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Trip Start Jun 30, 2007
Trip End Nov 12, 2007

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 19 July
Another long bus ride. We had a stop in Dresden and another at a concentration camp called Terezin. You could take a tour but we chose to sit on the grass and eat lunch. I thought the border crossing was a bit scary. The customs people all boarded the bus and took our passports. You weren't allowed to speak to them either. We got across ok and now we are at a really old-fashioned-but-in-a-nice-way hostel.

Friday 20 July
Got on the tram today (lucky for us this hostel sells tram tickets or we would have been so lost!) and headed into the centre of Prague for the prague free tour. It's run by a different company and is nowhere near as good as the other ones. I didn't really learn a whole lot. We ended up at the Prague castle, the biggest castle in the world apparently. It was really really hot today. The heat is almost going too far the other way now! We ddn't go in to the castle but we went in to the adjoining cathedral which was very pretty. The tower in there was 276 steps up and it was hot and claustraphobic and narrow and a big spiral but the view from the top was almost worth it. After that we had a look around the tourist shops. There are a lot of those russian dolls that stack inside one another. Not just old ones, you could get simpson ones, Michael Jackson ones, Britney Spears ones, even a Bin Laden one! We had lunch / dinner (lunner?) at a pizza place and Joey had his first Prague beer. Here they pour them with really big heads. Apparently you are supposed to wait until the head is gone so you will enjoy it more! Anyway, we're going to the biggest nightclub in Europe tonight so we've come to get out of the heat for while :)  

Written on Saturday
Well, last night we went to the biggest night club in Europe. It had 6 floors of clubs all with a different theme of music. There was modern chart stuff, 80's, techno, hip hop, R and B, chill out rooms (just like bars where you sit and talk etc), an internet cafe (!), a breakdance room and foozeball tables. I think that's everything. So we go there at 1230 after saying we would meet our friends (first Europe friends yay!) at 1130. We thought we would find them in there but we sort of underestimated the size of the place. We finally caught up with them at 0330 and they left soon after to get up early. We actually had a really good night just the two of us, mainly dancing in the 80's room. My highlight was watching Joey dancing to MC Hammer 'you can't touch this'. If ANYONE wants to see this it is hilarious and he will do it willingly after a few beers. It was really hot inside the pub and I took my watch off and put it on my belt loop. Half way through 'Belinda Carlyle' I looked down and it was gone! My $5 KMart watch gone! Someone picked it up too because it wasn't on the floor. We left at 0400 and went to McDonalds. It was really sad because all these homeless people came in and went through the leftover bins and the McD's staff kicked them out and then threw away the food! It's not as if they were being nasty or bothering anyone. I suppose it's a bad look but they could have maybe kept it for them out the back or something. We caught the tram home and got to sleep at about 0500. Does anyone want to buy me a new watch????????

Saturday 21 July
Out of the Hostel at 1200. Not too bad I didn't think after our night out. We walked to these markets not far from here, massive, Victoria Market sized markets selling heaps of Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, labels labels labels etc, but also throwing stars, stun guns, flick knives, bebe guns, mace etc. Everywhere! Joey had a little play with the flick knife (yes, lovely Joey learning that you know how to operate a flick knife!) and the guy really thought he wanted it so started showing him how they all work! The thing there is that you have to haggle with them and I'm not really very good at this because I always feel a) intimidated and b) sorry for them. Joey is really good at it however, not posessing any of these traits. So I saw a dress I wanted and tried it on and asked how much it was and they said 700 (Koruny, about AUD $38). We said no and said we would only pay 200 ($11). They laughed and said no way and we walked away and heard "sir (not me of course, the one buying the dress!), sir ..... 650!" we walked further "600!" we walked away "final offer sir, 500!" So we left and walked around but I really wanted 'that dress' so we walked back and offered 300 and no more and said that was all we had. In the end we got it for 330. The girl looked like she was going to cry and I felt bad but I've just now done the conversion and it looks like I paid $18 for it and it's that fabric that will be all stretched out by the time we get home so I think I still got ripped off! Damn market stalls. Joey got a singlet after much the same routine and I got a pair of sunnies. They look like Chanel ones but on closer look the logo is 'not quite the same'. If anyone wants a handbag or belt or something let us know and we may be able to get them in Thailand. (Kerrie does any of this interst you???)

Sunday 22 July
The (free) BBQ was really nice last night! Apart from the Czech sausages (no, i don't know what was in them or what they were made from but they tasted good!), marinated chicken and steak, the owners of this place had made fresh hummous, tzatziki and cous cous. Mmmm-mmmm. We made friends with an American family that were here and talked to them most of the night. Today we had another laid back day. We went into the town centre and went to the human bodies exhibition. They had real human bodies on display and so you could see what the organs and stuff looked like. We got an audio tour as well but as it was aimed at the general public I was a bit dissapointed with the content. We both liked it though and at the end they let you hold a real brain and liver so you could see what they felt like. We walked home the long way and saw the back streets of Prague. There are a lot of homeless people here. They are on nearly every doorway and tram stop. Last night we went out for dinner at a place next door. It was mega-cheap for the food we got! (see pic) I got mussels, fried potatoes and a chicken salad and Joey got calamari, croquettes and chicken salad, plus a beer and an OJ all for 600 CZK (about $30AUD) and the food tasted really good too.

Monday 23 July
Again a trip on the tram into the town centre. We walked to the old town square to see the astronomical clock which apparently did something spectacular on the hour. All it did was to open these doors and the saints rolled past them (puppets). The people in the audience clapped but we couldn't really see what was so amazing. It was good but not really legend worthy. Then we walked along the Charles Bridge and rented a paddle boat to cruise along the river. It was soo nice in the boat and the view from the water is better than from land (see pic). We had these deck chair thingys so you really could lay back and just relax. Here we go, I'll even put it in writing: I have a lovely man who paddled the whole time and I could put my feet up and rest. Isn't he lovely? After that hunger pains were setting in so we took off to the gardens up the top of Prague and had a picnic lunch overlooking the river and the old town. Joey had a beer at one of the beer gardens there and we walked home, stopping off at a bar that was all made from car parts. (ok it was closed but it still looked good.)

On arriving to Prague we got dropped off at a hostel that had a pool, free breakfast and free internet. Then we walked to this one so my first bad point is it doesn't have a pool but then I only want one because the other one had one. This hostel is great! We are in a really big 8 bed dorm with the bathroom right outside the door and a basin in the room. We have our own reading lamp, a locker each under the bed big enough for our whole pack and another locker beside our bed for smaller things. It has a large kitchen with free tea and coffee. Downstairs is a really cool bar and games room. It looks like a 1800's wine cellar, all brick with brick archways. Outside there is a big courtyard with a small paddling pool (oh wait, it does have a pool!) to dip your feet. They sell tram tickets at the counter and they are really good with directions into the town. Tonight they are putting on a free BBQ for us all.
I can only come up with two bad points and they are pretty petty really. One is the fridge is way too small for the amount of people here and it's far out from the town but then the trams are direct and we are paying less to stay this far out. 9/10
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