It' 30 in the shade

Trip Start Aug 07, 2008
Trip End Oct 2008

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Flag of Italy  , Friuli-Venezia Giulia,
Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh yes boys and girls its going to be a another scorcher, 30 in the shade!!!!
I woke to a start and wondered where I was for a moment, yes I'm in the motor home, yes thats where I am, on the Italian cost - lovely. Oh well we better get up and start the daily round of chores!!!!

You see its great doing a road trip like thins but there are the chores.... every morning Ned gets me out of bed cos there ain't any grab rails for me to hoik myself up with - I go outside and walk around Randon to ease my body into the day while Ned makes my coffee, we sit outside, he has cereal (organic we brought from London no less) and I have coffee and fags!

Then the daily round of chores commence, make the bed back into table and chairs (Ned), wash the dishes (me) clean the cooker/worktops (me), fill the water tank (Ned) sweep floor (me or Ned) open blinds and windows (me) empty bins (Ned) - there are of course the evening and random chores like emptying the loo (DEFIANTLY NED) and some might think these chores might bother me what with my having a cleaner in London along with a gardener and all the mod cons - dishwasher, washing machine etc but it doesn't, there's something comforting and still about having the time to do these things even if it has gotten to the point of us playing the best of 3 games of battle ships or scrabble to see who will clean the bathroom or the best of 3 gets a slave for 45 mins... needless to say I now have perfectly pedicured feet and have only had to clean the bathroom once hahaha

We also play poker accompanied by the local liqueur and have come up with a new rule... oh of course the looser has to do a chore of the others choice however the fun part is that we have a certain amount of chips and if your down to no chips you can purchase more off the bank for items of clothing.... accessories i.e shoes, hair things, glasses are only worth 1 chip, other garments such as tops, shorts are worth 5 chips and under-ware is worth a whopping 10 chips an item... so it's a case of who is going to loose the fastest and first.....

So here we are in Italy, Italy is wonderful - I love the rivers and huge lakes and the amazing park ups!!!! Yes folks Italy has been the best for park ups. After leaving Switzerland with the English weather, the sunshine of Italy is good for the soul and more importantly the suntan!!!!

We left Switzerland by tole road as I just couldnąt handle driving up and over the mountains again - now I know one of the rules of the trip were 'no tole roads' but sweetie I'd never driven in Switzerland before and hey rules are made to be broken... so off we go to Fribourg and buy our fast pass outa Switzerland - we certainly got some miles behind us driving through the mountains. Some of the tunnels are a good few km long and I'm talking 8km of tunnel, darkness and I'm driving on the 'wrong' side of the road.... but when you come out of the mountain you are at the bottom of these vast testaments of nature, massive pine covered mountains on all sides, it's a very humbling experience! Stop, breath in the nature, have fag and back on the road again. Well its all about balance ain't it tee hee...

So we drove and drove with the call of endless sunshine in our ears and as soon as we got to the other side of the mountains our prayers were answered - the heat, the smells, where the fuck did you put my sunglasses Ned??? Get some factor 40 on ya boyo cause your gonna burn! hurray!

We drove to Madonna Del something or other and there before us was the perfect park up - a park with benches and the most amazing view, we were at the top of lago di Como! We sat and drank in the view accompanied by our customary 'we found the perfect park up' bottle(s) of chilled, yes chilled wine! (We love our fridge almost as much as we love each other)

The following day we got up and did the chores and headed down the mountain. We thought we were on the red road but some how or another we ended up on the yellow road....
Let me explain: the red roads are bigger and yellow roads are barley big enough to fit two cars on let alone a seven foot wide motor home! Ah I thought no problem sure enough I've just driven through Switzerland on similar roads but I'd forgotten to add into the mix Italian drivers!!! We kinda got into the flow of the tiny yellow winding roads with crazy Italians beeping and swearing at us in the intense heat by being Italian drivers ourselves, I mean we were bigger then them, so they could all fuck off!!!! HA.

We finally got down the mountain to Como and there before us was a disabled parking bay big enough for Randon so we parked and went for a wonder by the lake - had some lunch in a lake side cafe, did some shopping and headed back to Randon. Ned even found a place where he could fill the water tank and empty the loo so we were ready for our next part of the adventure - clean loo, fresh water, full fridge, plenty of wine, full petrol tank! we were ready for anything....
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sineadobrien on

very amusing and very beautiful
Hi shikha thanks for all the effort in keeping us updated, this entry made me laugh as i can really relate to life living in a box ( our campervan is smaller )and how it all becomes incredibly domesticated at times. But i often find there is a greater domestic equality when camping for whatever reason, men seem just as keen to take care of the new home unlike back home. The bit about board games tickled me too but there is a great simplicity in it all and its a great time to spend quality time together with only the distractions of fabulous scenery etc.

Enjoy the next part of your travels, drink it in.

XXX Sinead.

kjt on

Sunshine - what's that !!!
Hey guys - great to hear your news and COMO is gorgous from what I hear....seen much of George Clooney whilst there dahling ??? Life in the UK is thunder and rain so you chose your time well my lovely....bump is now in full view for all to see and general consensus is it must be a boy for the spread I seem to have around my stomach although it MAY be due to choccy biscuits I am still munching through !!!By the time you're both home I'll be bigger still...quite a shock I can tell you !! Skinny jeans are back in the loft but I manage heels still haha !! I love reading your updates hun and look forward to the next installment - I think Ned is a saint for all that loo cleaning and sorting so a big hug from me for that.....!!! Love to you both - stay wekk, drive careful and KEEP ON TRUCKIN !! Hugs Kirst, Bump and James xxx

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