Snow in Boston - a fun month

Trip Start Jan 01, 2011
Trip End Jan 31, 2011

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan 1, 2011 - Still in Provncetown, MA. Up to a warmer day- it is 43 now, and I see that it is only 27 back in Mesa!! They are not having a good winter so far, in fact, they are actually having a winter this year. Down to the hall for a breakfast, more talk and finally off for a walk/drive.  We headed to the beach here but changed our minds and opted for a drive. This took us to a couple of beaches and on one we walked for a while. The snow on Cape Cod is basically gone-only a bit here and there where drifts were and the temp was 47, but with no wind and the sun being out it was almost pleasurable! One beach, Herring Cove, was a great find. The shore is littered with agates! You could pick up buckets but I only took a couple pocketfuls! The tide was out and made the shores and ‘swampy’ places look very pretty.  Next stop was a place where there were dozens of people out in the mud of low tide clamming. We sat for a while watching and made a few holiday phone calls before exploring a couple of the smaller towns along route 6A. About 3 pm we were back at the Inn for a rest for Phil and some computer catchup for me. We did make a reservation for Napi’s again tonight. It really is the best food in town. So down to Napi’s we went and got our usual table, but not the wait person from last night that was so nice. This one was very indifferent to anything we wanted-no bread till we ask, no dipping oil till we asked, no ice till we asked- just indifferent and inattentive to us all through the meal. Phil spoke to her later (we had given her less than the 20-25% tip he usually gives) and she told him she would never wait on him again and was very flippant about it.  So- we had already talked to Napi-the owner, but we went back and told him of her attitude. the food was excellent as always-Phil had Cod and I had salmon, but the service took the fun out of the evening. Left there and headed home on the coast road-I had seen it on the map but Phil did not believe me that this would take us right to the door of the Inn, and it did! 

Jan 2- Sunday- We were up early to find that the whole area was thickly fogged in! The temp did rise to 50 today. Down to breakfast where we talked with David, a fellow Phil has known here for several years, then back to the room to relax a bit and finally start packing up our things. Back on the road and reluctantly heading back to home. It stayed foggy till we crossed the canal and back on the ‘mainland’. Our next stop was at Phils cousin Dickie and wife Mary in Plymouth. We see them each time we are down this way.  He has Parkinson and this time there was a definite decrease in his functions. Their 2 sons, Mike and Dick were there and we all enjoyed the visit. Then on home where we unpacked and relaxed. There is still quite a bit of snow here and more is expected later this week. Later we had to go shopping and then had Pizza delivered for dinner. Spent the evening discussing politics, or rather Phil discussed and I listened--lol

Jan 3- Monday=It is cold again- 27 but we’re smug here in the house. Finally midafternoon we headed to the condo gym for our exercise and after that bundled up as good as we could and drove to Quanapowitt Lake- about 4 blocks away and walked the entire lake- exactly 3 miles. The lake is covered with ice and snow and is really pretty-the trails are cleared but thawing snow is turning to ice.  We saw Nancy Kerrigan, remember her-the ice dancer that Tanya Harding injured on purpose! A stop at the bank and back home-we will go to dinner later tonight. I have my new camera working and think I will like it. A Nikon CoolPixS6000. So later out to Mt Vernon for a huge pork chop and a bloomin’ onion. Took a picture of our 2 favorite wait persons- Ellie and Michael, enjoyed the meal and home for a wine and off to bed early- well, we will see - never seems to happen!

Jan 4th tue- A very good nights sleep and up for a waffle breakfast. Had planned to go to the Science Center  today but was so pretty out we opted for a walk in a state park Phillip had camped at in his past. It was only 32 degrees, but we walked for an hour and it was very pretty with the snow and the bare trees and the ice on the lakes. Back home where I fixed us spaghetti for dinner and after we talked and drank wine. Yesterday I changed my ticket for one on the 17th of Jan as they predict cold weather  (as in the 39‘s) for the next  two days or so! Now I find that Red cannot pick me up that day so will have to look into changing the date again. And I was able to change to the 18th and Red said that would be great!

