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Trip Start Oct 29, 2006
Trip End Jul 09, 2009

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Flag of Australia  , Western Australia,
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess what, Yve decided to live in Freo, just like that.
Freo is fantastic, it's this little oasis layed back in the middle of a city. It's a place where free spirits can be. And I want to be...

Of course the moment I moved, guess what. I attended parties again! God I love this place! Still no job, but a hell of a good time.
Tom is helping me out part-time job wise. I'm working at his place, called Kulcha, which is a really cool little location in which venues from music artists take place. It's quite small, which is awesome cause you can actually talk to most of the people including the artists themselves. The crew is gorgeous and there goes Yve being a bartender again.

As I might have written earlier, I had this crazy idea of going back to Europe by boat, well I think I might have found somebody who wants to sail all the way up there! It sounds pretty amazing and very adventurous, I like it. I hope I can find out more about the whole thing and wouldn't that be the best freaking way to end a travel like that?!

13.2.09 Been on a Vampire and lobster B-52 party. Good dancing again!!! House party's like that are simply the best!!

14.2.09 Being on a job search I walked from cafes to bars to restaurants and back to cafes again. Well everything was kinda fully staffed so I started talking to the guest in those places and one guy wouldn't let me go unless I'd promised him to meet a girl down in Annex St. from Holland. A bit random but okay, so I walked down Annex St. and knocked on the door. I met two girls there Hanneke and Birte. It turned out to be a real good conversation and I was pretty certain that I'd meet them two again. Which I did ;)

16.2.09 Got to meet a really funky Irish guy, Damian, who introduced me to the words dumpster diving and seagleing. He reminds me a lot of the main character of - Into the wild - he's a hell lot of fun!

19.2.09 Death Cab for Cutie played in Freo and I enjoyed the whole show for free with a bunch of fun people. Same spot where John Butler played last year. Too bad they didn't play - a lack of colors - but still amazing sound!

Actually they sounded very close to Placebo, I never really noticed that.
Isn't it amazing how close I could get with my camera without paying a single cent of entry ;p


Later on that evening,

Dave inspired me to

do a little photo story,

which basically doesn't need

any explanation of words

...the chapters tell it all..

20.2.09 life
So the job problem is kinda solved. A Tavern took me in, bar tending and bottleshoping ;) I'm getting to know all the alcoholics in town now ;)
And I noticed at a birthday party that almost everyone on a table of 9 had a different nationality. It was one of the best get-togethers. I'm gonna miss that free thinking..

05.03.09 The Cat Empire
I would have enjoyed this free concert definitely more if it wouldn't have been Damien's last day...To be back at the place where we saw Death Cab for Cutie together kinda did hurt..Don't get me wrong the Cat Empire makes awesome music and after Hanneke and Iain rocked up, I could concentrate a bit more on it too. It's just that it feels like something slipped through my fingers and I had not even the slightest chance of catching it and I knew that right from the start. Freedom is not there to be caught or it wouldn't be freedom.. good-bye Damien. I'm sure you'll do great in discovering all those magic little worlds out there.I still can't believe I found your bag in the Coles bin, your bin. I kept the shell as a memory and a magic moment of dumpster diving experiences.

07.03.09 Tony's Birthday party
I didn't actually know that I knew so many people in Freo. But somehow everybody I knew showed up at this particular party and I didn't even know the host. The coolest thing was that I'm sorta knowing two different age groups, the ones close to twenty and the ones closer to thirty. I'm sort of a mix between both and the fun part was that some of them met that night and I could watch the Freo network live expanding. ;) They say if there is normally 5 degrees of separation between people, it's 1.5 in Freo. And that's sooo true, hey that basically means I should know John Buttler personally ;) God, I love this place! Even though I do miss my little Irish boy...

16.03.09 FERN - Soup Kitchen
Well in order to keep myself busy, since I'm not really working a lot, even though I have 3 jobs.. weird world.. I agreed on opening up 'Soupi' again. Soupi used to be a hang-out spot on Mondays where you can get a dirt cheap meal, since it's based on donations. This Monday was the first time after years since it started again and people were really excited about it. I never expected to have around 70 people there at one stage, not for the first one! But when Matt and I counted we had around 60 and more people kept coming. I'd call that pretty successful ;) How it all happened and why it all worked out, don't ask me, I'm kinda surprised myself. If it wouldn't have been for Rocksand who basically lead the kitchen and who appeared out of pure luck, I wouldn't have had a clue how to cook in those quantities and with all those spices I've never heard of, since the whole thing was vegan. Well I'm really glad it all worked out and I again don't believe it was all a very fitting coincidence. No I reckon it worked cause people believed it would work and so it had to. Soupi is on again next week, this time Kath is running it and I hope it'll be as successful as this one! I'm down chopping ;)

