Charlie Weatherill and Nina Alton hit the road

They’re traversing Europe and Asia in their Land Cruiser for a gap year 12 years in the making.

Charlie Weatherill never took a gap year trip, so he’s making up for it now.

Charlie Weatherill and Nina Alton with their trusty Land Cruiser

He and his girlfriend are currently eight months into a 13 month overland journey.

They have covered 25 countries so far and will likely have driven through 45 by the time they get back to the UK again.

“We have encountered corrupt officials, hapless mechanics, every conceivable driving terrain, countries we’ve had to ship the car around and borders where our car’s been refused entry,” he says.

“But we’ve also encountered terrific generosity and hospitality, and extraordinary culture and scenery that we wouldn’t have encountered with any other means of travelling.”

Their trip statistics are hilarious, and their route so far is incredible.

Follow along in their travel diary before it’s too late and they are back home in the UK!

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