Jan 5, Wed--Phil slept in this morning as he is anticipating no sleep tonight. He went to pickup his laundry and pills at his pharmacy -  said it was cold outside, again. It was 27 in Mesa AZ again this morning! Glad I changed my ticket home! Mid afternoon Phil started his regime for getting ready for tomorrows colonoscopy. I fixed a simple dinner for me and he drank his dinner!
Jan 6- Phil was up at 3am to continue the prep for his test today.  When I woke at 7 he was sleeping in the living room chair. Woke him so he would have time for shower before Kristen arrived to pick him up at 8.  He wanted his daughter, since she is a nurse, to take him to the hospital! She was here at 7:30 and they were off shortly after that. He called at 9:30 to let me know he was next in line for the procedure. About 1 they arrived back home and Kristen stayed for a bit. Phil thought he was doing fine but he really was spacey! I fed him some soup and as Kristen was ready to leave he hit the bed, and zonked out!  He got a good report from the doctor so all is well. It is now 3pm with blue skies but still only 30 degrees out! Expecting snow for the next 3 days, than a day or so break and another storm!  Actually, I am enjoying this-it’s been a long time since I have been in more than a few flakes of snow! It is warm and cozy inside and we are stocked up on food.  Phil finally was up around 4 and we decided he was not ready to drive anywhere and I don’t know my way around that well yet so we decided to walk to a nearby place we had been wanting to try. It is about 2 blocks and right by the train station. JAGS turned out to be a good choice - Maria, our waitperson, was sullen and unhappy but by the time we left Phil knew her life history and she was laughing with us. The meal was good and since it is so close will go there again. Also before 7 they have early bird specials. Back home where I drank toooo much wine, and finally off to bed!

Jan 7th-I hope the weather holds out as we are scheduled to have dinner in Hyde Park with Ed and Connie Jesser.  It is 23, feels like 15, this morning! You can feel snow in the air and it is to start this evening. We did not go anywhere until we headed into Boston. Our first stop was the Columbarium at Forest Hills Cemetery where Peggy is interned. This is an interesting and unusual place with many works of art throughout. We also toured the basement to see the ‘older’ urns and the rooms of unclaimed urns and ashes. The flood last March put about 3 feet of water in the basement and they had to take out and dry many urns of ashes! Next stop was at the site for the Boston Mental hospitals where Phil had his first real job after getting out of the Marines. Not much left. Next to a florist shop where Phil knows Jenny, the mother and Linda the daughter who run it and live next door and own a lot of property including a lease to Wendy’s on the corner. This was fun and we were invited to the house for snacks and coffee and talk. It snowed a bit while we were there. Linda gave us a HUGE lemon off a small tree in the hothouse and showed me around the plants.  Next stop was in Hyde Park which is the area Phil was Captain for a long time - he loved it there and so did the people love him and still remember him. We walked to the station-which is the oldest police station in the nation - and met his friend Marty who gave me a tour, including the fantastic new fingerprinting machine! Finally left him and some other officers that Phil knew, and walked to Townsends - getting lost but finally finding it and arriving before Connie and Ed. It is a great Irish Pub and Eatery and we met the owner while waiting. Finally Connie arrived and Ed after he found a parking place. We really enjoyed the evening - we sat there and talked for 3 hours - the food was very good and the atmosphere was great.  Leaving we found a very thin coating of snow on everything and it was 26 degrees. No snow on the way home.  Talked a while and off to bed.

Jan 8-Sat- When I looked very early there was no snow, but a couple of hours later it began, big fluffy flakes turning to hard and cold little beads and then stopping again. Supposed to snow off and on for the next couple of days.  Later some tiny light flakes were floating around in the sky and then it quit. Phil headed to Boston to the YMCA for a good workout - I went to the gym here in the condo building and back home for a shower and to read till Phil gets home.  Phil called on his way home and I met him at the downstairs door-we were going to a movie but didn’t have time to get there. Grocery shopping instead and home for hotdogs and baked beans. When I got into the car he asked if I had been listening to the news -I had not. A 22 year old gunman had shot a congresswoman in the head, killed 6 more people and wounded 17 in Tucson AZ. We spent the evening watching this tragedy on TV. So very sad, and esp the 9 year old girl killed whose neighbor had brought her down to hear the congresswoman. Connie K called to talk about the shooting and to tell Phil that I was a great lady!! 

