June - On the road and at many Emergency Rooms

Trip Start Jun 01, 2009
Trip End Jun 30, 2009

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Flag of United States  , Ohio
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 1, 2009 We had gone to bed so early last night that I was up at 5:45! Charlie finally up at 8. Blue sky, looks nice out. Around 10 we headed for the hospital, gave them the order from Ohio doctor for a CBC, no problem. Of course it was really bad-Platelets 2 and red cell/oxygen around 3! Then after about an hour they decided they could not treat him without an order from a local doctor. We were trying to keep from using Emergency room as that costs us taxpayers more, and we just learned that the platelets are $1000 per unit! After much haggling, and he is weary and was getting cranky, we finally decided to go the emergency room route. To make this short, it took 3 hours for them to decide how to treat him and finally, after 1PM got him into a room, but had made no move to start his IV. I left and went off to browse the town, then home. It is hot out today. It is raining at 6:30 –big drops and wind – there is so much cottonwood fuzz in the air it looks like big snowflakes. Had a long phone call with Dar and with Carol. Called Charlie and he is still on the whole blood but they have the platelets available for later. He will call me to come and get him. We put out a new cache in AZ back on March 22 and it wasn't found until yesterday. The following is from the logs on it- (Jeepers Creepers, what a road! GC1P21W)

 May 30 by MTime (543 found)
FTF!! But, OH what a day it was. Started the drive in on Telegraph Canyon Rd, Then on to Ajax Mine Rd. The driving was fairly easy going in my Tacoma. Got to the Orphan Boy Mine Rd turn off to head South, and my conscience told me to stop there and hike the rest of the way. I've never been one to pay much attention to that little voice in my head, so I drove in a ways. Not too bad. Found a spot to park, and walked the last 1/4 mile or so to the cache. Found the cache easily enough and signed the log. Took a few pictures, then headed back to the truck.

This is where the day starts getting interesting. On the way out towards Ajax Mine Rd., I got the left front tire caught in a runoff wash out on the side of the road, as I was just getting the tire clear of that, I felt the left rear go over the edge. After that, it was gravity that took over, and I couldn’t do anything about it. As the tires caught during the sideways slide, over she went, finally landing on the roof in the creek bed.

After kicking out some of the already broken glass, and getting out of the truck, I checked my phone, and I had NO cell signal, and an almost dead battery. So I fished my pack out, and a few other belongings, marked a waypoint for the truck, and headed up the road to a high spot, about 1 1/2 mi, to try and get signal. Called 911, gave them my coords, and waited. After about an hour and a half, and no sign of help, I called 911 back, and stayed on the line with them. About 15-20 min later, I spotted the DPS helicopter. After they finally found a spot to land, they loaded me up and flew me into Superior, to be met by an ambulance. I did not realize how banged up or injured I was, or could have been, because of the adrenalin rush I was on. Once in superior, it was decided that it would be best if I was flown to a neurological trauma center. So, I got a second helicopter ride to Scottsdale.

Fortunately, nothing was broken. Just beat up a bunch. And they let me go home after a few hours. Now we just need to figure out how to get my truck out of that canyon.

2008 Toyota Pickup                           Truck Close to $30,000
Medical bills/LifeFlight Fees                       Several Thousand Dollars
Getting the FTF and a Smiley           Priceless

(FTF is First to Find a new cache after it is established – connie)

Took - nothing, Left – nothing (except my truck, in the canyon) and signed the log. Dipping my personal TB for the mileage and the adventure. This will most probably be my MOST MEMORABLE cache ever. Thanks

*Update - June 1, 09* The truck has been recovered. It took the towing company 10 hours, 3 guys, and 3 trucks. They could not get the 24' flatbed in anywhere near, and had to upright it, and drag it out with their huge 4wd truck.

June 1 by Azoutdrs (1392 found)
Oh my gosh, this has to be the best caching story EVER!

*     June 1 by Roark&Dallas (1054 found)
When we read the FTF log we thought "It can't be that difficult", so Two Over The Hill cachers set out for a fun day trip. Parked the truck, and unloaded the quad at 7 am. After a few false starts we found the correct road, and headed for the cache. Sometime later we came to their oops area, and continued on. After traveling about 1/4 mile past where MTime parked his truck we also decided walking would be best. The GPSr said.34 miles as the crow flys. As we are not the type for bushwhacking we followed the road, .55 miles (UP HILL BOTH WAYS) Arriving at the cache site at 10:40. After a few minutes searching we signed the log 2nd to find. While walking back to the quad the topic of conversation was "If Team CC drove all the way to the cache, they have a lot of courage, Or very little common sense"
After a full day of "Fun, Travel, and Adventure" we arrived at the truck. We loaded the quad at 2:50 pm and started for home with a deep sense of accomplishment in finding the cache without mishap and taking lots of pictures.
Thank you for taking us to this beautiful area.


