Disney World Day 5

Trip Start Mar 25, 2013
Trip End Apr 21, 2013

Flag of United States  , Florida
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney World Day 5
Magic hours Animal Kingdom 8am Dinosaur fastpass, Expedition Everest 8am fastpass, Kali River Rapids 8am fastpass 7am
Festival of the Lion King 25m 10.30am,11:30am,12:30pm,1:30pm,2:30pm,3:30pm 10:30am
Lunch at Animal Kingdom Villas at the Mara Restaurant  tip 3/5% of total bill 11:30am
Uzima Springs has water slide at Animal Kingdom Villa resort pool 12:30pm
Test Track Presented by Chevrolet  9:00am-9:00pm fastpass 6pm
Soarin'  9:00am-9:00pm fastpass 6:30pm
Mission: SPACE  9:00am-9:00pm fastpass 7:30pm
Maelstrom 11:00am-9:00pm fastpass 8pm
Illuminations Fireworks 9pm 12 mins 9pm
Sanaa Restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani Village Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurant - 3/4/2013 11:30 Sanaa Restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas -
Kidani Village Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge; party of 4; conf
#423101660510; booked under Wendy Jones
Booked on http://www.disneyworld.com/; Reference #: 423101660510; http://www.disneyworld.com/; 407-824-5967 10:30pm

Wednesday 3rd April- Animal Kingdom
We have the whole day at Animal Kingdom today. Arrived nice and early for Magic Hours at 8am on the dot, only to be told that Magic Hours had already finished and the park 

was now open to the public - so yet again we didn't get to take advantage of Magic Hours. Magic Hours are intended to give resort guests early and late access to the parks 

before opening and after closing, well the night time hours go until 3am which is too late for us so we have aimed for the early sessions, so far not much luck though.
Anyway the crowds were fortunately nothing like Epcot the other day and was manageable. We went straight to the ride called Kali Rapids and got a fast pass to return in an 

hour or so, the wait was only 10 minutes but it's a very wet ride so we preferred to wait until the sun was out and was a little warmer. We went for a wander and popped in to 

see a 4D movie - this involves 3D movies but with movement in seats and smells being sprayed at the audience, being the first 4D experience it was quite amazing, we all

enjoyed it and it was oly about 10 minutes in duration so didn't take up a huge amount of time. We can only get 1 fast pass every 2 hours so careful planning is required to

get through all things.
There was another hugely popular attraction called Kilimanjaro Jungle Safari which by now was already sitting at an 80 minute wait, and yes there were hundreds of people 

lined up for that long to go on it, Wendy suggested we wait but i was opposed to lining up for so long and felt we could do other things instead and return later to get a 

fast pass to avoid lining up.

Jack and I grabbed a little breakfast snack to eat whilst we walked around.

We went looking at the various animal exhibits and got some great photos of different animal species. It was now time for the rapids ride, the sign upon entering warns the

participants that it is likely you will get wet, or even soaked, so i was prepared as i still had on a wind sheeter jacket which kept me mostly dry, but for Wendy, Jack and 

Lilia that had removed their jackets so as to have something warm to put on after the ride, and yes they got absolutely drenched, pretty funny actually. The first turn 

involved a big water spout which spouted water over everyone in the raft, the raft held 8 people and i was warned by 2 girls that i should put my camera away as it will be too wet, 

well needless to say i kept my camera out and ready for action, it got a little wet but nothing which caused a problem. The ride was great similar to a real white water rapid

ride and heaps of fun. 

When we had finished it was time for a few more souvenirs and then off to get fast passes for the jungle safari, which would now be for around 11am. in the meantime we headed 

over to an area called Dinoland USA, this is very similar to the royal easter show, a bit like side show alley with some roller coaster and games etc. There was an area called 

the Boneyard which was a play area for kids, so Jack and Lilia spent some time mucking around and had a great time. 

We did a little more looking around and walked over the Bridge over the river Kwai, which on looked the biggest and scariest ride called Expedition Everest, a huge fast paced 

roller coaster, Jack had previously seen it on you tube so he knew what it involved but for me I had no idea what i was about to get myself into. Jack is up for any and all 

rides no matter how scary looking, so naturally I go with him. We were within time to get 2 lots of fast passes for Everest, Wendy and Lilia's tickets get used by Jack and I

for the 2nd go at rides. This was scheduled for 1pm and it was hugely popular and the wait at 11am was around 2.5 hours.

We headed back to the Safari and bypassed 50 thousand people in line, we still had to line up but only for 5 minutes. We then boarded a 4 wheel jeep type bus and went though

the safari park where we saw animals such as the White Rhino, Giraffes, Elephants and heaps of others, unfortunately the driver pulled up early as he was pointing out the 

animals so it was a bit of pot luck to actually see the animals he was referring to, Jack couldn't see much at all which wasn't very pleasing, but he still saw the main 

things. As well i got heaps of photos to show him later any animals he may have missed. Wendy and Lilia seemed to be on the better side and had a good view of most things.
The trip involved going over a rickety old bridge which half collapsed as the vehicle went across - all part of the ride but it was a little unnerving as it felt really like 

the bridge was going to collapse.
his was worth the 5 minute line up but i really couldn't imagine waiting for 2 hours to do it.

