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Trip Start Oct 01, 2008
Trip End Oct 31, 2008

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Myrtle Beach RV Resort

Flag of United States  , South Carolina
Saturday, November 1, 2008

  October 1-Wednesday - -
I was up early-still don't have my hours back to normal! We forgot to go to the store last night so nothing for breakfast. Charlie had a egg salad san, open faced cause we only had one slice of bread, and after a trip to the store I had toast and jelly. I did stuff again today- so many little ends to clean up. We did empty the Lexes because Charlie is giving it (it's a company car) to his pres. Bob to use. He came home late with a Ford from the car pool. We will just get it whenever in town enough to need 2 cars. Fixed us a chicken salad for evening meal-we both need to lose some weight again! And I am off to bed early again!
Oct 2-To bed early and up at 7-I just can't get me and the time to match! He was up later - it was only 45 degrees this morning - Fall is coming. I got out the Halloween decorations and will try to get them arranged this afternoon.  Charlie off to doctor appt and lawyer appt, then factory, while I am here packing for Myrtle Beach. Putting all the pictures on line is a challenge because somehow our cameras are off on time and date-oh, they were set to USA! So hard to figure out where some belong. Charlie home then left to get the motorhome ready - water filled and refrigerator turned on-then home for dinner and a bit of an altercation about where the blender is-never did find it. Watched the VP Debate and off to bed.
Oct 3 - Friday. I took a sleeping pill last night and slept right through - I needed a good night sleep! About 10 Charlie went for the motorhome, bringing it back into our yard. Dar arrived-she has been taking care of his 'Dish' bill and just realized they were charging us for 3 units for the house and 3 for the motorhome! We only have one in each - and after a long time on the phone got it straightened out and now paying for only 2. By 12:15 we were on our way south. Stopped for the night at Mr Airy, NC. This is the home of Andy Griffith. Dar had given us a container of soup so after a quick shopping trip to WalMart had that for supper. Part of our shopping was due to an accident in the motorhome! The beautiful and old butter dish flew off the counter and shattered into thousands of pieces! Some got under the slide out and scrapped when we put the slide out. I managed to get a few out and it seems there is still one we cannot get out. We bought a cheap plastic one!
Oct 4  Up and ready to go. We even forgot to have breakfast. Around noon we found a place to stop and have lunch. We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC about 2:45, checked in, paid for a week and set up ready to enjoy a few days before Charlies golf tournament.   Down to the beach-walked about a mile in the surf. It is unbelievably warm water! Lots of people here including young gals in bikinis! Time for dinner and Charlie wanted to try to find one he used to like, but not here anymore. We found the SpringHouse Family Restaurant for a good and lots of food meal. They had live songbirds up on a landing that sang during dinner. Not many people for a Sat night but good food and friendly. As we drove out we noticed many motorcycles around, and found this is the bike mash weekend in North Myrtle beach! They are everywhere!  This is the last day of a 5 day bike mash event here. 
Oct 5th Sunday - About 9 this am we headed out for a walk on the beach. We walked close to 2.5 miles to the Apache Pier and back. Without stopping too! Good for both of us. Blue sky, light wind, just nice out!  Did stuff around the motorhome today and this afternoon Charlie bought some wash/wax for the motorhome and actually got of it done! Looks great. I guess all that blood they gave him did help. They had said they had no idea how long it would work for him - hours or months!   So far, so good.   I did floors while he was doing the outside so looking pretty good here. We will have leftovers from last night and a salad later. We took an evening walk on the beach, had dinner, watched some TV, and then Charlie did another walk on the beach in the dark. I am still getting the Italian blog on line! It's talking a long time to add pictures to each day. Carol sent me over 100 pictures today just from the Riva part of our trip.
The Oregon beach- Have you ever gone to an Oregon beach on a sunny day? You get out of the car and feel the sun on your face and arms. You gather up all of your gear, blankets, ice chest, towels, maybe a Frisbee, and head for the sand. It's so warm that you slip off your sandals. Boy, that sand is hot! By the time you get to the place you've picked to spread your blanket, your feet are burning. Run down to the water! Cool off your feet in that water. As you run across the hot sand you think, "What a beautiful day! We'll be able to do some body surfing and swimming today." Finally, you're at the wet sand. A wave flows in to meet you and you stick your toes in the ocean. What?! This water is freezing cold! How could it be so cold when the weather is so beautiful?            Typical ocean temps in Oregon and South Carolina!
