Suzy Guese’s travel from the redhead angle

She’s a feisty redhead traveling the world.

Do you need to know anything more than that?

Suzy Guese

Suzy Guese

“To say that my personality always finds its way into my posts would be an understatement,” Suzy Guese says.

Annoyance, temper, sarcasm or passion quite often weave their way into her articles, enough proof that her hair color is indeed natural.

Because of this, she looks at travel from a unique standpoint.

The Suzy’s Travel Rants section of her blog contains philosophizing on topics such as The Saints of Travel Drive Three Wheeled Carts, What they should teach you in school, and Can you really go home again?.

You have to read it to get it.

Even though they are a dying breed, Suzy’s blog is not a travel site for redheads.

It’s more of a place to share travel stories to inspire something in whoever wants to read.

“Whether it be motivating someone to actually get off that couch and travel, or if a post just gives that overworked man or woman a nice mental vacation from their cubicle, physical or mental travel is the mission here,” she continues.

She believes that travel is not just a laundry list of what to see and do, it’s a list of stories and experiences.

However, Suzy does not neglect the practical aspects of travel.

She still I provides travel tips and resources for those who have not been around the block yet.

One Response to “Suzy Guese’s travel from the redhead angle”

  1. Cecille Says:

    That is cool, a spicy blog about travelling. 🙂

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