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Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the early afternoon I wandered towards the newer Milhouse to wish Mike a safe trip and goodbye. It had been a pleasure and I sincerely hoped we would meet again in the future.

With Chantel, we arrived early at Plaza De Mayo and decided to sit near the fountain. A chick from the hostel (American) was there too. I got her to join us. (In hindsight I wish I asked for her contact details as she oozed grace and was pretty interesting). Another sharp reminder of the poverty in Buenos Aires greeted me. A family of four remaining clothered, all bathed in the fountain in full view of the crowd. For a place so beautiful, for a place where money flows; how could this occur? A timely reminder of the social classes.

The meeting has been covered before in detail so I will skip it. After we finished observing, we walked to San Telmo, stopping at a cafe and ordered snacks and in my case, a milkshake. Yes, I am indeed a fruity drinker and proud of it! Here I discovered the American traveller was from New York and was studying Medicine. We spoke about both and this may have been how we got onto the subject of drugs. I recall Chantel stating an ex boyfriend had troubles in that and she had dabbled in it herself. Taken aback I merely nodded and continued to listen. Her response: "I don't care for your opinion." Puzzled I asked her what made her say that and she refused to converse with me properly after that. When she temporarily left to pay her part of the bill, I asked the American traveller as to what happened. She was not sure too but we knew Chantel was offended. Now I know I have offended people in the past mostly non intentionally but this stumped me. So it was quite awkward on the walk back home. I did try to smooth things over to no luck. Chris; your clothers will be delayed. No chance of getting help from her. A funny anecdote: Chantel accusing a worker in a fruit shop of giving her counterfeit money in change. She was wrong and it did make us all smile bar her. Once home, I headed to the terrace and relaxed in the hammock. Thankfully everyone was still out as I watched the cloudless sky and relaxed my mind.

During the evening there was a barbeque at Estoril. The usual suspects were there: Heidi, Amanada, Robert, Fredrick, Kris, Marcos, William and Iona. As I have covered before they served streak, chicken, mashed potatoes, bread and salad. Most people ate for nearly an hour but I was still going strong long past two hours. I stopped as we were going out drinking and clubbing later and that most of the food was finished. There are a few things I can do for hours on end. When there is something good in front of me, how can I say no? Picture the Energizer 'bunny' commercial and put me in the lead role.

Cue the time to start drinking. I tried to remain coherent this night but that was going to be very hard to achieve. Looking at the chick from New York dressed to the 'nines’ made me wonder whether it was appropriate to tell her so or do women frown at compliments? Now days I say what is on my mind but then, I kept it to myself. A sign of how women are competitive: some of the other women were ridiculing the New York chick’s dress sense. The premise was that she was over dressed and out to impress; I rolled my eyes.

The entire group led by Nacho headed to Palermo. Once seated I consumed a few Red Bull and vodkas and although this would not cause concern, the next thing would! Heidi and Amanda then bought a tray full of tequila shots. Too late to decline, I tipped it back. Oh gosh did it taste bad and unbeknown to me another round was ordered. Yet again I did what I had to do. Now this was the first time I tasted tequilla. Not only did the taste disagree with me, I struggled to swallow it.

It was only after a few whisky and cokes I started to feel ‘giddy’. Seated at one end of the table I became an outsider to most conversations. With my new found idle time, I used it to compose myself. Remembering last weekends’ escapades I made sure not to repeat them. Strange for Argentina, we had to pay for every drink immediately and not at the end. With that also in mind I made sure not to order anything else. The images were getting blurry and we still had to hit a nightclub.

After leaving the bar Amanda wanted a picture of me in an ‘English’ styled phone booth we just had to pass. Being a tad woozy I agreed and somehow two of our Australians joined in. I am not sure why I held the telephone receiver in the picture. Maybe I was calling for help. We arrived at Crobar nightclub after enduring a thirty minute walk. Most of the girls were complaining but it had a benefit for me; I could sober up!

