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Flag of Canada  , Northwest Territories,
Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Hello my adoring fans.

Well, after one day of retardedly awful work at News/North (not the Inuvik Drum, by the way, which is what I THOUGHT it was) I quit.

I know, I know, it's shocking.... right. Never in my life, have I been so incredibly lied to as I was with this job.

Never in my life, have I quit a job on the exact same day I started.

Never in my life, have I been given a job that was the complete opposite of what was advertised.

I'll give you a sample of the ad that was posted on

"You will get a wide range of experience --  courts, environment,
legislature, business, aboriginal affairs, municipal politics North of
60  -- writing with an emphasis on people. "

Said the ad.... so I applied. Excited that I would be doing a bunch of cool stuff.

(Later on, in a telephone conversation, the man that hired me,
said that in fact the ad does sound like it is advertising a job in
Yellowknife. Great.)

To credit NNSL, and thank you to the Yellowknifer, I did do a couple of interesting stories in Yellowknife and then I was supposed to continue said interesting things in Inuvik.

No problem, I thought.

My first task on Monday morning was to do the "Neighbourly News" which consists of calling at least 40 different contacts in various communities near Inuvik and finding out what the latest updates are.

It took me all day. Four of those 40 people actually had something REMOTELY interesting to say. And I didn't give a flying crap about any of it. Some kids went on a caribou hunt.... There is a snowmobile safety training... blah de blahblah blah...

I understand that these things are very important to the people involved, and the people in the communities around.

I understand that yes, this is the rock hard soil that good journalism grows out of. But if I have NO CHANCE of ever meeting these people, I will have no empathy... ever.... with anyone that lives there. And they will have no empathy for me in return.

After that was done, I was also supposed to write a profile on a random person. "Anyone who is employed" as long as they don't live in Inuvik.

So, I got out the yellow pages and started calling random people. After about 10 calls, no one was remotely interested in talking to me at all. And why should they? I'm sure they've all been misquoted about a dozen times each.



I wanted to shoot myself in the head by the end of the day.

I also tried to redeem the day by attending town council, because I heard the regional school superintendent was going to be there. He had some interesting things to say, which would have been a cool story, but just thinking about trying to get in touch with another teacher in a community I don't know anything about, leaving a message on a phone whose voice mail might not be checked until next week and waiting for them to call me back, made me want to carve my heart out with a dull blade.

I took a minute this morning to talk to a person, who had this job before me. They told me they were so happy to hear that I had quit after one day, and that they always wished they had left way before they actually did.

They also thought they were going to be working for the Drum before they came up here. They also did a bunch of research and was reading the Drum in the days before they moved to Inuvik. When they got here, they were shocked to find that in fact, they were doing this job. At a publication they had no idea what it was.

After talking to the man who hired me, Mr. X, it was apparent that he had no sympathy for pulling the ol' bait and switch on me, so I am still on the hook for my moving expenses. I'm calling around to various lawyers to see what my rights are and of course, according to my former boss, I have none.

Most of the lawyers I have called so far, are in a conflict of interest, because they either do or have done work for NNSL... lucky me...I'll have to cast my net wider and find someone else. I don't think what they are doing is right, or fair to anyone.

If you've read this far, you are probably thinking I'm naive. I should have never traveled so far, for such vague promises. Who is stupid enough to do that?

The fact remains that I still have a thirst for some sort of northern adventure. I still want to see what exactly it is like here. For some people, curiosity cannot be satiated. Why should I hurry and hop the next plane out of town, when I can grab a quick job and really soak up the lifestyle.

I have a couple of weeks to get out of the apartment, so I'll see how much cash I can raise before the next bus out of town leaves.

I found out the only bus out of town goes to Whitehorse, and costs $280.

The catch is, they don't leave unless they can get six people on the bus. So, I'll have to call again in a couple of weeks and see if they've filled it. I'm on the waiting list now, but I think I'm the only one.

Anyway, from Whitehorse, I can buy a Discovery Pass on Greyhound and bus it down to Mexico, or California, or some such. I'm hoping to bum around Mexico for a while ala The Refreshments and then help Owen move in to his new place in Mountain View. A longer term goal would be to get some sort of visa to work in America. Doing I don't care what.

In the meantime, I am waiting for Owen's package to get to me in Inuvik. It has a Kindle in it, which will be CRUCIAL if I'm going to bus it all the way to Mexico.