                            JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JULY AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
Newport OR                49     50     50        50    52        55     55       55     56     54    53      52
Myrtle Beach SC        48     50     55        64    73        79     82       83     80     72    67      61
Oct 6th - Another blue sky day! About 10 we headed out to take our walk to the Apache Pier. Today we measured it and was 2.1 miles, and we averaged 2.4 MPH.  Going was harder as we walked in the soft sand -coming back we went to the waters edge for much easier walking. We only took about a 2 minute rest at the pier so walking pretty good for old people! Charlie went out to do the second half of waxing/washing the motorhome, but he seems to have disappeared - if I went out to look I would bet on finding him sitting somewhere talking to someone! Later- he finished the motorhome and it looks good. Later, after dark, we walked down to the beach again-the moon is pretty shining on the water.
Oct 7-Tuesday - Charlie woke me in the middle of the night saying my phone was ringing-but it turned out to be the clock alarm and I didn't know how to turn it off - I had been sleeping sooooo good and after that never did really get back to sleep! He was up before me for a change and soon our day was started. Did our beach walk again, with only about 1 minute rest before starting back. Later he washed all the windows on the outside-I will do inside while he is gone. Had a call from John and Barb and they will be joining us on Saturday - in their motorhome. About 3 got our swimsuits on and walked up to the pool area where they have a 'Lazy River' and big tubes to float in it. Spent about 45 minutes relaxing and floating till we decided we might be getting too much sun! Back to the coach where my son John called to say he would lose his apartment if he could not 'borrow' money! Weather has been bad and he is getting under 20 hours of work a week. Out to dinner at Outback- I drove- Charlie had been imbibing a bit tonight. Good meal, as always; on the way home saw a fast moving car run a stop sign and miss the car beside us by just inches! Scary!  Home in time to watch the presidential debates. What I saw was Obama skirting out of every question and not giving any answers. It is so sad to see a country courting a man for this important office on his charisma and not on experience and truthfulness! The stock market took another huge plunge today and all Obama's 'solutions' are set up to hurt employers - just sad that people don't know more about economics.
Oct 8th-Didn't do our walk on the beach this morning as Charlie packing to go to his golf outing with the 'boys' - 19 other guys who will all be staying in condos at Cherry Grove. We watched the flight of his friend Gary on the computer and as he approached N Myrtle Beach drove down to meet him, arriving about 10 minutes before he did. He had 3 other guys and all their food, luggage and golf bags in that plane! Talked a bit as they unloaded-looked like getting 15 people out of a phone booth-got their rental car and we followed them to Cherry Beach. After dropping Charlie off I did 5 caches on the way back home, then a stop at a fabric store, but it turned out to be mostly upholstery fabric. Home and re-arranged some closets and shelves, will do all before Charlie returns. I had planned on an early bed, but ended up watching Fox news till 11. A lot of good interviews. Do wish mainstream America would watch it more instead of the biased ABC, NBC, CNN and others who only present the Democrat side of things.
Oct 9th- I had intentions of getting up early but didn't happen. Finally fixed my breakfast smoothie and headed down to the ocean for my 2.2 mile walk. I watched a little guy, maybe 3-4 with a small pail. He was walking into the water, filling it, walking out and dumping it on the sand. I think he was trying to drain the ocean. On my return walk he had given that up and was carrying sand out into the water to dump it. He was so very serious about the entire operation! It is very overcast this morning but warm, as is the water warm. After drinking my drink I began collecting seashells in the glass. A nice walk and now a shower and start my day. Did some computing and some housecleaning-including windows! About 3:30 walked up to the Lazy River to float for an hour, then it started raining so came home for a welcome shower and while in the shower cleaned it good. Dressed and may do some shopping later.   I did go shopping at The Tanger Outlets and found a Coldwater Creek outlet! Bought 2 skirts and 2 tops! I came out the wrong end of it and spent a long time looking for the car-finally decided there must be other parking so walked completely around the outlet and finally spied the Jeep - I would guess I spent 35 minutes and walked well over a mile! Charlie called while I was there, saying he had had a good day golfing and the guys were going out to dinner. I had a turkey sandwich for supper and spent the evening beginning to label our 1500 pictures from the trip! About 9 it began to rain and really poured for a bit. Was still raining when I went to bed at 11.
