Dawson's Creek/ One Tree Hill

Trip Start Jun 07, 2008
Trip End Sep 10, 2008

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Flag of United States  , North Carolina
Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey guys,
Sorry its been awhile. Its hard to find computers that have a USB port so i can upload pictures. Right now i'm in Virginia at the Dirty Dancing hotel-but you can read all about it later :) Right now i'm talking about Wilmington, North Carolina aka Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill. I have dreamed for so long of going to this town and it was so beautiful a place once I got there. There was a seedy part to it but i didn't venture into that! When i arrived at Wilmington airport it was raining but i was just so excited to be there i didn't care. It was about 5pm. The airport was used in both shows so as soon as i got off the plane i was in heaven. I got a taxi from the airport and got to my hotel. It was a really nice hotel, i like best western plus i got complimentary breakfast to my room each morning so it was really nice.
I quickly settled in and unpacked since i was staying for 4 nights. Then i went along the river that my hotel is on and walked a few streets along to where the main part of town is, with all the restaurants and shops. I was so excited walking along that because although i'd never been there before i felt like i knew it so well from the endless hours of watching my 2 favourite shows! It was so cool!
So i walked around for a bit, i was tired so i just wanted to eat, i found the village market that was used in Dawson's so got some snacks, and then a coffee place called House of Java and they had wraps and stuff there so i got a chicken ceaser wrap. I walked back to my hotel and watched tv as i ate. It was the best wrap i have ever eaten. They toasted it, and i even got a packet of chips with it so that was nice too. It was just delicious!
The next day i awoke to sunshine, so i was happy. My hotel was right near the Cape fear Community College which One Tree use as their highschool so i was so excited to be standing right there where they all have. It was awesome. I then walked along the river and took some pictures of that, and a fountain that was used in Dawson's countless times. So my location trek had offically begun! I saw a few of the restaurants that Dawson's used including the one his family owned in the show. I also saw some filming going on at a cafe but i didn't recognise anyone so i don't think it was One Tree Hill.
I decided to go up near where the mall was. When i got near there i found the road Dan's house was on in One Tree so walked along there and found it, i didn't know the number so i did well. It was surreal standing right there since they have used this house alot. But i noticed they had the basketball hoop in their backyard so it was nice to see that, cos it made the house like it really was Dan's house.
I then went to the mall, and saw the carousel One Tree used, it was a small shopping centre so it was funny they had this huge Carousel in it. I then decided that since i was up there i should try to find Dawson's house. The one location i cared most about seeing. I had to walk for ages but i found it. I have never been more excited in my life.
The house we see in the show faces the creek so i had to make sure it was the right one, i had the address so i knew what i was looking for. I knocked on the door, but nobody was there so i ran around and took in the sight of Dawson's house, the pier,(which i sat on), Jen's house next door all of it. It was a dream come true.
I went back around to the front and the owners were pulling up, they were elderly and so lovely. The lady told me all about filming and the furniture they kept from the filming. So their house still looked like Dawson's did back then.  I went onto the porch they used alot and was just in shock that i was standing in my favourite tv shows house. It was beautiful, and looked exactly as it did on the show 10 years ago. I was in heaven. I just took everything in, it was amazing.
I got back to my hotel and just relaxed and was in disbelief that i had actually been to the house. It probably sounds stupid to you but for a true fan of the show it was amazing.
The next day i took the bus to University of North Carolina which was the highschool in Dawson's Creek. I found the part they used, and just felt like i'd been here before, it was so weird. But i was thilled to see it for myself. It was a beautiful campus really. I then saw the apartments Haley and Nathan lived in in One Tree so that was cool. Then when i got back to the main part of Wilmington i went into Thalian Hall, a beautiful theatre from the old old days that Dawson's used as their cinema. I sat in there, and took it all in yet again...it was all so surreal.
I also found Joey's wall which any fan of Dawson's would know, and then hung around the main street for awhile. They were having a street party with a band and all that so it was fun to experience that.
The next morning i woke up excited because i was going to the Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington where Dawson's and One Tree were filmed. Since One Tree is still around i knew i'd be seeing sets from season 5 and 6. It was really awesome. You couldn't take pictures but i saw so much it was fantastic. First we went into Nathan and Haley's house, so i made sure i sat on their couch and touched their bench and the door (i'm a nerd), then we went into the locker room, Haley's classroom, and the corridor of the school. It was so cool to see sets from day one. Then we saw Peyton's office and Brooke's Apartment. I made sure i sat in every chair and touched all the walls and stuff so i got a real feel for the sets and knew that next time they were sitting there on that chair i had been there. I also saw with 2 other dawson's fans Pacey's boat. So that was cool too. I was talking to an irish man and his daughter who loved One tree aswell and i said i was going to see some of the houses from the show after the tour, so they asked if they could come along. We walked from the studio to the houses of Haley and Peyton (which were right next door to each other) and the church used in Season 5 and then Lucas's which is for sale. Who would want to sell that house??? Anyway it was good to share it with other fans and not be on my own too. So i really enjoyed meeting them.
I went to the rivercourt in One Tree Hill after that via the ferry and there were alot of fans from the show there too. It was so cool to be standing there. The writing from season 5 was still on there, so i loved seeing that. I was talking to a couple from Iowa there too and they came from there to see One tree locations like me. So they were lovely too. I also saw Karen's Cafe/Brooke's shop from One Tree, and the video store which is now a nail salon that Dawson and pacey worked at, so that was cool too.
I bought a One Tree and Dawson's top and then went to Hells' Kitchen which was built for dawson's and they kept it as a real pub/restaurant. So i went in there and ate dinner so it was nice to experience that aswell. Seeing the town lit up at night was also great so i really enjoyed it all.
I had a really great time seeing my tv show locations so it was really a dream come true. Hope this blog entertains the fans of the show and even those who don't. It was well worth the trip down there.

