Chris Richardson is: The Aussie Nomad

Chris Richardson started his travel blog after he left his IT job and started traveling around the world.

Chris Richardson's a well travelled Aussie

Chris Richardson's a well travelled Aussie

For everyone thinking about making the same move, his mission is to help you do just that.

“I hope to document all the steps I took in making the decision to leave my job and look at working overseas so that it may help others looking to follow in similar footsteps,” he says.

He’ll be starting his journey in London, and he plans to take advantage of wwoofing and the friendliness of couchsurfing while he’s there.

“I want to show others that even though the world may be struggling financially, it is still possible to get out there and see the world, work as you go and experience a lifestyle that cannot be beaten,” Chris continues. “After all, who wouldn’t like the idea of working from a beach in Thailand one month, and then next month find yourself sitting in France looking out your window watching the snow fall?”

So far, you can follow his journey since its inception to his efforts at getting rid of all his stuff.

His practical writing style keeps readers engaged and his light sense of humour keeps them entertained as well.

Keep reading and find out how the rest of his trip goes, this guy is definitely going somewhere.

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