*     Cache Logs  June 1 by GR8GPN (3932 found)
Someone **PLEASE** post some pics of this road. I have got to see it if it scared away people ridding quads!!!
Sounds like a good time, I wish it was close to home  (this guy lives here in SLC, Utah-  connie)

It is 10.40 and I just called Charlie at the hospital—and they are just starting on his FIRST bag of platelets so will be midnight at least before I can go pick him up! He sounded disgusted! I climbed into bed, dressed, with my book and read till he called me about 12:30. We were finally home from the Allen Hospital at 1:30 AM. His color looks much better – his skin and hair are no longer the same color of white –he has some pink now. Says he feels better, but his rotor cuff is acting up and he can hardly lift his right arm. Gave him some Excedrin and we both hit the bed. A long day – over 14 hours to get his 'top-off’.

June 2-Tuesday-I am up at 7 and it is raining again.  Charlie finally got up and he didn’t seem too bad, but as the day wore on he got worse and worse. He did go to hospital for the CBC and it showed white count of 2.7-no change, Hemoglobin of 7.4 – it was 5.1 yesterday, and platelets up from 2 to 50! That is good but still not getting the oxygen up where he needs it. He got grayer and more tired as the day went on, took several naps, was cold, has dry cough –at the Broken Oar where we went for dinner I had to get his Jacket for him-He couldn’t get warm! Back home and he went straight to bed, after we made the bed cause I had done laundry today. He is having trouble peeing – just nothing is going right for him! I want to make it all better but that can’t happen so we will just take each day as it comes.

June 3-  Wednesday – I was up early and Charlie followed a couple of hours later. We were to meet the bunch for the Cliff Hanger trail at 10 and by 10:10 he was not dressed or ready so I thought he was not going to go! I was hoping!! But not to be- And we all got out of here by 10:30 – Bob and Pam, Don and Winnie, Wayne and ?-she told me her name but I forgot! This is a trail I have heard about and saw movies on and did not want to do it! It scared me! But I didn’t feel Charlie should go alone so I went. I was on edge all day, never comfortable and though beautiful scenery I kept my eyes on the trail all the time! And it was indeed all I had feared! You couldn’t relax for a minute out here-there were challenges every inch of the trail. It was 4.3 miles – 8.6 round trip and took us 5 hours! Charlie did a good job of driving though I was so afraid he was not up to it physically! He got to pull Bob off of a high center – that made him feel good! He had 2 real challenges and I didn’t think he would do the one, a rough high step right on the edge of the cliff, but with several attempts he did do it! I think I got several movies of him this time. I walked a lot of the challenges and took pictures. Finally could see the Kane Creek road and was so happy but we still had the giant steps to get out! Charlie did it very well, but I still did not like the trail-Now I have done Cliff Hanger and I do not have to ever do it again! Back to town and everyone came over to our place for libations and talk, going home about 7 and before I could fix dinner Charlie is sound asleep.

June 4-A bad night – Charlie up every hour or less to pee, and couldn’t! Then it started the burning and pain. Now I think we know the problem! He wouldn’t believe me yesterday that it could be urinary tract infection! This morning he does and we went back to the hospital, where they greeted us like old friends! A nice doctor named Rebecca Love met us at the door, got him registered and took care of him right away. She was great! Later down to Walker Drugs for a prescription and home. By 4 medicine not kicking in much yet, but has taken a ‘bit’ of the edge off the pain. Another nap and then met up with Winnie and Don, Pam and Bob for dinner at Pasta Jays’ in downtown Moab. Really enjoyed their company and the food. This is a great place to have a meal with friends. Charlie actually got through dinner without having to ‘try’ the bathroom. After dinner we did our grocery shopping and off to bed.

June 5th Friday – Up early and Charlie does feel better but bladder not back to normal yet. We started shutting done the motorhome, hooked the jeep up for the first time. The lights still not working but that is Charlie! He will get to them eventually! Maybe! Said goodbyes to our friends in the park and left the park at 10:15. First stop downtown Moab to get a couple of Moab stickers for the Rubi. Next stop at the tire place where we were supposed to get the tires and take then to Jim at Outlaw Jeep Tours. But they had sold them—at a big loss to us, but at least they are gone. Next stop at Outlaw where we chatted with Jim for a few minutes and he took the packaged up and ready to mail Cherokee back window. He will be advertising it and will we, so hope it sells. And finally at 11 we headed North on Hwy 191, up to I-70, stopping at San Rafael Swell for breakfast-at noon- and west on it to I-15 stopping for the night in Cedar City Utah. Nuvi had told us where the Wal-Mart was, but it was the old one, clear through town. Finally got directions and was just by the freeway exit where we had gotten off, but hard to see. Wal-Mart lot was very full but then we noticed Home Depot and several motorhomes and RVs so parked with them. The wind has been vicious all day-really made driving harder. After a dinner of left-overs from last night we walked over to Wal-Mart to have extra keys made for the jeep – really windy walking over but just cool when we returned—a great big full moon just over the large mt by us! The TV has been acting up so he spent about an hour on phone and it sorta works again.

