The Longest Day!

Trip Start Sep 26, 2010
Trip End Oct 15, 2010

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Flag of United States  , Nevada
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phew, what a day! It is not 9pm yet and already half of us are fast asleep in bed.
 Down at the barn for 6.30am, we had the horses loaded on the trailers and went out, mob handed, to separate the cows from the calves, of 2 of the herds we moved yesterday. This involved all of us riding out to round up the first herd and bring them into the corrals, then we got a rest whilst the professionals separated the cows into one pen and the calves into another.

We were then given a choice of working the calves or riding out to gather some cows that had escaped from their field, Iris, Tracey and Kim elected to stay with the calves, and I went to round up cows, with the other 3 guests here. Well I have never met more awkward cows in my life, but we eventually got them back where they belonged and returned to the others. Riding across the plains chasing cows is such fun!

On our return I was horrified to be confronted by Iris and Tracey wielding cattle prods, and Kim with the most enormous hypodermic syringe I have ever seen!! They were sending calves down the chute to be vaccinated, and de-bugged, up to their armpits in it and happy as pigs in you know what!! 

Nevertheless, all stopped at 12 for lunch. We drove back to the ranch, leaving the horses behind, tied to their trailers, and had a quick lunch, (still a full cooked meal, mind!) and returned to the job in hand. The horses were still standing where we had left them. This time I took the enormous syringe, what fun!!

Once we had finished with the calves we had to drive the cows away, as you can imagine they were not overjoyed at the idea, but all went as smoothly as can be expected. We rode back to base at a cracking pace, because, guess what, we had to do it all over again with a second lot!!

To be fair they did give us the option of returning to the ranch if we had had enough, and most did go back, only Tracey, me and Amy, one of the other guests, stayed. Unfortunately by now Tracey had broken her horse, so she had to use Kim's, and then later on when she went out again, she was on yet another horse, Little Red, so she has had THREE today! Greedy!

We did not get back to the ranch until after 7pm, and were dirty but happy, a job well done today. Traceys grin was from ear to ear, she has been doing all day exactly what she came here to do. And as we enjoyed today so much, we have to it all over again tomorrow!!

We are being fed very well, 3 cooked meals a day! Some of us are struggling slightly with that concept, lots of beef, no surprise there then. We had steaks the other night that did not fit the plate, it took 3 of us to eat one!

There are only 3 other guests here, they came together,  an American couple and their English friend, who happens to be from Derbyshire.

Sorry haven't got any photos for you today yet, but just look at yesterdays, and you will get the general idea. Will get some on for tomorrows blog.

Everyone here is fit and healthy, no accidents or ailments, so nobody need worry. Everyone sends their love to their respective folks. Time for bed. Goodnight. XXXXX     
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kath on

hi all i can't believe all youve done today i'm tired just reading about it, iris i'm glad that you know when to have a rest and are not doing too much. you all seem to be having the time of your lives even though its very hard work with no pay at the end just a lot of satisfaction.looking out of our window this morning i can't quite see across the road its so foggy and damp.well keep up the good work bye for now

Hannah on

To mother wench,
apologies for not writing more often, although as some of us aren't on the holiday of a lifetime and have to do 10hour shifts at work all week a suppose you'll understand!
Just been catching up on your adventures and it sounds actually awesome :) u figure your not gonna want to come home! However I have noticed that your getting a bit lazy with the blogging! If it weren't for Julie we would have nothing to read!
Everything is exactly the same here... Except I am goin through supervisor training at work and am 'team leader' on Tuesdays now :)
hope you have a good day rounding up more calves :) lots of love xxxxx

Sarah on

Mummy, I miss you xx We haven't been seperated for this long since I was a kid. Glad your having fun though, seen the photos with the cattle unfortunately was in reception at the time, Volli and I broke out into song - Rawhide obviously, which was not appreciated so much by the waiting Clients. Having read the blogs and introductions to your steeds it all sounds terrifying but I know you are at your happiest when you are up to your eyes in shit. I did wonder how you are getting on with your allergy to horses, especially with the grooming - assume that vanity prevailed and you didn't take your attractive yellow dust masks because they wont go with your stetson? Please add to the list of things not to import - Wranglers (I am not referring to the jeans) We do not have the right climate or surroundings to ensure the survival or wellbeing of a wrangler, it would be cruel so no matter how well they can load horses into a trailer or whisper to cattle or again, how attractive they may look in a cowboy hat, always no.