Jan 9-Sunday- A lazy start and bacon and eggs for breakfast. I spent most of the morning trying, as I do ever trip here, to get his unused computer working. Finally we decided on a drive to Lexington and Concord. It only snowed about one inch and the roads are dry. At one place we saw a man actually skating on a pond by the road! Near Concord we found a delightful museum where we spent a long time. Across the street was the home of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a home built by his grandfather, but it is closed for the season. We drove on to Chelmsford, the town where Kristen lives, but no one home. Headed back to home with a stop at a Dunkin Donuts for a hot chocolate- the temp is 24 degrees. Will be going out for dinner later to Stearns and Hill -  a good place with a varied menu.  A great dinner as always and Sunday night is a very good night for going there - not a lot of people - it is packed the other nights of the week. Back home to watch more on the shooting in AZ and to watch the weather. We have another BIG storm coming in Tue night with at least 6“ of snow!

Jan 10th-Monday- Up to 22 degrees.  Had  big bowls of oatmeal with blueberries - a good way to start the day. At 11 we will head for the city and Lord and Taylor store where Ying works. Everything is on sale and she also gives us her family discount so a very good deal. I am looking for a dressy coat to leave here - probably a long one like the women wear back here. My wonderful winter coat is not appropriate for our evenings out, though it really doesn’t bother me because it is soooo warm! We arrived at Lord and Taylor, met Ying and proceeded around the store-Phil picked up a coat and said try this- it was first coat we had looked at and just perfect! Much more looking added one sweater to my purchases. The coat was marked $215 and the sweater was $119! By the time Ying went through all the discounts and coupons the total for both was $115 including tax!! That was the rest of my Christmas present from Phil!  The winter coat and now the dressy coat, both will be left at his house when I head to Phoenix-I have no need for either out there! Lunch with Ying in the Food Court-Thai food, and we headed home for a quickie nap and then out to walk Quanapowitt Lake--the 3 mile lake walk-the temp is up to 33 degrees!  Well-The nap turned out to be too long so we just hung around here until time to go out to dinner at Mt Vernon. Good as usual and back home where we listened to ‘50s music and danced till bedtime.

Jan 11, Tue- Up at 9:30 to temperature of 21 degrees! At 11 it was 22 degrees! The big snow storm is to start tonight with promises of 16 inches of snow! Some grocery shopping and a movie this afternoon and then we will be prepared to stay home for a couple of days.  But we started too late to get to the movie, again, so stopped at Jordon’s and walked around, running into some friends of Phil’s. A stop at the grocery store and then to THE BROTHERS for dinner. Great Greek place, sorta combo between specials and cafeteria, but good food. We had Beef stew and salad-perfect for a cold night.Next stop was groceries and then to Malden for some wine and back home. I know this storm will disrupt the airline schedules and hope by the time I leave here- at noon one week from today - that all will be back to normal.  And the snow did start late in the night.

Jan 12th - I was up once during the night to see about 5 inches of white stuff out there, and later at 7 there was lots more and by noon there was a lot!!! At least 16 inches. Power outages all over but so far we are lucky. Winds have been between 30 and 65 MPH, but not right here.  It is starting to slow down now at 2pm and I want to go out for a walk if it quits- I came prepared for this - My big and heavy coat Phil gave me for Christmas while we were still in AZ, my heavy hiking boots, gloves and mittens, ear muffs, scarf, gaiters for walking in the deep snow, sweat pants to wear over my jeans, turtle neck  and sweaters-I should be comfortable--and look like the doughboy! I tried to go out once to take pictures but the snow was so much that you cannot see through it to the houses across the street! Tonight will be spaghetti at home!  We did take a great walk and the snow was up to my knees! It is still lightly snowing and the wind was burning our faces but still a fun walk. We stopped at the local Dunkin Donuts for hot chocolate and met 3 people who live in houses facing our condo. Really enjoyed them. Then walked back and changed clothes to go to the gym for our workout. Back home and stopped at Lynns to ask her to dinner, found Karol there too and had also planned to ask her so did, but they already had dinner planned. Phil went home for the limoncello and we all had a drink-Lynn had to leave for a bit so Karol came home with us and we had a fun talk till Lynn called to say she was back. After she left I cooked our spaghetti, added the noodles from 2 nights ago and some warm bread for a good dinner. The roads are drivable but not down to pavement so we didn’t want to drive and they are asking everyone to stay off the roads. Snow here is about 18 inches and 29 degrees.