June 6- Saturday- I was up early, Charlie followed a bit later. He is still having trouble peeing but seems to slowly getting better. We finally took off and had breakfast at a Denny’s in St George – had some problem getting into the parking lot, and I am not to give him driving directions again. After breakfast hunted for fuel and got into a station with 12’ ceiling, but by getting out and watching we made it, fueled up partway and off for Las Vegas. I finally fell asleep on the way, waking just before we could see the city. Followed Nuvi and it took us west instead of east-out into the desert and dead end road, so Charlie turned us around in the middle of the road- motorhome with jeep on behind! Finally back on freeway and we turned east and a few miles later Nuvi changed its mind and decided we were right. Then could not turn into RV park we had planned on, ended in a mobile home park and finally out of it, called Sams Town and headed a few blocks to the RV park—and the office was closed-called again and found that we had to go several blocks away to the ‘other’ Sam’s Town RV, on Boulder. So off we went, tempers a bit short, but got registered and set up. A few more temper things and we are not happy with each other tonight. The TV is acting up again, the toilet needs repairs, the tow electrics not working, the ice maker quit! Then I went into the bedroom, opened the closet and the closet pole had come down and ALL the clothes are on the floor of the closet. I pulled them all out onto the bed, and now he has to fix it tonight. A lot of hurtful words before this day ended! Just not a great day!

June 7th- The Sam’s Town RV on Boulder is quite nice. I had stayed at it before, and also at their other one several times. The bad thing was the dog that barked all night! Even I with my ears ‘out’ was disturbed by it! No idea where it was. Around noon we headed out to find a Harbor Freight for some tool bags Charlie wanted, and managed to slip in 5 caches along the way. Then drove through downtown LV and so hot and crowded we came on home. After a little dinner of toasted cheese sandwiches we walked over to Sam’s Town to catch the laser and water show in the atrium. Pretty good and we did get wet-standing at the rail! After that we wandered around a bit then ice cream- we had a buy one get one free coupon. Back home and sat outside where we could watch the full-moon rising. Talked to a couple from Florida that were here for a bowling tournament, then inside for bed.

June 8-Monday- About 11 we walked over to Sam’s Town for a lunch buffet - $8.03 for both of us with our 2 for 1 coupon. We filled up on very good food and had a fun waitress too. Around noon we headed out for a drive-went east to the lake and then south and west back to campground. We discovered a fabulous new housing area – MonteLago –wow what they have done to the desert! We did drive down a dirt road to a bridge to get a cache and the police caught us! Seems we are not to be there-but no signs. The cache info said it was in a watershed park open daylight hours, but they told us it was not a park- Nice officer and we had a fun talk with him. A couple more caches and back home. No dinner, just snack and drink as we were still full from this morning! Later we drove next door (It is warm out and feels good, but the wind is quite strong) to the Eastside Cannery Casino. It is fairly new and nothing fancy on the inside-just lots of slots! But the outdoor lighting is neat- rows of neon all around the building, roof to ground strips of it and it all changes colors at random and in sequences – neat to watch and we can see it from the motorhome. We didn’t stay long and back to do some house stuff and get to bed.

June 9-Tuesday – Charlie was off to the Trade show down town. I walked over to Wal-Mart and just browsed around. Did finally find a replacement foldup stool for the Jeep. Charlie called asking me for some info on who he was to see at the show, but since I was not home could not help him. I did 2 caches while out, then home and took the laundry over to be washed. Charlie had bleed in several places the other night and the sheets looked pretty bad. That blood remover stuff I has really works! When I finished he was home. He had snacked all day so we just had a hotdog for dinner, sat outside in the warm and lightly breezy evening, then off to bed.

June 10th- I was up at 6 –couldn’t sleep any longer-Charlie was up after 8. We leave Las Vegas this morning. We finally left at 10:45. As we got onto Boulder and ready to turn onto Flamingo a guys pulled up and told us that Charlie had left the rear door on the Jeep open and it was swinging around. We stopped at the red light and he got out and shut it, didn’t have time to check that everything was still in the Jeep! Onto Flamingo and RIGHT THROUGH the heart of LV Strip! Finally onto I-15 and heading south. I pissed Charlie off when I gave a bottle of water to a street person – he really chewed me out- far too much for the situation! On to the border town of Primm where we stopped for fuel and Charlie to have breakfast – I had had mine earlier. Chuck called as we were leaving and they talked for about an hour! Started out friendly as usual and ended up with Charlie putting Chuck down, telling him he had no idea how to run a business, etc! I hate it when he does that! Then we were off across California—a very windy day and made driving harder; finally stopping for the night at a Home Depot in Delano on Hwy 99 heading North. There is a truck parked by us and his reefer is going- Hope he leaves soon. I had chicken thawing in a bowl-a favorite bowl- and it hit the floor and broke as we were coming down the Tehachapi Hill! We finally got tired of listening to the truck (occupants were a young man and about a 2 year old little boy-interesting!) so we picked up and moved to the other side of the parking lot—and then he left!

