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Trip Start Sep 28, 2010
Trip End Oct 28, 2010

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sept 27th- Monday- Up early and reviewed my packing- I have lots to take but I must have forgotten something!  Red coming over at 9:15 and we will be off!  Well, we headed to the airport and I am sitting in the gate waiting.  Before I arrived the flight had already been delayed by 1/2 hour. No explanation, but it appears to be storming in Boston! They are expecting rain for my first 3 days!  Called Phil but had to leave message. My flight this time is straight through, no stops so will be nice.  Finally off and had an uneventful flight with a few bouncy spots and no problems!  I was an hour late by the time we landed and it was not raining thought it had been earlier.  Sue  picked me up and off to Wakefield and Phil. Lots of hugs and kisses, paid Sue and up to his place where we ordered a  pizza, enjoyed it and of to cuddle in bed as it was late by now.

Sept 28th- So nice to sleep in and talk for a while and then up for breakfast. I could not find my pill boxes-looked everywhere and even called Red and asked him to check my house!  Then off to Best Buy with his printer which stopped working a long time ago. They will send it in and see it it will be replaced or repaired. Next stop was a place where Phil bought me a ring for my birthday, I really like it- Some small diamonds and 2 very nice Topaz pieces.  Next stop was at the Royall House where the only existing slave house is in New England. A lot of history here besides what we always read about! Back home and dressed to go to Felicia's for dinner. This is a favorite Italian one not too far from home. A great dinner as always and they always give us a limocello at the end- a really good limocello too!  Back home where we played some CD’s of the 50‘s that Phil had bought and we talked and reminisced and danced for at least an hour, having a good time- we do dance good together!

Street entertainer is a video to watch--

Sept 29th Tues- Another slow start to the day. It is so  nice to wake up with someone and lay there and talk for as long as we want! Finally breakfast and then off to visit Tony in the Pipe out in the woods.  I had brought him 2 packages of homemade cookies from AZ and a box of AA batteries. Enjoyed our short visit with him and then headed to Revere beach where Phil did his usual swim in the ocean and I chatted with his friend Leo that I had not met before. We spent some time with the gang there and then headed towards Salem Ma again. Paul had told us of a place we had missed -  a small park dedicated to the persons who were hanged during the witch trials. Back to town with stops for gas, pick up laundry and buy some salad for dinner. We had enough leftovers from last night that we only needed salad to complete the meal. It was just as good as last night and then we just relaxed for the remainder of the evening. We actually did a lot of talking and research on the first people landing on America soil, very interesting.

Sept 30th Thur and last day of Sept. A slow start- mornings just don’t get much done! I loaded the GPS with caches ‘just in case’ but doubt we will get to many of them. Today is gray, blustery wind and supposed to rain several inches this evening. Off to do some shopping and then on to the movies-a good place for a day like this. This was not our best day- some silly, and stupid, comment got us both up in arms but we did solve the conflict and things are back on track!

Oct 1 Friday -Up and finally headed North, during a terrific rain storm, for Bretton Woods in NH to enjoy the fall tree changing colors, and I think they are great but so rainy and overcast hard to tell. We went to Steve’s motel, Above the Notch, where we had stayed in the spring-this is the place that was roofing it while we were there!! Now nice and quiet and they are so friendly here. We were given free ‘lift’ tickets up the mountain for tomorrow and for lunch too. Relaxed in our room a bit - we had stopped for wine on the trip up here-in the driving rain - took a short nap and after a phone call from his daughter Kim we headed about a mile up the road to Fabyens for a great dinner of ribs. Phils favorite wait person was there so she waited on us and made it fun. Back to the room and sat out side with our wine for a long time-it has ALMOST quit raining, and talked for a bit with neighbors from Conn. Phil dumped his wine-glad I had gotten us plastic wine glasses!  Just a good evening and hope for a better weather day tomorrow for our gondola ride.

