brain” will be invaluable to the blog readers of the world.

Everywhere he goes, he travels on less than $10 AUD per day and he says that level of frugality seems to draw the best experiences imaginable.

For example, read his cheap travel guide to Bangladesh and Chiang Mai.

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