June 11-We were up fairly early but just hung around till sometime before 2 when we headed out north and ended up in Stockton in another Home Depot. There is a Wal-Mart down the road a bit but it said no overnighting. Out for a dinner at Outback, had a lousy waiter- a first at an Outback, mousey, slow, didn’t get anything right, just not an Outback type waiter! Back home to grab the grocery list and find the Wal-Mart-which, when we did find it, had several RVs parked in the lot! Charlie has run out of steam again and we won’t get to a hospital for blood till Monday. Color is bad-his white hair and flesh look the same color! And NO energy at all! Still having trouble with the bladder infection too, even though he is out of his pills.

June 12 Friday- Up early, Charlie up later and left about 10:30 for a sales appt with Mark at Barkley’s here in Stockton. I talked with Dar for about hour, then walked across the road to check out the shops-Mostly a window shopping trip but nice to just wander about. Back home, read a while, then a nap and after 2 Charlie arrived. Before 3 we were packed up and driving off north. We had planned on staying at a Wal-Mart in Redding, but posted no overnight, and then we had to get back out of it-through construction, down alleys, around corners and through parking lots but finally back on I-5 heading north again. I remembered a spot Jim and I used to stay at a very basic truck stop at Pollard Flats about 25 miles north of Redding so we headed for there. There is now a small RV park there but we pulled into the truck parking and settled in for the night. It has been beautiful weather but is now a light rain. Surprisingly we are able to get phone and internet service way out here. We had leftovers from last nights supper, later an adult beverage and off to bed. The TV signal here is not good!

June 13- Close by thunder and lightning storm just after we went to bed that lasted for about an hour that included lots of rain. There were only a couple of trucks in the big lot with us last night, and from staying here in the past that is what we usually encountered, but woke this morning to find the lot very full of trucks. By the time we headed out at 9:30 there were only 4 left. Mount Shasta was completely in clouds so only saw a bit of snow at the base. The Castle Crags were clear and beautiful as always. I have always liked them better than Shasta or Shastina anyway. We drove into Oregon and began looking for a place to park and have breakfast but didn’t find one till a rest stop just north of Medford. Ate and caught up on computer a bit before heading on. Later we stopped at another rest stop so Charlie could have a short (1 hour) nap. He wants to drive, and I know he loves it and he really likes driving the motorhome so I don’t drive or ask too. He is looking really pale and peaked and I worry about him. We had planned to park at friends Don and Anita, but they live about 15 miles out of town on a back road (with a terrific view of Mt Jefferson!) and after much discussion he decided we needed to be closer to a hospital so we drove past the turn to his place and on to Salem. We finally arrived at Salem Oregon around 5 and I didn’t think he could get to the office to sign in. He finally made it and we got into our site, but he is too exhausted to set up the water and electric! With a lot of sitting and a lot of time he did finally get it done. Came in and he is exhausted-can hardly move, white and no energy AT ALL!  I suggested hospital tonight, but he insists on waiting till at least tomorrow and would really like to hold out till Monday-I just can’t see that happening but we will see what tomorrow brings. This is the worst I have seen him! His oxygen and platelet must be at 0 by now! He went to bed at 8:30 and immediately to sleep. I forgot to mention that – well remember when the clothes rod came down and made a mess of all our clothes and Charlie finally fixed it—well, last night we looked in the closet and it is down again, this time taking the center rod out of the ceiling!  I drove over to Home Depot-which is really right next door-to get a board we are going to fix it with and asked them to cut it to length and they ‘didn’t have any one that could help and they were too busy’ so I brought home the 10 ft thing in the Jeep-had to stick it out both front windows and hang onto it! Glad I was close to RV park! I guess that will be my project in the next day or two. Still have the toilet to repair and the electric hookup between Jeep and motorhome to rewire! Plus the bath and bedroom lights are getting to dim to be worth turning on.

June 14-Sunday-I am up at 7:30, Charlie still in bed at 9. He was up a lot last night to pee but don’t know how he feels yet this morning. We must be in Oregon – it rained a lot last night.  He is up at 10, feeling lousy and we are going to the hospital pretty soon. This is the worst he has felt with his CLL. He can hardly walk from chair to chair without wearing himself out! We were at the Salem Hospital by 11, in the emergency room where they took very good care of him, doing the CBC and another urine test as we don’t think the antibiotics cleared the bladder infection. No result of that but the CBC was blood oxygen 3.1 and platelets 2 again! The oxygen loss is the one that hurts him so bad. And the doctor explained that as he gets low on it the heart has to work harder and will eventually fail! He also told him to get to hospital when he first has the signs of it being low, not to wait to see how long he can go! We were in the brand new emergency room just opened last month, and it is impressive as is their care and treatment. By 3pm he was finally in a hospital bed and when I left shortly after that they were just getting him ready for the transfusions. I went back to the RV park, and as I was getting out of the car Don and Anita showed up- they had been at Home Depot and saw me drive past! We had a great visit, then Don took home the stuff that was ready to fix the clothes bar, plus checked out our non functioning toilet and thinks he can fix it. Just as they were leaving John and Maxine showed up, and while they were here Gary and Sharon arrived. John and Maxine finally had to leave and a bit later my stepsons, Doug and Davis arrived. Gary, Sharon, the boys and I went to Shari’s for dinner on Charlie. Everyone left and I called Dar, then called Charlie. He sounded confused and will stay there till tomorrow. They were on bag 3 of his second batch of blood.