Back in Inuvik, I dropped in to all three hotels and also to the Mad Trapper with my resume. I was hired on the spot at the Trapper to work on the weekends, so that's where I'm going to be for a bit.

Upon leaving the bar, one of the bouncers, who looks like he's about 18, stops me and says that I'll get the real northern experience working here.

I can't wait to find out what he means.
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katherine-anne on

ah, starlagurl, here's empathy for u: 6 months ago i travelled from holland to south africa to find my volunteering project was in fact a commercial hotel and i was expected to pay for the privilege to work there!
however, if u check my blog u will see it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, i had the time of my life once i got over the shock. as will u, just wait and see - and keep me posted :)

starlagurl on

Yeah, I know I am not alone in these sorts of things. I'm glad you had the time of your life. I know I will too!

Quarter life crisis part 2 coming up!

Eric Stecki on

Awesome story! Sorry that it had to come at such expense. I too have never quit a job on the same day I started. But it was empowering to read! Best of luck up there. See you in Mexico?

terredeshommes on

Hey miss, what a story! But look at the bright side as a journalist, what a story! :) I wish you all the best now, and hope that you'll get your Northern experience. Without any other 1-day job...

Ana on

WOOAH! This is the first time I actually checked this and man it sounds interesting. Its probably cause I am going to throw myself in the similar situation right after april 16th... Hope we cross ways!

afmcdnl on

Sorry to hear!!!
Well have fun on your trip to Mexico!!

javier on

hi louise i didnt know you yet, but always i have mails from you and well..

if you want exciting and scary news from the people, you can come to venezuela, and talk with the neighbours, jejej here we have interesting and strong storys all the time..... but in few days sure you will want come back to your peace... we are scrub here...... bye good luck with your trip :-)

mr.nate on

What did you think you were going to be writing about in Inuvik?

CanCan on

Wow I guess they are really counting on people being stuck there and serving their sentence.

starlagurl on

Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

Nate: The problem was, that I did not know which publication I was working for. I thought I was working for the newspaper that only covered Inuvik, and that I would be helping out the very strong and competent woman who is currently the only person working there. When I got here, they informed me I would not be working for the Drum, but for News/North, a newspaper that is sent all over the territory and hence, I cannot attend everything going on in every town. It was poorly communicated to me. If I had been working for the Drum, I would have been covering the traditional "cops courts council" that I was originally expecting.

starlagurl on

You got it, Candace. I am fortunate to have the freedom to say no.

hajjabdullah on

at least you will be warm again. I wanted to go up there once, a long time ago.

starlagurl on

So true. Thanks for that Mr. Abdullah.

greekcypriot on

Enjoy your freedom Luise, I see much light in that tunnel. What you did was the very best. You won't regret it believe me. Head for the south now, and enjoy endless moments from now onwards.

Joke on

I see you fail to care about your own reputation. Ripping on a company that has almost 40 years experience in journalism doesn't bode well for you ma'am.

starlagurl on

Thanks for the anonymous comment. Coward.

world traveller on

Coward or not, that person is right. Bashing an employer and the whole north while you are at it is not the smartest thing lady.

This is a small place, where people don't forget things like snide remarks and pictures that you post of them without their permission. Be careful what you say around here...

starlagurl on

Oh yah, who is that?

starlagurl on

And actually, I love the north, that's why I took a job here.
I love the landscape and the nature, I do not love employers who assume they can imprison you because you are the only show in town.

Joke on

I doubt they tried to 'imprison' you, stop being overdramatic. You failede to do your due diligencfe before you got here and in the end, you couldn't handle slugging it out with menial work to get to the good stuff. You didn't even give it a chance from what it sounds like.
You're in for an experience at the Trapper. Enjoy all the fights and constant sexual harassment.

Joke on

....and your warning at the top of the page doesn't really suit what you wrote since you sound like a raging lunatic out to be malicious. pffft.

You're a journalist? on

"It took me all day. Four of those 40 people actually had something REMOTELY interesting to say. And I didn't give a flying crap about any of it. Some kids went on a caribou hunt.... There is a snowmobile safety training... blah de blahblah blah...
I understand that these things are very important to the people involved, and the people in the communities around.
I understand that yes, this is the rock hard soil that good journalism grows out of. But if I have NO CHANCE of ever meeting these people, I will have no empathy... ever.... with anyone that lives there. And they will have no empathy for me in return."

