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Trip Start Apr 01, 2009
Trip End Apr 30, 2009

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

  April 1 Wednesday - So I woke at 10 and Charlie was up, had eaten and showered and soon left for the factory. I put things away, ate, got my cranky computer working correctly again, cooked a pork roast, talked with Aunt Jean, just did housethings all day. Charlie home around 6:30. We are both tired so plan on early bedtime
April 2- A good night sleep-feel so much better this morning. Charlie off to the factory-that will be a 'normal' morning while we are in Ohio. I did house work, read, just lazed around-the will be normal for me while we are in Ohio! We have not gotten a second company car yet so I am prisoner her in the house! I miss having a car at my disposal and hope they can find one to spare soon. I had a surprise when I went into the office just off the living room where the 2 huge piggy banks full of quarters are residing. The smaller of the two was smashed and coins all over the floor-probably at least a thousand dollars worth. Not sure of the whole story but Charlie said Dar had emailed him to say the somehow Jimmy had broken it-
April 3-Friday-It rained last night, but, all the flowering trees out on the street are blooming and the red ones in back are getting ready too. Charlie off to factory after lunch with Chuck. I got the big red pig pieces and glued him back together - he looks sad but one side of him looks ok.  Did some stuff with flowers and front porch, spring tablecloth and stuff for the dining room table - later took a long shower and dressed in my good wide leg black slacks, a yellow shift and new black shirt jacket I had bought when Sharon and I shopped in AZ.  Looked really sharp - I like it.  After Charlie came home we headed out for dinner, planning on fish, but saw a Carrabbas and we have been planning to try one out, so stopped there for a very good meal and an comfortable atmosphere along with good service.
April 4th-Charlie up early and headed for his breakfast group in Springfield.  He has missed the guys while we were gone and anxious to get back with them. I was up before he left, and about an hour later Dana called asking me to meet here for breakfast. I have no car so she and Nikki picked me up and headed to Bob Evans. After eating we drove back to her and Chucks place so I could see all of the renovations-they are almost done and will have Bobbi-(a realtor who lives across the street from us here) over to list the house. It is huge- 5 bedrooms/baths, offices, indoor pool, on about 4 levels and even has elevator! Then down to Ace where she got me a car to drive, at least temp-I may have to trade it next week for one from CB. Finally home just after noon to find Charlie sleeping in his recliner. We did house stuff till about 5:30 when we headed out to Dar, Jim and Jimmys for dinner. It is cool out- 45 and clear and there is even talk of snow on Sunday! We had a great dinner, really enjoyed the evening. She sent leftovers since they are going to Memphis TN for a couple of days to visit the Gibson guitar Co. Jimmy is soooo into guitars and will really enjoy this! I brought home a stack of mystery books and can't wait to start reading them. Home about 10:40, watched some TV, including the N Korean rocket launch, a provocative act.
April 5th-A good nights sleep and up to do nothing till early afternoon when we headed out for more groceries. With nothing, no staples or anything in the house we have to start from scratch and we 'forgot' a lot of stuff last store trip. While there had a call from son Joe inviting us to dinner with him and his new girlfriend Jenny. So home, for an hour or so, and then off to Beavercreek to his place where we had a good time and good food, jalapeño and cheese burgers and salad, and enjoyed the evening. While we were there it began raining and TV had tornado warnings just NW of us by a few miles. By the time we arrived home it was raining hard and thunder and lightning!  And snow is still forecast for tomorrow!
April 6th Monday-It is 11 AM and 36 degrees with wet fine snow coming down; snow alternating with rain for the day! Charlie off to the office- He forgot about a meeting this morning and they called to remind him. It stayed in the 30s all day-just cold-Charlie didn't get home till just after 8PM. He is getting weak again - he is cold tonight, no matter how high the temp in the house - next appt is on the 13th - by then he will be bad. Suggested he call to see about getting in earlier but-----no luck. When he arrived home it was sleeting small dry white stuff!