That's all for now, love Toni xoxo
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cj on

i love one tree hill so much it is awsome i watch it all the time wowoooooooooohoooooooooooooooo

natjayles on

how do you plan a trip like this?

tonestar on

Google maps and LOTS of research. You'd be surprised how much info is out there if you just sit down and look around. It was easy for one tree and dawsons but other places in the USA like Chicago and New York where more difficult to fins locations of things i wanted to see. I cant believe how well my trip went and everything i saw, it still blows me away...and i did it all by walking or public transport wherever i was. Going back next year so hopefully i have an even better trip then

Emma on

I cant believe how jelaous i am right now!! I am a HUGE fan of OTH. Watch my dvd's every night. I live in Sweden and i really want to go there before season 8 ends. I have to see the place before it's all over..
It woul be so nice of you to send me an email with the adresses of the Oth locations :) Would really appriciate it.

My mail is Emmaterese@hotmail.se

Would be really nice of you to take the time!

wilmi on

Hi there, that`s a great report of yours! Thanks for that. I went to Wilmington in 2005 and visited Dawson's House. The owner really was very friendly and welcoming. One thing though I can not confirm. There was no shooting inside of the actual house. When you have a look of the position of the windows (ground floor) and the actual groundplan used in the show, it just doesn't fit. The house would have to be much bigger. They used the porch though.
I am going to visit Wilmington this year in October again. I am really excited. Meanwhile I got married and of course I have to show my wife the best place on earth! Greetings from good old Germany!

tonestar on

Thanks! Yes they didnt film inside (only for the pilot which was a deleted scene as mitch was originally someone else until the mitch we know was cast). The reason i know this is because the lady owner showed me inside when she offered me a drink as i was so hot, so it was awesome to see what the real inside looked like. They made a fake porch which they sometimes used for filming but generally it was all filmed outside the house for exteriors and on the set for interiors. I just love the house in general, i could live on that creek, I WANT to live on that creek!!!
Nice to hear from someone in Germany, it shows fans are all over the world. Glad you enjoyed my travel blog, i had the best time experiencing it all!! Enjoy your next trip over there, I hope your wife enjoys it aswell.

CapesideHollow on

Hi, really nice pics. I so envy you for actually being there. I'm from Germany as well and I really would like to go to Wilmington on my next US Trip. do you know by any chance where is the place where haley tutors nathan for the very first time? I so tried to find it but haven't yet.
Thanks for posting this side and pics.

tonestar on

It was a great trip. I didnt manage to find the spot haley tutors nathan though the long shot with the bridge in the background in the scene can give you an idea atleast. I am looking for it myself since im going back next year so if i find it i will write it here. Its been a hard one to find!!!

Anna on

Was it expensive to go there? How much did the hotel cost? :) I'm planing to visit as soon as possible

miri on

Nice pictures and fantastic trip.
I'm planning a trip to Wilmington with a friend and we are huge fans of Dawson's Creek and OTH. We would like to visit all the places where they where filmed. We have been looking for Dawson's house and we couldn't find it.
We know its a private place and you don't have to publicate the adress but if you could send it to my mail, we would appreciated it. (it would help us a lot!!!!)

