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Trip Start Aug 16, 2008
Trip End Aug 31, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Ohio
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aug 16th Sat - Hung around here this morning, watered the flowers and stuff twice-it was 100 degrees today! Tried downloading some caches for Italy but only got one done - will have to work on that some more.   Talked with Charlie and finally headed to Paddingtons Pizza to have a birthday get-together for Sharons mom- A lot of her family was there and I enjoyed the company. Doug and Davis were to meet me there at 7 PM, but when I left at 8 they had not showed up. I went down the road a bit to do 3 caches, one I could not reach the other day - this time I drove the car right up to it, opened the back door and stood on the seat and still had trouble, but did finally manage it though ended up with pitch on my hands! Another that I had planned to drive under and stand on bumper had a lady sitting in a chair right by it reading a book-it is well after 8 and almost dark but she wasn't giving up! Maybe tomorrow?? Back onto the Marion St bridge when the phone rang. It was Davis- they had gone to the Pizza place at 8:10 and missed me. Made arrangements to drive back and meet them at Shari's for a late supper-I had only 2 small pieces of pizza so just had the delicious potato soup with everything on it- a zillion calories but ohhh, soooo good!   Finally home by 10:20---This looked like my only chance to see them so glad we could work it out.  The cat was waiting by the door for me and we are both off to bed.
Aug 17th Up early and packed up to meet Ken and Joan and ride to Portland with them to a caching event-The Lemonade Social - in Milwaukie. We did a bit of caching on the way ending at the park where the event was taking place. I did about 1 mile walk to get 9 caches in one of the games. Another was a list of cachers we had to find to complete a sheet of questions. The overcast morning finally gave way to hot and muggy for the remainder of day. There was way too much food, but we managed to at least try most of it---lol.  There were several people there that I knew from the past and many more to meet - really had a large turnout. A fun part was that a Dixieland Band was playing at a picnic next to us and provided music all afternoon. Very good! We left late and did a few more caches on the way home, with me getting back here after 9 pm. A bit of house cleaning and played with the cat and off to bed, one tired old lady!
Aug 18th Woke to RAIN! After having temps in the high 90's for most of the week.  A high today at 2 pm of 68! What a change. Carol, Wayne and I had planned to cache today, and kept waiting for better weather but never happened. By then it was also too late to call my College roommate Jeanie back-she lives up the coast, to far to go this late in the day. Darn-I missed her last trip too.
Aug 19th - The cat woke me early demanding breakfast. I am beginning to think about packing up, but this morning meeting some classmates at the PO in Keizer where we will car pool to Wilsonville for the monthly get-together. A dreary Oregon looking day and sure looks like it might rain!   I got lost looking for the PO- sure could have used our Garmin Nuvi today. Finally met and we all headed to Wilsonville to the Garlic and Onion at the Holiday Inn. There were 11 of us today, and we stayed about 3 hours, all talking all the time! Great fun and glad they had one while Letha and I were in town.  Back to town and a stop to say goodby to Gary and Sharon, then to Independence to see my cousin Mancil and his wife Jennifer. I don't see them often but sure enjoy them when I do. Then to his folks place but no one home so on back home in the rain. Carol and I had planned, again, to cache tomorrow but storms predicted all day so that is out. Some housecleaning around here and off to bed.
Aug 20 Wed-The cat and I were up earlier than I had planned! House clean and I am packed. The bank had called and my Euros are in so drove down to get them, and get the PERS papers notarized. Then off to their office in the Archives Building where I had to redo 2 pages to keep them happy. So much to do for $250 that I didn't even know I had. So sometime in the next 3 months I will get the money, and had to pay 20% withholding on it! Next stop was to fill the Subaru with fuel--$45.00 - not bad for all the driving I did while here. Its been a nice place to stay, secluded yet near town. As always I didn't see everyone, but next trip will just put them to top of my list. It rained all night and sprinkled all day - Carol and I decided not to cache today so waiting for her to pick me up - I will spend night with her and she will take me to Airport tomorrow morning.
Aug 21.  Carol woke me at 5 am---I was dreaming and didn't want to get up, but did and hopped into the shower while she fixed a quick breakfast. Before 6 we were headed across Portland to the airport, traffic was light so we were in plenty of time-she dropped me off and I zipped through security and up to SouthWest who has new computer setups- plug in and a place to sit! Nice. Finally in the air by 9 to our first stop in Sacramento CA, then on to Phoenix AZ (temp 110!) for an hour and layover before plane change and at last in the air for Columbus OH.  Arrived there just after 9, deplaned, headed for luggage pickup, and for the first time both my bags were among the first 10 bags! Called Charlie and he was at pickup in less than 2 minutes and after hellos and hugs and kisses we were off for Centerville! So glad to see him, and he has, on purpose, lost 17 lbs while I was gone! Good to be home - we finally hit the bed after midnight. I had a great holiday but it is good to be home.