Oct 2nd-A lazy start to the day. The sky started out blue but by the time we got organized it was overcast again! We opted to take a drive on the Kangkamangas Hwy and by then the sky was back to blue! Really a nice 9- mile drive and the reds and yellows of fall were spectacular. I have seen better but we seem to be a couple of days late--Lots of yellows by not a lot of reds - mostly browns by now. we did stop and walk at a place called the Basin and it had spectacular water --The big storms we have been having really pumped up this small creek and it was a tempest! The years have carved a large basin with water just boiling down it, and further down stream there is a Baby Flume with an excess of water trying to go through such a small place- Really a great stop for us. We stopped at the Cooper Tram but too much money for an over cast, yes, it is overcast again, day! Back home for a nap and then to Shakespeares for a good dinner with Karen and Robby waiting on us. Home again where I am catching up on this and Phil is waiting outside with a wine for me. It will be in the low 30‘s tonight - Fall is here!

Oct 3rd-Sunday-A good nights sleep-- I was falling asleep all day yesterday! We drove back to Shakespeares for breakfast, then back to room 9 - they had moved us from room 14 - Phil showered and we took off on a beautiful blue day! First stop was the Bretton Woods Ski lift where we had the free tickets.  It was cold but so pretty looking down on the area and all the fall colors. After that we took a trip around the Mts-Mostly Mt Washington, and on the North side of the mts the colors were spectacular-on our side they were no longer in their prime! Really enjoyed the ride. We stopped in a small town for a craft/sale - only about 10 booths but we enjoyed it and I got a cookbook that looks interesting and Phil found a coin of the Old Man Of The Mountain that he wanted.  Next stop was in Berlin where we saw a town devastated when the 2 large lumber mills relocated leaving the town with very little commerce. A stop for a 2 piece KFC to share. On the way home we stopped to do one cache and COULD NOT find it! I must be losing my touch!  After much debate on where to dine this evening we ended up back at Shakespeares for a light supper- Jamaican soup for me and meatloaf for Phil. Back home and by now it is getting cold outside. I have been sitting out with him while he smokes his mini cigar but not tonight; I can hear him out there and he has found someone to talk with. This will be our last night here - tomorrow back to Boston area.

Oct 4th-Monday-- Up and packed to head home!  It is nice out but not as blue as yesterday. We stopped by to see Flora again. She is a 80+ year old veteran who has a very small second hand store- Phil thinks she said she made under $200 last year and he always buys something there just to help her out. Twenty some towns people got together and painted her house last year to help her - she is a real character and treasure!  Then we headed south enjoying the scenery till we arrived at Amherst NH where Jims cousin Jackie and husband Chris live. I had put the wrong street name in the GPS so we did a bit of extra touring around the town but finally arrived and enjoyed an hour visit with them. Daughter Nathalie was home but son Laurent was in the Ukraine where he will be teaching English through the Peace Corps for the next 2 years. After that headed home and it is beginning to mist rain again. Unpacked and napped, then off to Mt Vernon for lobsters, but tonight they had none so had to find a different choice for dinner. I had BBQ Turkey tips and Phil had a huge porkchop- both good meals. Fun to go here because we know all the wait persons and they make it enjoyable. Back home for some wine and watch MY favorite movie- Going South with Jack Nickolson and Mary Steenburgen! Also Christopher Lloyd and John Belushi movie debut! I enjoyed it as always but not sure about Phil!!

Oct 5- Tue - We did sleep in, needed the sleep! A dreary day so stayed home and did lots of little things including Phil showing me a lot of family pictures and treasures he has kept over the years. Also checked out several things on computer that we have been meaning to do, and now heading to Melissa’s for dinner.  We had a great dinner as always-I had Bacon-Potato Bisque, Phil had a big salad and then we had a big order of calamari and it was superb.

Oct 6- A sleep-in morning cause we had wine and danced till well after midnight! It is raining a steady heavy drizzle this morning and going to keep it up for a day or two more. It is now noon and I am on computer and Phil is reading me the paper. Just a nice and slow day with a movie for this afternoon.  We ended up staying home all of this gloomy day--Dinner was fresh Chicken Pot pie from Harrow’s with a salad that we had here.