Sounds like you really don't understand. If you did you would know that this is what community journalism is and sometimes it's not all great and grand, but it gets to the root of people and what they believe and stand for.

You're in the wrong profession honey.

Cindy on

This is very interesting.

Sam on

Louise, Just felt that I had to respond to your situation. I realize that I am not aware of the “whole story,” but would like to comment on the way I see it.
First of all, I do not understand your comment re: “NO CHANCE of meeting these people” to generate empathy. This was your first day. Would you not, with time, get to meet the people that you are referring to? Would you not, with time, get to know the community members (school board members, teachers, business people, etc.) that could provide material for your writing?
In my experience, it is very seldom that a person obtains the “perfect” job by merely showing up. People, in most cases, spend years persevering, researching and working hard to obtain their goals. This becomes reflected in resumes packed with work experiences and references that are positive and attractive to potential employers. Sometimes, in this journey, one needs to “suck up” a bit of the “rough stuff” along the way to achieve success – a sign of “stick-to-it-tivness,” that could be very impressive to an employer and also, in some cases, lead to personal satisfaction, when the obstacles are met and “conquered. Who knows? The “rough” situations could turn into unexpected positive ones.
Nowhere (in the Canadian North, or Mexico, or the U.S. etc.) do the ideal jobs come easy. Some people never find them. It is very competitive out there. The few that do, in most cases, did so by building solid professional foundations - step by step. It is not wise to “burn ones bridges” too often.
I am sure you are thinking about these things. Just thought I’d share some ideas. I am so hoping that things work out for you.

starlagurl on

Thanks Sam. Is this Sam from Toronto?

I do appreciate your comments and I would have gotten to know these people... but their voices only. The job was going to be about 90 per cent telephone work and 10 per cent "out in the communities" work. I would have been living in Inuvik, but not allowed to report on the actual town that I live in. I would have to report on towns that in the summer, I cannot drive to, and in the winter, take at least three hours to get to via ice road.

I did not know this before I got here and this is why I was not impressed with the job.

Sam on

Too bad you "jumped the gun." If there is such an injustice being done, by creating mis-leading ads, then here would have been your chance to be the 2nd Erin Bronkevich(sp?)!
If, as you say, you would be willing to work in the U.S. at "anything," maybe you could have "stuck it out" for the year (with pay).......had your Northern Experience (I'm sure you would have had some days off), and thereby, gained a wonderful addition to your resume! While working, you could have quietly and inconspicuously "researched" the unlawful "stuff" that's going on. When your time was over, you then could have informed the press (armed with ammo). That way you may have done some good and had loads of solid evidence to inform others that may be fooled by these ads. I doubt that many people will be listening to you at the moment, since you have gained no credibility by not being there long enough. Those little communities are close-knit and news travels fast. Already that has been mentioned in one of the blogs.
If you are serious about getting that "perfect" job, you need to build up that resume. Flitting from one place to another (apparently aimlessly) will not do that for you.
I know I sound tough Louise, but there appears to be some matters of reality here that you are overlooking.

starlagurl on

I'm not looking for the "perfect job". I'm looking for a life that is worth living. At this job, life is not worth living. That is not to say that life is not worth living in the north. That is to say that for me, life is much more worth living in California with my boyfriend. It's too bad that it took a misleading job opportunity and a move to the Arctic to figure that out.

starlagurl on

Oh and I know that people are listening to me, because this blog is already on the third page of a search for "northern news services" on Google. Too bad these "anonymous" defenders know nothing of SEO, because the more discussion there is on this entry from people who feel they have to reply, the higher it ranks in the search results.

Sam on

Guess I hit a nerve. Good Luck, Louise.

starlagurl on

I don't know about hitting a nerve.
I appreciate your point of view, but I don't believe that "exposing" the poor recruitment methods of NNSL is worth a year of doing a crappy job at an employer I do not trust.

starlagurl on

Heather, you're awesome. I'm coming to visit when I'm down south.

nuker on

Why only describe part of the ad and not the whole thing? If the crux of this is that you were mislead and that you want to sue the company as a result, well... then why not show people what the whole ad said? Did it say it was advertising for a Yellowknife position?

Also, I find it a little ironic that somebody who quit their job after one day is accusing other people of being cowards.

