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Trip Start Jan 10, 2010
Trip End Dec 16, 2010

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Flag of Brazil  , State of Rio de Janeiro,
Monday, May 3, 2010

3rd Monday

Although I went to gym today I was feeling really poorly by the time I got to the airport in Floripa.  No energy at all, not even to tie my show lace.  Think I have a bug.  So back to Rio and bed.

4th Tuesday

Never slept even though really tired. Belly bad so watched a bit of telly with Sergio in lounge till about 4 am. Bob the fat, american snores loudly, and so I kept hitting him with my towel to tell him to shut up.  Ear plugs just donīt help enough!

Stomach feeling a bit better, but not doing too much.  Booked in for a bit of waxing today for Friday...looking forward to seeing what itīs like in Brazil!

Slept on beach but hopefully no burn marks. 

5th Wednesday

Really looking forward to coming home. Peroni, tea, beds with clean sheets, towels, cornflakes, real food, normal people, normal weather, speaking english, not hearing anyone from a foreign country for a while.... But today we are going on a bit of a hike/walk, take in some sights etc...

Jenn kept shouting at Bob last night to shut up the snoring...She managed to wake others.  I was too tired to care, but he still kept me awake.  

We went (Jenn and I) to the botantical gardens today, with a french guy called Stephan.  I am still really poorly.  Not a bit of energy, to the point that my normal walking style which Jenn hate, was at the pace of a snail, and when I couldnīt be bothered to walk we got a cab.  We also went to santa teresa, which everyone says is really nice.  Compared to a rubbish tip, possibly, but really not all that great.  Still, hopefully I will finally get a good nights sleep tonight.  The Botanical Gardens are nothing to shout home about either...we really are spoiled in the UK/Europe.  Our gardens are have more than one shade of colour, here itīs green with a hint of more green. 

I am that tired that I canīt even be bother to speak.  The is no `No Obrigada`or however you say it, it is simply No.  Anything Stephan is asking is a simple Yep, No, Dunno.  So weird, I worry I will still be sick when I get home.  Need to have more energy.

Sylvia the owner of the hostel spoke to me today.  She doesnīt want me nor Jenn to wake him up next time.  Heīs 66 yrs old, sleeps all day anyway, and to be honest, I donīt see why I have to put up with being woken up, if he doesnīt.  Anyway, I said I wouldnīt promise anything but would try not to disturb him.  I still feel poorly and to be honest feel my sleep is more important to me at any rate than his, so why should I care.  But what I was more suprised about was the fact that Bob the fat american snorer wnet to Sylvia to complain about us.  Rather than have a sensible conversation like the adults that we are, he ran to teacher to tell tales on us!  Heīs 66 for goodness sake, but he couldnīt say, īhey girls, please please donīt wake me tonight, I really need some kipī I would have given the same response as I gave to Sylvia, but really, anyone would think we were bully him.  I was nice as pie during normal daylight hours.  See how nasty I am when I am poorly!  She then went around the rest of the people in the hostel and told them that Jenn and i had agreed not to wake him, Sylvia is a bit of a drama queen.  She made out it was a private conversation, but still told everyone anyway.  It was quite amusing! 

6th Thurs

12 hours sleep.  12 hours!  Thatīs unheard of for me.  I feel like I am my old self again.  Thank goodness for that.  Jenn and Stephane had already arranged to go for a walk in the national park together and as I didnīt know what i would feel like I said I would stay behind.  Oh yeah, Stephane btw, worked in Stockley Park!  Small world.  I also me a girl called Lottie who lived about 2 doors down from mum, in Maiden Bradley in Flroipa, and I met a guy called Mark, who lives near Stroud.  Anyway, so I show Mark around the area, and then we hit the beach for an hour, just to show him how funny it is to people watch, especially when they are gay...and overtly camp.  We then headed to Cocacabana beach, where I had a beer and he had a beer and burger, good olī british food, and then we decided to go to the Forte where there was some activity regarding the red bull air race which is on this weekend.  Anyway, I decide I want to chat to one of the guy to find out what chance I have of going up.  So we go in, there are a few museums we breeze through whilst we are there and then we go to the roof, where there are two bollards that the planes have to go through and a few Red Bull guys hanging around.  They are both from Austria and I asked them if they ever got a go, and they said No, so I responded with I supposed the chances of me having a go are fairly slim then.  They laughed!  Still, the sunset from the roof was really good, but unfortunately I didnīt have the camera on this occasion. 

