Kayt Sukel and Jamie Pearson are travel savvy moms

After her 3-year-old daughter threw up in a hotel dining room in Belgium, Jamie Pearson decided to create TravelSavvyMom.com with her partner, Kayt Sukel.

These two understand that traveling with kids can be daunting.

Kayt Sukel

Kayt Sukel

In the moments that followed the mortifying restaurant scenario, Jamie caught her daughter’s vomit in her cupped hand, called to the waiter for help, and was eventually handed a single paper napkin.

Travel Savvy Mom boasts a network of moms from all over the world who’ve had similar experiences and want to help.

“We’ll maybe even point out the funny side of family travel,” Kayt says.

“Yes, there is one.”

I especially enjoyed their articles about traveling to Quebec City with kids and Jamie Pearson’s article about dealing with separate seats on an airplane.

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