Just sayin'...

starlagurl on

Hehe, OK, I will post the whole ad here:

Arctic Journalist REF#: JG8287
Northern News Services Ltd.
Location: NWT, Nunavut
Posted: January 14, 2011

With the focus of the world on Canada's Arctic, Northern News Services Ltd. is looking for ambitious journalist to join our newsroom of 20 award-winning writers, editors and photographers reporting in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. You will get a wide range of experience -- courts, environment, legislature, business, aboriginal affairs, municipal politics North of 60 -- writing with an emphasis on people. Compensation at some of our Northern postings will have you paying off that student loan in double time. We offer dental and medical, pension benefits and above average salary.

You must have strong character, a talent for storytelling and photography and be able to make strict deadlines with little supervision. A driver's license is also required.

Joke on what's misleading about this?

starlagurl on

You will get a wide range of experience -- courts, environment, legislature, business, aboriginal affairs, municipal politics North of 60 -- writing with an emphasis on people.

I cannot write with an emphasis on people if I never meet them.
I never will go to the legislature, rarely would I go to municipal council meetings, I like to meet people, that would rarely happen with this job.

starlagurl on

Oh and, never would I be in Nunavut, as advertised.

Joke on

Can you explain more how you can't write with an emphasis on people if you've never met them? I don't really understand that argument.

Joke on

Also, had you done your homework, you would have known, since you were going to Inuvik, that the legislature isn't there. I don't think that's really a fair argument to make.

starlagurl on

I like people. I like meeting people. This job is not about meeting people, it is about calling people on the phone. That was not what I was expecting, so I am leaving.

Joke on

Pretty weak answer.

starlagurl on

I don't have to justify my actions to you anyway.

Joke on

Well, the North will be a better place once it's rid of a close-minded, ignorant mind such as yourself.

Troll on

Keep feeding me and I'll keep making you crazy.


Joke on

...and if you're going to be making such broad statements, you should be ready to answer questions and people who question you.

starlagurl on

Listen. I don't like the job, that's it. I'm leaving it. I'm not leaving Inuvik yet.

bullets on

Hey living a life worth living is great. No-one can argue that. We all want that.
As long as you can keep financing it, go for it.

nuker on

Well, what did the newspaper boss say? Did he say you would be at the Drum or did he just say you were going to Inuvik and you assumed you would be at the Drum? Or how did the conversation(s) go? Who did you speak with and how did you conclude that you were going to be at the Inuvik Drum? Did they not tell you that making phone calls to communities would be a primary part of the job?

Nothing from that job posting leads me to believe they were trying to pull a fast one on anybody.

starlagurl on

The person I spoke with threatened a libel suit against me already, so he will go nameless.

He said that I would be working out of the "Inuvik office" for "Northern News Services". I looked up the newspapers NNS has in Inuvik and they publish the Inuvik Drum. I concluded I would be working at the Drum.

I did not know what News/North was and I did not know that it existed.

When I got here, and my supervisor told me I would be working for News/North and I replied that I thought I was working at the Drum, he said.

"I'm so glad that you were so well informed on this issue," like it was something funny to him.

Nevertheless, I tried the job for a while in Yellowknife, working for the Yellowknifer on Mondays and News/North the rest of the week. I didn't like it and assumed it would get better in Inuvik. By the first day, I saw how overworked the editor of the Drum was, I knew that it would not get better.

I quit. The end.

Joke on

Sounds like you 'assumed' too much and didn't ask enough questions, or researched anything for that matter.

starlagurl on

You have your opinion and I have mine. I have yet to find a lawyer who will take my case because they are all yours, Derek.

Dwaarf on

Re-read the ad. It says you would "join a newsroom.........In the NWT and Nunavut." This does not state that you would be, at any time, working in Nunavut. I read this as meaning that the people already there work on articles related to Nunavut and/or NWT. You assumed a lot and I can't see how you could not have asked more specific questions before taking on this venture.

starlagurl on

Thank you all you smart people for judging me. Please keep it coming and make this blog rank higher in Google.

These are not matters for you to judge, but these are matters that will be decided between my lawyer and theirs in or out of court, whatever the case may be.

katherine-anne on

my mum used to say: sometimes feeling u are right just has to be enough as proving it can be more trouble than it's worth. i always thought my mum was a very wise woman:)

nuker on

I'm not judging. I'm just asking questions.

When I found this page it just didn't smell right. I mean, first, you sound like a disgruntled ex-employee. As for the ad, it does look a little non-specific, and it isn't really clear what paper you would be writing for, but that is the sort of thing you should have asked about and made clear during or even before the interview process. But more importantly, it seems like the main reason you left your position is that you didn't like the work (as you have since said). You basically insulted Yellowknife, the north and the issues that people care about.