Oct 10 Friday. It had quit raining and this morning looks as though it had never rained! Still overcast skies. I am up early. Lots to do today.  First my walk on the beach, then place a cache under the Apache Pier, vacuum and mop and shower. The house is all clean, and now it is raining-too much to go out to do anything so I will stay in and label photos Carol and I took in Italy!  John and Barb are supposed to show up sometime today in their motorhome. 7pm and still raining hard. I doubt the golf game got played today. Charlie just called and they did play a miserable game in the rain. They were getting into dry clothes and the chef in the group is fixing a big salmon dinner for them tonight. He has not heard from the Martins so will try to call and find them!  He just called back and they are staying North of here tonight and will arrive here in the morning. Our spot is rented by someone else starting tomorrow so will have to move to a new spot.
Oct 11- I was awake early so decided to take my walk. The sun is not up yet, but as overcast as it is probably won't be seen all day! I had a headwind coming back plus an extra bit I walked for probable 2.3 miles. Good for me. Wish I would do this every morning. When I lived at Queen Valley I would get up in the dark, before Jim woke, to get my 1 mile walk in. The park was well lit and sometimes I would see and/or hear wildlife. So, it's 8 am and I am back in the motorhome. It rained nearly all night, but the sand absorbed most of it - just a puddle here and there. About 8:30 Charlie called to tell me they had been rained out and come and get him. I showered and headed to Cherry Beach, arriving just as most of the guys were leaving. They had 4 houses rented and had left all the food in them - they would have eaten more if they had stayed today. So we loaded up the Jeep with about 8 12 packs of coke, prob 6 24 packs of beer, cheese, eggs, milk, 5 cartons of orange juice, and just a Jeep load-back seat and trunk!

On the way home had to make a quick stop and really messed stuff up. Leaving Cherry Beach we stopped at a Wal Mart about half way home where John and Barb had parked the RV last night. They were ready to go and followed us 'home'. We now have 2 sites at the north end of the park right by the showers - they got settled in and we packed up to move into our new spot- in the rain, then tried to find a place for all that food and drink we had brought home. They wanted to go the Possum Trot Golf Club-just because of the name, so we did and she bought a hat, then to Golf Club that Charlie had $30 gift certificate, where he bought a neat shirt, then to Farmstead Golf where we made tee time for Monday and I got a lime green golf shirt. Tried to find someone to inspect the Jeep rear end - it grinds - but no luck, so John and Charlie took it apart and it does have grease so that was not the problem. Lots of talk and snacking, and finally out to dinner at Spring House where we ate last week. A good meal and we are all stuffed and back to our own 'homes' for the night.
Oct 12 - After breakfast we messed around here till 11, then over to the Arcadian Golf course- which is just across the road. It is drizzling a bit but did clear up to just be warn and overcast for our game. A nice course with several interesting water hazards. Scoring was Charlie 102. John 118, Barb 117 and me-well remember this is only game 9 and I have not played since May in Moab- 145! Back home where we sat out side and drank margaritas and snacked, and we kept that up till after dark when we four 'drunks' went down to the ocean for a walk in the surf!! Hope no one saw us! But they prob heard us. I have not done that for many, many years!! Back to eat and drink some more, and danced to the 50s songs we had on. Finally after 9 we dragged ourselves into bed.
