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Trip Start Mar 26, 2010
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Flag of United States  , Oregon
Friday, April 9, 2010

Well as you can already see I still haven't left Lincoln City. I'm trying, and trying and trying but it is such an incredible place I'm finding it more and more and more difficult to leave. Each day I'm here I feel like kicking myself in the butt for not appreciating all that I had while this was my home. Over the past few weeks I've really made an effort to get the most out of it and to do and see the things I neglected as a kid. I wasn't planning a blog until the rock climbing trip but I've done some pretty cool and a few not so cool things I felt I must share. So here you go...I hope you enjoy:)

For the past 10 years I've been looking at these signs just outside of town to a place called Drift Creek Falls. As ridiculous as it is, I have never made the trip out to see them. Something that Amy used to always tell me she loved about me, (in reality she brought this out of me) is that once I think of something or get an idea in my head, it's game on, full speed ahead until I've done it! She used to tell me she just loved coming up with random ass ideas running them by me until one of them got me excited. She knew that once she found one that stuck we were out the door! Take it from me, if you wait you'll end up coming up with a B.S excuse to put it off and you'll probably never make it. So do it NOW and you will be happy you did. So I did it, no more looking at the sign and thinking someday I'll do it. I woke up this morning, had a little coffee, then Mike, Pops and myself along with the dogs headed off to the falls. All I can say is WOW! What a place, it started with a really nice little walk through the beautiful Siuslaw National Forest and after about a mile and a half you hit this bad ass bridge (and with my new found fascination for these bridges) I was pumped. I shit you not, it was like a little mini Golden Gate. After doing a little homework I learned that this is the largest suspension bridge in the state of Oregon. It is a total of  240 feet long and it stretches 100 feet above Drift Creek (for my Oregon Hillbilly's it's Drift Crick:-) and when you look to the side there is a 75 foot waterfall crashing down! I hope to God this is a just a taste of what my road trip will be offering. It's days and experiences like this that make me feel like I'm alive, livin life like it should be lived. I can't put the words to describe it, just check out the pictures below, they kind of do it justice. Also if you live in or around Lincoln City, do me a huge favor and put your beer down, put on the hiking shoes and check this place out! It is absolutely worth the trip.    

Sorry I'm going off on a tangent, and this has nothing to do with the falls but it is important to my journey so I felt you should know. Yesterday I was blessed with a truly unexplainable and incredibly quiet and peaceful moment. I sat alone on the dock and everything just seemed to go silent and still. The lake was glass, the birds were quietly singing and I could hear the waves of the ocean crashing in the distance. I felt a tingle or a chill crawl across my skin and it was right then and there that I knew for certain that this trip and the experiences it will bring is exactly what I need at this point in my life and I can't wait to do and see as much as I possibly can. So for the record I am now officially ready to do this thing!

And now....... for the good stuff! Let me paint a little scene for you to get this next part started. My wonderful mother cooked us yet another incredible meal that we were enjoying as we sat around kitchen table. Mom, Dad, Mike and myself chatting it up, just like the good ol days. (you know, back when I was just kid, no job, no worries....wait a second....oh never mind... moving on:-). We sat there enjoying the food, looking out the window at the lake watching a bald eagle hunting, diving, and soaring around. (can you see why I can't make myself leave this place, eating dinner, watching a BALD EAGLE  hunt, are you kidding me!) Everything was good and peaceful. Well, it WAS peaceful! Then Michael decided to tell us a little story about how when he was out on the kayak he noticed that the lake was actually connecting to the ocean that morning (I've never seen this before). He thought about checking it out but there was a major current and he didn't want to get hurt so he turned around. CUE THE LIGHT BULB FOR ME! I must check this out. I quickly finished my dinner and with a full belly, it might be my last, I hopped in the kayak and down the lake i went........dun! dunnnn! dunnnnnnnnn!....more like dumb dummmb dummmmmmb!