Jan 13-Thu - Sky is blue today and very pretty with all the snow. People are out shoveling and it is hard because the road crews piled it up over the walks and driveways. Phil got his phone bill and it is more than double the usual and he is fighting with Verizon on the phone. Our plan is for a drive in the snow, maybe a walk somewhere and maybe a movie. It is supposed to snow again on Monday and Tue so we changed my flight again and now I am leaving on Thur Jan 20 - I have to quit moving the date because I have doctor appts coming up.  Well, plans are made to change, right? First stop was Phil’s medical clinic for some meds and to have his glasses repaired. He stepped on them yesterday and bent the hinges way out of line! They fixed that and we talked with his friend Diane who works there. Next stop was a WalMart for me - I had arrived here with enough meds for 4 weeks and was only planning on 2 weeks but them stayed over an extra week and now with the snow changed departure again and am out of meds!!  This is the nice thing about getting meds from WalMart- can get them anywhere. They fixed me up and I am ready to stay longer now. Another stop at Dollar Tree for some candles and then home. Unloaded all and relaxed for a bit and then will head to Melissa’s for dinner. Hope the weather doesn’t mean another extension!  A nice dinner as always, but Melissa has her arm in a sling from a fall - not broken though.

Jan 14th-A trial run to the airport in case he has to take me to the plane, then a 2 mile, in the snow, walk on Revere Beach with a stop for hot chocolate, it is about 24 degrees!!!! After that was a theater where we saw True Grit-been trying for 4 days to get to this one - it was a great movie, worth the wait. This is some theater--Huge entryway and it is like being in a food court-You can have a complete dinner here and there is also a full sports bar, drinks and all.  Out to Mt Vernon for dinner of scallop special and home.

Jan 15th-Saturday- Up to 15 degrees and feels like 11 degrees weather, but clear skies. Now at 11 it is up to 19 degrees but we are snug here in the condo. Probably not a day to go walking so will hit the gym this morning. But did not get there! Worked on Phil’s horribly slow computer till he got frustrated-It is the worst computer I have ever had to work with! Then out for a ride and ended up at the theater to see Season of the Witch with Nicholas Cage. It was great scenery and well acted, though a bit strange. When we emerged from the theater it was snowing!!Unexpected!!  Then to a family Italian place, Maggio’s, for a dinner of stuffed calamari for me and tripe for Phil. No snow when we left the dinner but very cold. Back home to enjoy an easy evening. Talked with Ying who is trying to stage a trip to China for the 3 of us and would be fun.

Jan 16th-Sunday- Up to clear skies and cold-again!  We hung around here till afternoon and then drove past Concord for a ride - only stop was to browse an antique shop in Littleton. Back home with a stop for wine. We had a huge bowl of calamari and linguine, left from last night, so I stuck it in the micro to warm it!  And when I took it out it slipped out of my hands, caught on the edge of the stove and went EVERYWHERE in the  kitchen!! What a mess and what a loss of a good dinner! My forearms and hands were red from the hot sauce but eventually faded away with no injury. Took both of us to clean it up and I felt soooo bad as it went down the garbage disposal! So we ordered a pizza~