Mark however, was really good to chat to, very young at 19, but looks much older so I donīt think anyone thought I was his mum.  I had to apologise to him (as well as Jenn and Stephane when they returned), to Mark for never shutting up, I havenīt spoke for the last three days, and it was good to have the energy back to chinwag, but maybe I over did it a bit!  And to Jenn and Stephane for being a moody, one syllable reponse cow.  Still better out all!

Whilst I was chatting to him, I remembered a dream I had had the night before, 12 hours and no dreaming would be impossible lets face it!  So the dream was that I was back at work, I remember being in a war room working out some solutions on the white board and then in a board meeting defending my team, and making notes.  But the main thing I remember was how I felt.  Happy and content.  Almost over joyed.  Make of it what you me sad even, but thatīs the truth of the matter!

Thursday night I went to Baxio Gavea street party again with Mark and Katrin, but only stayed an hour.  mark was knacked and so was I so we headed back.  Pleased we did.  Still good, but why waste sleep time!

7th Friday

So today I had my hollywood in Brazil!  I went there at 10, but the woman who I now know has 30 or 40 yrs of experience doing what she does, never showed up til 11.  Still I got my toenails painted too.  I already had nail varnish on them, and when she took the nail varnish off I found I had 3 black toes!  Good job the varnish was dark to hide them hey!

Still when the waxer showed up, I went upstairs to the little room.  Not quite as nice as the UK but ok I guess.  Then she starts to chat.  And the more I say I donīt understand, the more she tries to tell me in news and exotic ways.  Well, maybe not exotic, but different ways.  In then end all I could do was say, Yes, I understand.  And at least she went onto another conversation.  Good job she could mime where she wanted my legs to go otherwise I would have had no idea! 
So the interesting part to all this is the new wax they use.  Rather than wax on, paper on wax, rip paper and wac off, they use a wax that is really thick (they do have this in UK too but donīt always use it), and the the wax goes had and you rip the wax off in one piece.  Well, itīs kinda hot in Rio, and she obviously felt the need to help the wax dry a little, so blew, yep blew on it.  Right where you are thinking, she blew.  Ahhhh, not as good as Carlos in Ecuador with my ALL over body massage, and Carlos was a man, of around a younger age, whereas this woman was a well, woman, and a tad wrinklier than I!  Not that the wrinkles matter, the woman bit was always going to be a problem anyway!  Still, after having my foofoo done, I headed back to the hostel and met Niall and jaydon who had just arrived from Floripa and were staying in the Girl from ipanema next door to my hostel.  I got changes and decided to go out for a run.  ONly a little one mind (30 mins max, I donīt want to over do it now I am feeling better) but over an hour later I return, and they both look at me as if to say, typical Tru, still running!  So Friday night I stay local, but have a few beers, and notice how drunk I feel.  The beer is weak, I only had about 6 cans, but felt really quite pi**ed!  So I let the boys head out and went to my pit.

9th Sat
Red Bull Race Day

Willem (greek guy who is here to tout his brother for a football club), Niall, Jaydon and now Lisa and Katy who I also met in Floripa and arrived today, all went o the air race.  It was really good.  We got there a bit late, but that didnīt suprise me as the boys got in around 5am! 

Mark and I are chatting about a few things, and Willem (who incidentally spends all his time playing RISK!) is with us, and whilst we are having a typical ýoungīconversation, Mark asks me about my job and then what Jules does.  I tell him simply that Jules sells what I do.  His response still makes me laugh...īsoī he said īhe sell your services.  A bit like a pimp!ī Well yeah, kinda, only difference being is he under sells me, and I can never get it done in time!

9th Sunday
Ho hum, I want to be home.  Had enough today, raining, and I mean pouring when I got up.  So decided to go for run around 10am, so I could watch a footy match in the pub around noon.  Wanted to see the Chelsea v Wigan one, and hope that Chelsea win of course.  Sorry Man U fans, I hate Drogba too, but hate you guys a bit more.

