Koh Chang

Trip Start Nov 14, 2013
Trip End Apr 17, 2014

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Flag of Thailand  , Changwat Trat,
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We got dropped of at our Resort, Nature Beach at 3 pm, great to be back at our favorite place here at Koh Chang. We got our little primitive bungalow, that's going to be a change after our stay in our little apartment :-). But no problem, we get used to it as usual !
We got settled and went to sit in front of the sea to have a drink and something to eat a bit later.
We had met a nice French couple in our Minivan Dominique and Joel who lived in Hungary as they were fed up with French politics and especially it's immigration politics. Like everybody else we meet basically, as it seems a real European problem which needs a quick solution now if not it's going to end badly. We are trying to arrange a drink with them tomorrow as they were only staying 3 days on a Koh Chang. Than we spoke to Asia as it was her birthday today ! Happy Birthday !!!!!
We also got news from Nanda who is recovering from her hart problems, we're really happy everything went well at the end, she will be alright we're sure ! Big kiss to her and Roel from us ! In the evening we walked to the little hippie village near us, so nice to be there again, everything is soooo relaxed and lots of nice small places with live music. We picked out one and had a drink and than we slowly walked back over the beach.

We have to get used to sleeping here with the fan, the animal noises etc first but we know it'll get better. Absolutely fantastic when we walk onto the terrace on the beach to have breakfast. Paradise !
We rented a bike and went hunting for another room as we had only booked here for 10 days. As we like to change beach, atmosphere and surrounding we often do that. We had found a few promotions on Agoda and went to check them out. One of them Paradise (it's all in the name looked pretty good so we booked it from the 14th until the 23rd when we were going back to Jomtien. Than we went to look for one of our favorite small beaches with restaurant at Kai Bae behind and part of Siam Cottage resort where the banana shake is great and the food good and cheap. I'm not sure of course but I fear that they will sell this place as the ground must be worth a lot. The small bungalows/huts are starting to be in a real bad state and it doesn't seem that they care so that could well be the last season for them. A little further a huge hotel is being built and slowly but surely Koh Chang is changing :-(
We stayed here for a couple of hours, had our swim and sunbathing, Andrea had a massage (of course). Then we went back for a quick shower, change and we went for our appointment with Dominique and Joel at the Buddha view in Bang Bao at 5 pm.
We had some drinks there and decided to stay for dinner as well. We met the owner who actually is a Flemish guy from Antwerp. We had a nice evening and said goodbye to Dominique and Joel, as they only had tomorrow left we weren't sure we would see them again. We brought back the motor bike and had a drink before going to our room.

After breakfast we went to the fitness and worked for an hour and a half and than went back for a light lunch. We didn't really feel like moving so I sent a mail to D & J. I told them that they could come for dinner to our restaurant on the beach in the evening if they felt like it. We didn't get an answer back so I suppose they didn't feel like it. We hang out on the beach and walked to our little village around 6 pm to a bar/restaurant where we had seen that they played films in the evening on a big screen.
They played Thor 2, so crazy film fans as we are we ordered food there and watched the film sitting on the porch on mattresses and pillows, great !!!! We love this.
After that we went for another drink at another place where there was a guy singing and playing the guitar, we stayed for an hour or so and than went back.

After breakfast where enjoyed our day hanging out on the beach and walking around for a bit checking out café's and restaurants we had looked at before. We found a real good one on the road where the food was amazing and the price as well.
In the evening we went see a film first (what else ? :-) a real good comedy with a guy that had done a few sperm donations in a centre where than it had been given to women and produced 553 children who ended up wanting to know their father ! Hilarious !! Than after a drink or do back to our room

After breakfast and fitness where we met Johannes a nice guy from Sweden. He was traveling around Australia and Asia with his girlfriend for a year and a half. It was off course great talking about their and our travel experiences. We also talked about the markets in Bangkok and he told me his brother found a real good place for shoes. He was going to send me the details, so we might check it out.
Than again a bit of sun and sea, how boring !! ;-)
And yes, a film in the evening.

