Sarah Lipman’s in love with the world

It’s the start of a new decade, and Sarah Lipman has decided she will be turning her life upside down and traveling the world.

She writes the blog, She’s In Love With the World, and she’s a 20-something, New York-born writer, culture junkie, self-proclaimed hippie and soon-to-be-backpacker extraordinaire.

Sarah Lipman

Sarah Lipman

“After losing my first job as a reporter to the economic downturn and the decline of print media, I quickly became jaded after combing through job boards, false leads and classified ads for an industry that was letting people go more often than they were taking them in,” Sarah says.

In September 2009, she weeded through most of her belongings and put a year’s salary toward a six-month traveling adventure starting on Jan. 7, 2010.

Her friend, Andrea Ramsay, will be joining her as they backpack our way through Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

“I’m writing this blog to show my loved ones back home (and anyone else who happens to stumble upon my site) that I am both safe and happy, and that I am experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime: to see the world.”

Some of her popular blog posts include a reflection on the parallels between Haiti and Koh Phi Phi and a list of everything she’s learned in one month of travel.

It’s engaging writing and a fresh take on the backpacker lifestyle, great work Sarah.

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