You know how it is when you start doing something you know is stupid or is a bad idea or could possible cause a serious injury or could leave you upside down in a freakin kayak floating somewhere in the ocean, and you just can't stop yourself? Does that happen to other people or am I just a complete dumb ass? Mike, Josh, Sara, and Dad, no comment needed. Anyway, I slowly, cautiously, and intelligently float past the "DANGER" buoy (FIRST HINT!), I just figured they put that there to scare away all of the wimps. A little buoy's not stopping me! Still paddling slowly toward the ocean, I can now see the waves crashing. At this point it was just simply amazing and I was getting excited to take a really cool picture. I figured I'll just get up to the edge where the dam USED to be (SECOND HINT!) then i would stop, take a picture, and turn around and head back. Sounds like a good plan right?  Well let me put it this way....THERE IS NO FLIPPIN PICTURE!...... I was far too busy nearly crapping my pants to stop and take a stinkin picture! Those beautiful waves, were no longer beautiful. They were like mini tsunami's crashing closer and closer just begging me to challenge them! So I suppose you can see where this is going.... I continued to creep toward the ocean and my creep turned into kind of a crawl and then my crawl turned into more like a steady cruise,(THIRD HINT, FIGURE IT OUT COLE!) and then all of the sudden my cruise turned into an OHH SHIT I'M GETTING SUCKED INTO THE OCEAN ON A FREAKIN LAKE KAYAK, I"M SCREWED..........................................my heart starts beating like crazy, the water pretty much has complete control of my kayak now and I'm paddling up stream as hard as I possibly can, only to be pulled further and further away from where I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I was. And then just when I thought things couldn't get any worse I .................to be continued!!!

Handley Out!

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Briana on

Well at least I can assume you made it to internet accessible safety. Loving your posts, Cole! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the great adventure. You will never regret this decision! If you ever decide to go international hit us up!

Poppy Art on

Well, I'll be up in Lincoln at the end of May, hope to see you then!! NOT!! But, I'll tell you what I will be checking out and that is Drift Crick (the hilbillie in me) bridge and falls. Is that north or south of Lincoln? You are the eyes to my second retirement (thats when I stop working), so keep me posted. GREAT STORIES!!

Shae on

When you come through Colorado, you need to go to The Royal Gorge. It's the highest suspension bridge in the world, and it's by Colorado Springs. I've been a Coloradan my whole life, and I've never seen it. Be safe. Love The Colorado Courrejou's

Brittney on

I had a smile on my face the whole time I read your post. You are a great story teller! And I never did any of the awesome LC-stuff...Drift Creek Falls included. But I will this June when I'm back for a reunion! You're right; we need to appreciate what's around us. Sometimes I get overwhelmed living next to so. many. awesome. things...but I just need to close my eyes, point to a map, and go :) Now, FINISH THE STORY :)

Morgan on

COME ON...finish the story! At least before you hit the road, when God know's the next time you will have internet access.

As for your bridge fascination, I too have had a new appreciation for bridge's. When you come back out east, we have some fun bike rides over some shady bridges I think you would appreciate :) I have an extra bike...so no excuses!

Keep the updates coming!

Sara on

So.... I won't say anything about how you shoulda paid attention to those warning signs and I won't say that they are there for a reason... and I won't that you are darn lucky that you are ok... Oh and you should add Samantha to the list of those who shouldn't comment.. She said "what the heck was Uncle Cole thinking??" my reply.. he's a man, sometimes they forget to do that... LOL... can't wait to hear the ending coming from you, love the blogs :-) Oh and the kids want to know if the Kayak made it back to Bamma's??

Anne on

Everytime I read your blogs I get that fire inside of me to get out and GO. Your stories are so inspirational (and entertaining). I could say so much more right now, but I trust you just understand!

Lora on

We've been on the edge of our seats for long enough. Please fill us in on the rest of the kayak saga!!
Hope you're having a great week.

Susan on

Maybe you'd like to go see the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan? It's the third longest suspension bridge in the world. I lived in Michigan for three years as a child while my dad worked on it as it was being built. And then there's the Mackinac Island, where I think they still don't allow cars. It was a pretty tourist spot with horses and carriages.

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