After breakfast Andrea got us a surprise, she booked us on a trip to the other side of the island where there was a elephant camp. We went for a swim with the elephants, where we were climbing on their back and brushing their skin with brushes to get all the parasites of which of course they adored. Then we went for a tracking through the jungle which is absolutely beautiful still on this side of the island between the mountains. I was allowed to sit on front for a bit which was really something. We had a great time and we felt sorry to leave them and got back in our taxi van for more than an hour. A French girl who had worked there as a voluntary was crying her eyes out as she was leaving as well and had to go back to France.
In the evening there was the weekly party with DJ and big lights and all on the beach in our resort so after dinner and our daily film we came back to dance for a couple of hours on great trance music. Fantastic on the beach with the sea in front of you !! After a couple of hours we got tired and went back to our bungalow and we were so tired of the day that we didn't even hear the music and slept like roses !

Breakfast, Sports, lunch, sun & beach, film, hanging in out, drinks and sleep, yeahhh

We intended to rent a bike and drive around today but around 10 it started raining cats and dogs, so we thought we'd better postpone this idea. As usual it took about an hour and a half and we were hanging out on the covered terrace where we met a Danish girl who was doing her masters in Human Trafficking here in Thailand. I gave her a few pointers to get in touch with the head of unit who I know well of DG Home which is involved in exactly this topic.
After lunch we walked to the village where Andrea worked on the selection of our pictures in a Internet café and I went to check out a tattoo shop to get some ideas for maybe another tattoo...
I love this little village which is like a hippie village with its inhabitants and probably the first villages in the Wild West must have been, all in wood with porches, music, people selling jewelry and all kind if hand made things. The atmosphere is so cool and relax, I really hope they will not tear it all down to build new buildings !!!!
We enjoyed hanging around here and ended up in our film café/restaurant where we watched the Millers, a real funny film. The usual drinks after and than back.

Breakfast and sports, where we met Giacomo, a Italian guy that had been traveling for the last year and a half on three continents ! Impressive and practically all of it hitch hiking ! We than went to eat half a chicken at a little restaurant we always passed at the way back. There we met Luca from Treviso, he is a tattoo artist and was doing really well he told us. We always see him in the evening watching the film but hadn't spoken to him before. Than we went back to relax on the beach where we found a Peruvian guy selling handmade jewelry and Andrea picked out a nice pair of earrings. The rest of the day we relaxed, went to see the film "About time" An English film which was special and not bad. Than I past Long, the tattoo guy who had been working on the tattoo design I wanted. It was getting much better and tomorrow we would start at 2 pm. We were pretty tired and went back for a drink and than went to our bungalow.

After breakfast we hang out on the beach and stayed practically all the time in the water as is is starting to be extremely warm. We talked to an Austrian guy who had his own company of interior design and who had taken a break of 2 months after having worked continuously for 8 years. Than after lunch we went to Long who turned out to be a little sick so we had to postpone our work for a day or two as we were moving from Lonely Beach to Kai Bae beach tomorrow. Not to worry better he feels good and does the job well than otherwise !
Andrea went to work on her photo selection for a bit and I hang out with Long and chatted away about everything with him. He turned out to be a real nice guy with lots of interests, shame about the limited English vocabulary but still, with a bit of positive help we managed. I picked up Andrea and we walked back to relax, it was now getting almost unbearable and we drink liters of water and keep out of the sun.
In the evening we went back to the village to see our film :-)

We got up, had breakfast and went to the fitness for an hour or so, walked back where we found Johannes and Helga at a little restaurant who were leaving tomorrow morning, so we were able to say goodbye to them. Than we got our stuff together and checked out to go to next hotel in Kai Bae - Paradise Bungalows.
We got a taxivan and checked in in our bungalow with hot water and airco and tv with the Dutch/Flemish channel. Ahhhh what a luxury to have this again. We got organized and then went to the beach at Siam Huts where we had breakfast often last year. We had lunch and hang out till almost sunset and went back to have a shower and get ready to have dinner at a little restaurant where I had a great massaman !
Then we went back and watched some tv.

We drove to Nature Beach to have breakfast and we stayed there on the beach till 1 pm and then went direction hippy village where we had lunch and than I went to Long to start on my tattoo. Andrea took a few photo's and than left me to go back to the beach as we would work at least 4 hours. She came back around 6 pm, as we would work a bit more she went to have a drink at the place where I joined her at 7 to have dinner and watch a film. Meanwhile Asia and Remco sent us a pic composition of all the great food they were enjoying while they were staying on Naples ! Mmmmm, lucky them !! Than we drove back to Kai Bae where we had a drink and than went to our room.