Aug 22-Friday - I couldn't sleep last night so really tired today. Lots of unpacking to do and maybe I can sneak in a nap-I unpacked, did laundry, watered plants - that had not gotten watered while I was gone-changed bedding, put elastic in a skirt, hemmed some pants, you know what kind of things after a holiday! A busy day and no nap. Fixed biscuits and gravy for dinner. Caught up on emails in the evening and was really ready for bedtime!
Aug 23rd Saturday-The 'guys' are all gone fishing so Charlie didn't go to Springfield this morning, letting him sleep till 10 AM. Sometime after lunch we decided on a walk and went to Bill Yech park where Charlie has been doing a 1.4 mile walk every other day. It was in the 90s today but more than half of the walk was in the trees. Lots of flowers making it a fun walk.  Charlie lightheaded again today -been a lot of that in the past couple of months. Called Darlene and dropped by to see them-they are in one of Charlies condo rentals not far from our house.  Jimmie and Charlie talked Army and Dar and I talked clothes and shoes!! When Jim arrived home they took us out to their new house. Walls, roof are up and now ready for the wiring and heating and all that. Home for a much needed shower and then grocery shopping. Dar had given us some mango chicken and we had spinach salad with it. As he always does, Charlie checked the blood pressure machine at the store - no wonder he is feeling faint-83/48 P95 - not good and I will get him a doctor appt as soon as I can. Oh, and Charlie has now, on purpose, lost 19 lbs since I left for Oregon.
Aug 24th Sunday-I was up long before Charlie. After breakfast of 2 small pancakes and doing some computer stuff, we both showered and off to fly the Cub for a while. It started right up and off we flew- down to Clinton Co-Wilmington to refuel, over Dars new house twice, all around the county and back to the hanger practicing a dead engine landing. As we were closing up the hanger it began to POUR rain! We were soaked getting to the car. Next stop was the motorhome for some stuff we needed, and as we were leaving got a call from Dar all excited about AKIA just this side of Cincinnati and would we come down? We did, and toured that enormous home furnishings place but never did find her - but then we were on the second floor and lost most of the time- just could not find the way off that floor and made at least 4 circles following signs to exit, but it never happened! Finally found the elusive food area and after resting a bit asked directions to the bottom floor!  Eventually we left - it is hot and muggy today - and part way home we were in a rain storm that was so torrential that more than half of the cars and trucks were parked on the side of the road -visibility was about 1 car length, and lasted for about 8 miles!  Out of that and home on dry roads. Later we decided to go to Outback for a filet and was dry when we left the house and then a cloudburst just as we arrived at the Outback! At least the car looks clean now. A good meal and home with leftover meat for tomorrow.
Aug 25th-First thing this morning I called the doctor for Charlie and when he called back he took him off both heart meds! And he has an appt for tomorrow morning. I made a fruit smoothie for me for breakfast-Charlie was apprehensive of it, but may try one tomorrow.  He left for the factories and I headed out to shop at The Greene-and I got lost, really lost; took 2 different mailmen giving me directions to get me there! And then there was nothing that I found that I wanted. Over to Wal*Mart for a few things for supper and home.  We had our left over filet and I made a zucchini, yellow squash, onion and tomato stir fry - and Charlie loved it. Low cal too. Tonight is the first night of the Democrat Nat convention in Denver.
Aug 26th - Charlie goes to the doctor this morning. I have been making me fruit smoothies for breakfast, but Charlie is still reluctant to depend on them for a meal though he always drinks a good part of mine! Charlie returned and said they had taken several tests and will try him off the heart meds for 2 weeks -. His BP at the office was about the same as Saturdays-too low! I had a busy day - made 4 pillowcases, hemmed 2 pair slacks, put new straps on a sunsuit, called about my hearing aid being repaired in Arizona - they had been holding it for me to pick up instead of mailing it as I had instructed!!, started a cabbage soup for dinner, ironed all my clothes, did laundry plus all the usual daily tasks! Wheeeeh! Had soup and salad for dinner, low cal and good. I talked to John tonight and he said his Dad finally, after many years, gave him a call. I had given him the number and the 'hint' that John would like to hear from him when I was visiting him in Salem.
Aug 27th Wednesday-Slept in - finally, no reason to get up so early. Charlie is better already - getting off the heart pills really helped-and he feels better.  After he left for factory I showered and took off for some errands. Got to the first one and realized I had forgotten my wallet. Returned a blouse to Sears, got food for tonight, tried to get camera to work- still a problem - I have replaced the time/date battery but didn't do the trick. Made up a big batch of Peanut butter cookies and will cook them Fri eve so Charlie can take them to the Sat morn gang- Listened to Bill Clinton speech tonight-both Clintons are good speakers but neither have any substance-though more than Obama!  Oh- I did have a fall today and may be a bit stiff tomorrow! Walked around the table and turned my ankle, just enough to lose my balance and fall, and to keep from falling through the bay window I twisted towards the table and the chair that could have broken my fall, but is on rollers and just glided out of my reach! My elbow is bruised, stiff to bend, side of my face is sore but no bruise yet - it hit the window ledge, 2 numb fingers on one hand and a slice in finger on other hand--  I fixed a rice, steak, onion and tomato dish with a green salad for supper. Not too bad but will improvise a bit next time. We are putting labeled small portions of leftovers in the freezer for Charlie while I am gone.