Oct 7th Thur-- The weather looked a bit better so we headed downtown Boston. We parked at the YMCA and walked in to talk to a few of Phils friends-Waldo, a retired doctor was quite a guy! Out the front door and a bit of a walk to the Christian Scientist Church to enjoy the Mapparium, a unique world globe that you stand inside of!  (1 inch equals 22 miles). We then walked across the Charles river (Longfellow Bridge) into Cambridge. Our first stop was to walk the MIT grounds and into some of the buildings. Huge buildings and since school is on right now full of students. Then waited for a bus to take us further on to Harvard Univ. While waiting met a Italian guy and his Latino friend (she was a ‘knockout!-but then so was he!) We spent a long time talking and turned out his is a policeman from Italy so you know he and Phil enjoyed that talk. We were on the same bus so talked more with them and they made sure we got off at the right stop. We spent the rest of the day walking Harvard, had a salad outside a small sidewalk sandwich place where we could people watch--and what an experience-In a few minutes you could see just about anything!!! Then a walk down Brattle street to a home of Longfellow, and that George Washington had used as headquarters at one time. We also watched one crazy street entertainer-see video. There were several very interesting home along the way. Finally back to Harvard Square (which is really a triangle) to sit and people watch again. Back on the bus and this time took it almost all the way to the YMCA. We detoured a bit there to visit Phils friend Tony who has a laundry nearby. Back to the Y and then off to dinner at Mt Vernon for our evening meal. Back home we listened to some Frank Sinatra music and off to bed.

Oct 8 friday- Breakfast at the omelet place here in Wakefield and enjoyed conversations with ladies sitting on both sides of us. Next met Lanny,the building manager, in the common area at the condo and enjoyed a long chat with him. Now at noon we are heading to the beach-probably the last time for the year. We did hit the beach and Phil did do his usual 600 strokes of swim, making him a record for swimming so late in the year! Back home-he dropped me off and went to get the car washed. I made Crabby Muffins for munching on before dinner tonight. Paul and Denise will join us here and then we we all go to Bobby D’s for dinner. They are due shortly and I have the food ready to pop in the oven, the house is clean and the wine glasses are ready!  They arrived late-Weekend traffic and a bit lost but finally arrived! We had a drink and some munchies and off to Bobby D’s where we had a great dinner and I really enjoyed our company! Back home where we listened to some music and off to bed.

Oct 9th-Sat- Up early because the guy was supposed to come around 9 to service the grandfather clock-it loses 3 minutes a day-but it is now after 10 and he has not showed up. His attitude toward new jobs is poor so will prob try to get someone else to do the repairs. It looks nice out but only 60 degrees now. Bernadette and grandkids meeting us around 1 to go to the StoneZoo -  a small one near here and then out for pizza.  Just before we left the house the clock man showed up and actually apologized for not showing up- claimed he had not gotten my email-so how did he know he was late??? When he left we headed to Stone Zoo to meet family and really enjoyed this small but well done zoo! We had planned on pizza with them but Veronica was tired and cranky, as only a 3 year old can be!! So went home and for a walk in Middlesex Fells and ended up at a ‘Dance in the Woods’ being put on by some artsy group here in Boston area. Interesting and certainly different--see photos! Then on to Pizza and it was good. Back home where we relaxed with wine and music and ended our day.

Oct 10th Sunday- I actually had the chance to cook pancakes for Phil this morning, and later we had turkey bacon sandwiches. Eventually he will learn that I CAN cook! It is almost 2 and we are getting ready to head out for a hike and to retrieve his printer that as been in for work since I arrived here. We will take both our computers so they can sync them with the wireless printer. That was part of the problem before, along with some mechanical ones. Our plan is to cook here tonight but so far every time we plan that he ends up changing his mind and we go out. We walked from the house to Quannapawlitt Lake and around it-4 miles. It was a nice blue day but cool. We stopped for cappuccino and a muffin along the way, sitting by the lake to eat and drink.
Returning home we ran into Karol in the hall, and after some talk invited her in, where we talked for a couple of hours. Enjoyed that. She and I had eaten the snacks left from Fri night and that filled me up but later I did fix beans and hot dogs for Phil.