After breakfast at Papa's in front of our bungalow resort with a miammi croissant and a high fibre with nuts kind of small bread ( yeahhh it's Sunday after all :-) we went to fitness at lonely beach. We had almost finished when Giacomo arrived, off course we started talking again. We took a picture together as he was leaving for Bangkok tomorrow, than a couple of weeks in Europe and was flying of for Cuba after that. Shame everyone we met was leaving ! Than we went back for a quick shower, than back to lonely beach for lunch at Dang seafoods as I had to be back at 2 pm at Long's to finish my tattoo.
It took another 5 hours to finish. So in total 10 hours of small torture. But the end result is worth it, I'm really happy and satisfied. Than it was Andrea's turn as she wanted to get her small tattoo on her back made with permanent make-up to be reworked and filled in with real ink. She screamed a bit .... Only joking, it took about 15 min to finish and is really nice. Long even did it for free, so that was real nice of him as others asked at least 1000 bath to do it. Anyway, we went back for a shower, in which we have to be careful as no soap or shampoo should get on the tattoo. We than took the bike and drove north where as Long told us there was a small Sunday evening market. We had something to eat there and walked around a bit but there was not really anything interesting so we left and went to have a drink in front of our resort. After that we went back and watched some tv.

We woke up and decided to go to white beach after breakfast. First we took a few photo's on the porch of our bungalow and we wanted to take some of the elephant's that were in a small camp that was actually next door to us but we wanted to get nearer to them later on. Our bungalow actually is a bit in the back right at the start of the mountains where the jungle starts, real fun as we therefore are visited and are often in the middle of all kinds of small insects and animals. Yesterday I saw a beautiful green snake slithering in front of me, nice birds wake us up in the morning, small and big frogs are waiting for us when we arrive in the evening. All kind of gecko's and lizards walking around our door trying to catch the flies, bugs and mosquito's.
So we drove to white beach where we first had a coffee at a place we knew from last year with good coffee. Than we went to the beach which was really good as white beach is quite large and this year and in this period there really are not so many people ! We stayed there for a couple of hours and tried to find some shade and did some swimming and walking before we left to go the next beach called Dewa beach of which we have nice souvenirs as we passed a lovely New Year's Eve here with Maria and Claudio last year. We stayed there to go for a long walk for which this beach is perfect, so after an hour and a half we came back and went to our room to shower and get ready for dinner. While we were eating it suddenly started raining real hard and as usual the street was transformed into a river for about an hour, so by the time we finished eating it had slowed down a lot. We thought we're better run and get back to our room do we did where we stayed and watched tv.

We drove to Nature beach and had breakfast there before going to the fitness. When we arrived we noticed there was no electricity at all on Lonely beach so no fans, no shower (no pomp) whatsoever, this was going to be a sweaty time ! A few liters of sweat later we left the fitness and passed Long's 'cause he wanted to make a photo of my tattoo now that the swelling had gone down. So we did and than we went to our room for a shower. We went for lunch at the Siam Huts' and stayed the afternoon there on the beach. Andrea practically jumped our if the water suddenly as a big ray of about a meter with a long tail passed just in front of her ! Exciting !!
We stayed till 5 and than went for a shower and got ready to go to the hippy village for some food and a Startrek film which was fun. Than it started raining a bit but lucky enough it stopped after 5 min, so we could drive back without it being slippery on the mountain roads.

Today we had breakfast at Nature, while we were eating it started to be cloudy but lucky enough it didn't stay like this for long. We than went direction another beach called Ko Koi, which until now we always called Golden Beach bur whatever. On the way we stopped at Bang Bao, the village build around a pier. We walked and had a look in the little shops and than had a coffee there before going go the beach. We stopped at another small beach which we had never visited before with a café/restaurant like Porn's all made of wood and most of it drift wood. We had lunch there which was good and than we drove on. We met the Antwerp bunch again, Steve and Mark and enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours on their beach before heading for Lonely Beach to have our dinner and watch a Robert Redford film "All is lost", pretty good ! After that we went back.

After breakfast in Nature and fitness we came back for a shower and have lunch at Siam cottages where we stayed on the beach till 5.
Than we came back to shower and get ready for dinner which we had near. After dinner we got our tickets for the minivan to get back to Jomtien. Than we were tired and went back to chill in our room.

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