Trip Start Sep 28, 2005
Trip End Dec 24, 2007

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Flag of Sri Lanka  ,
Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hikkadua is very nice. We got on the train from Kallutara and in 3 hours we was on the beach in Hikkadua. Its nice as the rail route runs all the way from Colombo down to Hikkadua so all of our travel has been overlooking the sea - it is so nice!

We met a guy on the train who had some accomodation in Hikkadua so we went over to his place as we had no idea where we were going! It turned out to be ok but we wanted a nicer place to share our last 10 days together. So we looked around a little and found much nicer for the same price right on the sea front. It is only a small room but very plesant and at a cost of 5% of the previous 4 days!
We have come here to dive so i am hoping tomorrow we will have smething booked up. It has been a while and i am looking to keep active in the diving thing. I will keep you posted!


A couple of days ago we went to go diving but it is not the season so we went snoorkeling - it was nice but the water levels were too low so we found ourselves stranded on coral and breaking it all up! I have a nasty cut on my hand and polina has a couple as well. There were some nice fish though and Polina is desperate to do it again soon so we wil try again tomorrow.

The weather is unbareably hot all day and i definatly prefer it when it raines - it takes away the unbearable heat.

We have been shoping. I have a nice new pair of board shorts, a cool orange t shirt and a neclace - oh and a bag. Polina bought some prezzies for friends back home and another bag as she now has an amazing amount of stuff - i dont know how she will carry it :-)

I also dragged Polina to see Manu Arsenal - i had to chose between that and L'pool Chelsea and i think i got the right one - it was a really good game but i drank too much cafene and couldnt sleep - im exhausted now!

Hikkadua is still nice. We have been doing very little. Today we have gone on a day trip to Galle but it has been a bit of a disaster. We went to find a restuarant i liked which does the most amazing rotties but we either missed it or it was closed. We then went to another place miles away that was terrible and not cheap. (The food in Sri Lanka is very pricey and not that good (apart from their rotties!))Then we tried to get a train that wasnt going for another 2 hours so we jumped on a bus and it took an hour and a half to travel 20km du to road works! Now it is so hot here we dived into an internet cafe to cool down. We will explore Galle in an hour or so.


Galle was really nice once we had a look around. It has been owned by the Portugese, the Dutch and the Brits. The Dutch buit a huge fort around it that still stands today and it takes 90 mins to walk around. We went around it at sunset - the best time because of the weather and it was a really nice evening. Also the bus back was pretty quick and easy.

The past two days we went on an eventfull bike trip. Tostart with we hired a scooter for 2 days ad we planed to travel around the coast 180km to Hambantota. It was a nice day and was great about 4pm where we stoped at a blow hole. We had to pay 50 rupies each to get in and it was a very long way off the main road. A guide took us up to the edge of the cliff and we stood for a few minutes and then i decided to leave. The guide said ' your leaving?' and i said 'well there is nothing to see!' and then a massive explosion of water soaked us from a great hight - it was exhillerating!!! We stayed for about 4 blasts and then continued on our merry way. We also saw a big budha in a watt style building. It wasnt the one we intened to see but was nice and i gave a little donation as the monk was so good to us with showing us around.

After this we continued onto Matara (bigest city on the South coast) and then Tangalla. We should have stoped here!!! Shortly after (at about 5.30) we were stoped by the police for no reason what so ever, he asked us for the documents for the vehicle which i produced and then the driving licence. I didnt have mine and so they tried to get me to ay a $25 dollar fine. There were 3 of them 2 in uniform and the other wasnt. polina was beiong really bitchy to the asking them for proof we had done something wrong and something about her lawyer. Only one of the guys was being pushy and so I found out he wasnt a police man and just one of their friends who spoke better english than them. I told him i would only talk to the officers and after a half hour with Polina asking for their names and bage numbers (which they never gave) they took my name (which i gave a fake one - Snale) and let us leave. However, one of the guys said they would get us tomorrow!

This wasnt the end of it though............

We eventually got into Hambantota and there was no accomodation worth having. The mid range places in out guide book were $70 dollars a night and the others had cockroaches and were generally rubbish at an astronomical price. We searched and searched for 3 hours in the dark on the scooter and i was so exhausted. Polina eventually decided on the best of the bad bunch and we stayed at Joy GH - it was not a joy witgh a bed that was too short and cokroaches but still we managed to sleep and find somewhere to eat - luckily today was a better day.

Today we got up early hoping to avoid the police, Hambantota was shitty even by daylight so we were happy to leave (rubbish guide book!) we headed towards the police trap where we were caught before and we saw them but they had pulled over a bus and never saw us 'praise the lord!' we saied through but at every policeman (and there were lots) i had by heart in my mouth! Today we went to the budhist temple we intended to go to which was nice although they were a bit money grabbing and then we went to Unawatuna which is one of the top 12 beaches in the world, it is only 20km away from us so we spent the afternoon there, we swam in the crystal waters and laid on the golden sands and then made our way to Galle for the sunset - although we just missed it and i had to drive the last 20km home in the pitch black afraid for my life and the police we are back safely.

Tomorrow we leave for Colombo and the airport. Our flight back to Chennai is on the 23rd at a stupidly early time in the morning so we need to get close to the airport tomorrow.



It all went wrong! We gave the bike back after the last entry (above) and it turned out the police kept the original Insurance and so they were much more clever than we thought! The owner was called and came over, he was fine at 1st and we said immediatly we would pay him the $25 and we thought it would be the end of the issue but Oh No! He demanded we paid 1,000 Rupies extra for the inconveniance of going to Hambantota - in reality he could send anyone and the price for a return faire on a bus would be 50 rupies so we refused to pay. He starting screaming at us and physically trying to force me onto his bike to go to the police station, i pushed him away and after a little commosiuon where he threatened to kil us we decided to walk to the police station to get it all sorted out. He followed us all the way to make sure we went but had a word with them before we got there. So they were no help at all. We left with the documents and i said i would go personally to the Post office in Hambantota to pay it off.

This was never my intention though...........

My intentiopn was to flee the country, because of the way he treated us we left the next day (as planed) to Colombo See next entry
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