April 7th - Happy Birthday to Jim Southern. It was 32 degrees all night and is 32.4 now at 7AM. There are spots of fine sleet here and there. All the trees around town are full of pink or white blossoms-they all look like trees of popcorn! Hope this weather doesn't kill them. Last year it froze when they were budding and NO blossoms on the trees later. 9am, 30 degrees and snowing. Lots of the lightest flakes-almost like fine ashes blowing around. Noon, 32 degrees, and lots of big fluffy flakes- a snow storm! They are bigger but still light and floating up and down.  It finally got up to 40 degrees although it did snow off and on during early afternoon. Charlie was home just after 5 and immediately laid down in his recliner for a nap until Dana and Chuck arrived at 7 bringing Pizza and salad for our supper. After dinner I gave Dana 4 sacks of candles from the 'candle closet', the guys did business and Dana, her daughter Sara and I played pool downstairs. Later Chuck joined us and Charlie coached us! A fun evening and a chance to get to know Sara better. 9:30 they left, we did dishes and emails and off to bed.
April 8th - Wednesday-The temp got up to 50 today, but supposed to be below freezing again tonight! Charlie was off around noon and I took off for stamps and a few stops. Really didn't accomplish much but was good to get out of the house for a bit. It is now 7:30 and no Charlie yet. He is beginning to feel poorly again and I am glad he has a doctor appt next week.
April 9-I hung around here all day. Charlie had breakfast with his old friend Nick G, then back here and off to the factory. I found Easter stuff in the basement for Sunday, but still need to get some fillings for the eggs. Charlie home early and very tired so napped till just before supper. Some computing and off to bed.
April 10th - Happy Birthday to Chuck and to my step-son Davis. Charlie didn't leave for the factory till around noon, drove off and then returned for his phone! CTG went to a 4 day work week hoping to stem off more $$ lose. This may keep their heads above water for a bit more. I headed for the store to get all I need for Easter, then spent the day baking-Cathedral Window Cookies, Peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, then separated my aloe vera plant so I can give everyone a start from it Easter. Charlie was really worn out this morning and when he came home headed right for his recliner. He only got about an hour nap when Ruta, Greg, Jessica and Ryan showed up. We sat around here talking, then off to Appleby's for dinner and more talk. Jessica has her driver's learning permit so she drove - Back here after dinner to pick up a aloe I had for them. I saw a sign that I had missed before- as you come down Bigger street it says 'Centerville-Est 1796' - sure different from the west coast!
April 11-Saturday-Charlie was up at 7 and gone for Springfield-I didn't wake till 9-I rarely sleep this late! Instead of breakfast with Dane we just spent a long time on the phone, I finally showered just before Charlie arrived home at 10:30, and am fixing my breakfast as he take his nap. Sure will be glad to get him to the doctor on Monday. After his lunch he spent about 3 hours soaking in the big tub, and reading! Listened to golden oldies on the TV and finally off to bed. Tomorrow will be busy.
April 12- Easter. We slept in, messed around here till about noon - I finished the food I was taking and around 1 we headed for Joe's place in Beavercreek. Lots of people-Dana, Chuck, Nikki and Charlie3; Mary dropped Joey off, Dar, Jim and Jimmy, us and then Joes girlfriend Jenny had her family- never did figure out who went to whom! I think 2 of her sisters, one husband, several kids from 3 to about 15, and of course Joes big dog and Chucks ACEY! It had rained the past few days but today was blue sky but cool, though warm enough for the kids to be outside. We had about a hundred plastic eggs with stuff in them for the kids-all enjoyed that. Charlie really worn out before we even got there and spent most of his time just sitting. He looks very white, and today had vision problems-probably from the extremely low BP and oxygen in his blood. Tomorrow cannot get here soon enough! We finally headed home after 7- a long day. Leaving Charlie tried to make a jeep out of the ford-got it off the drive into a culvet but was able to 'save' face and drive out.