June 15th-Monday- I had a horrible headache all night- haven’t had one like this in years! So I was up early and at 8:30 called Charlie who said they had just started the 2nd batch of blood. I expected him to be home around noon so I stayed home thinking he would call soon and the Don would be here soon to finish the closet clothes rod. I finally called Charlie at 3:30 and he said to come pick him up in a few minutes – then called Don and told him I left the door unlocked. Down to hospital and by 4 pm we were headed home! He seems a lot better, but not as good as he has been in the past. Even with the extra blood and platelet his count was not up very much—just not as good as in the past. When we got to the house Don was there- outside looking for the bin that had the tools in it. He was doing fine though, had found the beer, the whiskey and turned on the air conditioner. He did a great job on the rod-putting a steel pipe inside of the aluminum one- should not bend and pull out again. He did the brace for it and even painted it. We drank adult beverages and talked till my cousin Warren and wife Nanci arrived. Don and Anita chatted with them and then left and the 4 of us went to the Roadhouse for dinner. Had a Tri-Tip and it was excellent!  First time I had tried it-really good. Really enjoyed the evening with Warren and Nanci – Warren was always my favorite cousin. Back to the house and relaxed and now time for bed –after 10 pm. I did get all the clothes back into the closet and we went through our shoes and both parted with a few pair!

June 16th- Don and Anita arrived around noon and we found the stock number for the toilet and ordered the part to repair it.  My stepson Doug also came by and enjoyed his visit. They went home and we did stuff around here- Charlie is not feeling good at all. He is white again, dizzy when he gets up, out of breath and tired! Like he was before going to the hospital, but not quite as bad! A big disappointment after all the blood and platelets they gave him. Early evening Brian and Trisha with 22 month old Jesse came for a visit. Jesse is so cute – Trisha is pregnant again, due just before Halloween. She brought us a jar of strawberry jam, the first she has ever made. A bit after they left Gary and Sharon arrived, with fresh made strawberry shortcake! They went home around 10-Gary has to work tomorrow. We had expected Lee and Suzie today but they never showed--

June 17-Wednesday—Don and Anita arrived about 11 with the parts for the toilet. Don took the old one out and then they discovered it was a small broken plastic part that was the problem, not the parts they had ordered. Back to the store and eventually just bought a new toilet! Didn’t take Don long to install it and then we all went to lunch. Oh, Anita had brought Charlie a strawberry rhubarb pie-it’s in the refrig waiting for us! Ken and Joan called while we were at lunch, and joined us. The 6 of us chatted and had a good time. Back to the motorhome and headed North to Seattle, actually Bellevue. We left at 3 and were there by 7:30. The jeep was setting off the Tattle Trail notifying us that some sort of agitation was going on back there – happened more and more as we traveled. Very annoying sound, especially since Charlie would let it go so long before he would slow down or brake to stop it.  Charlies sister Jane and Roy came over for an hour or so, then we went to bed-tired and long day.

June 18-Thur- Roy and Jane came over around noon and took us back to their apartment that they share with 2 large dogs. We talked and ate all afternoon and back to motorhome at 6:30. I was fixing the shade in the front window and Charlie went out to get a tool I needed, and came back to say ‘go look at the jeep tire’ Now these are 35" tires with enough tread and rubber for a tractor so was I surprised to see the outside half of the tread chewed up-big chunks missing and gnawed at! Looks bad. So obviously we did have a towing problem and I would guess Charlie driving so long with the alarm sounding did not help at all! He is feeling so bad physically tonight that I don’t think he even cares! So now we have another problem to contend with. Plus he really should go to hospital tomorrow (really should have gone today!). The good thing today is that I googled and found (I have hunted, even on google, before) and found my college roommate for 2 years and she lives just about 2 miles from where we are parked!!! IF we stay tomorrow (need blood, need tire 'fixed' - really need to stay) I will go see her. She is blind and has 2 sons living with her: it has been almost 50 years since I have seen or heard from her!!

