Trip Start Sep 02, 2007
Trip End May 13, 2009

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Flag of Philippines  , Visayas,
Sunday, March 15, 2009

I got up earlyish, ate some breakfast, read soe book and ambled to the port. Then started running as a boat I could catch was just leaving. I divd on, payed the money and I was on my way to Siquijor Island.

The whole tie I was desperate for the toilet but had no where to go - this boat was basic! I had a guy next to me with about 3 teath -and they were really big and yellow - he just spent the whole journey 3 inches from my face staring at me-in a good way though - he was a very happy old man. So I tried not to look at him too often but it was hard, we got to the port and I got the usual hastle from drivers. I went to toilet and all the drivers had gone - literally all of them! I had to walk- I was starting to get used to the preferential treatent I had been receiving!

So I walked-a lot and the people here are so friendly. I had kids running up to me to say hi. People concerned that I was walking and could they call me a taxi. Others stopping on their bikes just to chat to me. After 30 mins I got a lift with a guy just trying to earn some money in the entrepreneurial way most Asians have. I got hi down to 50 - a ruip off but I was tired and he dropped me at my accommodation. It is a nice place, very friendly people here as well and now I am going to chill out for the rest f the day. Tomorrow I am going to hire a moped hopefully and drive myself around this fascinating little island.


Well, ystrday, I walked to the pier and got myself a moped for $10 for 24 hours! Not bad! I drove around for a long long time.

1st up I drove to a cave network where I haggled a guide down from a crazy 900P down to a more rasonable 300P to show me the extremely wet and slipery caves. I wasnt expcting too much bu we were underground for about 2 hours! All the time walking! These caves went on for 2km, there were bats flying around,  assive stalegtights and stalegmites and most of the way you are wading through water, sometimes up to your waste.

As soon as I got in there were fish biting at my toes, when I took a closer look these 'fish' swam like an eel and if you looked at their head you would swear they were big slugs with their antenas-horrible looking things nibbling at my feet! I guess they have addapted to survive the waterloged environent they are forced to live in. There was a point where I could even swim with these nasty fish slug eel things - which I did - the pool was a nice relie from the crazy huidity underground.

Ater 2 hours and a crazy long conversation where I was just simply trying to ask what the bats at -im pretty sure my guide thought I was saying I want to eat the bats... But anyway, after that I got out and it felt good to breath again! I got back on my bike and tok the interior 'roads' - more like quaries that you drive through! Still, I didnt fall off and made it to the coat where the roads are much better.

I drove around the coast for a few hours and stopped when I was seriously hungry. I got off at a place called Marla to eat and genrally get questionned by loads of locals. After some chicken and rice I got back on the bike. I stopped after 5 mins to get a picture o the paddy fields when kids came running up -I think they had ben running fr a while! They just stood next to me, said 'whats your name?' 'give me money' -who teaches these kids!? They were not poor! Still, I got a photo of them and drove on. Eveywhere I went literally everone smiled at me, shouted for me to stop, waved, screamed - they love it! I dont know what it is, but they do!

On the way back I got a bit lost and ended up driving through the interior again - oops, crazy riads en all but I got back in one piece and exhausted just before sunset.,

I fotgot to say, earlier on in the day I was drinking my coffee in the morning, chatting to an elderly French guy and a 50 sething English guy cioes into the GH, buys soething all dressed from head to toe in leather. Finds out im English and asked me to coe live with him for a week for free! He said he was lonely and had many beadrooms a private beach and loads of cool stuff and I know he was being genuin- well, I think he was. He jotted down his address but as I was driving around the area, I was thinking about going and decided not too - dont know if that was a good plan or a istake - I dont really care though, I had an amazing 2 hour conversation with a 10 yr old and his 12 yr old cousin about everything - it was very interesting and much more rewarding than a conversation with an exentric old English an could ever be. I do feel a little sorry for him though.

So, I decided to stay another day (today) I dont have much on, I just love the chilled out lifestyle on this island. I just droped my bike back and tomoz at 6am I get the boat to Bohol.
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