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Trip Start Feb 06, 2007
Trip End Apr 26, 2009

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Flag of United States  , Florida
Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Today was a very busy...long and tiring day. I got up early this morning for my flight out of Columbia. Had to endure the painful hardship of bidding farewell to family for 2 years...and then deal with the hassles of traveling! Thank God I wasn't over the 80 pound limit. I weighed again right before I left for the airport and I was still overweight, so I had to strip some more! Turns out, I left behind only a pair of sunglasses, shaver charger ( go figure, right?), couple of paper notebooks, some reading books, and an extension cord. Well, it was enough to keep me within the limits.

Didn't get too far after checking in my luggage when I lost my boarding I had to ask the kind counter lady for new tickets to be printed....I only think she didn't give me a hard time because I had my big bossman father with me in his fire uniform - she couldn't argue with that! I probably turned around 8 times from the time I left the last TSA agent to wave goodbye to my family and then I went to the terminal...

The first day of staging went off rather nicely. Found out that I need a few more khackis than I had packed, so I had to walk to the KMart, which is a good mile from the hotel. Luckily, there were a couple of others in the same boat as me, so we all went together. There are soooo many Hispanic people in Miami. It is really like you are living in a different culture. Forget going to Paraguay - there is plenty of work to do here!

We spent most of the day talking just generally about the overview of the Peace's policies, goals, strategies for development, how success is defined as a PCV, how to be a safe and productive PCV, and so on. The trainer handled our "worries" quite well. Naturally, there would be a host of questions about other issues that were asked, but she put them in "the parking lot." (questions set aside for later). We had several breakout groups where we were able to rotate from table to table to make sure that we were in different groups. We got to share our anxieties and aspirations regarding our upcoming service in Paraguay. It was good to know (for sure!!!!) that there were other volunteers with the EXACT same fears and feelings of excitement that I had!

We got a walk around allowance for spending while we were in Miami - came out to be $140...but there are so many things that we have to use that money for - tipping people here and there, buying new clothes that we were supposed to bring with us (LOL--tinnnnny oversight there!), eating tonight, tomorrow, the money will go fast - we have been warned! My roomate is a very nice person, or so it seems. His middle name "Faulconbridge" I have come to learn! I am so fortunate to have forged already some good relationships...just a few so far, but like the PC steps....lead to giant successes!

Our suitcases are now colorcoded - a steep tradition with the Peace Corps - since I am in Education - I have blue around all of mine. There are about 6 of us that are involved in the education sector in the G-23 training group - 36 altogether in our group heading down to Paraguay. Surprisingly enough, there is one other male in my ed group - he is the only married couple. There are two other sectors - urban youth development and health/sanitation.

Anywho, I have to be up in like 6 hours for the next staging orientation session...and I have so many things to do when I get up - so much business to take care of before our sessions start again.

Will write when I get into Paraguay.

Until next time, your ambassador to the world.....

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snowlover77 on

Thinking About You
Hi Trevor, I am glad to hear things are going well. I knew there would be others with the same concerns as you. It's very normal in a situation like this to be afraid and apprenshive and nervous. It was very comforting to get into groups and voice your concerns and be able to ask questions, wasn't it? You're going to do fine, Trevor. I know you are. You have waited for this for a long time now. So much planning an preparing and now the time's here. You do your best...that is all you can do. My words of wisdom for you- Stay safe, talk to God everyday, make friends, make memories, and let God take care of the rest. He's a pro at taking care of His own. He won't ever let you down.
I sure do miss you. And I am praying for you and all of the G-23 group. Know that I love you always...Mom

hunyhmlton on

Hi Trev~
Love reading your stories & experiences-I know ive said it b4, but your are great at the writing-its almost like being right there with u, bcause you write like you speak! (I can just see all the expressions on your face as I read)...ha
Sarah-Jane has told me several times today she misses you & has asked me 17 times how old she will be when you come back-lol
we also just said a prayer for you together to keep you safe & for the Lord to keep blessing you! we love you the whole world Trev-btw Kendall has already written you a letter-i told her to hold on to it I will make sure it gets mailed-Love ya! Taunt

snowlover77 on

Hi there Trevor T!! It's Amber. I'm at moms, and we were just discussing what time you should be arriving in Argentina, and talking about how much we miss you ALREADY!! I knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye to you, but I never imagined it being as hard as it was! When I hugged you, I did'nt want to let you go!! Trevor, like I said sunday morning in church, you have always been the backbone of our family, which is true, but I really wanted to say that you have always been MY backbone!! You have always been there for me, no matter what! I appreciated that more than I showed it I'm sure, but I want you to know that just like you say that mom and dad are the reason you are who you are today, well YOU are a HUGE part of the reason I am who I am today! I know that we did'nt always get along when we lived together(U & I)but when our 'divorce' was final, I can honestly say that I've learned alot about being on my own...from YOU!!! Thank You!! well it looks like im starting a novel, so i will say that this is chapter one! lol. mom just told me to tell u that she loves you, she whispered it for some know mom tho, give her a few min's and she'll be crying:) She is really lost without you Trev, I dont think I've seen her this down and out since pa-pa died. She misses you so much, but we all know that You are doing what makes you happy, and we are happy for you, although I can't say that I havent been down myself, it felt so 'NOT RIGHT' to watch you walk down the hall yesterday turning around every 2 seconds to wave goodbye with that big smile on your face, and then to blow you a kiss and watch you turn the corner and leave our sight and then turn around and start walking for the escalators with out you. It definitely was a feeling that I've only felt 2 times before( when nanny and pa-pa died) I know that you'll be coming home, but It just feels wierd not being able to call you or see you on a regular basis now. i really regret not spending more time with you before you left, i am going to miss you sooo much trevor!!! i was supposed to be ending this huh?:) ok....well im going home to my house now(at 3:04am) to say a special prayer for you!!! i love you and miss you bunches trevor, I will be thinking about you and praying for you EVERYDAY!!!! Love You!!!! Amber remember to keep that big, beautiful smile on your (little) face:):)

snowlover77 on

Good Luck With The Shots
Hi Trevor, I am thinking about you because I know today you will get the required shots. I hope it goes well for you. I sure miss you. I can't wait to hear from you, either. I am assuming by now you have met your host family. I hope they are wonderful, loving people. I see where it is 91 degress right it rained yet? Well, Know that I love you and am looking forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless...Love Mom

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