April 13-Monday- I did not sleep till after 4 this morning and we had to get up at 8-Charlie said he didn't either- seems we were both in and out of bed all night long! Really tired now. I headed out for a doctor appt-nothing exciting - just routine check up-gave them a bunch of blood and will be having some tests before long. Charlie left just after me, his appt was 9:50 a few miles north into Dayton. While I was still at my doctor he called to say they were sending him over to the hospital for blood-we expected that and had hoped they could do it today. Next call came at 5pm-they had just finished one bag of blood and had 2 more to go and he doesn't expect to be home till at least 10 tonight. They did feed him a big lunch. And it was raining when we got up and rained till mid afternoon. Cannot believe what a pretty day we had yesterday just sandwiched in between 2 rainy days. Now hope for good weather Wed night as we are going to a Tax Tea party in Dayton that evening. Dar called and we had a good talk-then (7pm) the sky turned dark, the thunder started and the rain came pouring down!
April 14-Up early for dentist appts for both of us. I had 2 fillings, but not really-they were loose old fillings that needed replacing. No Novocain needed, just clean them and refill. The hurt came at the cashier! Cleaning and fixing those two small and easy fillings came to $530!!!!! I got it down to $419 but still FAR too much for what I had done! When I got home Charlie had already left-he got out of dentist earlier than me-we had taken both cars. Did a few phone calls and then down to ACE, one of Charlies companies, where Dana had some chores for me-organizing some sales notebooks. I enjoyed it and talking with some of the employees. When I left the house it started raining, and then the skies opened up and it poured so hard I could barely see to drive! By the time I got to ACE it was slacking off and stayed dry the rest of day. My doctor called to tell me my cholesterol was high and they had ordered pills for me. 
April 15 - Tax Day  - We were up early - Charlie heading to his tax man to pick up and mail his taxes, then on to the factory. I had a 1pm appt at the hospital for a CAT scan on my head-doctor is ruling out any problem-my left side gets numb at strange times, and I wake with headaches more than before. I'm not worried about it be he wants to rule out any brain problem. Then over to Wal-Mart to pick up my new medicine-then drove south to Dar and Jims to go through her books for a reading supply for the next couple of weeks. Charlie was home at 4:45, Dar showed up at 5:10 and we quickly made some posters to take to the big Anti-Tax TEA PARTY in the Dayton town center. Joe and Jenny showed up and we all took off. We were able to park 2 blocks away. Lots of people- they had 7000 signed up to come, but would guess less than that. 6-8 PM in cool weather-44 degrees, but no rain, when we headed out from the house. We were all bundled up and the wind didn't come up till just before we headed home. Very uplifting, to see so many people who are as fed up as we are with the 'new' government and all the big and unwise spending.
Event Schedule  
Music by Dan Rivers
Pledge of Allegiance led by Boy Scout Troop No. 236
National Anthem sung by Kellie Clark
Prayer led by Perry Reynolds Sr.
WHIO Radio 1290AM/95.7FM
Jason Michaels, WHIO Radio & Emcee
Dayton Tea Party Opening
Perry Reynolds & Rob Scott, founders of Dayton Tea Party
Dayton Tea Party Speakers
Steve Sandstrom, small business owner
Kim Fletcher, founder of Homemakers for America (extremely good-she even dressed in 'period' clothing)
Rod Yarger, small business owner
Kate Burch, Fair Tax representative (very good presentation and explanation of the FairTax-that I heartily endorse)
Ronald Houck, owner of The Wharf
Harald Zieger, small business owner (extremely good, left east Germany and Austria for US-told his story and why he came/loves it here)
Greg McAfee, small business owner (told us of getting hate mail because of his stand in the Tea Party movement-but only 2 letters out of all his customers, and they certainly had no writing skills!)
State Rep. Seth Morgan, Ohio House of Representatives
Mike Wilson, founder of Cincinnati Tea Party
Perry Reynolds & Rob Scott, founders of Dayton Tea Party 
All of the speakers were good and told us how things were-they made us want to do more and we will. I am enjoying politics-a first for me!