Oct 13-Monday - Up early, somehow, showered, cleaned up the kitchen from last night. Charlie reluctantly up, we ate and are ready for another golf day. Left at 9:15 for Homestead Golf course just over the state line in to North Carolina. This is a high class course and the toughest I have been on - in my golf career of 10 games now!  I did really lousy, but kept up with Charlie, John and Barb. And most important, I had a good time! Back home and Charlie took care of some petty squabbling at the factory, then he, John and I did the Lazy River for a short time-they closed it just after we did a couple of rounds. John went back to his motorhome and Charlie and I played in the ocean. That is the warmest water I have been in, more even then Z Mexico! We went out about waist deep and played in the big incoming waves until they wore our legs out -that is hard on leg muscles. Back home for a shower and ready for dinner at Umberto's.  We ate here last year and enjoyed it so wanted to share it with the Martins. It is in the Barefoot Mall, a large Mall of many smaller establishments. There is water around it and we are up on a boardwalk, and I finally saw my first alligator, along with several turtles there! Our dinner was 4 courses- First a bowl of beans with macaroni plus a lot of other things with much garlic; next a bowl of seasoned quarters of tomatoes and zucchini; then a bowl of spaghetti and sauce, and finally the main dish. Of course there was also warm bread. I had the pork chops and there were 2 LARGE ones-at least 2 inches high and about 5x6 inches-and by then we were so full I could only eat a bit of them. We will have several meals out of what I brought home. No partying tonight-all went to their own homes and no imbibing tonight.
Oct 14-Up early, did stuff around here till time to leave for our 1:12 pm tee time about hour away. We arrived at Sandpiper Bay in Sunset Beach near Calabas, N Carolina to find a very high class course. It is 3 9-hole courses. The sun is out and it is in the 80's today. Off we went and it was a great course, and even nicer as there was never anyone behind us, so we didn't have to rush. At one of the holes we found a small alligator in the creek and large turtles everywhere! I learned a lot, again, and I may make a golfer yet! I had been very happy with my Moab scores in May, but compared to this and yesterdays course, that had been a simple course! I ended up with 159! But by the end I was improving. Barb and John drank a couple 6-packs during the day-we drank water - and by end of the day they wanted to just drink dinner. While on the course I use bright yellow golf balls. Every time my ball was on the ground a yellow butterfly would land on it! Got to be funny as he or she followed me all day. The same thing happened where we played yesterday. We got home after 6 and it was getting dark. I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and Charlie kept us supplied with margaritas. Late Charlie, Barb and I walked down to the ocean for a walk in the huge full moon. When we returned John was on the couch snoring! Eventually we all went to our homes for a needed sleep.   
Oct 15 - Wed - I was up early to go do laundry as we were out of essentials! Back to find Charlie up and we started our day. Today is moving day so lots to do. John and Barb headed back to Ohio about 10 and we were ready to head south about 11. Not sure if Charlotte or Savannah, and Savannah won out. Took us a while to find a place to park, then a quick BLT for supper and headed down to the waterfront where we sent about 1 hours just walking around, then home to watch the last Presidential debate. That Obama is a smooth and sneaky talker-never directly answers anything and smoothly changes any subject he does not want to answer! Not sure what we will do tomorrow- maybe move on or maybe stay here a day or two. It was almost a record breaking heat today-89 degrees, and very high humidity.
Oct 16th- Thursday - A slow start to the day -We were going out for breakfast but seemed too much trouble so stayed home. About 11 we decided to drive back into SC and go to Hilton Head-one of those places I have always heard about. We wanted to cache a bit too, but the PDA was dead so no way to take info on the caches, so we decided to try to cache with no info-just the coords! We did find 3 out of 5. We walked to the Hilton Head Beach- a fantastic beach- a very deep almost flat beach and full of people, even though it is mid October. The tide was out and we walked about mile south in the surf, then back on the packed sand. There are no shells on this beach, really strange! At last we left the warm and fun beach and drove around the island for a long time, finally heading home and arriving about 6. A bit of relaxing and then out to dinner. We discussed this for a while and finally went to Carey Hilliard's Seafood and BBQ next door to where we are parked. A good dinner- the best hush puppies I have had. Then a trip less than a block to Wal-Mart for a few needed groceries, and home to the hot motorhome - It was another scorcher today. Oops. I put a new bottle of Margarita Mix in the wine rack and apparently knocked the lid loose and of it poured out onto the rug before I noticed it!!