Jan 17th- Martin Luther King Day - Up to 17 degrees and sun outside, but snow expected again today or tomorrow.  Looked at grade school pictures of Phil and he read me part of his Masters Degree paper about HOW some people become criminal, and what a reformed probation system could do to head off repeat offenders.  Around 1 we headed to the gym to get our workout- the temp is 15 now with wind chill it ‘feels like’ 9 degrees! We did our walk on the machines today- just tooo cold for a 3 mile walk around the lake. Back home and Phil wanted the package of Chinese noodles-and wanted me to show him how to fix them. Boil water, add noodles, then add seasoning.  It turned out to be to complicated for him and he gave up!! Now time for showers as we are going out to eat with some friends of his at the Mt Vernon. Off we went in the 14 degree night to meet with Butch (Walter) and Anne Marie who beat us there. Really enjoyed the evening with them-He is a shirttail relative on Phil’s wife Peggys side. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours and then headed home. I really enjoyed the evening and we will see them again next trip. Still 14 degrees on the way home. Rain is predicted tomorrow but how can that be when it is soooo cold??

Jan 18th-I was up at 8 and the temp was 20 and the sky was clear, but when we got up at 9:30 there was almost 2 inches of snow everywhere and now at 1 it is still snowing, but temp is 34 so it is wert snow. All the ugly piles of snow now have a clean white coating and it looks pretty again. Supposed to be rain by afternoon and rain tomorrow. 2 pm and it seems to be temporarily not snowing, though it was the big fluffy flakes a short time ago.  It finally turned to rain and rain the rest of the day. Actually 40 degrees, first time since I arrived here! We went to bank and a few errands including getting new heels put on my dress boots-I love them and have had them since about 1980-a classic, never out of style, boot. The lady is a flaming liberal (lady shoe repair-just her for over 30 years) and just blasted us with her far out views-conspiresy theories and on and on and on-didn’t think we would get out of there alive!! This is one obsessed person! She didn’t even give Phil a chance to open his mouth-a first!!!  Back home and later out to Felicia’s of the North End in Stoneham for a good Italian dinner - so much that tomorrow night is taken care of-unless I drop this one on the floor also!  Some wine and some talk and a bit of dancing and off to bed--late as usual. Oh, I changed my plane ticket again. (4th time) We decided that I would stay till the 31st; that still gives me some time at home before we leave for Hawaii-I do want to get at least one shed cleaned.

Jan 19th-Not raining this morning but it is 38 degrees. Snow to start by noon and last through the evening. On Saturday the high is to be 19 and the low 6 degrees! I hope all those without electric are repaired by then. We had the leftovers from Mt Vernon for lunch and then we did grocery shopping, wine shopping and a few other things and back to home for a while. Later we took the laundry to the laundry place and went to Stoneham where Phil got his hair cut by Anita, his reg haircutter and she does a great job. Our intention was to go to a townhall meeting tonight but we changed our minds- It is snowing again! Not much and still a bit warm, but once it cools down all the roads will be icy with all the melted snow.  Home where we enjoyed a limoncello and later left overs from Felicia’s last night- A great meal and still lots of food - Enjoyed it. Music, wine and talk for the rest of the evening. It is now down to 34 degrees at 10 pm, but no snow --

Jan 20th-Thur--Most of the roofs and walks are clear of snow for now due to the rain. Piles of frozen snow- up to 8 or 9 feet are everywhere and will be here for a long time!  We took a drive north to Gloucester for clam chowder -- a huge bowl of chowder! We had planned on a movie but by the time we left heading back there were traffic jams everywhere and we did not make it in time-actually missed the show by an hour! Since we were coming through Revere we called Paul and Denise - she was not home yet but he was and we stopped for a 10 minute visit - 1/2 hour later Denise arrived and we stayed on, until it was almost too late to go to Melissa’s for dinner. As it was we did not have time to go home and change - had a usual good meal not getting home till after 9. It is going to start snowing late tonight or early morning. Did not get to bed till after 1am.

