Angela Dollar’s purposeful travel

Deep down, Angela Dollar believes we are all good global citizens.

We want meaningful travel experiences that connect us with true culture and let us get to know people and their stories.

Angela Dollar

Angela Dollar

Her sub-blog of Wanderlust and Lipstick, Travel with a Purpose is a space for Angela to help people make better travel choices.

It’s an on-going discussion of the things we can do as thoughtful members of the travel community to tread a little lighter.

“We want to be conscientious of the impacts our wanderings have on the planet, and we want to make choices that support sustainability,” Angela says.

“We want to be received as respectful, engaged and responsible guests in the world.”

Travel with a Purpose includes news and updates from the sustainable travel field, post tips and tricks for greening up your act on the road, highlights of the innovative approaches others are taking, and reviews of eco-friendly gear, locations and activities.

One Response to “Angela Dollar’s purposeful travel”

  1. David from Says:

    WOW! Thank you very much for sharing your lovely opinion. Indeed, anyone is definitely considered to be a guest in everyone’s world. And respect is a must in entering one’s territory.

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