Oct 17th - WOW- just got my phone bill for Sept.  We made and received 6 calls in Italy for $15.00. This I expected as I had talked to the phone company before leaving. I had also talked to them about my wireless card and they said no problem - I had unlimited coverage. I talked to them in Oregon and in Ohio- same answer both times. The bill for checking my mail one time and sending 2 emails in Munich, Germany came to $215.35!!!!!!!! I called and finally got them to reduce it to half that amount. Seems it is not just the mail you send, but EVERYTHING you RECIEVE-all the junk, the out of office notices, EVERYTHING, even though you do not read it, it does come INTO your computer via wherever you turn on the 'net!!! WOW - It is charged by the KB. There was 11,043 kb used.  All Data 'pay per use' rates are $.0195/KB.  So anything outside the USA is 'out of USA roaming' per minute on the phone and per KB on the computer, unless you sign up for overseas roaming. An expensive lesson. I knew it would cost for the 2 outgoing emails, but had no idea about all the incoming!!
Up early this morning to a brilliant red sky - very pretty. It is now 10:30 and we have made no move to pack up and head out!  About 11 we left Savannah/Pooler area heading NW towards Atlanta Georgia. Actually we are headed to Stone Mountain just to the east of Atlanta.  Had to stop for gas and our Garmin Nuvi failed us-would have taken us 3 miles past the station but we realized we were heading out into the country! We finally found a church we thought we could turn around in and after some very fancy maneuvering Charlie pulled it off! I am constantly amazed at his driving expertise! So, back toward the freeway and found the fuel! By now it is also raining, getting stronger as we proceed. Atlanta traffic is backed up for miles and the rain is pouring and it is only 3:30 on a Friday afternoon! Finally arrived in Stone Mountain and it's a confusing place. Looked for a place to park and ended up on a road that told us, after we were committed to it, that it had a 5 ton limit, plus trees hanging down that hit our roof. Another challenging turnaround and back to a shopping center we had seen earlier. It was hard to get a place out of the way but did, and then the security guy came by - but he was friendly and said OK to us spending the night. Tomorrow is supposed to dry out and be warm. We will look for an RV park in the morning and hopefully play golf in the afternoon. The rain seems to be stopped. Charlie went out for a walk and discovered we are the only white faces in sight! He came home and we pulled the curtains down so no one can tell we are the minority here! Glad we don't have a McCain/Palin sign on the motorhome!
Oct 18th Sat-It is dry this morning. Charlie had called for a Tee time, then called for RV Park reservations and found there is something big going on this weekend and they are all full. Took off for the Southland Country Club Golf, checked in and the guy said we could spend the night if we wanted too. Of course we said yes! Then had breakfast and out to the course. It was only $20 each and free cart! What a change from where we have been playing. It is a very hilly course, and could be groomed a bit more but we had no problems. I may be a novice golfer for a long time!!! Charlies score was 94, and mine-158-wow-I need a lot of practice, but I did have fun as always. (I did get one Boogie and beat Charlie by 1) After that we had a quick lunch and headed to Stone Mountain park, but it was to full and the lady at the booth suggested we try to come back in the morning. Leaving there we headed to Chamblee where Charlie lived when he was 10 years old. We saw the Oglethorpe College where his dad was attending at that time. After touring the town we headed back to the motorhome and some supper. Watched politics all evening and finally off to bed.
Oct 19- A nice evening parked at the country club, and I finally took a sleeping pill and got a great nights sleep-I needed that. After late breakfast we headed back to Stone Mountain Park and not so crowded though much will be going on there today including a Scottish Festival and a Pumpkin festival. This is the largest relief sculpture in the world. The "mountain" is the largest granite outcropping in the world and the stone it sits on extends for miles.  We had planned to drive completely around the Mt but roads were closed after about mile in each direction. It's cool out this morning but lots of picnickers and family get-togethers. We visited 2 big buildings with infor, exhibits and movies on the mountain, the area and the Civil War. Back to the motorhome for a light lunch and by almost 4 we headed NE toward Charlotte NC. We stopped just to the west of Charlotte at Gastonia at a WalMart, will have supper and look for a place to stay for tomorrow.