18.03.09 So called Coincidences..
Now can you believe it, the night after the soupi I sat down with Josh and we talked some very interesting stuff. I won't go into too much detail, cause he probably wouldn't want me to, but it seems like you never stop learning, especially after receiving one enlightenment after the other from a 19 year old. I never heard about water crystals before and how they change their shape according to their surrounding. Pretty f* amazing if you ask me:
No wonder the water out of my blue Jin bottle tastes so good!So I reckon our whole universe turns more or less around water. Water is probably the most essential thing out there. I mean look at us, we are 80% water as well, no wonder it affects us.

And the colors, yeah those colors won't let me go, ever.. apparently I'm yellow with a bit green and some spots of red... oh yeah oh yeah your skin and bones, turn into something beautiful... and it was all yellow ;) and just coincidentally I painted my car in exactly those colors...

So now the big question is do we make things up and then they happen, because we want them to happen or have things always been like that and we simply never took notice. One of the little experiments from that night was, think about your favorite number. Mine is two. The more I started thinking about two, the more things I noticed with 2. There were two chairs on the veranda, my number plate contains a 2. I'm born in 1982 and the 12 in December contains another 2. I could see the Muzz Buzz sign, which has a double zz, twice the same letter and that even doubled. And that's only the beginning, I could continue. So am I making that up, or am I starting to realize something?

Apparently I should do one more experiment. Take food for 8 days and go somewhere where you won't meet a single soul. No books, no music, just you and nature. Apparently you'll continuously feel worse each day until you reach around day 7 and you'll experience your highest high. I gotta try that some time. So far I made it only to a max. of 2 days by myself and yeah I gotta admit the second day was already really lonely.

So but back to coincidences, I don't know why I ate dope butter for dinner. I guess just because the other one was too hard and I was convinced that it wouldn't work anyway since I burned the whole show pretty badly. Well as a matter of fact it did work approximately 4 hours later totally unexpected. Josh told me to put on some music that I like, I put Angus and Julia Stone on, more or less because it was at the top of my play list and I wasn't capable of scrolling a lot...anyway that band does remind me of Bengy, who decided to burst my bubble a month ago and exchanged me for a new toy. I'm pretty impressed that I managed to answer the phone, but when I heard Bengy's drunken voice on the other side, I thought reality is playing some very strange jokes with me..Oh and I won a bet ;) his relationship did last only one month, just exactly as I predicted it. Hehe how quaint.Still can't believe he called me after all that bullshit..I gotta admit he's got some balls. I'm pretty sure he hasn't found that letter I wrote him yet though ;) after that he'd probably wanna have a go at me, but I'll be so not listening.

Josh was offline during that conversation and I thought he went to bed, but once I started to read his profile, he came on again. Alright maybe I'm just over interpreting shit into things, but funny coincidences isn't it...!!!
Ah and to add one more thing, my dear Katl sent me a link of Jason Mraz's journal, I started reading with fascination and that's what I found, fitting this topic:

"When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities." Deepak Chopra

22.03.09 Iain is moving in!
Yahoo! We've got a new room mate! Iain is moving in the front room and sort of replacing Maria. Man our furniture possessions almost tripled ;) I still can't believe we transported a washing machine and a fridge. Besides that's the coolest fridge I've seen in a very long time!! Giftgruen Alter!!! And the little island in the kitchen got extended. I should make some pictures to give you an idea. I love this place, it just gets better and better.
It's kinda funny, since we're all working and living together now ;) well we should better have a housewarming party soon!
God it's crazy if I compare my lifestyle to the typical German way of living. I'm working about 3 days a week for usually not more than 4 to 5 hours a day. Hey and guess what, that pays my rent ;) No stress whatsoever and I keep feeling it's weekend every day. I'm living in this gorgeous house with gorgeous room mates and a real social network. It's a big happy hippo family and I'm wondering if I could live this lifestyle forever. I still wonder what it's actually all about. Do I have to have a career for anybody just because it's sort of expected? Maybe I do want a career, but honestly I'm not too sure about that. Isn't it more about just living in some sort of harmony with yourself and your surrounding?

