My first couchsurfing experience

Trip Start Sep 18, 2010
Trip End Mar 16, 2011

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Flag of Uruguay  ,
Tuesday, September 28, 2010


couchsurfing的意思是去當地的住家住,可以同他們一起生活,了解他們的文化,That's nowhere better than living with a local to learn their culture!

大約5點多出發去host的家,坐巴士只是大約35分鐘的車程,她叫Graciela,在大學讀的是chemical engineering,烏拉圭人,30多歲,自己一個人住,仲有隻貓,她有一個超特別的興趣,「讀中醫」


由6時多傾到10時多食飯,原來他們習慣6點食一點小食,10時才食晚飯的,傾了很多不同文化的問題,例如: 她教了我一點歷史,原來我的至愛colonia是烏拉圭最古老的城市,烏拉圭沒有原住民,雖然她不太喜歡mate,但係佢話烏拉圭人真係飲少陣mate會死,她給我看一張相,相中的警察當緊便都要飲mate,而且有人笑言烏拉圭人只有一隻手可以用 (因為另一隻手要拿熱水壺 & mate)。

傾了很多不同的話題,所以couchsurf真是很好玩,但記住,她說過:「不要只因為想節省旅費而去couchsurfing,couchsurfing 的真諦是要有會分享 和 學習的心,要喜歡和接受不同文化的差異,Nothing is more rewarding than such experience」

It's so perfect!! 我超喜歡異地文化的,衣度一定要讚下我自己,因為我是新會員,沒有其他人的reference,是好難去說服一個人比我couchsurf的。




佢話,當她host 南美人的時候,就算第一次見面,也會kiss面額的,而你唔會,我問如果我唔咁做會不會是不禮貌呢? 佢話,okay,這是我們的差別。

其實衣個也不是一個什麼新問題,在德國也與過很多次,this is about body language,Body language is a big topic ,首先body language在溝歺上是很重要的,因為他可能比你說的話傳遞更多的訊息。

ref from wiki
「 Albert Mehrabian is noted for finding a 7%-38%-55% rule, supposedly denoting how much communication was conferred by words, tone, and body language」

而且每個文化的body language也是很不同的。





我給了Grace 看一張我在埃及影的相,張相大約是兩個男人q住手一齊行 (去我個blog睇,會易明白d)

Grace 諗: 「他們好可能是基的」

我第一次見到都諗: 「好可能是基的」

但自從在埃及有人想q我手 (我知道他一定是straight的),同埋通街都見到人q手,其實q手只是因為個兩個男人好friend 啫。

所以同樣發生的事,埃及人的 perception is 「其地只是普通好friend的男仔friend」

記得當我同grace講我未試kiss 我呀媽的時候,她反應好大,完全unbelievable! ,我地比起佢地真是較為內斂。

我好記得在coaching 時我一值有一件事想做,就是同呀媽講 I LOVE YOU,己經是去年2月的事了,有一個同學叫Ann,是英國人,大約三十多歲吧,她說她也未試過,她的丈夫是mexico,他就可以日日同佢媽媽講,但對佢來說就好難好難,我都係,在我們互相支持下,我淆底 (唔識寫) 了7個月,終於2009年9月18日 拿住玫瑰花 講了,這可以說是我25歲人so far 就大的成就,it feels so good 好似第一次同女仔表白咁so relieved。

衣件事according to 7 habit of highly effective people 是 not urgent & absolutely IMPORTANT 的,同埋係愈遲愈難開口講。

What's your choice? WAIT OR ACT? or wait until it gets URGENT?

It's all up to you~!

$$ wah only 50 lunch + 17 transport = 67 UYU = 港幣25 蚊, record LOW!!!!!!!


Today is my special day because it's my first couchsurfing day ever. Couchsurfing means staying in the local house and live with them. To share and to learn. There is nowhere better than living with a local to learn their culture!
About 5:30 I checked out from my hostel and departed to my host's apartment. It took roughly 35 minutes bus ride and I arrived her home. Her name is Graciela (Grace) and she studied chemcial engineering about 30 years old. She lived alone and she has a very interesting habit which caught my eys. (She studied chinese medicine for a weekend every month)

I had read her chinese medicine book. It was so FUN. When she is not feeling well, she go to both chinese & western doctor. She told me "Western doctor just cure the problem but chinese doctor cure the ROOT of the problem.

We talked from around 6 to around 10 then we had dinner. It is their practice to have a bit food at 6pm and then have dinner quite late (around 10pm). We talked about different culture over the world and a bit history of Uruguay. My best favourite city so far "colonia" is the oldest city in Uruguay!! Great!! I love it even more knowing this. 

She also joked about mate " Uruguay has only one hand " because the other must be holding the mate anytime, anywhere.
We talked about different things. Couchsurfing is really Fun. As a much more experience couchsurfing member she told me 「Never couchsurf just for saving money, the spirit of couchsurfing is to share & to learn from the culture of different people」I think she loves the couchsurfing experience so much.It's so perfect!!

It's perfect!! I love cultural difference too!! Actually this is the first request I have sent and the only one I sent in Uruguay. (I am the very new member and have NO reference) but I made it! I think if you write your request with your heart and be sincere the host would feel it.

It's my strength to be sincere and to trust. But the drawback is I sometimes was cheated like what has happened in Greece. But everyone in the world is not perfect. I just do what I think is right and It's ME!

Cultural thing.

Grace said, when she has a guest coming to her house, normally they would kiss each other cheek but I didn't. Because as a chinese we never do that when we are meeting up with friends not even to our family. I asked would it be impolite to not doing that. She said it would be okay and we are different.

It's about body language is different over the world. Body language is a big topic. Firstly, body language is so important that it may convey more message than your words.

Reference from wiki:
「 Albert Mehrabian is noted for finding a 7%-38%-55% rule, supposedly denoting how much communication was conferred by words, tone, and body language」
And in different culture, same body gesture can tell completely different story with different perception.

For example, when seeing two people kissing each other cheek.

South america's perception : 「They can be soul mate or someone they first time met」

Our perception:「They must be very close and very certain it is not their first time meeting up」

One more example. I gave a picture of two men with hand holding one's arm for grace (please refer to the blog which is easier to understand)
Grace's perception: 「they very probably are guy」

My FIRST perception: 「Same with Grace」

But after meeting a Egyptian, I am sure it is just their sign to show friendship. So if same happened in Egypt 
Egyptian's perception: 「they are just very close male friend」

So, for same body language, We have different perception to interprete what's going on
I told Grace I have never ever kissed my mother. She was so surprised by that. Comparing with them we as a chinese tends less to express our feeling in gesture.

I remember after studied coaching and I have one thing I wanna do. It is to say "I love you" to my mother. I was 2009 February, I met my classmate named Ann, she is british about 30 something years old. She told me she had never said it to her mother too. But his husband mexican said that almost every day to his mother. 

Ann and I both think It' s a very tough challenge to say "I love you" to our mother. So we support each other and after 7 months I did it. on 18 Sept 2009 I said it with a rose to my mother. I could say it is the biggest challenge I ever had.

According to 7 hibit of highly effective people. This is absolutely not Urgent & but very important. And it is getting harder and harder when getting older.

What's your choice? WAIT OR ACT? or wait until it's getting urgent?
It's all up to you~!
$$ wah only 50 lunch + 17 transport = 67 UYU = HKD 25, record LOW!!!!!!!
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