Oct 20-Monday - Up early and a lazy start. We parked west of town and drove Jeep to Charlies long time friend Wallace Lees, who is 87 and still does 6 mile hikes in mountains! He also travels 2 or more times a year to exotic places, the last one being taking his daughter down the Amazon from Peru. We went to lunch and enjoyed his company. Leaving there we headed back to the motorhome, making a call to the RV park on the way. Jumped out of the Jeep and readied the motorhome for travel, and off to Lowe's NASCAR Speedway RV park where have stayed in the past. Got the propane filled at the RV dealer and as we left I realized I did not have one hearing aid-I had taken it out way back when we called the RV park, and someplace I had left the car with it still in my lap---long gone now---making it an expensive day. I have lost this several times before and always been lucky and found it, but we looked here and really think it was 20 miles back in the big mall parking lot that we would never find again! I do have an old spare that I can use, but it isn't always wanting to work. Anyway we are settled in here at the racetrack, and have to leave by thur noon as there is a race this weekend and ALL the sites are reserved. Cold this morning, but warm now. Our lunch was big so just snacking this evening. I found some hot dogs and brats in the freezer left from the company picnic. That will do for this evening.
Oct 21-Tuesday. Charlie was off mid morning to a sales call, home for a snack and back to another sales call. He loves doing that! About 3:30 we headed north to Kannapolis to visit his first wife Ruthies sister  Ellen who is very ill and spends more time in the hospital  that at home! She did get home from the hospital last night and was looking pretty good today. She and her daughter Ivy Jo live together and Ivy Jo is just getting worn out caring for her. They now have Hospice occasionally and Ivy Jo's brother Tom and his wife Tracy have moved in to help out. Tom got a job nearby and Tracy is a very big help! We spent a couple of hours there, then a grocery stop and home where we snacked and computered and watched Fox News.
Oct 22 - Charlie up early and off to a Textile and Fabric Trade show here in Charlotte. He thought today was Tue so we won't be able to do the extra things we had wanted to while here. He has a sales call somewhere north of here for noon tomorrow. He is really tired and run down this morning and I worry about him. Will be glad to get him to the Doctor on Monday and get the new round of Chemo started. He really needs something to help him!  While he was at one sales call yesterday he noticed he was about 3 miles from where we had parked the RV yesterday while we went to lunch with Wallace, so he took a chance and went over there hoping to retrieve my hearing aid-we think that is where I got out and it fell off my lap!  When he got home he gave me something in his hand - It was my hearing aid-BUT-in several pieces and flat!  I really thank him for going back to look and now I don't have to wonder and keep looking for it! He came back from the trade show about 3 and was soooo tired that he took a couple hour nap. We had german cabbage soup for dinner and a lazy evening.
Oct 23-thur Leaving Lowes RV Park this morning for a sales appt just north of here. We drove about an hour north to Linwood NC and parked along the road across from Tube Tek Factory where Charlie went for a 2 hour sales meeting. The leaves are just beginning to turn color so pretty but not as nice as it will be a bit later. At 3 PM we were on our way again, and stopped for the night in Beckley WV at the Wal mart we stay at in this area. This will give us a 6 hour trip home tomorrow. It is going to be cold here tonight, but we have a full tank of propane and we can cuddle to keep warm.