Earlier on Marcos had told me it had not worked out with Amanda and encourage me to go after her. Due to me not wanting another dude’s chick, I declined. It looked like Nacho had taken the job on, whilst a beer was handed to me. What I recall was how  Nacho was dancing aggressively with Amanda. Her worried face was a picture but she kept motioning me for help. Surely a job for a chick I thought? Not this time I guess. I did not want to get involved as it had nothing to do with me. After a few minutes she was still motioning me and out of reflex I helped. (This area is not my fortay but I am not as clueless as Sheldon from the ‘Big Bang Theory’). Not being in the right mind, I casually walked up and hugged them simultaneously. Out of the three of us I am not sure who was more shocked. With that, Amanda hugged and thanked me prefuriously. Unfortunately, the bottle of water she was had did not have a lid. As she hugged me, the contents of the bottle went on me. The right side of my back was soaked. At least I was wearing a black t-shirt. Mere moments later, Heidi seeing this unfold and due to her not being able to help, also thanked me. However as she did, her lit cigarette touched my arm. It was only a moment but what a jolt of pain. I peered upwards and thought ‘God, what are you playing at?’

As for the music, it was mainly drum and bass. Yet again, it was baffling noise to me but some revellers were acting out break dancing scenes. Further proof that at this time, this place was not for me. Most of the group and myself headed onto the dance floor. Most of the females in our group looked out to ‘snag’ local guys. Not a problem as I did not want them but being made unwelcome is never warranted. As for the other women in the club; they were not good. Before you chaseterise me; I mean the hip hop look on a woman is kryptonite to me. Dress and act like a woman is a simple turn on to me and dressing and acting like a man, obviously is not.

Around this time Heidi had a row with Amanda and later, was no where to be found. Concerned I decided to look for her. I managed to get Amanda to help me but as she was leading me through the dance floor, some guy physically grabbed her to dance. After this happened once, I held her hand and make sure I led the way from now on.

After checking the dance floor, the upper quarters, stage and toilets, we managed to find her. Amanda managed to see her in the ‘VIP’ section collapsed on a sofa. As we protested to security to pass as our friend needed help, he refused. Only after a few minutes he resented and Amanda got Heidi out. I told a few people to round the group up as we were leaving. Here outside we struggled to get Heidi to her feet and also to hail cabs. It was 5 AM and bright but there were not any cabs around. When Heidi could walk we headed to the main road as taxis were more frequent.

Unbeknown to me, an argument had broken out between Heidi and Amanda. To this day, I have no idea about what it was. It concluded with Amanda leaving and as I tried to keep her with the group, Heidi would not let me leave. Being distraught she hugged me so tight my intestines were in discomfort. Stranded in one spot, I motioned for William to get Amanda back.

When a taxi finally appeared, Chantel and Robert immediately flocked to it. I requested that they wait and let Heidi to go in first. In this moment, I made a ‘slip of the tongue’, calling Chantel, Chanelle.  She coldly replied: "that’s not my name." I added: “we have bigger problems than me remembering your name.” She was quiet after that. What concerned and annoyed me at the same time. Was that no one else was concerned with getting Heidi and Amanda home. Usually women ‘band’ together and a group will show concern.

Slowly more cabs arrived and after everyone had a ride, I remained with Marcos and the New York traveller. Talking to them, they thoughts were that this situation was not my problem. My concern was that things could have gotten worse had I not intervened. We arrived back at 7AM and as I headed up the multiple flights of stairs, Amanda sat alone on a step on the fifth floor. (Note: the elevator was not functioning as someone did not close the door to it. Therefore it was marooned on the top floor). I tried to get her to come in to no avail as Marcos and the New York traveller went to bed. Defeated, I went into our hostel and routinely headed to the roof. There I saw William sitting with Iona, Robert and Chantel. I shook his hand and thanked him for getting Amanda back. I would find out later he gave up as Amanda ran away from him! As I spotted Heidi in a corner crying, I went and consoled her. Probably a strange sight to those watching as my shirt was off yet again and we were sitting on a ledge. After a while I needed to go and wished her a better day tomorrow. Passing the others still talking, I headed down the stairs, where I bumped into Amanda. She was creeping down the stairs on ‘all fours’ to avoid Heidi. Santiago (worker), walked by and I made eye contact with him as I figured nothing I could do now would change her mind. Finally the night was over.

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