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Friday, February 2, 2007

I am seriously having issues keeping up with Time. He's been betraying me, disorienting my senses, mocking my circadian rhythm. My weeks begin and swiftly startle me into the weekend, without having a chance to realize what day I'm in. This is how I now find myself in February, bidding the ephemeral January goodbye, so long, and farewell.

Our demure and dreamy days in Majorca have now given way to the fast-paced, high-living, electrical, mercurial London rat race. It's been three months since we've been here and it only feels like a few weeks. The days go by without us really noticing them, as we are more and more absorbed by our jobs and our agitated life-styles.

It sounds like I'm grumbling about it, but I am quite enjoying it. I know you're probably thinking we exchanged one fast-tracked lifestyle in Buenos Aires for another, but the fact that we're living it in London is a world of a difference. I am more and more convinced that London is like a brand new vintage: you are skeptical at first, even maybe a bit hesitant or cynical, and you don't really enjoy it but the more you dip your lips in, you realize it's growing on you and you canīt stop drinking. Before you know it your teeth are incarnadine by its dye and you're intoxicated by its lifting effects.

Yes, London is a fine acquired taste like the Thai coconut oil and lemon grass I have learned to love, and the sinful curry with cumin and rosewater plumes which seep out of every Indian eatery. One would think how this northern city could be a crux to the perfect fusion of western and eastern influences. We went for Ethiopian food the other night and while I was licking the dry chickpea and chili paste from my fingers, I wondered where else in the world, apart from Ethiopia, can one enjoy Ethiopian food.

And even when you feel immure by the tedious continuity of town houses in narrow winding streets, there's always the winter promenades in Hyde Park, which now stripped off its verdure, still echoes of Springtime splendor. The different types of earth-bound ducks, geese and swans create a spectacle for the man with the bag of bread crumbs, and hoards of pigeons and seagulls uninvited, join in the feast.

Or there's the rugby or football Sundays at the local pub, where entranced by the game and often forgetting the pints of stout or lager in their hands, men jump up in a flurry and celebrate with each other the swift passing moment, before the referee calls to form again.

Maybe what's best about London are the many cultures that coexist under one gray sky. Each living a completely different reality than the next. My favorite contrast was seeing an Arab man on the Tube reading a clearly war-oriented book next to a bleached-blond woman enjoying a fashion magazine. Maybe the coldness I saw before in Londoners is just the obliviousness (or boredom?) of so much diversity; the self-absorbed existence of each person that blinds the eye to the needy, the affectionate, the different, the normal, the mystic, the shallow, the loud or the silent.

There's no room for patriotism in the fast lanes of London and maybe that's what makes it the great capital city of the world. Everyone moves in their own lane, as are we, making our reality as new and exciting as possible. And even though Time here moves fast - faster than I've experienced before - it's all about the moments when you stop to catch your breath, inhale as if it were the first time, and let London take you over.
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mizliz on

I have read your entire blog with much delight and pleasure and am sad that I'm at the end of your postings. It's like reading the final page of an interesting book and closing it, wishing it would go on and on...

I do hope you plan on continuing your posts about your travels. I will check back from time to time to see if you do, because I really want to follow any further travels you make.

Lu, you are a wonderful writer. Your English is very good, one would never know that English isn't your native language.

Your romance with the very handsome Ed is endearing to me too...so lovely to see two young people madly in love and going together through all the adventures you two are having, and still being great companions and taking care of each other.

Please keep writing about your travels, they are inspiring to the rest of us. Meanwhile, enjoy your time in wonderful London, one of my favourite cities!

zento on

a great big humble thank you!!!
Wow!!! Thank you for your kind words, Mizliz. It's great ot find that there's someone reading all of this, and who ACTAULLY likes it. You have made my day with your beautiful comments....thank you so much. Much mroe to come, no fears!

uncle_davros on

Trust me on this. Wait till you experience Karim's lebanese food. You will understand why I keep going back, plus the service is superb. Come with us, you won't regret it

zento on

Re: Food
The we´ll just have to go, now won´t we? :)

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