Candice Walsh “does the world”

At the very eastern end of Canada, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, you can find Candice Walsh.

She has cultivated a sense of humour bold enough to deal with extreme weather and small towns in this part of the world.

Candice Walsh with a "shiny gent" named Adrian

She works full-time as a technical writer, but is also an active blogger and associate editor at Matador Network.

Her blog, Candice Does the World, contains personal narrative accounts of her global adventures while profiling the incredible city of St. John’s.

“St. John’s is one of the most under-appreciated cities in Canada,” she says. “It has a small-town feel with a vibrant nightlife and loads of culture.”

Newfoundland is a unique part of Canada and Candice does a great job of summing up the atmosphere in this island province she calls home.

She’s also not afraid to say that she loves resort vacations, and gives 10 reasons why.

Hilarious writing and by an irreverent lady.

Just when you thought travel writing was all fluff and nonsense, Candice’s blog hits you with a brick and makes you say thanks for the favour.

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