Little anecdote from work:
I served a small glass of wine, with 1 cm of space to the rim. A lady complained that her glass was too full. So she'd rather spend those 7 dollars on less wine for the sake of having a half filled glass??? I loved Sarah's response, "Welcome to hospitality, baby!"

26.03.09 Snorkeling
Tom took Maria and me out to go snorkeling. Gosh the water is getting colder, but hey it was still a beautiful day!And for the fun of it I didn't take of Tom's flippers the whole time ;) Yve the dork was out there.

28.03.09 Celebrating the "last" summer weekend

This whole day doesn't really need any explanation, the pictures tell it all. Life was beautiful!

31.03.09 Rottenest Island
It's funny I just looked in my planner and all it said for that day was: OMFG!! Well damn me, but I booked a flight back to Germany for the 14. of May so I would have made it absolutely in time to my Mum's birthday. After the whole booking went through, I checked my inbox and guess what Anthony arrived in Rottenest. Damn damn damn, I wanted to cancel the flight right away, but it didn't work. If only I would have checked my inbox first as I normally do.. I didn't think I would hear of him anymore since it had been a month, but apparently the offer was still valid so i bought a ticket to Rottenest.

Travel tip: If you buy a ticket and you wanna take your bike with you, take the left office, they are a bit cheaper. But be prepared, it's expensive. I paid 63.- that was with a bike and extended return.

Once on Rottenest, I rode down to Parkers Point and recognized his boat from a picture I've seen online. Since he was out of credit and I didn't feel like spending more money on unread messages, I changed into my bathers and swam across to say hi. I can't believe I got on the boat without a ladder ;) We spend a nice day snorkeling, cycling and chatting away. So there was the dilemma, in one hand was the opportunity of a life time and in the other a plane ticket with mum's 50th birthday. I told Anthony I'd have to get an 'okay' from mum first. She was absolutely awesome about it, she said she was trying not to wish for that but she thought about it all the time, but she's gonna turn 51 as well and that this is an opportunity of a life time which you have to take while it's there. I love her!So that means I'm gonna become a deckhand and start sailing across the Indian Ocean.

06.04.09 My last Soupi
It's a bit sad really. This was my last soupi in Freo and it was a special one as well, since we had a pizza night. God the food was incredible! Man I'm gonna miss this place, it is such a lovely community. Hopefully Kath finds a new little helper and somebody is doing the facebook promotion.
When I mentioned the boat voyage, Roxanne gave me this tip to get drunk with the captain before you go on board. Well I did that and I'm pretty sure I'll be fine ;)

09.04.09 Spontaneous random drinking session

10.04.09 Serpentine Falls

Tom organized another little getaway adventure. We went down to the Serpentine Falls for a day and enjoyed nature for a bit. Eventually we ended up doing this little photo shooting, it was just the perfect scenery for stuff like that. ;)

13.04.09 Ice skating in Cockburn

Sam reminded me that there is still something out there in this world that's called ICE. And I couldn't believe I didn't forget how to skate on it. God it was so much fun! Compared to Germany they spiced the session up with a little basic lesson on how to skate and ended up with tagging games. Those were the best spent 17 + 4bucks in a long time!! If you're in the area, do it! Thanks so much Sam for taking me!!!

16.04.09 Yve's Good-Bye-Party

It's official, I'm going and to make it even more official you gotta throw a party, don't ya?! Well, I did and I couldn't believe I actually invited about 50 people to come. FIFTY!!! Do you know how long it's been since I was in a position to be able to do that?! I reckon about 6 years ago.. and that after only staying here for 4 month. So if people ask me about the differences to Germany, well there's one!
It felt like finally celebrating my 18. birthday, since I never did that properly anyway. Little Yve got quite a bit drunk from a bottle of port that Anthony donated and had an amazing time letting people sign on her new raincoat (thanks to Hanneke n Shaun). The coolest thing about throwing your own party is that you actually know most of the faces. And guess what, I was actually wearing a little bit of make-up which didn't happen since the Birdsville Races, I guess.

We just had it all ;) Sam made a fire and helped me preparing two big hippie mashes, Bec n Sean played guitar, Ant brought an old flair, which made the brightest and fanciest mess in the backyard possible, Sam brought disco lights and my new bargained ipod docking station over and Tony & Wes had the fire show going. And to top it up I didn't even have to spent the night alone ;) thanks Olly..

Well I had the time of my life in Freo! Thank you all for making it what it was, a new little home to which I might return one day, cause there's just no place like home..
I truly love this place with its people!
Thank you! I'm gonna miss you..

.."This is just good-bye for now.." .. (Eddie Vedders)

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