Jan 21- Friday - About 6 I looked out and it was a very light snow. Getting up at 7:30 found at least an inch. We hurriedly dressed and drove to the new breakfast place not far away. This had been Phil’s Friday morning place for a long time and then it closed. Just this week it reopened with a new cafe. In the time we were inside eating the car accumulated at least one inch of snow. Cleared it off and drove to the laundry to pick up - we forgot to stop there last night. Then a drive up the hill to Phil’s old neighborhood where there is more snow and a drive around Quanapowitt Lake and back home. Nice to have a covered garage to park in. By 9 there was at least 4-5 inches and still snowing heavily. Temp is 28 now.  Mid afternoon and as far as we can tell there is between 7-9 inches of new snow. After an hour in the gym we bundled up and out for another walk of about 1/2 mile in the snow, stopping again at Dunkin Donut for hot chocolate. Home for a nap for Phil and some catch up on the computer for me- I have over 200 messages to deal with when I can get the time! Temp is 27 now at 6:30 and it has not snowed since about 1pm. With the cold that we are expecting, down to and below zero, for the next few days, it will be a long time before the snow piles are gone. We are snug and I have some very thick pork chops to fix for our dinner - yea-I get to cook!  Dinner turned out very good. 11 pm and down to 23 degrees!

Jan 22- Saturday- Up to 18 degrees, at 9:30! But blue skies!  Another major storm coming later this week. The total for the big storm was 20.3 inches and this last one was 9 inches, plus some from several smaller storms adds up to 49.2 inches total so far this year.  I stayed home for a long hot bubble bath while Phil headed into Boston to the YMCA. It is looking colder out and is 20 degrees right now. We plan on going to the show this afternoon but only if Phil should get back in plenty of time.  And he did not so we stayed home; had hot dogs and beans for dinner-I drank too much limoncello so hit the bed early!!

Jan 23-Sunday- Up to 13 degrees and blue skies! We hung around here all day finally going to Sterns and Hill for dinner. I had the swordfish and Phil had the Haddock - both very good. Back home - it is 14 degrees -  and into our warm sanctuary for the evening.

Jan 24th-Monday- I will leave here in one week weather permitting. 5 am it was 1 degree, 6 am it was 0 degree and when we finally got up at 9 it was minus -2 degrees (and ‘feels like’ minus 28 with the wind chill factor!)! now at 10 it is 1 degree again! COLD. Mid afternoon we drove into Boston to attend the Museum of Science- a huge place! We did not even finish the basement in the 2 1/2 hours before they closed the doors and ran us out! A great place! Leaving there we headed to the Mt Vernon for dinner, having the prime rib special and have enough for another meal this week.  It was 10 degrees when we left the museum, 8 on the way to eat and 6 on the way home. It is a biting cold, but luckily not much wind. The storm coming on Wed is supposed to be a BIG one with lots of heavy wet snow-6-10 inches! This will be snow storm number 6~

Jan 25th-Tuesday- It warmed up to 12 during the night! And started to snow- but only about 3/4 inch--so far. It is spitting very fine snow now and the storm is not to start until late tonight. Phil has to go to Police today to get a photo and fingerprinted to renew his gun license-they are very strict about it here.  We will then get groceries so we can get snowed in again!  Grocery shopping and then a movie- The Company Men, a very good movie and Tommy Lee Jones does a great job, and then to Polcari’s for the best Pizza Margherita with fresh basil! Back home finally and now the snow is to be scarce tomorrow but tomorrow night will be 6-12 inches.

Jan 26th-Wed- Up late and a lazy day- Finally afternoon we headed to the gym for our hour of using all the machines that they have! Home for a shower and leftover pizza, then Phil made a run to the cigar store and to check on their fax so I can get his ticket to him for his trip to AZ in Feb.  Storm to start around 6 tonight- We had wanted to go back to the Science Museum, but getting out at 5 with the rush hour traffic and then snow starting just didn’t seem worth doing.
Storm finally started around 9 pm - very small, fine snow-you could hardly see the flakes!

Jan 27-Thur- It snowed all night and apparently turned to much bigger flakes--this morning there was probably 8-10 inches of the fluffy white stuff! As before- the new snow covers the old and dirty snow making it look so fresh and white everywhere. The temp even cooperated going up to 30-been a long time since it was that warn. We hung around here till noon, then out for about a mile walk into Wakefield and around town in the snow. The big pile by the bank was still there and yesterday Phil said a jeeper drove up to the top of it!  A stop for hot chocolate and back to get the car (Claudia is cleaning the house and we cannot go in -she resents me being here- she had a crush on Phil and does not want me around and makes it very apparent!) and head to the theater to see ‘The Fighter’ another film based in Boston, on the life of Lowell fighter Micky Ward. The guy who played Micky, Walberg, is a second cousin to Phils wife Peggy and was with the brother of one of the singers in ‘New Kids on the block.'- Back home to change clothes and hear to Melissa’s for dinner. And it was the usual great meal.