Oct 11th Monday- Up fairly early, breakfast and then started packing for Cape Cod. Hope to be out of here by 10 and we made by 10:15! First stop for Cigarillos but they were closed for the holiday. On we went, south, to the Cape and after crossing the bridge we were on the Cape. Actually the bridge goes over a manmade canal and the Cape starts before that point. It is a beautiful and warm day,perfect for this trip. So warm that I kept falling asleep so we stopped at a cute coffee house for a cup. That helped for a while! Next stop at Coast Guard Beach - not for long--we can go back tomorrow, then Nauset Lighthouse, the 3 Sisters Lighthouses, and by now getting late so headed on to the end of the cape and Provincetown where we will be staying on the bay at Provincetown Inn. A lovely old building, the paintings and the decor transported us back in time. We had a room on the second floor and discovered the neighbors from hell were next to us, so requested another room and they gave us a much bigger one with fantastic view of the bay. (room 56) Downtown we went, parking car and walking all the town-2 main streets about 4 blocks long. This is an interesting town-originally fishing (but first the Pilgrims were here in 1620 for a month before moving N towards Boston area), later world known artist colony and now a haven for the gays! Makes for an interesting walking tour of the town. This being the last day of the Columbus Holiday weekend there were MANY ‘people’ crowding the streets. I bought a few things, so did Phil and then -I can’t believe we did this - but we went upstairs in one of the shops to explore a sex shop! WOW--do they really SELL all that stuff!!!!!  Back to the hotel and rested a bit, then off to dinner at Napi’s in town. Phil has been here several times before so knew it would be good, and it was--very good! It is a huge building with nooks and crannies everywhere and it is built, by the owner, entirely from ‘found’ materials--and what a place. He also collects antiques and weird ‘stuff’ so there is much to see. Phil introduced me to Napi and he is a great guy. We had sat across from 2 gals and got to talking with them, and they could not believe our ages! As we were leaving and talking with Napi one of them came to ask if she could take our picture for their photo album of their trip--so they got us and the owner in the picture!  Back home for some wine and sleep.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provincetown,_Massachusetts

Oct 12th-Tue- It rained during the night-glad we had such a good day yesterday. Breakfast downstairs and though so-so it was good. It may clear up today, but our plans include things that the weather will not hamper.  Off we went and stopped at several scenic places, including Marconi site where first wireless message was sent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guglielmo_Marconi
Next stop was a to the museum that we wanted to spend more time at- and enjoyed it, Drove almost back to the mainland, and finally had hot cider and muffin and headed back to Hotel planning to rest and go out to dinner. As we neared the hotel my phone rang and it was Red, my wonderful neighbor, who is taking care of my house. He said we had an emergency on our hands--When he went to check my house this morning he could hear water running--and he found water in all my cabinets in the kitchen! Water on the floor 1/2 inch deep. Jerry went under the house and they found a 20 foot puddle of mud! They shut the water off and called me! To make this short-got ahold of insurance company and they and my realtor and Jerry and Red are going to take care of it for me!! I do have $950 deductible on my insurance and I don’t know if they will cover the broken pipe. Red said the drawers in the cabinets have ‘turned to mush’ in his words!  It really makes it hard being back here and not able to see the damage myself. Red thinks I will need new cabinets and probably new flooring. I won’t get home till the 28th, but will go earlier if they think I need to! I am trying to keep calm but it is not working!! We decided to go out for dinner and as we headed into the lobby of the hotel ran into at least, by both of our reckoning, 300 plus gay women, mostly older women. They were having a dinner here tonight. The parking lot was FULL and cars parked everywhere so we decided to order a pizza in -  a good choice, enjoyed it and then took a walk inside this BIG hotel. I have had several phone calls with Red and we seem to have my water problem as in control as it can be at this time! The insurance adjustor will meet with Red tomorrow.

