Trip Start Sep 27, 2006
Trip End Apr 27, 2007

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Flag of New Zealand  ,
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Im now in Raglan, the place is annother lovely spot, the weathers fine and theres some nice 3-4ft waves! Going for a surf later, the get out and in is dodgy though! very rocky, but I wil suss it out. Don't no how long im gonna hang around here, maybe a few more days if I don't find any work as my moneys going very fast! I can allways come back later in the year, and the most important thing for me is to see all of NZ rather than just a bit of it. So it looks like I may end up doing a quick tour then working somewhere later. Woundn't like to hang around here with no work and no waves!
The next day I got to try out my surfboard for the first time, I jumped off the rocks where I saw this other guy do it and padlled across straight to the line up, easy enough!
It was a nice 3ft cleanish day on Manu bay, which is the furthest point away from the lodge but also the the one working best at that tide. There are actually three point breaks that make up Raglan and on a big day they can all join up to form one massive ride!
Indicators is first point which goes into a bit of a beach break then joins on to Whale bay and around the corner you have Manu bay. I would love to see this place when its working well, I bet its amazing!
Anyway after a few waves I was getting the hang of the place and my new board which goes really well! I was a bit worried as its slightly smaller than what im used to, but it goes great, I love it!
Its so easy to pick up a wave here and the paddle out is nothing, just paddle over the shoulder and take your place in the line up. I got loads of waves and was getting tired so I decided to try and get back in. Very tricky the boulders move all over the place and you can't see where your standing you could easily twist an ankle or ding or board, as it happened I just got a few small cuts and grazes to my feet and made it out other wise unscathed.
Later than night it was some girls birthday and we all chiped in for home made piza at $5 each, it was the tastiest piza I ever had and very filling, we got drunk that night to and did the flying fox ride in the dark which was a good laugh.
This lodge is really nice I could so easily get sucked in to spending six months here or something! Its located up a dirt track with no other houses around and just native forest as far as the eye can see ecept for the other direction where you have the sea, lovely!
The last day in Raglan the surf had gone flat (which it very rarely does here)So it was into town for some supplys for the onward journey and a last look around.
While we were there a woman came up and told us there were Orka whales in the bay, 'killer whales in the bay' I said, 'thank god the surfs gone flat!' We all went to take a look but they were pretty far off, but you could still tell were huge creatures!
So that was pretty cool, we coundnt hang round long as we had to get the bus down to Waitomo caves and on to Rotorua that afternoon, so off we went to the next destination. :)
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smurf1 on

Hey surfer dude
Is that a really outdated saying in surf language...dude...lol

Good to hear from you again, you are getting around a bit arent you?! Good on ya

I had some good (ish) news today...I got promoted, im a manager now..eeeeeek. Its only ish cos that means im now tied to the rat race for a while..well, maybe not I guess its my choice but for the time being it'll do me!

Anyway just a quick one..am off to the pub with some mates to celebrate

ttfn XXXXX

ca.westbrook on

Have a Good Surf! & Be Careful...
Hi Joel,

Good to hear from you again, pity it's getting so expensive to use the internet and blog updates. Sent you 2 emails with things to look out for on newzealand.com - think Heidi would like to check it out especially Coromandel!

Congratulations Paul [I assume its you] on becoming a manager - it will be the patter of tiny feet next!

Keep in touch Joel you're doing a fine job up to now... you'd never win a spelling competion though! Love Mum xxx

ca.westbrook on

Have made a Boob Boo!
Hi joel,

Have you ever assumed something and been totally wrong?

Well, I've just cogratulated your mate Paul on becoming a manager and all that... and thought I better check to be sure. since when does Paul sign off with a load of xxxxx? Doesn't seem the limp wrist type to me. So - sorry to Paul and to the female, whoever... congrats anyway, and forget the latter remark [thats the last thing you need right now!].

Well Joel you can choose you're friends but not your parents.

ca.westbrook on

Check out how many entries you are sending
Hi Joel,

Me again thought you should know on this entry you sent out to me, I had 11, yes eleven emails from your blog on this date - all the same. Well it will be expensive at that rate and slow. How is it with everyone else? It's the 1st time thats happened. So be wary of sending multiple blogs out!!!

Love Mum xxx

heidiw on

Cool Photos!
Hey u!
The photos are wicked! Viewing them as a slideshow is so good. Looks really good out there. Gonna show Dad them later. He will be well impressed! x

liverbird84 on

hi ya
Can't sleep the clocks moved back so i was that bored i thought i'd log in and see how you were :O) only joking the place looks bloody lovely your so lucky Joel you have done the right thing.Nothing good happening here just slaves to work and systems as usual. Hope your ok and looking after yr self take care

Julie Simon&boys xxxxxxxxxx

liverbird84 on

Sorry forget to mention the pics the dump station raised a few laughs with Tom and our Paul Tom says hi any way see ya soon Jue

ca.westbrook on

Ow You Doin Pine Balls!
Well what can I say, seems to me like your'e having a ball or should I say balls plural! By the two fingured salute ... yes suree, looks like your having fun - Ramu and Bas look a laugh a minute and the german girls look real nice too. It's really good because everytime I log on to the same old message it seems you have added a few more photos, love that and especially the ones with you on and your friends.

Must say what with you and your travel blog in Newzealand - and 'networking'- Heidi your big sis ...on 'myspace.com/dunedreams... Look at you both now [Cyber travellers on the net] and Thank the lordy/lady you survived till adulthood and able to fulfil ya'll creative potential n also av the balls to do it!!! - Good on you both, and I am soo proud to be your mama, [Big mama at the mo... yuk, well think volumtuos preraphelite earth mother, or oldy going to seed! whatever, your perspective at the time!] But bare this in mind when I go senile, might be spattered with a bit of the old spanish lingo.

Buanas Noches, Hasta Luago

Love & Adios for now Mum XXX

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