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Trip Start Jun 30, 2007
Trip End Nov 12, 2007

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The keyboard I,m using has the y and z back to front so if I make a mistake i,m sorry, i also don,t know where the apostrophe is, or the brackets.

Tuesday 24 July
Up again at 0800 to catch the bus to Cesky Krumlov, a small boheimian town further south in the Czech Republic. The bus ride was uneventful, my only complaint was that they had DVDs to play and for some reason they dont put them on. In the 3,5 hours on the bus they only played 1 hour woth of DVD. We arrived at the hostel early and for the first time in our whole trip we have our own room!!! Two beds but our own room. For once we dont need to worry so much about locking all our stuff away and we are going to get a good nights sleep for once. There were two couples wanting a double room and when we got there he asked who it was and the other couple said yeah and he showed them to their room which overlooked a car park. Then we said we were the other one and he took us to our room. Its small but outside the window ..... we have a view of the river and a waterfall or stream running right underneath! All night we can lie in our beds and listen to the water run right by our window. We had a half-hearted look around the town because we are tired and have three more days to look around. You can walk from one side of Cesky to the other in about 10min, then we tried to find a supermarket. We found two tiny corner stores and then asked the hostel guy who said that was it, just those two stores. In the end we had 2 minute noodles and hot dogs. Not really that gourmet but filled our stomaches. 

Wednesday 25 July
Found a supermarket really close to here today. Grrrr, the hot dogs are laughing at us! Last night we met some people (all Australian and in fact two of them only live 10 minutes from us and the others from Geelong) in the kitchen and decided today we would do the 'castle thing' with them. The castle is the main feature here, the tower stands above the rest of the town and once upon a time it would have looked good with all these carvings in the side and knights standing around the edge, now though they have painted the side to look like that. It still looks good but it looks painted. We climbed to "the highest point in the tallest tower" and the view is incredible! It's like looking down on a medievil fairy tail. You can just kind of imagine that you are cinderella or something. Not many handsome princes walking around though (kidding Joey!) Then we went and had a stroll through the gardens, which were massive and very well manicured. After that we went through the town and found a cute little restaurant on the river bank and so the boys had a beer and tried the Czech traditional 'dumplings'. These ones came with this wierd poppy seed and sugar combo, which tasted ok but the general concensus was that the Czech can keep their dumplings. Tonight there is a free keg night at the hostel. We've found on this trip that we are actuallly quite old. Most of the young ones (18 - 24) drink EVERY night. We were talking to this girl and she was saying that in Prague she didn't leave the Hostel at all during the day, she only left to go out at night and then slept during the day. Why on earth bother to spend over 2000 on a trip only to not see any of the cities?? Anyway because of our strange wish to see different cities, we are sort of labelled as 'old' and as such only really meet other >25 year olds. Aww, what a shame.

PS Let's all spare 1-2 minutes in memory of our beloved bird Peety who passed away last night in his own little castle. Loved (or not so loved because she bashed him up) partner of Polly. Age ?????. (Yes, Mars we know it's not your fault. Hmmm-mmmm) R.I.P

Wednesday night (written on Thurs)
Last night we had the best meal! Ok, well best one here, maybe all trip. I'll let joey decide. "Joey? was it the best meal all trip or was the one in Prague better?" "Yes, it was better..... ohh equal..... oh no it was good". Ok, well after we spent 2 hours on the internet (I burnt our photos to disk and then because I am a computer nerd and can use the computers here in Czech language just because I know all the positions on the menus, I helped another 2 people burn theres too) we headed back and had a big meal with all the people we've met here. All up we've made 6 friends here and 5 are from Aussie, 4 from Melbourne. First we shared a 'salad 99' which has lettuce, tomato, pears, blue cheese, cranberries and walnuts. Very yummy, then I had grilled salmon with baked potatoes and heaps of steamed veges and Joey had a pepper steak with chips. Then we spotted the desserts and we each got an ice-cream sundae with fruit. I gave most of my ice-cream away though. There was supposed to be a free keg but it took 30min to pour one beer so the boys all brought theirs. The girl who didn't see Prague spent 2 hours pouring 4 beers. A great night.

Thursday 26 July
Today the girls all left. Joey and me and Daniel (Aussie) and Max (Kenya) and 3 people from Brazil all went rafting down the Vtalva river. The hostel runs it and it's only about $15 per person. We left at 1300 and spent 30min going in circles. We took some drinks with us and the boys were getting into them. It was mostly a lazy cruise but there were some drops in the river and they were fun to go over. Sort of like dams they had built and they were like going over those drop rides at the theme parks but obviously not as high.There was another boat from the hostel and after every drop they were waiting for us to splash us with their paddles. There were 7 of them and 6 of us and so I curled into a ball and screamed which I don't think was all that helpful. We stopped twice at a couple of riverside cafes and got some food and drink and then at the end there was a guy selling raft-by mojitos. You just cruised past with your boat and he handed you this mint / rum drink. We didn't get one but he was making a lot of money. It was an extremely fun day. The boys were being dorks and splashing each other, Joey and Daniel managed to go overboard together, Anna one of the girls from Brazil learnt all the swear words we could think of and Max drank to much and somehow ended up holding onto the other boat.

Friday 27 July
Last night we went out for a "bohemian feast" at a local restaurant. You could choose between the chicken, rabbit or pheasant. We chose chicken being the wusses that we are and the dish came with chicken, smoked meat (ham steak), Millet (a sort of cheesy sour quiche thing), potato dumplins, potato cake, a roast potato, saurkraut and salad. I didn't really like it. It was good to try a traditional Czech meal but it's not something I'd have again. Today we slept in, yay us! All the loud people somehow all left yesterday so it was really quiet. We had a walk around the town and even left the old town part to see the 'real' Cesky and see how the civillians live. Their houses are older but mostly the same as us. A lot of units and apartments though. Then we went to the castle again to see the dungeons. It was only two rooms but they were pretty cool. One had heaps of statues in it and the other one had like a living quarters for the old stable men and then later the prisoners. Apparently the brick work was cool. We were walking through the garden and we came accross a tent and heaps of people lining up. It turned out to be a knights jousting show so we paid our tickets and it was really really bad! The whole thing was in Czech and it was a cheesy amateur play with really bad actors. The horse part was cool though. I think they were horsemen first and actors second. We sort of understood the story a bit, i think the knights were jousting for the princesses hand or something. After that we unwinded at a Czech tea house. There were over 100 different types of tea on the menu. I got a "memories of Bombay" tea that had an aroma of dark chocolate and Joey got a "yogi" tea that had a 'mild euphoric effect'. It did make you a bit light headed but it was akin to drinking a lot of caffiene than a real high. For tea we had the same meal we had on Wednesday. I had the salmon again and Joey had pasta and a salad and garlic bread.

The double room is a huge plus, as is the water feature outside our window. The hostel is owned by a family and has a sort of hippie bohemian feel to it with tripper brazillian dudes managing it. The beds are really comfortable, the kitchen is small but ok. The bathrooms are clean but the toilet paper keeps running out and there is only two showers for the whole floor. They have a darts board and a ping pong table outside and run things like rafting and such. The worst thing is that you can smoke anywhere downstairs. We had to vacate the kitchen one night because the smoke was too think (Yes! Even Joey has started to hate this smell!!!) All in all a good hostel.
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