After this Wendy went and raced over to another attraction back at the Dinoland for the roller coaster Jack wanted to do, there was still an hour or so before we could get onto 

the Everest ride so we got the fast passes for later and went through a Jungle walk where we got to see such animals as the silver back gorilla, they are just such a

magnificent animal and i got some good photos of the Gorillas and many other animals, all were naturally a long way away from the fences so the viewing was from such a

distance that you needed a big telephot lens to get any decent photos, i fortunately had mine with me.

When we had finished this we went to Everest finally and the anticipation made it all the more exhilarating, an crikey it was a crazy ride - just as well Wendy didn't go on it

or she would have been very ill. The ride starts fast straight away and you enter the bottom of Everest, the cars are now pointing pretty much straight up to get up the

massive incline, this was a tell tale sign of what was to come, besides you could hear the screaming from other cars already going around, so we both knew it was going to be 

a little hair raising, Jack said "Dad if we don't make it I just want you to know I love you", we held hand tight and went over the top and started plummeting towards to 

ground at breakneck speed, ony to come up to what looked like a broken track ahead, well Jack knew that this was all part of it but I was thinking that we were literally going 

to crash, needless to say it was all part of the ride experience, the cars came to a stop just before hitting the broken tracks and then started to go backwards back along the 

same track, but this time we hurtled towards the ground backwards and the cars went onto the sides making everyone feel like we were going to fall out, back up to the top

again and then back down. What a rush, it was very scary so much so that we decided once was enough and kept the other 2 fast passes as souvenirs instead of using them.

After we survived this we went to Dinoland USA to go on yet again another roller coaster, this one involved a lot of spinning and sudden turns and drops, it was fun but boy

did i feel the need for solid ground after. Despite standing on solid ground it still felt like the ground was moving for some time afterwards.

We then went and got some more fast passes for an interactive dinosaur ride, both Wendy and Lilia were coming on this one too which would be fun, the time wouldn't allow us 

to enter for another 30 minutes or so, so we wandered through some shops.

The kids have discovered "Pins", the are basically little collectible pins you pin through a neck lanyard, they are available everywhere and there are literally hundreds to 

choose from, including every possible kind you could imagine, 1 for each ride in each park, all characters in may different forms, star wars characters etc. In fact in the US 

it has been very popular for quite some years so much so that here that they have collectible pin conventions where tens of thousands of people travel from all corners to come 

to the conventions to trade pins, it is a huge craze here, none of which us Aussie would know about as they have never hit our shores, fortunately as it would cost a small 

fortune, each pi costing around $10.

We also got a few more novelty flattened penny's, this is where you place a penny into a machine and it it flattened and imprinted with a scene or character from Disneyworld, 

they are everywhere but a good cheap souvenir, so far we have over 20 from LA, NY and here, no doubt we'll get more along our travels too.

It was now around 2:30 and we were nearing the end of our Animal Kingdom day, so far this has been the first park where we actually got to do everything we had planned within

a single day.

We had 1 more attraction to see and this was for the ride called dinosaur, this involved sitting in a car and traveling through an ancient desolate location searing for 

elusive Dinosaurs, it was very shaky and the whole time i had to hold onto Lilia with both hands so as she wasn't thrown all over the place, it was fun but pretty uncomfortable when stretched across another seat holding onto her, Lilia didn't enjoy it very much, i can understand why too, poor little bugger. Since Lilia was unable to go on so may 

ride due to height restrictions or due to fear we allowed her to get a few extra little pins etc which made up for the lack of rides, so she was quite content, she very rarely 

complains about missing out anyway.

Well this is the end of Animal Kingdom and we made our way back to the front gate, on the way was got to see some beautiful birds, such as the big Macaws and some other fancy

bird for which i forget the name but the colors were incredible, lets hope the photos i took do them justice.

on the way out I stopped by guest relations to purchase some Disney Currency - this is actual legal tender notes that Disney Mint print for either souvenirs or to be spent 

within their parks, we decided to keep some for our albums, they are quite amazing with such colors and details well worth buying.

We got back to camp at around 5pm, I stopped by guest relations to purchase some more currency as I had been told you could get different ones at different parks, well they

were different and worth getting.

We had some time in the RV to relax before I took the kids for a swim and Wendy caught up on some washing and drying.

It looked like it was going to rain so we decided to stay in the the night - we were going to try and go to Epcot for a fireworks display.
We went to get some dinner but there was nowhere to eat as the single resort restaurant was booked out and other adjoining resorts restaurants would have taken 30 minutes to 

get to and we couldn't get a reservation for another hour or so, so off the the little shops to get some wieners and hot dog rolls, we went back and had dinner in the RV and 

watched Tome Sawer movie, and yes it has started to rain so it was a good decision to stay in.

We are just hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow and Friday as we really want to get a couple of important things done, some of which include outdoor activities which we have

missed out on in the last few days due to demand, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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glenrae on

Darling I've just read your update, so glad you are having such a great time. Tell Wendy I am so sorry she got motion sickness, hope that doesn't happen again. It is all so exciting for you all and I'm looking forward to the photos when you can finally upload them. Give the kids big hugs from us. Luv to you all xxxxoooo

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