Oct 13- Tue-Our last day at Cape Cod.-- We are up early and down to breakfast, then back to the room to have our coffee out on the balcony where we are feeding the gulls with the leftovers from 2 nights ago dinner. 11 is checkout time and we may just make that deadline!  Red called again late last night (early AZ time!) to tell me to relax, that everything was under control and the water damage people were at the house tearing out the cabinets and floor to get things dry! That is under control?? From here it sounds bad! Adjuster will go there Thur instead of today. A leisurely trip off the cape and a stop at his cousin Dickie and wife Marys for a nice visit, then a stop at an old cemetery, and on to another one where some Mayflower people were buried. It was late after all that and traffic was bad so we turned off to Mt Vernon for dinner. Good as always and enjoy Ellie and Michael who wait on us. Now headed for home and talking all the way and suddenly we realize that it has been a long time that we were on the freeway----and a bit of checking shows that we have ‘talked’ our way 11 miles past our exit! Turn around and head back and was good to see our exit and to be home. Packed all in and unpacked-Phil ran the laundry over to the laundry place (His, not mine-I wash mine here!!). A few phone calls and settled down for the evening. His cousin Irene called and wants to meet me so we set up a lunch next week for 3 female cousins and us. No calls from Red today-hope that is good news!

Oct 14th-Thur-This will be a stressful day for Phil. First a doctor appt this morning and at 9am his daughter Bernadette goes in for stomach staple for weight reduction. She needs to lose 100 lbs. Phil is very nervous about the whole thing and prob will show in his B/P at doctor this morning.  Phils appt went well and he is in good health-that is good. We then picked up the printer that has been in the printer hospital--but on using it we find that the problem was not in the printer and must be in his router, as computer works and printer accepts info BUT does not print and this is out of my league of repair work!  Back home where Phil was going to drop me off while he did some shopping, but the cleaning lady, Cledia, was still there-she should have been done and gone but had just started, so I went shopping too- Picked up the laundry, bought wine and then we visited Bernadette and all had gone well, though they will keep her in hospital till Sunday. Sure hope this works for her because she is not a happy person at 4‘10“ inches and 221 pounds!!!  We were going to cook food from his freezer, but upon examination, it went into garbage and we went to Melissas to eat!   Red called me several times today to keep me up to date. He was not happy with the adjustor and was going to call our agent.

Oct 15th-Friday--Out for breakfast and now at 2pm Phil is still running around in pj’s - but yes, he did dress to go out for breakfast-not sure when or why he ended up back in pj’s!!! I fought with the printer for a long time today with no results! It rained hard during the night and now is partially sunny and no rain. This evening we will visit Bernadette and then go into Boston to have dinner with Ed and Connie Jesser. Ed has been friends with Phil since 1961 when they both worked at the State Hospital ‘nut’ house - Phils first job after getting out of Marines.  In afternoon we visited Bernadette who is up and walking around and feels good about the operation helping her lose the weight. Then we headed to Boston during rushhour! It took forever to get to Doyle’s in Jamaica Plains. Doyles is a local political hangout for Boston.  http://www.doylescafeboston.com/  I really enjoyed Ed and Connie and Doyle’s - we had a good dinner and enjoyed the conversation. This place has lots of political photos and Connie gave me a tour pointing out the ones I might know. She and Ed are advisors to Mayor Memino, a personal friend of Phil’s too, who has been 16 years as mayor of Boston - She an official advisor and he unofficial. It was dark and rainy as we left for the trip home, about 40 minutes, and the traffic was still heavy. I did talk with the insurance adjuster today and she tells me much more than Red has--It sounds like much more extensive damage than he said. The wall between the laundry and kitchen is damaged, the cabinets are falling apart, they had to remove a side of the built in buffet in dining room to dry it out and the big fans have been on since tue trying to dry things out. The kitchen, parts of dining room, living room, my office room and hallway floors will prob need replacing and she said a lot more but I can’t remember-just too much to take it all in!

