El Nido

Trip Start Sep 02, 2007
Trip End May 13, 2009

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Flag of Philippines  , Luzon,
Sunday, April 12, 2009

The journey up to El Nido was a bit crappy but it could have been a lot worse. The minivan was PACKED with loads of people - including Missionaries I had to listen to them rabbiting on for ages. Not just missionaries - American missionaries - yuck!

We went pretty quick over the 1st section and then the road got a lot worse. It took us 8 hours all up to get to El Nido including a meal, a lot of sitting around and 2 flat tires - what is more unbelievable is they had 2 spares!!!

I got into El Nido and had been recommended a place to stay by the other Tina (Slovenian) and got the last room - also I can not stay there for the 2nd night as it is booked upfor a long time because it is holy week - also known as Easter. I checked in, chilled out, went for a walk and bumped into Rowan - his room mate was moving out and so I moved in for my 2nd night - it was only ment to be for 3 nights and I was there for over a week!

Rita and Tina needed a room as something had happened and I think Sean and Rita had had a bit of a bust up. So Sean didnt come. I tried to book them up a room and it was a bit of a problem but everything sorted its self out.

The girls showed up and I met a guy called Jimmy everyone had been tlking about. Him and Rita had a bit of a thing and so this was the start of my happy family.

Rowan (I met in Manila)
Tina (I met in Manila)
Rita (I met in Manila)
Jimmy (I met in here)
Freek and Dana (I met in Donsol)
Mark and Laura (I met in here)
Matt and Robyn (I met in here)
Simon (I met in here)
Rasta and Sara (I met in here)
G and is girlfriend (I met in here)
Matt and his girlfriend (I met in here)
3 Crazy Spaniards
2 Finish guys (I met in Puerto Princesa)
Lassie from Denmark (I met in here)
Lucas and his Girlfriend (Austria) (I met in Southern Leite)
Jimmys 2 Swedish friends (I met in here)
Jodi (I met in here)

not bad eh!

So every day I would get up, work out if I wanted to go on a boat trip or just laze on a beach, go and drink with Jimmy or Rowan, Hang out with TIna and Rita - the possibilities were endless!

AND ALL of these people are SO cool - its like I was on drigs or something - I love everyone and they loves me! (not like that) Maybe there is something in the water.... Anyway -

I went on a cool boat trip (trip C) With Tina, Rita, Simon Robyn and Matt. The snoorkling was very cool and simon is a v good diver so it was cool snoorkling with him. We saw many little reefs, hung out on a few islands, saw a cool lagoon and swam into a cave where Simon and I found a gap in the coral you could squeeze into under water, swim through a tunnel and then come up on the other side about 12 meters away after swiming down abotu 5m - it was excelent  and maybe a bit dangerous looking back on it!

We got plenty of sun - maybe too much and ate good food. and had a really good evening at the rasta bar.

On day 2 with the group Rowan, Jimmy, Tina, Rita, Simon, Freek, Dana, Rasta, Sara and others - many others went to the beach 3km away with loads of beer in a cooler Jimmy kindly bought. We spent the whole day there, Rowan Freek and I playing on a boat for hours like it was our own. We walked abck vioa a farm where Rowan and I tried to negotiate a good price for a boat trip - unsuccessfully but they had loads of goats and loads and loads of new piglets - erowan wanted to buy them and worked out package deals for buying them in bulk - all nonsense of course but it was very funny.

I met a Danish girl on my walk back to El Nido who I met in Manila over a month ago which was pretty crazy. Then we went out to some nice restaurant or another.

My cold is Hiddeous!! Ive been going throug a toilet roll a day getting rid of all the fluid built up in my head but other than zapping some of my energy im ok.

Ther was a very funny evening. The 3 Spanish guys who we have been hanging about with for a few days got really drunk when we were all sat on the bech drinking, the 3 of them and Rasta and his Girlfriend all went into the water naked. Then came out and posed for pictures, one of them went off with a lady boy, one passed out on the beach naked and god knows what happened to the other but we have photographic evidence -and its not pretty!

Tina, Rita, Jimmy, Simon, Jimmy 2 Swedish friends and I got 3 kayaks and rowed out to some beaches which was a great day out. I got bueried in the sand and I went out with Rita - she is a good Kayaker and came back it Tina - not so good :-) We checked out some amazing beaches but there was a lot of huge jelly fish in the water. We fished a load of them out of the water with a palm leaf so we could swim and then after taking a few amusing photos of them had competitions on who could throw them furthest backinto the water - very funny!

After the 2nd 2 Islands everyone was ready to go back but me and Tina went on to another beach - it was seriosuly hard getting there through choppy water. Everyone else followed us in the end and we desturbed a couples 'private time' when we landed on our kayaks. We recovered our energies and then rowed back to the mainland. Well, Tina got salt water in her eyes with contacts and couldnt really do much so I pretty much rowed us back - it was hard work but good. Jimmy and the Swedish couple were much slower and got picked up by a fishing boat and pulled back - lazy b*stards!! So we got back and then ahd a nice relaxing evening - I wasnt feeling so good because of my cold which I may have got off Rowan and I have successfully managed to spread to everyone I meet.

We had a great idea to cook a BBQ. Simon and Myself organised the thing, immy made the potatoes, Rita bought all the fish and we made a meal for 21 people! Fish, baked potatoes, vegetables, a starter of mango salad and a desert of a shit load of alcohol! I got Lassie who i had only met 10 mins earlier to gut all the fish (which he was very good at) he became the fish cheff I made a marinate and cooked all the vegetables and all the other contribted by buying rum, coke, sprite, beer and everything else we suddernly ralised we didnt have.

We did another boat trip (B) which had very nice beaches and I generally had a wonderful time just because of the people. Simon did some cool trick with the sand, we saw a very cool cave, we buried tina in the sand and got very drunk AGAIN! Most of the crew left the next morning and it was sad saying goodbye to everyone - esp tina who I have spent a lot of time with and I was a bit lost on my last day on El Nido. We had an excelent last evening with candles on the beach and a good group of people sat around. and a lovely meal where I met Jodi who I am going to Coron with at midnight. I accidently stole someone elses flip flops as they look like mine (but are so much better) and after  a very sandy evening (my bed was sandier than the beach) I got up at mid day to wonder round in a drunken stupor in the boiling heat before Jodi invited me to the alternative to relax till our boat arived at midnight.

Im seriously sad to be leaving El Nido and al the happy memories.
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