"Four of those 40 people actually had something REMOTELY interesting to say. And I didn't give a flying crap about any of it. Some kids went on a caribou hunt.... There is a snowmobile safety training... blah de blahblah blah..."

Nice words.

Sure, it's not as interesting as talking about the former Governator or some saucy sex scandal, but these sorts of stories ARE important to people up here... and you were pretty darned disrespectful in the way you treated them in your initial post. "Yellowknife blew." Well... thanks a lot. I've lived here a long time and consider it my home. There are problems - Range Street is a good example - but I like the place.

I do feel sorry for you in one sense though. You are likely going to leave the north and carry this negative experience with you and that is a shame. If you would have stuck it out, you may have found that our little piece of the world has a lot to offer, many interesting and varied stories to tell, and is worth giving a fair chance.

I hope things work out better for you in the next chapter of your life.

Just my two cents...

starlagurl on

Hey, I worked in a small town before and covered "small things" ... a LOT of "small things". I loved it.

Do you know why I loved it?

1. Because my bosses respected me and treated me like a human being
2. Because I got to know the people I was reporting to face to face.

I cared about the community.

This cannot happen (for me) over the phone.

End of story.

starlagurl on

"The north" has nothing to do with it.

"The people in charge" have everything to do with it.

Joke on

It sounds like you never gave the people in charge a chance and are only blaming them for your lack of research and questioning before you took the job. You sound like a complete amateur by ranting the way you have. I hope this makes it to the top of google so when you apply for another job and the people doing the hiring research you, they find this blog and the resulting conversation from it. I doubt you'll be hired by anyone.

The North has a great thing to offer and you didn't even give it a chance. The people in the Delta have great stories to tell, and a good journalist would learn how to "connect" with people over the phone, and then when they can, get to the community and see the people they've spoken to. That's what a good journalist would have done. You just sound lazy to me.

Joke on

2olives on Mar 9, 2011 at 09:38PM

Personally, I don't find the core problem to be broad at all. It's all in the details. For example, the name of this blog is "Inuvik Drum adventures." If you've been reading the blog, you know that the bosses have been reading it (at least until they began complaining). Clearly Louise had been led to believe she would be working at the Drum. Clearly, the bosses chose to let her continue believing she would be working at the Drum. All of the other chatter is just noise.

CLEARLY 2 Olives, everything Louise says is gospel. Maybe she's just enraged because she screwed up and now all she can do is bash the company that hired her because she is an amateur?

starlagurl on

Derek, it sounds like you are an anal sonofabitch who can't get hired anywhere else because you have no skills.

I heard your voicemails to Kira asking where her stories and I think you sound like a robot and I don't believe that you are a real human being.

There is no way that anyone who works with you respects you.

I respect people who respect me, and I never felt it from anyone at NNSL.

So I'm outtie. Don't worry about me, I am resourceful and resilient.

If I never have a job in journalism again, I really couldn't care less.

There are bazillions of dollars in investments going into the dot com world, it's a shame none of you will ever harness it.

Take an SEO course and grow up.

nuker on

So is this the end of your journalism career?


starlagurl on

You got it.

J from North on


People have a right to their decisions, yes.
One thing I can sympathize with you fully is the lack of face-to-face contact. If this job only entailed phoning people all day, I could understand your grief.
For many people, that simply isn't why they went into journalism. It wasn't why I went in.
I just found the "REMOTELY interesting" comment a tad condescending to the people of the North.
I am divided about this move, but it is your decision and life.

333 on

Louise, your lack of maturity (partly displayed in your language 2 blogs back) is becoming more and more evident. You are digging yourself deeper and deeper into a "not good" place. Kudos to Nuker (01:21 AM).

starlagurl on

J: Yes you are right. That was a harsh comment, but I was trying to use it to make the point that I WOULD care, if I knew these people face to face.

Just like I used to care (and still do) about all the little things people did at my former job (that I quit for this job) at a newspaper in rural Quebec.

If it sounds condescending it's because I phrased it wrongly and I apologize for any disgruntlement (if that's a word) it may have caused.