Oct 16th-Saturday - A lazy start to the day and it is 1 pm- I have showered but Phil is still in PJ’s and been on the phone to friend Brian for an hour now! Plans for the day are to go to NH to Kimberlys for a football game that grandson Tommy is playing in.  Around 3 we headed north and arrived early at Doe’s-Kimberly was home, Rob was at the football field with Tommy. BTW Tommy is a 3rd grader. It is cold today, 46 degrees at 4 pm and the wind is gusting!! And you know where they play football!!  I had on my boots, a T-shirt, a sweater, a sweatshirt and my coat plus gloves! It was still cold. Kim had given her dad a windbreaker to put over his denim coat and he just put on the windbreaker (dud!!) and needless to say he was COLD. Then the gam was delayed while another team had a playoff so was around 6:30 when the game finally started. This was the last game of the season so important, and we were glad to be there, but sooooo cold! Anyway, Tommys team won, 26 to 0 and Tommy scored the only 3 touchdowns!  We all went back to Kim’s house to eat Calzones and Pizza and talk and about 9:30 we headed back home. Kim’s brother in law and wife arrived with their dog--the dog is interesting- a mix of Lab and poodle!!!

Oct 17th Sunday- Sleep in and then I fixed us bacon and pancakes for breakfast. We hung around the house till after 1pm and then we took a drive-the fall colors are peaking near town now and it is spectacular! Really enjoyed it and we took about a mile walk in a park where Phil used to ride his bike to and camp-9 miles from his home. I was sleepy so a stop at dunkin donuts for coffee and a shared muffin before driving home.  One more stop at the grocery store for  sausage and an few things we needed, then home where I actually prepared a meal for him! A first! He always finds ways to convince me to eat out, but we had Italian sausage and spaghetti for dinner and it was good. Now he is starting to believe I CAN cook! This was only second time his stove has been used. Now we are relaxing with a wine--The weather was good today, after the cold yesterday- Only in the low 60s but comfortable.

Oct 18th Monday- Up late- I think we drank too much wine last night!  Finally we decided on a drive to visit his friend Tim Moran. Tim is 92 and pretty sharp for that age. We then drove out to Spot Pond for a walk, going from it to Wright’s Pond and back to the car- about 4 miles in the fall colored woods -  really nice and cool enough for gloves but still nice. From there to Mt Vernon for dinner of ‘Lobstaa’ for Phil and Haddock for me. This was an early meal for us leaving us a long evening of wine and songs. Finally off to bed--

Oct 19th-Tue-Up and an early breakfast. Today is a doctor appt for Phil for his feet (he has Charcot-Marie-Tooth and needs orthotics changed occasional for comfort walking.). After that a stop at his friend Kevin’s for a quick visit. Both Kevin and his wife are in last stages of cancer- so sad to see them that way. On home where Kristin met us a bit later. After some talk at the house we headed to Mt Vernon, again tonight, Kristin’s choice, for dinner and more talk. She is fun and a good daughter to Phil.  Back home and not too long before bedtime- both of us tired tonight.

Oct 20th-Wed- Up early, Phil slept great but I was awake a lot of the night! We got the morning coffee, newspaper and breakfast out of the way, showered and cleaned up the house. We are having his 2 cousins for company today. They arrived right at 1pm. JoAnne and Irene turned out to be great gals, a bit younger than Phil and much fun and lots of laughs! After an hour or so here we headed to The Brothers Greek for late lunch and lots of talk. So much fun listening to the 3 of them talk family! It was dark when they left here, Phil went to store and we had planned a light dinner here but both tooo full for anything. 8pm and Phil is laying in his study chair napping and I am catching this up.

Oct 21-Thur- Up early for a very different day, one Phil has been fretting about for a while! Stayed home till about 2 and then headed for Belmont, which is where Kerry lives for you politicos, ending at his Chinese friend Du Ying’s home. She was Phils 57 year old Chinese friend for last year and they hike and talk a lot-no romanc to it and he had actually quit seeing here before Hawaii last year, but they got back together this summer for some hikes (she is the one he saved from drowning in the riptide is Sept). She and I have been emailing and phoning while she planned a trip out west for some friends from China-they took her along and paid all expenses for her also. She wanted to meet me so we planned to have a walk and an early dinner with her- arriving there about 2:30. She is impossible to pin to a schedule so we just went with the flow! I did like her and we seemed to hit it off well! First she made us some real and authentic chinese meatball soup served with a chinese green tea. Very good! Then she had to show us a DVD of some Chinese dancing, that was good and very colorful, then showed us 3 photo albums of hers, and finally we got her into her car and headed for an old cemetery to walk, but by now it is cool and windy and overcast-had rained earlier! We arrived there at 5:40 and the gates closed at 6 so a fast and I do mean fast trip through the cemetery and up to a tower with a fantastic view of Boston. We were out of the car long enough to take some pictures and then rushed to find the gate for leaving and made it out with 2 minutes to spare! Next, to the school where her 6 year old grandson goes and we picked him up. At 5 he knew his times tables and could read. He is a tall boy, good looking, and you would guest 3 or 4th grade rather than first! He speaks sentences better than most adults and understands very well. Next stop was to a Chinese restaurant the is strictly chinese and has many good reviews. We ordered - I know not what -but all was good and enjoyed Ying and Alan. After dinner back to her house with her driving us around and pointing out landmarks that we could not see in the dark! Finally back to her place where we found our car blocked in-Phil managed to get it backed out and we headed home not arriving till around 9. An exhausting day but different and it went well. Back home Phil dropped me off and did some grocery shopping and we settled in for the night.