April 16th - Sunshine this morning. It is now 10:50 am and Charlie is still sleeping. He was pretty tired last night, and this time is not as 'up' as previous transfusions. He had all kinds of cramps, walking back to the car and on the way home last night -his legs, feet, hands, and they continued till after bedtime. I suspect he didn't get a good night sleep. He finally got up well after 11! He is not as good as usually after this transfusion. This time after 4 days he is having breathing issues again! He does see the doctor again on Monday and they will test his blood again. We finally headed out for groceries after 5, and home with a broasted chicken for dinner. Very good as always. I got the report from the CAT scan and there is evidence of hardening of the arteries. I am set up for a MRI on Monday. I did a few changes in my eating habits and with the cholesterol pill hope to get that number down. And today was a blue and warm day-about time.
April 17th- son John's 48th birthday---I slept in this morning-a change- Charlie up a couple of hours before me! Around noon he showered and later I did and when I got out and dressed discovered he had left for the office-never said a word! He was home before 5 and caught me napping here in my chair-then he headed for his recliner for an hour nap. We headed for Marian's Pizza at 6 meeting Ray and Suzzee, Linda and Phil, Larry and Pat Daub and Robin and Gary. They are all long time golfing friends of Charlies-Larry and Pat were up from Florida, the rest from this area. We really had an enjoyable evening not getting home till 9. Plus the Pizza is very good there. I had ordered a new camera and it arrived today, so will try it out tomorrow. The day was blue and warm-hope this is the start of nice weather.
April 18th sat-Charlie up early and off to Springfield where there were 11 guys for the weekly breakfast. Dana called just as I got out of the shower and we set 10am to meet at Bob Evans for our breakfast-enjoyed it as always. When I got home at 11 Charlie was sound asleep in his recliner-and stayed that way till 12:30. After he had been up for a while he decided he was going 'cubbing' alone-I may not get a plane ride this trip!  Dar and I talked during the afternoon, she had brought me a library book on the great Dayton Flood of 1913, and it was so well written and entertaining that once I started it I could not put it down and read the entire thing today!!!  Charlie finally arrived at 7PM. I was getting quite worried about him by then! Fixed us spaghetti and a big salad for supper. The weather was perfect again today- but rain forecast again-the streets are getting covered with the white pear blossoms-this town is literally covered with the ornamental pear trees.
April 19th-Charlie slept 10 hours last night, took a long bath/nap mid day, took a 2 hour nap in afternoon. About 7 Dana, Nikki, Charlie3 and Sara arrived with Chuck getting here a bit later from his tennis game. This is only time except for Easter that he has seen Nikki and Charlie3. Sara has her two dogs with her, and brought them in so we had adults, kids and dogs all over the place. I had some cathedral window cookies in the freezer that we ate, then Chuck and Charlie3 ate the bananas and bowls of cereal - I think that may have been their supper! But we did have a nice visit.
April 20th- I was up at 6 and over to the hospital by 7 for an MRI on my head. They were not happy with what the CAT scan showed last week. They almost didn't do it cause of the small piece of metal in my one finger (from a childhood accident). Home by 9 and Charlie still in bed till after 10. It poured rain most of the day, and to be in the mid 30's tonight. Charlie went to the oncologist at 1:40. WBC 4.2, RBC 1.68, Platelets 8. Not a good count especially as it has only been one week since last blood 'top-off'. They wanted to give him blood today but will wait till next Monday. I fixed us a big and good chicken salad for dinner---
April 21th Tuesday. I had not slept hardly at all the night before so took a pill last night, and woke at 10:45 this morning! Cannot believe that-for me!! Charlie had been up for several hours. Charlie, for some reason, seems to be feeling better today, more spunk and even speech sounds more 'up'-that is good. He took another long bath with nap, but no other nap for the day. Even got some color back, face and beard do not look the same color! He said his doctor was amazed at him, and he is his longest living patient with CLL. It has rained off and on today and is only 40 degrees now at 9pm.