Oct 24th-Brrrrrr-It was 46 degrees out when we went to bed and still 46 this morning! We are not used to that!  Got started early and took a breakfast break about 11.  Drove on and eventually Charlie stopped for a hour nap. When we got to Chillicothe Ohio it started raining and by the time we arrived home at 3 it was raining pretty hard, and only 49 degrees. Parked the motorhome at the house and took the Jeep to ACE where we picked up a company car to use this month. (Charlie had given his Lexus to his Pres Bob). I took the Ford Tarus home and Charlie went to the factory to deliver some 'bad' parts we had gotten at one of his sales calls. He also wanted to be there today as they were laying 9 employees off for lack of work. I spent over 2 hours emptying the motorhome and cleaning the refrigerator that had some spilled peaches in it! I have about 6 loads of wash for tomorrow. At 5:30 I finally quit and took a nice hot bath and got dressed in my new red skirt that I bought in Myrtle Beach, and black top, black nylons and black shoes. Charlie arrived soon and we moved the motorhome to ACE and stopped by Outback for dinner, but they were so crowded that we got a later reservation, filled the Ford with gas-it was on EMPTY-and went home for a while. After 8 we headed back and shortly were eating one of their good filets! Home and now Charlies turn for a nice warm bath. We both have our election ballots in our mail and will get those off tomorrow.
Oct 25th-We were up early - Charlie headed to Springfield and breakfast gang, I did a few things around here including starting the first of 5 loads of wash, then met Dana at Bob Evans for breakfast. She arrived with Nikki a bit later and we had a good breakfast. Nik is really beginning to grow up and is learning manners, talking a bit louder and get very pretty! Stopped for a battery for the garage door opener and on home where I found Charlie sleeping in his recliner. He slept for a couple of hours, then joined me at the computers. He is gray, out of breath, coughing up blood and very tired, and he says 'hurting all over'! He finally did try to get into a hospital for a blood test but they would not without a referral, unless he would go to emergency which he would not after his last experience there. So, he said he would just wait for his Monday appt!!  I fixed us a tuna salad for dinner, and we didn't snack too much tonight.
Oct 26th-Sunday - I was up early, and Charlie followed about 10. Really does not look good to me, and hope he can wait till tomorrows appt. It's sunny out and the trees in the back are turning color. Dar just called and we will go out later to see how the house is progressing. We spent the day at home, Charlie indulged in another long bath, and later Dar called to have us come out to the new house. We met them there and had a tour of the almost done house-mostly just cosmetic things to touch up and they hope to be moving in next weekend! It is going to be nice and is painted in colors I like-lots of yellowy-gold. We took our ballots to the postoffice so that is done, a trip to the grocery store and 2 new pair of slacks for Charlie. I guess he plans on being around for a bit longer! Home for pork sandwiches and fried potatoes, and computer and TV news till bedtime. The weather report is for possible SNOW tonight! I hope not!
Oct 27-Monday- 31 degrees this morning! I am up early as I have a hearing appointment at 9 am, Charlie has an appt at 10 with his oncologist and I hope they start his treatment right away. Then, if things go well, I am planning on going to the Trent Center in Kettering, a couple miles from here, to a John McCain Rally. I have never been to one and am excited about going.
Afternoon: Going to put out many dollars for one new hearing aid. I should have it in a week or so and will be able to get adjustments on it before leaving for AZ, if we get to leave!! Next was the McCain Rally at the Trent Center. It is in the low 40's today and I had to wait in line, outside, for a long time - the line was at least2 blocks long! At long last we entered the building and began to thaw out. This was a bit after 11 and he was not scheduled to speak till 12:45. About 10:30 we had several other political speakers, and the school band entertained us - they were pretty good - and then 2 redneck singers sang something I could not understand. And then we sat and waited!! Poor planning - there was around an hour of just waiting and nothing going on - to me it lost some of the excitement that had been built up. At last   Cindy McCain spoke, Kemp spoke, and finally John McCain electrified the crowd. It was a good crowd too-the place was almost filled. When it was over we surged out to the front doors, and were held there until all the press and there equipment were loaded and they all drove off, and only then were we allowed to leave the building. I was very glad I had a chance to attend - it was a good experience. Then walked back to the car in the very cold-they are still predicting some snow for today or tonight. Home where I first put new hearing aid batteries in - they had quit near the end of the speech - then called Charlie. They have admitted him to the Miami Valley Hospital, I think he knew they would, and they have done nothing yet but looks like they have to get him better before they can begin any chemo. His count is down -very low and dangerous- and he is so tired, actually exhausted and I am very scared for his future. I suspect they will do more transfusions and platelets and see how he responds. This time his blood count went low very fast so I guess the leukemia is out of remission. Dar is coming over and we will take him his computer and bring his car home. He thinks he will get out tomorrow but I would be surprised if that happened. Dar and I headed to the hospital, which is up in Dayton - yes, I know, our address is Dayton, but we really live between Kettering and Centerville! He wanted his computer and for us to bring his car home. He was feeling pretty good- they were filling him up with 2 and maybe 3 units of blood. The chemo is on hold for now, but 'may' start it tomorrow. Not sure if he will get a unit of platelets this time yet. His count is dangerously low again. After a while Dar and I took his car keys and off to find the car. It was in a different parking hi-rise than she and I had parked in.  Eventually found it - actually he gave us very good directions, then delivered Dar to her car and we both headed home. I will go back tomorrow and see if he knows anymore about his treatment. I have not seen him much in the last 2 months-trip to Oregon, to Italy, and to Myrtle Beach where he spent time with the guys. Our plans are to leave here for Arizona the Monday after Thanksgiving, but things may change.
