Day 68, Pt.2: Man & Woman Makelove

Trip Start May 20, 2008
Trip End Aug 19, 2008

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Monday, July 28, 2008

Rewinding again back to the 28th, following our walk around the Royal Palace/Old Town and evasion of the touts, we took a bus + subway to Lumphini Park in hopes of catching a boxing match. As we exited the subway, we asked a lady running one of the food stalls which way the park was. After walking a really long time in the direction she pointed, we gave up, turned around, poked around a fascinating night market, and found that the park was in fact right behind her, hidden by a fence. The diversion proved worthwhile, as like I said the market was neat and they sold dragonfruit milkshakes... mmm. This is the first country that's had dragonfruit regularly available, I'd never heard of it until now but sought them out on Jeff's recommendation, he apparently fell in wuv with the fruit in Taiwan.

Following dinner and the discovery of the park, we hit a snag and found the boxing arena closed. Matches are held every other day and today was not one of those days. We'll catch one sometime before the end of the trip, I'm sure. Now having stumbled upon this giant grassy park place with a fake lake, and no longer having a boxing match to attend, we spent the rest of the hour wandering through it and cherishing this one rare moment of fresh air (Bangkok's smog makes LA look like the Alps.) The park turned out to be a jackpot for people watching, with locals of all ages doing their evening jogs and swirling around on these goofy exercise machines scattered about. Thai joggers are just as silly and spandexy as Californian joggers; again the world started to seem small.

Our feet on the verge of death from all the day's walking and Jeff seeming just as beat from 2 months abroad as I, we threw the towel in the bag and retreated to our AMAZING hostel. They even had shampoo dispensers in the shower! A 7-Eleven snack run followed and my addiction to banana cake worsened, we both chugged some much-needed bottles of chocolate milk, and plotted the next day's adventures. Though its certainly been a fun time, we both agreed that considering we'd have two more chances to spend time in Bangkok before the end, we'd had enough of the nutty city for the time being and should depart first thing in the morning. Angkor Wat was a full day's ride away through some allegedly ugly territory and the sooner we got the journey over with the better. I double checked our hostel reservation for the three following nights, recorded the information, and off we went for what was planned to be a late night out in one of Bangkok's legendary nightclubs. This involved passing through Patpong Street, the most notorious of the city's red light districts and home to a night market that tourists with families for some reason thought was a good idea to take their kids to. Merchants manning souvenir stalls would walk up to us and proceed with what became a familiar sequence of sales attempts:

- "Want t-shirt?"
- "No, have one."
- "Hat?"
- "Don't need."
- "Scarf or bag for your girlfriend?"
- "Don't have one. :-("
- "What 'bout sex show?"

...they would then pop out a... fascinating... menu of "shows" we could see, including such classics as "Pussy With Needle", "Pussy Eat Banana" & "Man & Woman Makelove." We needless (or need?) to say did not purchase tickets, instead settling for a good ole round of harmless beers at the first available picnic table. Of the local brews, Singha was the greatest with Tiger in a close second. Beer Chang was only slightly better than Bud Light. By the time we'd finished another long catching up convo and 2nd dinner it was already 3am. So much for clubbing, d'oh.

Other moments worthy of note that I absentmindedly left out:
- An LA traveler, drunk, doing the USC Fight On song (complete with the bobbing victory sign) to our hostel's trash can
- A pair of Europeans who we'd befriended, helped out, and who kindly gave us their pen as they left. We thanked them and discovered that the pen was obviously empty, they were just using us as garbage cans. "Even the tourists our taking advantage of us! ::sigh::"
- Jeff taking a shower in the (initially empty) girl's bathroom, not realizing that the hostel was so nice that it had gender separated bathrooms. Oops.

That's all I can think of for now, there's for sure more but the memory is blanking.
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