June 19-What a day! I couldn’t sleep till after 2 am! Then actually slept till 9:30- something I never do! Charlie up a bit later and he does not feel at all good, so about 11:30 we got ready for the hospital. It is about 2.2 miles from here. He is not responding to the transfusions as we had hoped and should have gone to hospital on Thur but he wanted to spend time with Jane and Roy. This morning, Friday, he can hardly get around and said he would go to hospital. Well, we went to unhook the jeep and one part of it has a key locked unit, a circular key, and we do not have it. Looked everywhere and he thinks he may have laid it down when he and Don were hooking us up in Salem! Anyway after about an hour, and a walk to a key place about .3 miles away, it dawned on me that he could take it loose from the motorhome and tie the tow bar up in the front of the jeep. We did but this took another 1/2 hour, a very frustrating time cause he wants to do things and does not have the energy and this was just one more obstacle that we didn't need! Anyway headed for Overlake Hospital, about 2 miles away and they took him right in-Triage took one look and started an IV on him. So that is where we are for now-He will no doubt be in all night and I will know more tomorrow. With all the blood last Sunday and Monday this is not a good sign-4 days interval is just scary to us!  After getting him settled in the Emergency room I left. Have to tell you about the parking garage! It is underground and after I was committed it says max height 6ft 4inches! I got out to check and I am about 2 inches from the roof! This jeep is high! Made it ok but sure felt confining. I went back home, called Roy and Jane and left message, called my roommate Gerry and drove the 2 miles to meet with her. Really great to see her after all these years – we went to Applebees and talked up a storm! Life had not treated her well, but she does still get around. She is fairly heavy so had to have her son bring out a bigger stepstool and help her into the Jeep. To come home I had to get her in and glad no one was watching!! Anyway it was great and I have contacted our other 2 roomies to let them know. Back home again and my cousin Becky from Ottawa Canada was in town at her brothers so Becky, Terry and Mary came over and stayed till well after 10. Really been a busy day! Called Charlie and they are going to run some tests tomorrow and see if they can find where all this blood is going. Talked with Dar a long time too. We are trying to cover a lot of ‘what ifs’. It is raining, heavily here today. Looks like Team CC drought busters are back in action!  You can’t believe how many droughts we have ‘busted’ over the last few years-we were getting ready to hire out!!

June 20th—I didn’t sleep well last night and as I was finally getting a good sleep Dana phoned at 6:30 AM! Finally just got up. Around 11 I went to the hospital-Charlie had all that blood yesterday and like in Salem, it is not working! Counts barely changed so today they gave him 2 more whole blood and another of platelets. They also did a camera in the stomach thing and found some blood, but not anything that could be attributed to the massive loss he has of all the new blood. They planned a colon test for tonight. He was feeling fairly well, but not walking so really hard to tell. We were watching the golf game and both fell asleep so I headed home at 3. Roy and Jane called, then picked me up for supper with them and then we all went to the hospital. They are not going to do the colon thing. The plan now is to get him out tomorrow and head for Dayton Ohio. ASAP! He feels we can drive it ok-I will probably do some of it this time too. So we will be starting out with very low counts and may have to stop for a top-off somewhere along the way. Things are not looking good. There don’t seem to be any options left for him.

June 21-We are in Coeur'd Alene Idaho. I took the jeep in yesterday morning to have the front and rear tires switched, have them balanced and hook the stabilizers back up. I spent around an hour driving and on phone hunting for a tire store open on Sunday, and giving up, went back to motorhome and noticed the  Goodyear store just across the street was open! They took me right in, Jane and Roy picked me up and we went to spring Charlie from the hospital. Roy helped us hook the Jeep up and we were on our way by 11:45. It began raining as we left and was a big rain by our destination of Coeur d'Alene. We had called for reservation at our very favorite eating establishment, Beverly's at the Hotel.  What we didn't know is this was Ironman Triathlon day! The town was packed! We drove all around in motorhome with Jeep on behind and no parking. Then Charlie pulled into a small lot-I said I didn't think it was a good idea, but too late. We are in the lot, but the Jeep is not- It is out in the street! It is raining and we are late for dinner! I called them and changed it. We had to take the Jeep off, a real job since that lock with no key is still on it. We detached from the motorhome and then couldn't find any ties to tie it up on the front of the Jeep--took the step carpets, laid them on hood, and laid receiver thing on them and tied it as best we could. Then I got jeep out of way, directed him, with all the race traffic, and he backed out. We drove a ways till he found a long enough parking place in a residential area--and then he proceeded to parallel park that behemoth! I have never seen a 40" motorhome parallel parked! Then downtown to find parking for the jeep in the rain and finally one 3 blocks from the hotel and off we walked, he really did fine, but the race was on and no way to cross the street. We had to backtrack a block and they eventually let us cross. And finally dinner, great as always, but should be for $158.00 including tip for the two of us. We did have the very best filet I think I have ever eaten! Back to motorhome and off in the dark with me following. Many blocked off streets so ended up on a really bad unpaved one for a couple of blocks, but finally found a lumber yard and a place for the night. So his health seems pretty good today, though the bladder infection seems to have returned. We are off and will head across Idaho and Montana today.

June 22- Up early and on the road a bit after 8am. Stopped about 10 at a Wal-Mart for our breakfast and to get his prescriptions filled. It is stormy and rainy all day. We stopped every 40 minutes, or less, for Charlie to pee. The infection is back and the druggist suggested an OTC medicine for him and it seemed to be working till this evening when he is ‘howling’ again. We drove 500 miles today. Other than the infection Charlie is feeling better than in a long time. The Bellevue doctor had suggested they fill him with as much blood as they could and then for him to head back to his own doctor as fast as he could. He has an appt for a CBC Friday morning. When we got to Wal-Mart and parked a security guy came over and told us we were in a no park zone. He then proceeded to lead us to a good place to park and made sure we were happy with it, we were, and told us we could put out slides and run generator. Wow what service! Somewhere on the road today we meet a stream of Model T antique cars, in the wind and the cold and occasional rain. Most of them were open, a few with enclosed cabs! We later learned they were heading to Livingston to begin a car race!