Joke on

The North is going to be a better place with one less ignorant person. Enjoy your trip to Whitehorse.

starlagurl on

I wish I knew what you meant by ignorant.

adrifter on

Oh, Louise!!! How could you say life as a northern reporter is not worth living? Now, I'm going to have to end it all because you couldn't handle real work for a day. Goodbye cruel world. BANG!!!!

kathryn77 on

Life's too short to be unhappy. You did absolutely the right thing Louise! I can't get over the comments on what is, at the end of the day, YOUR decision, but I know you'll be grand. You did the right thing chick :-)

Joke on

It's a relief to know you're no longer in the territory. Joy!

A Cow on


mmbcross on

Fascinating! It seems to me that all the anonymous comments are from the same person as the writing style looks awfully similar. He (or she) writes like a journalist. Whatever, it's a really long way to go to find you have a job you don't like, so I feel for you. I bet you didn't expect such an exchange of messages. It's almost like a soap opera. How will it end? To my mind if you didn't like the job you have every right to leave. On the other hand, I guess the "anonymous" writer, who as you say, is probably from NNS, has a right to defend his point of view. I think if nothing else this is a wonderful example of freedom of speech. Long live democracy!

Captain Obvious on

Yeah, the only possible explanation for the anonymous comments is that they were written by one person at the newspaper who has, apparently, nothing better to do or more pressing than posting on your travel blog. It couldn't be that you starlagurl is wrong-headed and other people in the NWT noticed it. I mean, at the end of the day, it's all about stroking starlagurl's ego.

For the record, some of the other comments made me laugh. If I made them all I should probably see a shrink, since they are all new to me. Though, telling starlagurl good riddance seems a little harsh to me and I don't want her to remember the NWT with that in mind.

starlagurl on

Hahaha yes. this definitely is a super example of freedom of speech... as long as I don.t get sued...

starlagurl on

Thanks Kathryn. Luv ya!

starlagurl on

I did say I only stayed for one day at the very beginning of the post...anyway...I dont understand how quitting a job and then whinging about it somehow adds up to an insult against the northwest territories... i also quit my job in ontario to move to nwt...doesnt mean i am insulting ontario... sounds like some people are a little insecure about their choice of residence...

Captain Obvious on

You misunderstand me. What I mean is that it sucks that people might think people in the NWT are mean spirited and unwelcoming to people from down south. I'd rather have read about you having an awesome time up here.

starlagurl on

I wasn.t talking about you.

kathryn77 on

Totally agree with mmbcross!

Plus, Louise, if you'd stayed there, doing that job, by the sounds of it, you would have ended up doing what your anonymous poster is doing - spending all their time on blog websites instead of working, because it's MORE INTERESTING!!

I hate being bored too, I understand, in a non-ego rubbing way of course! ;-)

Deadnick on

Well, I for one can confirm that I don't work for NNSL, nor am I affiliated with them in anyway. I work for one of the governments here in Yellowknife, in the recruiting section in fact, which is why I felt compelled to post something.

A friend of mine told me to search for your post and it wasn't hard to find. As someone who deals with people looking to come to the north for jobs every day, I find it rather odd that you did such little research before coming up, especially someone who works in the field of journalism. Everyday I answer questions from southern candidates, and among the top asked questions are "where will I be working exactly" "what exactly will I be doing" and "what is the weather like". I know that last one has little to do with your situation, but I get that question most of all.

From reading the job ad that you posted (the full one, not the snippet), I see no reason to have made the assumptions you did. (Remember, when you make assumptions, you make an ass out of you and some guy named mptions). They never mention The Drum anywhere, nor do they say that travel will be involved. If travel is going to be a big part of a position, it is customary for that information to be in the job ad, as it is a big deciding factor for candidates. This is all information that should have been gathered by you before deciding to take the position.

On the subject of travel, I find it funny that you would make the assumption (there's that word again) that to cover stories across the NWT/Nunavut they would fly you there to do every interview in person. Considering the higher cost of traveI in the north, and considering how widely spread the stories would be, that would be one hell of a travel bill for them to pay. Not even the government can afford to do that. It may be your preference to do your interviews face to face, but sometimes that is not always a possibility, and your ability to adapt in those situations is an asset that would serve you well in future, if you choose to make the effort.

Also, in regards to the work they had you doing, I would surmise from the ad that they were not really looking for someone who would have had an extensive background in journalism. Here's a tip for future job hunts, if they describe more about the experience you will gain than the experience they want you to have when you start, it usually means that you are working from the ground up. Even if they did send reporters out to do interviews, they would not send out someone who had just started with them, and who's skills are unproven.

