Mamma Mia!!!

Trip Start Dec 14, 2007
Trip End Nov 04, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Nevada
Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mamma Mia! The title will make sense later on, but before we reveal the interesting content of todays entry title, just a short recap for our memory on the casinos we visited on our long hike yesterday evening:

- Monte Carlo: its as boring as the original Monte Carlo unless you have "loads of money"...nothing to attract a walk by tourist.

- Bellagio: apparently the most expensive one to stay at and excellent decoration inside (some style) and obviously the shops inside go along with the luxury.

- The Mirage: nothing to comment on this more on the Strip

- Treasure Island: nice in the outside with the pirate ships and the free show but little else.

- The Venetian: great imitation of Venice, although the water in the canals is way to clean and the boatmen sing way to well (they dont really sing in Venice do they???). Great inside with streets of Venice and the San Marco square.

- Casino Royale: looks like the cheapest one in the newer side of the Strip, with cheap prices on drinks and even free offers to play on their machines.

- Flamingo: well yes...they have a few Flamingos and other animals. Good point is that its free to walk around their gardens and see the wildlife. All the other casinos charge $15 to check out their aquarium, dolphin or tiger...

We looked around for good offers to shows in any of the casinos. There are some "discounted ticket" booths along the strip, but they were either sold out or charging over $80 per ticket for bad seats, so not in our price range. 

We were aiming at watching "Blue Man Group", "Mamma Mia" or "Murder by Marriage" but none were available. Sad, but it happens in a City that has 54 million visitors per year. 

Anyway, after our long walk we came back to have a good and well deserved shower. We noticed we had a message on the phone (blinking light) and heard it knowing it would be some publicity from the hotel. The first message gave us a "once in a lifetime discount on all Luxor official T'shirts" but only if we bought them on the same day...maybe next time.

The second message offered us a special rate if we wanted to stay another night in the hotel. Instead of the $100 we had paid, they offered $65 which is a real deal, so we went for it. Basically we wanted to see if we could get some tickets for a show the next day, and in any case it was a great price for the luxury we were enjoying (motel 6 price at Death Valley!).

The best part of the story comes next. We extended our stay at the hotel for another night at the reception desk and started walking away. Immediately a sales person from the Vegas Shows booth walked up to us and offered us discounted prices for the best shows.

Marcos replied "not if it has anything to do with time-shares or buying property in Vegas". The sales guy smiled and decided to throw a bit more weaponry into his sales pitch. We decided to listen to another attempt and believe it or not this one caught our attention:

The offer was:
- 2 tickets to "Mamma Mia" for $20 each (instead of $80 which was the cheapest at the discount booth)
- $75 dollars in vouchers for the casino (which we could cash in for real money)
- 2 invitations to a cruise to the Bahamas from Miami

We wanted to refuse on principle but decided to give it a go, knowing that we were just going to listen and see a property (not the first time) with a load of others.

We ended the night throwing some cash away on different gambling machines...if you are in Vegas you have to gamble a bit. However after $21 we just could get ourselves round to enjoying it anymore....after saving so much during 10 months it seemed unethical to put money in machines knowing we would lose it.

So back to today, everyone WE HAVE A FLAT IN VEGAS!!
Just joking, you really didn't think we would fall for a time share in Vegas (or anywhere else for a matter of fact). The story goes as follows as it was actually an entertaining experience (although not sufficient to do it twice).
Around 9am a bus took us a couple of miles up Las Vegas Boulevard to the property agents offices. We joined about 50 other people and couple by couple (quite fast) they took us along to a room with about 50 tables decorated with balloons, and with pop music blurting out.
Everyone was very friendly, and we were offered some breakfast, much better than what we expected with all sorts of drinks and pastries.
For about an hour our host (Jack) a good man that is probably a good saleman but had no chance with us, had a long conversation with us but we knew that deep inside he must of know from the start he wasn't going to make a sale (even though he tried a couple of times). We think the give aways were the fact that we were dressed as backpackers and that we told them we had no jobs currently.
They explained a bit about time-sharing and how Vegas is going to be the centre of the World (or is already) and how much of an investment the property was...hmmm
They then took us to the building to show us the property, which to be fair is very nice (pool, gym, security. all the ammenities, etc), back for a sandwich, a last attempt to sell us the time share by cutting the price by 50% and offering a 10 year loan, and then the bad news came for them...Marcos said "Im a lawyer and even if you gave this for free I would not be signing today". That was a sort of bummer for them, but they played it nicely, offered us a couple of sandwiches and off we went back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day.
We got our Mamma Mia tickets (it will be at the Mandalay Bay casino next door), and cashed our $75 in vouchers which we converted into real green Uncle Sam dollars. That makes our stay tonight free and the show half price. Not bad, although good news we didnt accept it the first time round when they only offered discounted tickets.
With regards to the Cruise to the Bahamas, its a weekend cruise from Fort Lauderdale and just for the sake of it we phoned to find out if there was a departure before November....but its all booked. We might be able to use it during the next 18 months...although not too worried.
We spent the rest of the day at the pool side (real hot today) and will watch the last debate  between Obama Hussein and McCain Vietnam before the Mamma Mia show. 

In case you wanted to know, they did offer us to extend again for another $65, but we really need to get on moving towards  Grand Canyon...if not we could end up buying some time-share.


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