June 23- Tuesday-Charlie was up to pee EVERY hour last night, but we still got up early and left by 8-stopped at a nearby Flying J for fuel, propane and to dump black and grey water. The on through rolling hills of green-beautiful and antelope just everywhere! Today we are stopping ever half hour for him to pee- gotta get him to a doctor for more antibiotics- this is not good! I don’t think I had mentioned that since Jan, when he got sick before our Las Vegas Trade Show, till now he has lost 47 lbs, but not from illness, just from eating less! He really looks good. I did something scary today. I rode in the towed Jeep for several miles. We are trying to determine what is happening when the Tattle Trail starts making the beeping noises. We assumed it was the death wobble since the front tire that is now on the back is all chewed up on the outer edge of the tread. This has been causing us to only drive around 55MPH and at that rate we will never get to Ohio! So I climbed in, put on the seat belt and off we went, communicating with walkie talkies. This is scary! I had done it once in my Saturn behind my motorhome and really was bad, but this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. When the signal goes off nothing really seems to be happening and this makes us feel much better and even allows us to ignore the signal till it gets persistent. I gladly got back into the motorhome and we took off, coming up to a pilot led detour of three miles and we were the last vehicle to get through! Our next stop was in Wall SD at Wall Drugs where we have had a good time in the past. We ate a superb roast beef sandwich there, walked around and took our pictures on the jackalope and departed heading east. There was another time zone change so we lost another hour making it after 9 when we stopped in Vivian at a truck stop. On the way here the rolling hills were covered with some yellow ‘weed’ that is just beautiful. So pretty it didn’t even look real! This is a sprint trip home but we are making the best of it, Lemons to lemonade! Charlie is a bit less well today, but not too much to notice. The pee thing is bad again/yet! We stop every 15 to 40 minutes so he can howl in the bathroom and try to pee. So we are settled for the night and made our 500 miles today. We have 1000 to go and 2 days to do it in.

June 24th- We were up at 6, getting fuel at 6:30 and on the road shortly. Charlie is really hurting this morning from the bladder infection, but his blood is still holding up. He suggested that maybe we should find and Emergency room, and we did in Mitchell SD. Had a wonderful doctor named Dr Snortum! His infection is bad, and they gave him meds right there and three prescriptions for more. We were out of emergency room in an hour, then next stop was at Perkins for breakfast, at 11, then on east. He is still hurting but beginning to feel a tiny bit better. We decided it was time for my driving lesson so I drove from Sioux Falls SD through Sioux City and to just north of Omaha NB where we got onto I-80. So 2 1/2 hours and 140 miles of lessons today and I did good! This is only second time I have driven this motorhome, but will be doing more. Charlie then drove on to Newton Iowa where we are spending the night. Got there too late to get his meds filled so will stop somewhere on the way tomorrow. We did get in 500 miles again, even with the stops, and now have 500 for tomorrow but plan to be home by tomorrow evening. After parking at a Wal-Mart we did a bit of grocery shopping, had dinner and Charlie headed to be early and I am following right now. It is in the 90s here and we are not comfortable. This is certainly not an Arizona dry heat!

June 25th- Thursday – Up early and off on the last leg of the journey. I slept for the first couple of hours, then drove from somewhere to just before Indianapolis, about 160 miles. I was sleepy again so I went to the back for a nap. Charlie still stopping for hourly pee stops but not much pain anymore. It was uneventful till we arrived in Centerville and parked at the local Wal-Mart for the night. As we parked I was on phone to Dar and looked out to find Mary and Joey standing there! They had come to shop and saw us pull in! That is twice they have done that! There is a big storm brewing and sky is really beautiful. We ate, then drove over to see our house. What a shock-all the walls in the house are painted a dull, blah brown-like faded and dirty khaki. I’m not fond of it. No pictures on the wall, no knickknacks anywhere. It does not look like our house and feels like a motel.  Charlie just walked around, looked and said let’s go back to the motorhome. He said it stormed and hundreds of lightning strikes during the night, but I only remember one or two- I was tired and really slept good.

June 26th –Friday. We were up early and took the motorhome and me over to the house while he went to doctor to give blood work. I went in and looked around closer and was not happy with what I saw. This is no longer our house, though no papers have been signed and nothing really settled. Dar called and I cried on her shoulder – I can’t find any of our stuff-and the more I looked the more pissed I became. Then Dana showed up and I’m afraid I was not in a mood to have her there. My understanding was that they were painting and leaving our stuff alone but turns out they were in the process of moving in. I was misinformed, or not informed. Then Chuck got mad at Dana and said I kicked her out—Not quite true-I just wanted her to go home and leave things alone. Then Chuck sent an email to Charlie and Dar got into the mess and everyone is upset except Charlie who knows nothing about all this and we are keeping it that way!  Charlie came home and napped. We spent a lot of time hunting for, and not finding, things we needed. Letter opener, garage door openers, can opener, net shower scrubber, a big box with all my personal stuff in it, and the list goes on. Takes forever to get anything done when we have to do a sometimes fruitless treasure hunt. Maybe we should think of it as indoor caching! Dar came back to help me find some stuff-Charlie took another nap-a sign that he is getting low on oxygen again. Later Dar and Jimmy came by to inspect the Jeep. We fixed hot dogs and baked beans and went to bed. There are new and very big and high pillows on our bed, not comfortable – oh where are our pillows? Towels in the shower we have never seen before—going to bed and hope to wake up and find our house back! Michael Jackson, singer and pop star, died of apparent heart failure, probably due to over medication by his doctor. Also Farrah Fawcett died the same morning as Jackson. She has been ignored in the press because of him.