While I agree that it is your right to leave a position you are not happy in and that sucking it up and waiting it out is not always the best course of action, I would argue that the one day you spent there would not have allowed you to see where the job could have lead in future. Also, your reaction to post insults to not only your former employer, but to the north and the issues we feel are important to us (which, as uninteresting as you may have found them is what you were hired to report on) was not the best way to deal with your frustration.

Lastly I would like to point out that regardless of how much you would like to think that you have effected the managers of NNSL, it is highly unlikely that any of them are posting here. Especially considering they asked you to remove their names (although I see you chose to name at least one person there, whatever his position is). Judging from the writting styles of the various non-member posts, and dispite popular belief, it is likely more than person posting.

When making your next big life decision, try using a little common sense instead of making assumptions about what will be waiting for you when you land. Best of luck to you with the fruit guy.

starlagurl on

Once again. I thought. I was working. For the Inuvik Drum.
Nothing else about northern life disappointed me.
I don.t care if the managers change their ways. I would hope that they do. Mostly. I hope that people learn from this story.

not important on

Hi Louise;

I don't mind stating that I work for Northern News. I will not place my name on here for my own reasons however. I will state that your post is of course a one sided view on "your"experience. I am sure myself, and others could have another "view" on what actually happened. Having said that, I will not place one sided views on here about what may or may not have occurred. I will state that you however did not give it a chance. You spent one day there and up and quit. This was your choice of course and yours alone. However, one day...seriously. It is a small remote community in the NWT. Its not Toronto, or some big Canadian City. Perhaps you should have done some research before you accepted a position you clearly did not want. "News North" of course has a different type of news than that of the big cities. Regardless of what you may have been told about the position common sense tells you it would be a different type of journalism...for sure. I think you ought to select a different career. You quit after one day. If it was after a month and you still hated it, perhaps I would have some compassion, or feel something for you. However, you are clearly a quitter and could not hack it. Good Rid-dens. The people of the north deserve better.

starlagurl on

Hello nameless person. I appreciate your opinions. all of them. However. I would like to clarify that I am not seeking compassion from anyone. especially not from someone who doesn.t know me in the slightest. I find it interesting that even though you have a very limited knowledge of my life and history that you are so quick to label me a quitter. I also find it noteworthy that you work for a news company but can.t spell riddance correctly. Just sayinz all.

not important on

and I would like to state that for a so called "journalist" you had quite the few typos in the last message you wrote...if we are to be immature and go down that road, and it seems that is what you want to do. i said I work at Northern News...yes. I do however not work in the editorial department, so my apologies if I made a typo. But as stated you as well had several typos, whats your excuse?

starlagurl on

I was on a Kindle. Too lazy to use commas.

subs on

very lame response to deadnick's comments. If your heart were truly in journalism, you would thank this person for taking the time to give you some excellent professional advice.

starlagurl on lame.

Curious on

Why would you still name your profession as reporter for News North in your profile?

Mongoose on

It seems to me you just had the "real northern experience." People are either boring or mean and employers treat you like dirt. That's about all there is to it.

European on

I once lived in one of the small communities that you were supposed to have reported on. I developed a great relationship with NNSL reporter, sending him photos and story ideas, and working together with him to ensure that my little community was covered. Too bad you didn\t stick around long enough to see what the position could have offered you.

And no, I never met the reporter face to face... I believe he went on to work for a national paper.... Again, too bad you didn\t stick this out a bit longer.

Good luck working at the Trapper.

? on

".....meaningful contributions, minus meaningless words = meaningful life...."
How's California?

Jake on

As a possible potential employer, I would be very hesitant to consider your application. It appears, after reading all this, that if we were to run into any negative issues, the situation would impulsively be posted on line (with questionable language, I might add) for all the world to read, rather than being dealt with in a professional manner.

Steve on

Well done Louise. Hell of a time, but it happens for a reason, so take it in.

person on

Your clearly a little "simple"

another person on

person, maybe you should learn to spell before calling others simple.

starlagurl on

I'm continually amazed at the response I still get to this blog. Why do so many people care whether or not I quit a job I didn't like?

Jack Danylchuk on

You did exactly the right thing. NNSL sucks. And blows.

starlagurl on

Oh thanks, it's really a lot of years since I did that. I'm pretty happy with the way things have gone. Probably wouldn't thrill many people who have formerly commented on this, but, whatever.

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