Sally Thelen: “unbravely” exploring Asia

The unofficial definition of unbrave is:

“Doing things others might consider brave (living abroad, traveling alone, eating unpronounceable and possibly indigestible food items, eating those things while traveling alone even though there’s a very strong possibility you might keel over dead later and no one will be the wiser) while possessing only a passport, a sense of humor and an iron stomach.”

Sally Thelen

Sally Thelen

Sally Thelen created her blog, after she moved to Japan three years ago to teach English at a university in Kobe.

She initially had a plan to share her tales and photos of Asian adventure with her friends and family back home.

Her “Asian adventures” frequently revolved around the food she was eating and how she could no longer fit into her pants due to that food.

She’d also provide useful information about life as an expat American woman living in Japan and traveling solo through Asia at the same time as writing long diatribes about her love for her couch.

Just recently, she left her Japanese life (and couch) and she’s now writing about life on the road, including food she’s eating on the road.

“My plans are to live one to three months in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China,” Sally says.

“Because I’m a lazy saver and an even lazier travel planner, I’ll be doing the trip as rent- and guide-book-free as possible by house-sitting, volunteering, working odd jobs or teaching in each country I visit.”

That’s quite the challenge, and readers can follow along as she house-sits, cat-sits, kills ants and, generally, attempts to avoid death in a small village in the jungles of Northern Thailand.

One Response to “Sally Thelen: “unbravely” exploring Asia”

  1. Lanette Brett Says:

    Would you be ok if I repost this on my site? I just want to give credit where it is due. Hope you have a great day!

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