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Daniel and Jeni Snyder take itsy bitsy trips

April 20, 2010 9:15 pm

If you’re a parent and you need help planning outings, trips, and vacations with your young children, look no futher

Itsy Bitsy Trips is the blog for you.

Daniel and Jeni Snyder

Daniel and Jeni Snyder

The site is run by the Snyder family: Jeni’s a writer and pediatric nurse practitioner who’s traveled the world with kids, Dan’s a journalist and documentary filmmaker who’s traveled the world for work, and their young son Will is a “bon vivant wise beyond his years”.

“We hope to distinguish our website and blog by focusing almost exclusively on babies and toddlers and by utilizing Jeni’s vast medical knowledge and real-world experience traveling with children of this age,” says Daniel Snyder when asked about the purpose of their blog.

They regularly relate their travel experiences and review cutting-edge techniques and products that they use to keep their little one happy and healthy while they’re traveling.

Even if readers aren’t going on vacation anytime soon, most of what the Snyders write can be used on the local trips they make with their young kids everyday.

Like this:

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