Aug 28th thur-I was up first this morning  - we are both losing weight, Charlie 22 lbs now in 3 weeks and me 6 lb in last 10 days - sure hope we can continue. Charlie better since getting off the BP meds. That is good!  Charlie headed off about noon.  I showered, did stuff around here and finally headed to the grocery store for stuff for dinner. Tonight will be a tuna salad. I finished some sewing on a dress and tried on a few things to see if I might want to take them. The tuna salad was a very good meal accompanied by some fresh sweet corn.  We are staying up late tonight to watch the Obama spectacular in his Roman coliseum in Denver!   He is a terrific speaker - just be nice if he would make promises he would be able to keep.  So many uninformed voters in our country who are not basing their choices on reality, but on personality.
Aug 29th Up early and hear that McCain will announce his choice for VP today. Charlie up not long after and we start another day. This is also the day our friend Don, back in Oregon, has his prostate cancer surgery. We are wishing him well - they think they caught it early. McCain announced Gov Sarah Palin of Alaska as his VP choice. She is a great speaker, attractive, sense of humor and experience! I am happy with his choice. At noon I drove over to Mary Biehns 'new to her' house. We had seen it after she bought and was painting and fixing it up, but she is now nearly all moved in and the place looks great! She showed me around and then we spent a couple hours on her back porch-balcony just chatting. I really enjoy her. Joe is moving back into the house she vacated, Dar and Jim and Jimmy are building the new house - Chuck and Dana are engaged and living at his big house that they are trying to sell - everything is changing here. Fixed us another salad but tonight used cut-up pork loin in the salad and Charlie added a hard boiled egg to his - another good meal. I baked the peanut butter cookies Charlie is taking to his guys breakfast tomorrow-they liked them when they went Oshkosh and asked for more. Listened to  Palin talking tonight -  she has such presence!
Aug 30 Sat- Charlie was off to Springfield for breakfast taking a bunch of peanut butter cookies for the guys. He played golf and didn't return till after 4. I tried on a bunch of clothes and tried to eliminate some from my 'take' list but didn't work. One blouse to sew on a bit too. Cleaned the bathroom carpet and dusted, watered plants, washed clothes, one of those kinds of days. In one week we leave for Chicago and 5 days later pick up Carol at the airport!  Watched more on McCains VP choice and like her better all the time! Also watching news on Hurricane Gustav that is expected to be a Cat 5 when it hits land in Louisiana soon. We took off at 6:30 for Stubbs park- not too far away and found a good parking place, walked up the hill and into the amphitheater finding a good place to park our folding chairs. We only waited about 10 minutes for things to start and then enjoyed almost 2 hours of The US Air Force Band of Flight performing for us! Magnificent! And then the sunset was extreme red and beautiful - a great end to a great concert!  We need to do more things like this. I am guessing about 1500 people showed up, making for good people watching.
Aug 31- After a late start this morning we headed out to Sugercreek Park to walk the 'orange' trail - 1 miles and such a delightful place. Trees lining and hanging over nearly all of the trail, a side trip to The 3 Sisters-huge white oak trees, one of which is 25 ft around the base and a walk through what is called the tunnel because of the trees. Sister Tree #2 fell in the past few months but there are leaving the remains there. It was 87 degrees out but we did alright, only a couple of short stops - this trail has more ups and downs than the one we did recently. I think more ups than downs too! Drove home and as we pulled into the drive remembered we had not shopped for groceries so back to the store in our sweaty bodies. Charlie did his BP at Wal*Mart - 86 over 58 - still low end esp since he is now off the BP meds. That done and home again. A few things done around the house, took our showers, and about 3:30 headed toward Dayton for the Montgomery County Fair. A great time- we watched all the rides and people on them, watched 4-6 year olds do a 'tractor pull' - that was a highlight of the evening, checked out all the 4-H animals-saw some strange and pretty rabbits and chickens that I have never seen before, just wandered around until 6 when we got into a LONG line to get tickets for the Destruction Derby!!! Wow- I have not seen one of these since 1956 or 57! This was a bit different as they made a big pen with concrete dividers and put 12-15 cars at a time in it. There were four sets of these and then a 'drive-off' for anything that was still running. We each picked a car each round and one of mine won and one of Charlies won! Then we both picked really poorly on the next 2, and Charlie picked the guy that came in second on the final round. Fun, though it was 88 degrees when we arrived, but the sum went down midway through the Derby making it more comfortable. Again tonight was a beautiful red sunset. After the derby we wandered around a bit more people watching and finally home by 10 pm where we grabbed that broasted chicken we had gotten earlier and just pulled off chicken for supper along with lemonade. A long and busy day but lots of fun! And so another month comes to an end.
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