June 27th –Today is Tiffany and Lances wedding out in Bonderaunt Wy and we sure would like to have not interrupted our trip to come back to the doctor. Tonight is a baby shower for Angie and Brian but not going as just found invite today.  Charlie off to his Saturday breakfast with the guys. The Jeep acted up on the way and turned out to be the front differential. He did drive it on home but parts are on order for maybe this Wednesday. Dana and I went to Bob Evans for our breakfast and all is well between us again. I went to the motorhome for our own pillows, the bath net fuzzy and a few other things that we should have had dups of in the house! Charlie napped when he came home. I spent time hunting for stuff again—some of it just isn’t here or is hidden away. Afternoon Dana called and asked to borrow a picture for their bedroom, some deck chairs, and our bedding as they are showing the house this evening and she wants everything ‘perfect’, so we took it over. Had a tour through the house-It has 6 bedrooms and 7 baths on 3 confusing levels – just huge place. http://www.virtualitycentral.com/0007438994/virtuality.html  Came home and again found things we needed missing, even Charlie is frustrated now, we agree it is like living in a motel, or someone elses house (maybe I should think of it as housesitting) but not same as stuff is packed away ‘somewhere’!  Dinner in the dining room after I found the table mat and cloth wadded up in a closet in the basement!

June 28th Sunday-I could not sleep last night; finally from 4-8 did get some sleep. Just too much happening plus a stomach ache. This was a ‘hang around the house’ day—still in PJs at 3 PM! Finally showered and dressed, fix supper of a bunch of leftovers. Later Charlie had heartburn so bad he thought it was a heart attack! His right eye is all red in the whites-looks bad. He had broken blood vessel spots and marks all over his body – like bruises and spots of red. He napped several times today. Around 7:30 Dar, Jim and Jimmie (and Callie the dog) arrived with 2 kinds of ice cream and about 6 kinds of toppings – we ate and talked till 10pm! Really had an enjoyable time. Our digital picture frame was on so we talked about a lot of the pictures –just a nice time. I sure hope the doctor calls tomorrow and has Charlie in for an appointment.

June 29th Monday- Charlie slept till 9, fell asleep at his computer a couple of times, took a nap at 11! I would have to say his blood oxygen is going down again. A few other problems showing up too. Hope the doctor calls today. (He didn’t) We just hung out here at the house till after dinner when we took off for a long drive around the back roads of Centerville. Mostly roads I had not been on-one lane paved with many beautiful homes, lots of green grass, trees and tiger lilies all along the roads. Our national geographic moment was when we saw a very small, our guess in only a day or two old, deer standing by the road! We tried to scare him back into the woods but he just cowered and shook. Charlie got out and walked right up to him, tried shooing him and finally picked him up – darn, of all times not to have our camera or even our phones for a photo!  He held him for a few seconds and the pushed him into the woods where we had seen the mother go earlier. No call from his doctor.

June 30-Tuesday—Another day of napping on and off for Charlie. Dar came by to talk for a while, including getting her Dad to talk about ‘arrangements’ for him later. This was good and needed to be done and was easier than she had thought it would be. Between naps we made a trip to the grocery store-we are out of ‘meat’, though I found a yellowfin tuna we had gotten before and had it for dinner. Very good but cannot cook it like they do in an upscale eatery. The guy that is going to repair the jeep called and the parts for the differential are in so we drove North past Springfield to John’s shop to drop Jeep off. Leaving town after getting fuel I got caught by the first traffic signal. Charlie was waiting just before the freeway turn and a guy pulled up to ask if he needed help. Turned out to be Pres of the local 4 Wheelers club, called Muddy Buddies and interesting cause Charlie had been trying to get in touch with one of them to find out about Jeeping around here! Left the Jeep at Johnny Martins shop and the guy will pick it up tomorrow. This has been a very busy and frustrating month with visiting, many Emergency room visits, getting settled into a house that doesn’t fell like ours anymore and monitoring his illness. I am hoping for more calm next month! No call from doctor. Finally Charlie said if they had not called by Thur he would call them. He feels he is still breathing ok, and he is, sorta, but with all the other symptoms he needs to be seem. He just insists on pushing the envelope, waiting each time as long as he can!  
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Where I stayed
In motorhome on the road, now back home in Centeville
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