So, homelife, well the children continue to bleed me dry. Trying the 'tough love' approach with Ethan once again in an attempt to stop him from waking in the night for a bottle of milk. We have reached a compromise and he is now only waking in the night for a bottle of water. Jack, as he said, is doing well at tag rugby, and has lost another tooth, though if he continues to slam my lovely car door like he does, he may well be losing a few more. (I swear every time he does it a little piece of me dies!) Don't be disheartenned by his lack of enthusiasm for Gerty by the way, unless it has been test-driven by Jeremy Clarkson across the himalayas he isn't interested.

The dogs, one has had a narrow brush with the vets this week but has been granted a reprieve and if I come home one more time and find the others face in my Reeboks I swear I will be asking for a group discount at Chapel House.

Lee, my darling ray of sunshine, attempted to go cold turkey with the cigs and on morning 2 I awoke to find the dogs bed at the bottom of the garden, so that was that.

The stopping smoking on my part however is going well in that we are all alive, although Lee did mention that I had left the gas on the other day but I simply pointed out that as my head wasn't in the oven, along with one of the dogs (pick one, any one) then he should assume it was accidental. Nicotine Replacement Therapy products are mingling nicely with all of the other over the counter remedies and as the weather has turned cold I am now mixing the JD with hot chocolate.

Not sure what is hapenning with Carl although enquiries have been made as to whether there is a Carl shaped space available in the back of the van... will leave you to mull that one over.

Hannah seems to be continuing in her quest to lull Ashley into a false sense of security with her home-making... and the Oscar for best actress goes to.... Though, worryingly, your gaff (you remember that house you own) was referred to as "our hannah's" when Carl mentioned where he was staying last night. Will leave you to mull that one over

I mentioned that James' Lodger was moving in, Lynda early 40's etc etc not heard much more other than she likes to cook and he likes to eat so.... Well at least he's eating?!!

Pepsi, I like Pepsi, as Jack said we have been running her in the school, and admittedly and by accident, out of the school, but she came back. She walks nicely on the lead too.

Horses - all present and correct.

Work, probably due to moodswings, I haven't really been asked to cover reception. We have had to undergo a few changes, which I wont depress you with now - although JD wanted to copy the e-mails onto the blog You remeber that problem that the office is really struggling with, you know the one with the plants, I mean foliage not spies from other firms, well you will be relived to learn that that has finally been sorted and there has been an embargo on all carbon monoxide reducing, oxygen providing plants and the office is now a barren desert, yay!!

Much love

Sarah, Lee, kids dogs etc

The Big Chief on

Sounds like the 4 amigos have had a busy day.
The highlight from my perspective seems to be that steak :)
The forecaster reckon we might be getting an Indian summer here soon.
Really missing his squaw and sending her his love

Sarah, again! on

Following on from, and in support of Hannah's comment, have you found your superlatives yet or are your fingers sore from all that cow-poking or whatever it is you are doing, because you do not seem ever so forthcoming with this blogging lark. Are you in the half of the party that is usually asleep at the time of the blogs or is it simply that Julie and Kim (wordsmiths that they are - well done ladies) desperately fight over the right to report your adventures - just a thought!
Anyway, meant to say to Iris that photo of you on the plains is fantastic. It does all sound like very hard work for all of you and bet each of you (except you mum you thrive on hard work and horse shit) are secretly dying to get to the luxury of the Mirage. I understand completely and your secrets are safe xx

Definitly going now because these pieces of typing aren't being delivered through audio cassette x

mum (Tracey's) on

Hi Tracey its mum.

So pleased you are all enjoying your hols.

Whats been hapenning here? WellI've been up town nearly every day, I must have cost the bus company thousands with my bus pass.
Hannah rang on Sunday and took me out for a meal (at her restaurant) really enjoyed it made my day.
Thank you for your cards I didn't expect them, the places looked beautiful (green with envy)
Well Tracey thats all. Looking forward to you coming home.
Love you lots
Mum xxx

carl on

hi mum sorry i havent spoke to you much, but it sounds like your having a good time. speak to you soon x

samuel marksson on

hi mum, its Sam.
dad wrote the name... not that it will surprise you.
hows the holiday?
things are good here. Dad has the house looking fresh.
I'm still injured and might be out for a while yet....
Apart from the injury I'm good and so is dad and Martha.
Had a fresh trim yesterday so the hairs back to its best and will see you soon.
Enjoy your last week and save me some steak :D

martha marksdottir on

hey, it looks so nice! Are you having fun? You herded cattle? That looked good, were you successful in the herding? I hope you have a lovely time and see you soon! Love you lots and lots and lots. xxxxxxxxxx

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