Anyway, I head out and it stops raining.  I want it to rain, itīs too hot not to.  But no, it decides just at that point not to rain.  So I run around the lake, twice (about 10 miles), and the last 200 meters it starts to sort of rain.  The rest of the day, it hammers down again! 

I was going to watch the air race again, but the rain kinda put me off.  The match however, was hysterical.  Mark and I get there at half time, Mark is what I call a ditherer.  Perhaps heīll grow out of it, but I can hear Kev say īFocus!ī  So he is a Man U fan, Mark, not Kev, and mark from Stroud, not my little bro!  Anyway, he says, if it gets to 3 - 0 heīs not going to stay.  He hardly had time to finish his pop before it was 3 nil, he went to the loo, and when he came back it was 4 - 0, he then left.  I watched until the end, and caught up with him back at the hostel only to tell him the good news, before he headed out to a real game here in Rio.  Ah, memories.

So it was Jenn and Markīs last night, and after a bit of a tis over buses or flights, we decide to go for Sushi.  Well, Sashimi for me, 15 pieces all to myself.  Jenn says she likeīs sushi, but not the fish bit?, and expected it all to be rolls, and Mark had beef!  Still, I loved it.  And itīs making me feel hungry now thinking about it.

Still canīt stop thinking about coming home.  Not sure what I want to do for the rest of the year.  Mind not really made up yet.  Really, really feel like I need a purpose, something to grab hold of and get my teeth well and truly stuck into.  Still want to do the WildFitness of course and the Venice marathon, but letīs see what else I decide.

Monday 10th
Another typical Tru nights kip, sleep, wake up pee, donīt sleep!

Weather still not great and I decide to check out the shops as I havenīt bothered up until now.  So I walk about 10 blocks with Willem to a mall, where everything is really expensive, and finally find a few t-shirts for me 2 blocks away from hostel!  And a pair of boots which I may have to go an treat myself to now. 

What I have noticed about the trip is that at the beginning you take down everyones name and facebook details etc.  Then by the end, you are much more selective.  Luckily, I canīt remember those I didnīt really want the details of, and have only added those I wanted to keep anyway.  I have met some amazing people on my journeys.  Jenn of course being one of them.  She is a real friend and I know she will be having fun in Iguazu now.  Fran too as we did so much together.  Batty, as we had some great conversation, and I know I can meet back up with her and meet her husband back in the UK.  Olive and Eva from the volunteering work we did together, or didnīt as the case maybe!  Willow iss an extraordinary woman.  Killian, Fraser and Nadine made my El Chalten trip the best memory of all time since I have been away.  Andreas, the hardened short wearer on ice, and Juliet too. Fraser in particular, as we got on so well.  It wins by a mile. If I ever come back here, I will only ever go to
Patagonia again. Luu and Namhau are the most lovely, content and accepting couple I have ever met, and I will never forget them.  And lastly, to the mad fortnight I had here in Rio when I arrived, Lou, Matt, Clara et al.  Thanks to everyone for making my trip something I will always remember.

But most of all, I have missed home.  I have missed everyone, esp. little Lucas growing up so fast, and I can not wait to see you all.  I hope beyond all hope that the flights work ok. 

So, hereīs goodbye to the first section of my trip.  I canīt tell you what I am doing next because Iīm not sure yet either!

Love Tru xxx

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Stu on

Nice bog Tru. Have a safe journey back. See you soon x

stuart on

that's a typo by the way

Charlie Udell on

I am missing you so much auntie Trudie!! Following you on twitter and can't wait to Skype you.
x x x

Lewis on

Buy a kite, and spend the summer learning to kiteSurf, then yu can give me some tips :) N'joyed reading yur stories, hope yu've recovered and get back ok thru the strikes and volcanos!

Eva-Louise Antona on

Hey Chica...sounds like you are having an amazing time...can't believe how much you have done since we said goodbye- seems like forever ago!! Glad all is well & you are safe & having fun.
Loving the blog...even though London is fantastic at the moment as the sun is out it will never beat where you are so you are my little escape. I'm making oooh & aah sounds at my laptop much to the amusement of those around me whilst reading haha.
Take care...E xxx

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