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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Once again I tried to consume the free breakfast at the hostel and resisted the urge to buy a proper breakfast. The fruit was the only decent thing there, so I made sure to get three helpings. Anything more than that was probably pushing it. I noted that most of the better and tastier selection would be gone by 9 a.m. More incentive to wake up early and take what I could. I thought of two more days here until I could escape.

After I finished breakfast I ended up speaking and flirting with one of the Dutch girls in my room. With the latter it comes subconsciously and the conversation was about how she damaged her fingers. (The fingers were bandaged and a piece of metal was used to keep them straight. The accident occurred from falling on a bicycle on the Death Road, Bolivia). In regards to the conversation, she had to keep her hand in a plastic bag to keep dry when showering. Being a kind hearted soul, I offered to help her in the shower. It did not hurt she had a perky 'backside' and was cute. All in jest I had to tell her as I needed to see the San Telmo market before watching a football game. Otavio laughing and offering to take my place rains in my memory. He added: "it would be better to shower together to save water."

The San Telmo market was checked again but it was a lot less crowded than last week. In addition going by myself probably did not help; I was bored. Last week I had Mike and his company was missed. The experience of shopping and being here has been covered before, so it will be excused.

With the Aston Villa versus Tottenham game being on at 5:30 p.m. in the UK, I needed to be in front of a television by 2 p.m. The staff at Estoril allowed me to watch it there. Maybe it was a gesture to use something in the hostel. In the eleven days of staying there, apart from sporadically using a computer, I used no appliances. As for catching a football game, I had missed one game due to being stuck in Madrid and last weekend’s game was postponed. There had been heavy snowfall in my absence in the UK and it was the worst winter in thirty years. As I was in thirty degree weather, it was the furthest thing from my mind.

Accompanying me in the living room was William and a Canadian traveller. While this traveller was in the same room as me in the days before I left, he had not uttered a word. Quite a few times he was unapproachable. One example was when some of us would enter the room; he whilst lying on his bed would immediately turn and face the wall. Being heavily tattooed and sporting a ‘rapper’s’ dress attire, I wondered what we would have in common. Still I tried to not make a judgement but he carried on with the silent treatment. Getting ready to watch a football game I was glad he was quiet. The only thing he muttered was a question as to which team was which.

Thankfully my team did not let me down this time. We triumphed 2-1 with Van Der Vaart scoring twice and despite playing with ten men for an hour. (In the last two seasons from 2010 that Van Der Vaart played for Tottenham, I have only seen a handful of games. When he left two years on, it felt like a dream; was he even there? Maybe fitting as when that happened, I returned home.)

Yet again dining on empanadas and drinking on the roof top but this night would end prematurely. Along with Heidi, Amanda, Nacho, Marcos, the Mexican traveller and a few other friends of Nacho, we sat around a few tables. What was annoying about this arrangement was that it was hard to talk to Marcos, Heidi and Amanda. Given that some conversations were predominantly in Spanish, I had nothing to do. With the Mexican traveller smitten by Amanda and trying to speak to her alone, I grew restless. (Nothing new; yesterday the guy wanted Marcos’ email address and suggested he should get it via her facebook account. As I happened to be near and as she did not like him, Amanda suggested he should get it off me. You can imagine my joy as this moment).

As I was peripheral to the conversation for far too long, I made my exit without saying a word. With the exit being close to the girl’s dormitory, Heidi managed to come out at that precise moment. I told her I needed to leave and decided to ask her for the etchings I left with her before I changed hostels. (These were both bought at the San Telmo market. Both are now in London; a map of Argentina is with a friend, whilst I proudly display the map of South America in my room). As it was very early (11 p.m.), Heidi must have wondered why I was leaving. There are many reasons. Being stuck outside a conversation is one and another is being ‘blown off’ by the girls. (In Heidi’s defense, she did say she was too tired to do anything but not until I was here for a while.) The biggest reason was that after fifteen days without anything resembling a healthy nights’ sleep, I was ‘done for’. For five days I had noticed my speech had become a little slurred and my reaction time was low. I had been saying day to day that this night I would go to bed early but kept on pushing it off. I cannot complain to much as it was self inflicted and I was having a great time.

As I got back to Milhouse, I was surprised a party was going on. For the first time on my travels, I did not give a damn about one. As some of my room mates were present I stopped to say hello. The two Australian brothers were nice and immediately bought me a beer. It was a good gesture but meant I was stuck here for a while. Still the conversation was cool and whilst I offered to buy a ‘round’ in return, the guys were not having it. The upside to this was getting to bed or so I thought. No chance there as one of my Dutch room mates told me our other Dutch room mate had snuck a guy into the room. Some time ago I saw her with a fellow. He asked her a question and when she nodded, they disappeared. I understand the action now but then I was obvious. In my defense I was extremely tired and totally uninterested in tonight’s events. So I decided to give them forty five minutes and bought myself a drink.