April 22. Another good night sleep, and without a pill! I forgot to mention the pair of doves that spend a lot of time on our patio railing, and the bunch of baby ducks that are on the lake just below us. Both are fun to watch- We headed out in separate cars at 12:30-I picked up Dana at ACE, then met Charlie, Dar, and Mary at El Meson, a terrific Hispanic eatery in West Carrolton. http://www.elmeson.net/ We really had an enjoyable time and I got a bunch of photos.  Charlie enjoyed his lunch with his 'harem'!  After lunch took Dana to Sam's Club where she picked up her van with its 2 new tires. I ran home for some financial papers I needed to FAX to AZ and back to ACE to get them gone, and forgot to bring originals home, and Dana had another project for me to work on. I stayed till 5 and then beat Charlie home, but not by much. Hot dogs and baked beans for a light supper. Cold again today after a beautiful start to the day. It should start warming up about the time we fly out.
April 23d-Up early with Charlie following several hours later. He is pretty worn out and I am anxious to have him get blood top-off on Monday! I left before him for some shopping at Kohl where I had a gift card to spend but only found some earrings to spend it on. Then to ACE to finish the project I had started yesterday - took me 3 hours but enjoyed it, and later in the evening Dana called to tell me she had needed some info from it and it was easy to find now! After ACE I headed to the Christmas Tree Shop-no holiday stuff but lots to look at-I made a fast trip through and spent $8. Will go back when I have more time. Home before Charlie, who was exhausted when he arrived. He put Chuck in charge of all the businesses and will be 'firing' CEO Bob Lord and if  he is agreeable, demoting him to salesman of A sales. A week ago he thought all was under control and then all went to hell and he almost had rioting employees. Hope this is the answer cause he needs to get out of it-just too stressful for him in his condition. We had another chicken salad, finishing off the veggies and chicken. We are trying to leave with no food in the refrigerator!
April 24th Friday - I was up early again but Charlie wasn't too far behind me. Hung around here till about 11 and then he left for a lunch with Bob Lord at El Meson http://www.elmeson.net/ . I had just gotten out of the shower and dressed when Dar showed up and we had a long and good talk. She left and I headed out to the Post Office. Dana had called but I missed the call so went by ACE to see her, and found she is home today. Left a message but not heard from her. I took a plate of cookies out to the ACE employees, then back home. Charlie home early for him-6pm, and looks absolutely worn out, and very pale. After dinner he headed to the recliner and a nap, getting up at 8:30 still looking worn out and very pale-beard and skin the same white color. Summer hit today too- and it was 84 degrees!
April 25th - We were both up early and Charlie, worn out that he is, drove to Springfield for breakfast with the boys. Dana came by at 9 and we headed to Bob Evans for breakfast, then back here where she is borrowing some of the wall pictures that Darlene has stored in our lower level. Before we did that Bobbi, a realtor neighbor came over for a meeting with Dana - Bobbi is listing Chuck and Dana's house. Then we carried all the big pictures out to her car, just as Charlie came home and had the funniest look as he saw us carrying stuff OUT. Charlie hit the recliner for a 3 hour nap, then some computing while I house cleaned. All those pear blossoms are falling and tracking into the house! A bit after 6 Dar, Jim and Jimmie showed up with our dinner for the evening-county steak with gravy, green beans and bacon, mashed potatoes and fresh applesauce! An excellent meal. Charlie, Jimmy and Dar made a trip to Wal-Mart for wine-can you believe we were out of it! They also brought back ice cream- the first we have had in months! We sat at the table and talked till 11PM! After they left we did our computer stuff and off to bed.