My adress is elarteyyo@gmail.com

Thanx a lot!!

Marci :D on

Hi there,

I am very jealous of ur trip, HUGE OTH and Dawson fan, I understand u compeltly!!!

Im from Austrlaia but im currently in NY doing an internship so no matter how how i pay or for how little time I am going to Wilmington!!!! I found this great sight that gives all the addresses to all the major hotspots!!1

Jsut wnated to quickly ask u, when u went?? As i heard that the Dawsons house is private and its like forbidden to go there, so i jsut wanted to know how strict that was or if u think the nice elderly couple would still b there, omg i would love to sit on the porch ahah

Also i noticed u said u walked everywhere, so the distances arent long? As i will only probably have two days so i wanted to make sure i cna see basically everythinggggggggggg ahhaah

Please email me any fun facts if u get a chance


Melanie on

Hey! Wow, I love your blog. Your photos are SO amazing. I am going to Wilmington in October of this year and was wondering if you can send me the addresses of the places you visited? I am interested in seeing all possible sites of Dawsons and One Tree. Including where you saw the comet and the best creek views etc. ANY help would be sooo appreciated.

Thank you!!

My email is : mellie_cross@hotmail.com

Abby on

Your story is amazing. i am SUCH a massive dawsons creek and one tree fan!! and in october my friend and i will be going to wilmington and we would LOVE to see all these places. it would mean soooooo much to us if you could help us out with the locations. we are travelling from australia! SO excited.
u looked like you had the best time.

my email is
thanks so much!!

hope to hear from you!!

kristen on

your pictures are fabulous! I'm going there in a couple weeks so it's nice to see things to look out for. And I'm so happy to see that things are mostly as they were years ago! For the screen gems studio, do you have to ask to see pacey's boat because I thought it wasn't part of the tour?
Also...you said you walked to dawsons...did anyone stop you or anything because it's private? And are the elderly couple really nice?
And the wall that you have the picture of with josh jackson writing on it...where is that?!?
I have no idea if you will get this or not, but if you do would you mind posting A quick response, or emailing me? kristenlee54@hotmail.com
thank you so much!!

michela on

Hello! I'm an Italian girl and I want to go to America in September 2011 for 10 days with my friends! I want to go to Wilmington because I love One Tree Hill (and Nathan : P) .. I hope to see him! My friends love Dawson's Creek! ..

Can you tell me how you get to Wilmington from New York City? There is a tour to see these things or we turn ourselves? THANKS!!!!

my email: mikela83@gmail.com

Mary on

Your story is amazing! I am a HUGE Dawsons fan, so I am completely envious you found all these places. I am actually moving to Wilmington next summer, so I was hoping you could tell me where some of these places are. You have no idea how much it would mean to me!



Tamara on

I have information on the filming locations for One Tree Hill if anyone is interested. I just got back from there yesterday. Also, if anyone has been there and could tell me where Dawson's House is, I would greatly appreciate it. I went looking for it yesterday before I left there. I had some directions telling me to take Greenville Loop Road to Head Road (which I did). I turned onto Head Road and when I got to the end there was a huge sign that said "Private Property, This is not Dawson's Creek." LOL. I figure it was but I didn't want to take a chance incase it wasn't. Could anyone tell me what you do once you turn onto Head Road? Thanks and if anyone needs addresses or anything, please email me at tlynch@flintenergy.com.

JayneNashville on

Just sent you TONESTAR blog.

Kristen on

You were in the right place....it is on head road (6424 I think) and it is private property. I think people just go in anyways...

Tamara on

Ok, I pulled up google maps and put in 6424 Head Road Wilmington, NC. That is the address so I was in the wrong place. When I turned onto Head Road, I should have made a right and instead, I went straight. So be forewarned everyone, if you go straight, there is a very funny sign saying this is not Dawson's Creek. I will try to post a picture of it when I get home later. The really funny part is, it is a very pretty sign. LOL. They put a lot of money into it. I will post it later. Hopefully I can make it back to Wilmington soon so that I can actually go see Dawson's House. I wish I had this information before I left there. Thanks everyone!

Laurie on

Ok... Im there now. Turned on head rd and went down to end and saw
Nothing butthe sign that says this is not dawsons creek... Where have
I gone wrong ?!?! Please tell me where to go??

tonestar on

On head rd you don't go all the way you stop at the fork in the in the road and go down the right road not the left. There are letterboxes that would have 6242 or something like that. Can't remember the exact number but if you see the letterboxes Dawson's and Jens are down there. Hopefully this helps.

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