As the two female Australian room mates joined us, they talked about going to a nightclub. Turning away I caught the ‘gaze’ of a Welsh girl. She was a friend of the English girl I ‘befriended’ last week at a Milhouse party. As she recognised me instantaneously, she told me the group had relocated to the Shearaton Hotel. I had no interest in seeing the friend in question but out of politeness I asked how the hotel was. Thankfully the conversation ended when her boyfriend/fling put his arm around her and took her attention away.

The Dutch room mate in my presence told me she wanted to ‘hit’ a nightclub but had no money. I briefly wondered if she was asking me for some but she added her money was in the room locker. I replied “you need to interrupt your friend and get it.” Only when Otavio joined us and heard of this, did he make us join him to get into the room. Totally justified and I think he had just finished a shift bartending. So seven of us waited behind Otavio and the Dutch traveller, as they knocked repeatedly on the locked door.  Only after a few minutes did the ‘indoor’ Dutch traveller let us in. She alluded “I thought security was with you. That is the only reason I opened the door.”  As she was only covered with two towels, she asked us not to turn on the light. Whoever was behind me either did not hear that or did not care. With the light switched on I saw the sight of a naked man on the top bunk bed, adjacent to mine. One of the Australian girls scolded me for turning on the light. I debated professing my innocence, but trying to get the guys’ ‘deer caught in headlights look’ out of my mind, I just laughed and went into the bathroom. During brushing my teeth I heard the same Australian traveller shout “porra.” (Yesterday Otavio taught us this word and a few other slang swear words in Portuguese. It meant ‘man cum’). Whilst I chuckled I heard her shout a few obscenities my way through the door. A tad annoyed, I finished up and wanted to ‘put her straight’. When I opened the door she was gone and the lights were off. For a brief few moments I thought ‘success’ and stripped off to get into bed. The Dutch traveller was still in the room and she was not alone! Plus, everyone had left to go out! ‘Brazenly’ she asked me to leave. She carried on with “how about you hang out with your American girls?” I was very ‘pissed off’ now. “I have given you the room for nearly an hour” I proclaimed.  She was not impressed by this and finally I told her to ‘drop it’. The guy tentatively whispered “where is he from?” As he was an Englishman too, I wondered how he could not recognise my accent. With that in mind I clenched my fists in preparation of whether he would get aggressive at not getting his way.  I should not have worried, within minutes they had started ‘shagging’ again. As the bed creaks normally, the added movements kept me awake until I finally ‘drifted off’.

Unfortunately my sleeping was interrupted so many times I could not tell you what time it was when I finally passed out through exhaustion. The first interruption was both of them getting off the top bunk. As my room mate climbed down via the small ladder connecting bunks, he jumped down. As I awoke to find out what was going on, I saw he was still naked and looking for his shorts. Thankfully I faced my pillow again before he bent over. Seeing that would be a rude awakening!

Interruption number two was when they started ‘banging’ against the bathroom door. I suppose I should be thankful they used the bathroom furthest in proximity from me. The latest interruption involved Otavio bringing back two women. As the lights were on, I saw one of them was incapacitated. Being a cool guy, he laid her out on his bed to rest whilst placing a bucket next to her if she threw up. I figured the other one must be his girlfriend, so I told her to sit on my bed whilst he sorted everything out. The forth coming part is gross; you have been warned. Otavio stating he would head out again, decided to have a quick wash. Once out of the bathroom he started to look for his towel to dry up. He asked if I had seen it. Barely able to answer that I had not, he spotted it. Unfortunately it was on the lower half of the Dutch traveller. As it was pulled off it exposing her. To be fair she did have a good ‘rump’. The next instance will stay with me forever. Otavio asked: “why is there blood on my towel?” She was still giggling as he asked me, “why has that guy got blood on his fingers?” Looking at the adjacent top bunk the guy had his fingers only the railing, I replied “it looks like he has been in a battle!” Finally the Dutch traveller spoke, saying she would clean it. Otavio still disgusted threw the towel in the bin and told her to buy a new one. He stated to the guy, pointing to the girl in his bed, “this is my sister.  I do not want her to see you naked. Nor do I want to see you when I come back.” The guy agreed but was at a loss for words. When Otavio and his girlfriend left, I finally slept uninterrupted.

On a side note: when I met Otavio by chance in Buenos Aires a week after this, he gave me more insight to the story. The Dutch traveller was so embarrassed by her actions, not only did he get a new towel; she also bought him food and drinks. The girl passed out on his bed was not his sister. He stated it was easier to say that to get rid of the guy in our room. The funniest thing he told me was that he and a few friends burst into the room and took pictures of the 'couple’. He did not add whether or not the guy left on time. I am assuming he did not. Also there was an argument between the ‘couple’ and Otavio was surprised I did not hear it. Some people can sleep through ‘war’; I guess I can too. After fifteen nights I finally achieved more than five hours of sleep.
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