April 26th-Charlie went flying in the Cub today, but not me- He doesn't want me in it while he feels so puny! For a change the prop caught on the first turn! Chuck called looking for him, and when he came home he collapsed into his recliner.  Later the front door opened and there was Chuck. He spent a couple hours talking business. Finally home and I fixed us the leftovers from last night-and there were plenty-we both had big plates full. Tomorrow is clean out the refrig day! Charlie is very weak today, but does go for blood tomorrow. They have a quandary with Bob-fire him or make a salesman out of him, but he is demanding so much, and they are worried that he is planning to take the business elsewhere or start his own! So unless some big change tomorrow I think he will be out - Too bad, he is a really nice guy, just didn't turn out the way we had hoped when he was hired. Finally at 11 we are off to bed.
April 27th- Monday. Up early and Charlie off to the hospital for his blood 'top-off'!  I washed clothes, bedding and packed 3 suitcases of stuff. Charlie didn't get home till around 5! A long day for him, even though it was all just laying in a bed. We ate shortly after he arrived and good thing cause Dana arrived, then Joe arrived, Then Chuck, then Mary and Joey. A bit later Chucks ex wife Kim showed up with Charlie3. Nikki is in Williamsburg for a week with the school. Charlie3 didn't feel good and laid on the floor and went to sleep- Never said a word to anyone the entire time he was here - not like him at all!  Kim also brought a bunch of lilacs- my fav flower and the entire kitchen smells good now. We won't be back till the end of July so was good to see all the kids.
April 28 Tuesday- Up early and finished packing and were ready to go when Dar arrived a bit after 9. It was an hour and one half, including one pit stop, to the airport in Columbus. We had 1 ½ hours before takeoff that we spent on computers. An uneventful flight, first 3 hours nothing to see but clouds and last hour nothing but beautiful desert! We were happy to be back even if it was 92 degrees. Al was there to pick us up in my van to take us back to the RV park. He will be storing my van at his place for the summer - the first time it has been stored under cover! Unpacked the suitcases and cannot find my phone charger. Visited Al and Joy for a short time, paid the electric bill for here, Wal*Mart for groceries, and found a list for groceries when we got back home and see that we didn't get anything on that list! Finished putting things away, Jayne and Steve stopped by for a visit, we snacked for dinner and off to bed - It's almost midnight for us back home time! And I still haven't found my phone charger!
April 29th-It was nice to be back in the motorhome, though neither of us slept well. I was up early with Charlie close behind. Al took Joy to the airport at 6 am and after she arrived in Minneapolis he came over to visit for a bit. I took some stuff out of the jeep over to his house to store in my Van-he is keeping it under his car port for the summer and I really appreciate him doing that! After he left we got serious about packing up to leave and were out around 11:30 with a stop at a fuel station for Diesel at $2.11. Not too bad after what it has been in the past. We went up the 101 as we had gotten the fuel west of the turnoff for the 202. No problem, but more traffic. We then stopped at New River to get some silicone sealer for the new window they put in - it whistles so loud and shrill that it is hard to hear over it and it is really annoying! Charlie got the ladder out and sealed all around the window, then we had lunch while it set and off heading north. It sounded so quiet for a while and we happy campers! Then it started again, even louder, and finally Charlie pushed on the window near middle and it stopped - I guess it was coming in the slide and every time it starts he gives it a little push. I wanted to stay on I-17 at the campground at Munds Park but Charlie didn't want to drive that far back to town, so we turned off I-17 and drove into Sedona. There is only one RV park in the town and we already knew it was full and didn't take 40 foot rigs! We finally parked at a Basha supermarket, unhooked the jeep and drove around looking for a place to park. Two hours later we had learned that there is no overnight parking anywhere in the city limits, and the limits go out a long way! We ended up 6 miles toward Cottonwood, where I used to have a friend that I enjoyed, until she decided our politics were too far apart and she did not want to hear from me again. I obliged her and took her out of my address book. Anyway we finally found a turnoff and it looked like it might have been a camp/picnic area at one time and we were told there was a 2 night limit on staying here. We did see 2 other vehicles go on down the lane-It is very rutted and hard to get the RV in but we did it. Charlie had already hit a curb in town and threw lots onto the floor and broke a cute bear plaque that I really had liked. It is now near bedtime, very dark out here, but during the day we enjoyed the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. We did take a drive on the Red Rock Loop, beautiful, but we got sidetracked by the magnificent homes along the scenic route! Charlie has had no contact with the factories and said he doesn't plan to! Chuck is in charge now and it is all on him! I hope he can stick to not checking in - he needs to get away from there - it is time.