Oct 28th-Dar called this morning to tell me that she had left her phone in her dads hospital room last night so she drove there this morning to get it-he was sleeping and didn't even know she had been there. He called me this morning and nothing has changed. About 2 he called again to say be prepared to come and get him later today. They gave him the 2 units blood yesterday, then the chemo late last night, and are giving him 2 more units of blood right now. Then he can come home. BUT, the blood and chemo did not raise his platelet count as hoped. Then back to the doctor tomorrow for another chemo. I spent the day here doing mundane things, including cleaning and sorting things in my golf bag. About 5:30 Charlie called and I went by the motorhome to get some things and on to Dayton to pick him up, getting there just as he was dressed and ready to go. The biggest challenge was finding a parking spot!  Home to a big pot of potato soup I had made today, some computing and off to bed-It is only 8:30 but his is ready to retire! They also gave him a bag of hemoglobin today also-his oxygen was down, along with everything else. He looks and seems better but still tired, and has to go back tomorrow.
Oct29-Wednesday  Charlie was up early and headed for Dayton for his 2nd Chemo. He will have a total of 12 - 3 a week. Also this Friday they are doing a bone marrow exam. They did a CAT yesterday on his lungs but no results yet.  I spent the day doing nothing-loved it - I need a 'down' day now and then. Charlie came home about 7 - he had spent about 4 hours at the clinic and the rest at the factories. We had biscuits and the potato soup for dinner, (I was using the pepper grinder and the top came off and spilled about a tablespoon of peppercorns into my soup and all over the table!) watched some politics and computed and went to bed. Still cold out but no moisture so none of the snow they promised.
Oct 30-Brrrrrrr- 26 degrees this morning! But still no moisture-I had a lazy day and was in the tub for a long hot bath when Dana called to tell me they would all be over at 5:15 for Pizza and Begger's Night treating.  Begger's Night is Halloween a day early and a family tradition to go treating in the neighborhood across the street.  So out of the tub and did more house cleaning to be ready for company. Nikki, Charlie3 and Amanda showed up first, then Dar and Jimmy and Callie the dog (Jim was signing papers for the new house), next Chuck, and later Dana. Dar brought 3 Pizzas and 2 salads and we all dug in, then off to trick and treat, about a mile walk and Charlie did just fine! This neighborhood is very kid friendly and some families go all out with decorations and food. Most are sitting outside, some with small fires burning for warmth, and everyone is very friendly. The kids came home with lots of 'loot' and we all had a good time. By 8:30 all had gone home, we cleaned up and headed to bed.
Oct 31- Halloween - Charlie left early for his chemo appointment in Dayton, then to ACE for a farewell lunch for Ted Corsiglio, over to the factory for a bit and back to Dayton for his doctor appt. They decided to put off the bone marrow thing for a while. His 'numbers' have not improved any yet. The end of another month, and we hope to be headed to AZ a month from now. We finished the potato soup tonight. He went for gas tonight and they refused his credit card saying it had exceeded his limit. It had not but no amount of talking could get them to open the account again - after talking to 2 people and being left on hold he finally told them to call him back and it better be with good news! No call yet---
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