Follow Nellie Huang’s “Wild Junket”

Nellie Huang’s blog is an entertaining melange of stories from her travels far and wide.

Nellie Huang writes Wild Junket

Nellie Huang writes Wild Junket

She’s just recently moved to Spain after a four-month escapade around Latin America. It’s not the first time she’s uprooted herself though.

“Over the past few years, I’ve packed my bags and moved from Singapore to London, Madrid, Tanzania and now back to Spain,” Nellie says.

“Through my words, readers are brought through my life journey.”

Some of her most fascinating include a glimpse of Bohemian life in Peru, cooking in Catalan and climbing a volcano in Guatemala.

“I try to capture the spirit of wild jaunting on my blog where I write about my travels in less-explored corners of the world,” she continues.

“I bring readers through pictorial journeys and also share with them tips to traveling long-term.”

Let’s hope that roller coaster spirit continues to flow no matter where Nellie’s life takes her next.

No matter what happens, follow along with her as she goes at Wild Junket.

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