Oct 22-Friday- This is breakfast out morning and we did, enjoying it as always. Now 2:30 and we are still home, though Phil is at the gym for his workout. Our plan was to shop for a bedspread today and we still might get that done. Also gave him a short computer lesson.  Eventually we headed out shopping and at the 3rd store we found a lt brown comforter that we could agree on! Then to Sears to check out some shoes and I got some panties. Dinner at The Continental in Saugus and home. Dinner was good and I had my first fillet mignon since Charlie died!

Oct 23- Sat--Headed North for a drive but traffic was very heavy and freeway clogged. Got off it and found that any road near Salem was at a standstill, so headed back south to Revere Beach where we purchased Clam Chowder to take home. Realized late in the evening that we had a commitment for tomorrow that we wanted, and had forgotten about.

Oct 24th Sunday-A lazy start to the morning, but soon had to get moving. We were to be in Randolph (south Boston) at noon!  This is a every other year reunion of the people who lived in Phils childhood neighborhood. There were 50 attending and we really enjoyed talking to all-Phil knew about 50% of them--talk about 'old home week’! The food was Italian and very good, with about 5 courses - The people were all Italian or Irish-maybe 3 out of the group, including me, were anything else! A good time! We were back home by 4pm, and later had hot dogs and beans and to bed early for a change. I have pulled something in my back and laying down felt sooo good. Phil is already packing for out flight on Thur!

Oct 25th- Hung around the house all morning, looked up several things on computer we were wanting to know and then out shopping for last minute things. Bank, cigars, coffee, just everyday stuff plus a stop at Revere Beach where Tony and Angie happened to be and enjoyed a short talk with them. Finally home for a while then out to Mt Vernon for dinner and goodbye to friends there. I had hurt my back- don’t know how- a couple days ago and it is not better so soaked in hot tub tonight and it seemed to help. We did get most of the packing done, and Phil is an obsessor with things like this! Drove me crazy!

Oct 26th- Back not much better but I can get things done. Phil is at gym now and not sure what we will do today- He is talking movie but he does not want to see the  only one I want to see! The Social Network.  We went for a drive as my back is not good yet-didn’t want to risk the 3 mile walk around the lake. Stopped at a sub place for a great steak and mushroom Hero sandwich, took it to the Stone Zoo area to a bench for eating, then home. Later headed out to Felicia’s for a great Italian dinner, talked with friends and home. Phil forgot to get the laundry so is out getting it now. A bit of wine and off to an early bed. Tomorrow last day here.

Oct 27th- My back is better but still not good. We are doing all the last minute things today-I tried again to get his printer to communicate with either of our computers and still nothing! Funny cause they both worked while we were at Best Buy! Phil is getting a haircut so dropped me off at the library where I was able to print our boarding passes. He got his hair cut short and does not even look like him!! I liked the longer frizzy way he did wear it--this is sophisticated and he usually looks like TV’s Columbo! Remember him??  But he does still look good! Finished packing--he is fretting cause I bought 4 hardback books!  So my suitcase was over weight, and I slipped 6 lbs from mine into his!!  Out to dinner at Melissa’s and home early for a good night sleep. Our pickup call is for 7:15 AM.
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