April 30th -Thursday - This turned out to be an eventful day. Around 11 we decided to take the Jeep out to Broken Arrow wheeling trail. Did one cache right here by the motorhome before heading out. Then got lost trying to find the trail turnoff-after trying all the side roads off the correct road, but first took a wrong road, after stopping several pedestrian we finally stopped at a store and found we were almost across from it. It is on Morgan Street. On out with first stop to the lookout area-a mile or so in and some pretty rough stuff! Visited with some people out there and then headed on to the waterfall, doing some interesting stuff on the way and showed some Australians' that they could go up one slick rock that initially looked wicked. Before the water fall, after he had already played around there a lot, Charlie just had to try a wide and uneven 'V', and after several tries and almost laying the Jeep on its side he agreed with me that maybe it was not possible! Turned around and headed to the start of the waterfall, and suddenly the Jeep felt like it had death wobble in slow motion-thought it might be a back tire-one had seemed low when I checked it earlier, but NOT-the 2 front tires were both splayed out IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS! WOW! Just then the Australians' came by - we were completely blocking the road to the waterfall-the way out---they managed to get both tires in same direction but could not drive as they were 'floppy', but aimed the direction we needed to back up in a small clearing giving others room to continue on the trail. By chance one of the Pink Jeep Rides came by and he was a trail maintenance guy. He stopped and helped us determine that the tie rod had sheared off. He called his company and they sent a guy out with stuff (about an hour later) to temporarily get us going. Lots of vehicles came by to gawk at us, and finally the mechanic David arrived. Charlie had been under it all this time trying to take it apart with some success. The guy was great and even seemed to enjoy the challenge. He had brought a flat angle iron and some hose clamps and with a lot of work managed to cobble up something that might hold. He spent over an hour on the job. Then we had to go down the waterfall-it is a long hill with a series of very deep and close together ledges, a challenge under any circumstance but much more with this temp fix! Very hard to keep going slow enough to minimize damage, but we did get to the bottom, checked and it had held. Now only a couple more miles of rough, but not extreme road. We were almost out when David flagged us down to say it had broken again, just as we were feeling it. Charlie walked back a ways to find the clamps, the bar was bent but somehow he was able to get it back-now we have one major drop and a couple of small ones but got through them and to the pavement intact. David stopped once more to see if anything needed tightening and we slowly headed to town. Then David would not charge us-after all that time and work-so Charlie managed to give him a $40 tip. Charlie wants to have it welded so we stopped by this place we had seen many jeeps and found it was a jeep rental place. He went in and eventually came back out with Mike who looked at the Jeep, showed us his jeep, and gave Charlie the keys to a van! No rental, Just said leave yours here-I don't want you on the road in that! No charge. They had set-up appt tomorrow morning for the welding, but not here. This guy was just being a good guy! Off we went, the motorhome is 7 miles away. Arrived to realize we had left the motorhome key in the Jeep! Back to town and Mike laughed at us! Finally home at 6 and quickly took showers and dressed for our 7PM dinner reservation. (Cowboyclub.com) Drove back to town and no parking spots-then I recalled a lot behind the Cowboy Club and sure enough, lots of spaces! We had a minute to wait and seated in an outside table on the street. Really nice people watching plus the wonderful dinner that we expected! The Redstone Room was not available, only on weekends, but this was as good of food and even service, just not the ambience of the Redstone. Finally home by 9, a long, busy and different day. What an end to another month!  
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