Jan 28th- Friday-Down to the new diner for breakfast  - the snow is so pretty but I can see people are really tired of it now. So far there has been 60.3 inches and the normal by now is 41.0.  The all time total for the entire season is 102 inches. Most of the snow is still on the ground--today was the first day to get as high as 32 degrees in a month! Icicles are 6 feet plus on many buildings. The snow is stacked up by the plows 6 feet to 15 or more feet. Later in the day we headed out for another movie-not much else doable during this time--The Rite-- not a bad movie, Then to Somerville to to The Mt Vernon again. We had the baked scallops-good. Home to some music, talk and a bit of dancing.

Jan 29th- Time to think about packing for the trip home. Clothes to wash today and things to do. We were going to have dinner with friends at a fancy place in town but found that a Sat night with no reservation is impossible--Parking is valet only-$18. To get reservation you need to start at least a month early and then it helps to ‘know’ someone. We will try that again my next trip.
supposed to snow again today but noon now and nothing yet.  I am fighting with his computer-again-I think I have the answer- I will set up my old computer when I return to AZ and he can bring it back here!  The good news is that it did NOT snow at all today and was actually up to 40 degrees - a bit of the rooftop snow melted but the piles of snow just stayed the same! Late afternoon we decided to go out for a drive and then come home for hotdogs and beans. Headed north and as we approached Hamilton Phil decided to give Butch and AnneMarie a call- they were home so we stopped for a short visit.  She and daughter and grandson left for church while we chatted with Butch. We talked so long that they came home and now we are all going out to dinner in Essex at Lewis - a very good choice. We talked and laughed and really enjoyed them. I will look forward to the next time together.  Back home where we relaxed with some wine.

Jan 30th-  Sunday- 30 degrees and could be some snow early afternoon, though I doubt it.  Plan on the gym this morning and then start packing. I did get all my laundry done yesterday and I am leaving some things here for next trip.  We did not get to the gym and it did not snow! We did go for a ride north past Salem and then south along the ocean to Winthrop- arriving in the dark at the Winthrop Inn for dinner. It is an old Inn started in 1910 and feels like stepping back in time when you walk in the door. A good meal-Shrimp Scampi, crab cakes and a spinach pie. Our waitperson was a delightful gal, age 34 who looked 19,  Lebanese and a lot of fun. She made the evening fun and I think she enjoyed us too - they were not busy so she talked with us a long time. Her family had left Lebanon, went to Brazil, back to Lebanon and then 14 years ago they moved to Boston. Phil had her entire life history while she served us! Leaving there we headed home -the temp has dropped and there is ice in any wet spots--though the road crew has done such a fantastic job that there is virtually NO water on the roads. I am timing this right-another big storm tomorrow and freezing rain the next day! I had a note from Red saying it will be cold (for AZ) when I return. Finished my packing, had a wine and off to bed.

Jan 31-Monday Up at 7, ate, showered and repacked a bit. The limo was a bit early and we were ready for it. Kevin is the driver this time and I think we will keep him for the AM driver and Harry for the PM driver. A quick trip to the airport, hardly any traffic, no cars parked outside, no line at SW counter and got right through security - though they singled me our for the X-ray thing. Don’t know why but since they have put those in I am singled out EVERY time! Now lots of time to wait. Phil called to say I had left my ‘mouse’ there but I had already discovered it was missing!  His tax stuff all arrived today so he may be able to come to AZ earlier-between storms. Right now he is planning on the 13th and we leave for Hawaii the 16th. Not much juggle time if planes snowed in on the 13th.
So, another great trip with lots of adventure comes to an end. The nice thing is we have lots more trip/adventures in the works.

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